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Stick Figure

Transcript: pg. 58: " I eat and talk like the guys do. No wonder everyone thinks I’m a weirdo." Lori's unique personality is truly exposed in the beginning of the book, before she befalls to the dangerous world of trying to fit oneself in the image of another person's(her mother's) idea of perfect. Once she leaves that dark place, we once again see the Lori that began narrating the story-- one that appreciates the idea of "different" and even mocks the rest of the world a bit for being so boring. As this book is really a diary entry of a girl, there is also an epilogue in the back written by the same person over twenty years later. She discovered the book while searching through her parent's house. pg. 95: "The reason I wanted to buy Special K is because I saw a commercial for it on TV." pg. 131: Tonight I was watching Charlie's Angles and wondering how much the angles weigh and how they can run so fast in high-heeled strappy sandals... The skinny angels were making me feel fat." It is evident through the text that Lori feels pressured by her mother to try to act like other girls her age, which leaves Lori confused and annoyed. At 11, she does not understand why she would ever be absorbed in makeup, dieting-crazes, or shopping as much as her mother. She calls herself "unique" for her superiority in athletics and academics, and tries to resist familial pressures to conform. pg. 168: "When I was still friends with Leslie and gave her a diet plan, I told her never to lick stamps or envelopes, no matter what." Advertising/The Media and How it Affects Young People The Illuminati (the enlightened) Pg. 18: "She (Mom) hates me being unique, so she's always asking me questions like: 'Why don't you wear your hair down instead of wearing it in a ponytail?' 'Wouldn't you rather wear really cute little sandals instead of those dirty sneakers once in a while?'" Lori Gottlieb shares what insights she hoped to provide by sharing her diary: "I hope in some small way, the entries I've shared will help alert us to values that require further scrutiny... The intent in publishing this is more about asking questions rather than providing answers" she writes as she questions "society's generalized disorder". She is upset to realize that the struggle she went through in her book is still one she sees today, especially in women, who try to keep to the feminine definition. Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb pg. 214; " They bugged me because I think that maybe you can be too thin. And sometimes you can even be too thin and not even know it, because you spend so much time listening to everyone talk about how ladies are supposed to diet. It sounds like an incredibly stupid thing to believe, but after a while I guess even smart people start believing it. Even I did once.” pg. 38:I" thought about those people in A Chorus Line. You could tell they were sexy. I started wondering if I'd look sexy if my boobs were like that actress's." Gottlieb, Lori. Stick Figure: A Diary Of My Former Self. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000. Print. Unknown. "Eating Disorders: Body Image and Advertising ." Healthy Place, 2014. Web. 19 August 2015. pg. 211: "'You could be a translator. Wouldn't you rather live in Paris and wear those chic tailored skirts and marry a romantic Frenchman?' 'No, I want to be an astrophysicist," I said. 'All that therapy and you still have to be different'. pg.212: "That's when I found out Nora died. All night I cried and kept thinking how unfair it was that Nora died so young. Then I thought about how I once wanted to die, and I could be dead right now, too. I know it sounds awful to say, if you take it the wrong way. But the truth is, I was kind of happy I was wrong." Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self is a compilation of real diary entries of eleven year old Lori. In this coming of age story, she becomes anorexic as a result of societal pressures, her mother, and the media. The motif of pop culture and advertising is throughout the book, and how it is interesting to see how it controls her mind and body, possibly even more so than any human in her life. By being constantly bombarded with what the media deems as 'beautiful', she self-reflects that she is the opposite of that. Since ad companies often use sex appeal and unrealistic ideals of attractiveness, they lure people into becoming consumers for life out of desire. In the book, it is evident that this is a driving force behind Lori's anorexia. pg. 165: Dr. Katz sighed right into my face. It was pretty disgusting. Today his breath smelled like chewed up sausage-210 calories per serving. I figured maybe a third of it went up my nose, so I'd have to give up a slice of bread for lunch to make up for the 70 calories." pg. 190: "I guess it's a lot easier deciding to kill yourself than actually doing it. I thought about drinking poison like Madam Bovary did, but I got scared that if it didn't work, I'd wake up fat from all the calories." Another important aspect of Lori's story is how unaware

Stick Figure

Transcript: Lori Gottlieb seemed as though she was a privileged youngster, but she still had many people influence her childhood. None were as influential as her cousin Kate however. Kate was at the time around her age 12 but she was described as a skinny model little lady. Lori grew jealous and begged to be like Kate so she received health advice in which she learned about dieting. Lori thus learned that " You'll never need to exercise, you just cant eat very much that's all", to aim towards being as fit as Kate. ( Gottlieb 68) Lori faced many obstacles throughout her childhood especially being how smart she was. Like when she was told by the school counselor that she should consider moving up a few grades due to her high IQ. This led to her strained friendship with kids her age causing her loneliness. She also faced the struggle of trying to be like her mother. Her mom hid the fact that she was trying to diet while Lori spotted her. Lori thus wanted to be like her mom and be as skinny and beautiful as the people around her life also. Work Cited Early Life In many ways Gottliebs life has been outstanding. Odds were stacked against her she was 11 and weighed 60 pounds. She continually tried losing weight without knowing any consequences. Lori's life was surprising in that theirs not many people of her age and weight that can survive what shes done. Also its surprising in that almost every girl/woman in her life during the time period of the book was influencing her decision in losing weight. If you think about its absolutely outstanding how she managed to turn her life around like she has. Lori Gottlieb the former Stick Figure by:Artemio Rodriguez 2/17/15 Gottlieb, Lori. Stick Figure. New York: Berkley Publishing Book , 2000. Print Lessons Learned The story itself is a cautionary one it holds many valuable lessons. One lesson you can learn from reading this story is that sometimes a girl/boy needs extra attention. Lori may or may not have done this dieting thing for attention but she was extremely lonely thus making it important to show love and compassion to your children. Another lesson I learned is that if your experiencing some emotional or physical pain you have to open up to adults around you. Lori visited many dieticians and psychiatrists however she either lied to them or didnt provide enough information often causing confusion and pausing the recovery cycle. Although Lori achieved alot throughout her life one acheivement stands out. Lori is one of a few brave souls to bout with anorexia and survive. One huge feat about that as well is she was 11 years old when people around her life convinced her to start dieting. However she is also now a huge role model to people around the world she has multiple award winning books. So you can say she has devoted her life to help others who are in a constant struggle against soceity. Extremely smart Given the option of skipping a grade or two but decided against it (Gottlieb 18) Was 11 when she became anorexic Had maybe one or two friends at age 11 All the females around her were skinny and rarely ate so that influenced her decision Lori's Remarkable Life Lori has multiple personality traits that help establish her as a interesting character throughout the story. One trait she possesses is intelligence she understands things most 11 year old can't comprehend. Also if she doesn't understand something she questions it and puts it to perspective. Another trait she hss is being discreet. Lori hides her eating disorder and makes her parents fear its something other than just a eating disorder till later in the story. "I mean, what are girls supposed to wish for, other than being thin? (Gottlieb 7) This quote signifies the authors desire to be the image of a perfect female. Quote sets the tone for the main issue of the story Accomplishments Traits Important quote Influences Obstacles

Stick Figure.

Transcript: Stick Figure. By: Brooke Meyers(: Read a passage that struck you as important, cruel, painful, or interesting, and explain why you liked it or what it made you think about. 95% of people who suffer from anorexia are girls. This is a very true idea that really relates to a lot of girls I know. Some of my friends who are absolutely beautiful, and skinny, will look at models in magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue and start talking about how overweight they are, and how they need to lose weight. And these girls are size 00. The media really does steamroll the self confidence of teenage girls, I know from experience. This book was very interesting to read, because not for a single second were you bored. The author kept you interested by giving a detail by detail account of her bout with anorexia. And even in the parts where nothing is happening, you’re thinking about how bad you feel and how you wish someone had just told her how beautiful she is, and how she didn’t need to be doing this. What was the most memorable part of this book for you? The most imporant Fact that came up in this book was... This was important to share because it shows a shocking piece of evidence of the cattiness of teenage girls. Girls are so catty and mean, it causes other girls to be self conscious and self destructive. And it shows me the importance of never being a bully, because it can cause some really ugly consequences, and even end lives. It also showed me that bullying really is the #1 thing in our schools that needs to be prevented. 60% of teens with anorexia fight with parents regularly. The most memorable part of the book for me was when the girl, who was my own age was standing around in front of a mirror with all her friends. As she looked around at all of her friends, and their size 00 frames, skinny stomachs, and thin faces, she began to feel ashamed of her own size 5 body. And when she looked at them, then at herself, she started to notice all her flaws. I can really relate to this because all of my friends are tiny, skinny, and short. I just relate to the feeling of not being as attractive as all your friends. And sometimes, when you’re 5 inches taller than all of your friends, and about 3 sizes bigger, it hurts to look at all of them next to you and compare them to you. So I guess I can say I knew exactly how she felt. And an important idea that came up is.. When I read this passage, I immediately felt connected to the author. When you watch a guy you like flirt with all the perfect girls, it’s very, very hard to feel like you’re as good as them. I know how she feels, feeling like she could never compare to those girls. When you feel like every girl is prettier than you, it’s hard not to see your flaws instead of the things that make you pretty. In middle school, appearance is a constant struggle, and you get so self conscious as you grow taller, gain weight, get braces or start to develop acne. In middle school, it’s hard to have self confidence. I thought this was important because it's true. anorexia and self image is such a huge issue, and i think it's mostly caused by the opinions of parents. If the parents are over critical and mean to their children, they're most likely to be more self conscious. Anorexia needs to be stopped. Even though its many causes can be prevented, it really depends on the girl, and what influences she is around. And if more parents and children got along, then maybe we wouldn’t have so many teens with eating disorders. Was this book fun to read or was it a little dry? Explain. would you recommend this book, and what kind of readers would enjoy it? every reason you would need to never be anorexic. Another important Fact in this book was... “As I sat there and watched him flirt with all the other girls, I noticed how pretty one’s hair was, then I noticed how perfectly another girl’s jeans fit, instead of bulging at the hips like mine. Then I started to feel really down because I looked at all those other girls and I felt so inferior, and then I knew that with all those girls falling all over him, there is no way he would like me. When I looked in the mirror later, when I got home, instead of noticing the good things about myself, like I used to, I suddenly couldn’t see a single pretty feature about myself.” I would absolutely recommend this book to every teenage girl. It really shows the hard, non sugar coated reality of anorexia and how ugly it can be. I know it changed how I look at myself, and honestly, it’s hard as a teenage girl to know how beautiful you are, and reading about this girl’s experience, and having it be so relatable really made me see that I don’t have anything to be self conscious about. Every teenage girl would enjoy this book, because it honestly changed my life and I know I’ll be a lot happier because I read it. Since the author is speaking from experience of anorexia, I really felt like I understood what it’s like to go through that more than I ever have. Because

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