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Stakeholder Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Government: -support social development, culture and education. -Involved in the development of regional infrastructure and research, setting up projects in the fields of health promotion, sport and nature conservation. -committed to improving the living conditions of people at our locations beyond the minimum statutory requirements. -The Volkswagen Group has a long tradition of looking after the interests of the regions in which our production facilities are located. -Suppliers also have to ensure that their own sub-suppliers can guarantee suitable measures for company and product-related environmental protection and for social standards. Volkswagen has set up corresponding measures in its "Volkswagen Group requirements concerning sustainability in the relationships to business partners". -At the same time, it is oriented to external international standards which Volkswagen has accepted as a multinational company. Consumers: - VW focuses on Total Cost Ownership, they sell cars that are cheaper to own - With Volkswagen's strong brand and high quality, their cars have high residual value - Fuel costs and taxation linked to emissions are lower than their peers - Volkswagen cars are on average 5% cheaper to own than peer models - Company is moving toward more environmentally friendly and efficient means of production Investors: - Volkswagen has impressive market share across the world, giving them the potential to increase earnings by 50% - Have an investment grade rating of A- with manageable debt - Not dependent on domestic sales - Volkswagen purchased Porsche, so they continue to expand and earn more profit - Company can pay out dividends Suppliers: - Since company is stable and profitable, it will be able to pay suppliers - Volkswagen is opening new plants which gives suppliers more business - Company is strengthening their relationship with suppliers making them stable and more long-term - Volkswagen honors suppliers who excel in environmental protection Whether your firm is stakeholder friendly -- if so, why or if not what can they do to be stakeholder friendly? Who are the stakeholders of your firm? What Should VW do to for their Stakeholders -customers: middle class families -employees : HQ people, salesman, managers -shareholders/investors: 50.73% Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart 2.37% Porsche GmbH, Salzburg 20.00% State of Lower Saxony, Hanover 17.00% Qatar Holding 9.90% Others -suppliers -government -dealers Whether your firm is stakeholder friendly -- if so, why or if not what can they do to be stakeholder friendly? What does VW do for their stakeholders? Supplier -The “Priority A” Workshops are designed not only to give information or guidance to the suppliers. -Instead of a top-down concept of these workshops, the objective is to interact on a level with suppliers. -For a long time now, the Volkswagen Group has been running supplier training courses as one way of meeting its social and environmental responsibilities. Communications and the exchange of experiences between the Volkswagen Group and its suppliers on the subject of sustainability are grouped together under the logo „Priority A – partners for the environment and sustainability“. So far, over 150 training events have taken place involving more than 1500 participants. Suppliers - Increase market share and expand to new markets, both increase demand and benefiting supplies - Continue to pay on time - Build long-term relationships - Set high and clear standard of expectation to ensure the best supplies Government - Increase sales, exports, and imports to generate more tax and tariff revenue - Domestic production to create local jobs and supplies imports - Introduce more hybrids and environmentally friendly models -VW will continue to regulate its own production and its suppliers production so the government doesn't have to -Holding both to high standards in: safety, emissions, ethics Employees - Issue stock, ownership in the company - Increase market share and sales to increase production and work - Provide training for both factory workers and managers - Expand production but keep jobs local -More expansion means more jobs and more opportunity for employees to be promoted - Provide benefits and a good working environment - Establish more managers and employee communication -Work to common goal Investors - Offer more dividends - Build sales and market share to increase the company's perceived value, which will increase the stock price - Grow in a manageable and steady way What does VW do for their stakeholders? Employee: We employ different training paths to qualify young people for a career in our Group. In this way, we shall secure our long-term competitiveness. Here, we aim to provide maximum practical orientation and to integrate junior staff as early as possible in the business and operational processes. Consumer: -The product spectrum extends from low-consumption small cars to luxury class vehicles. -research bases in U.S.,


Transcript: Procurement Cost and resource, management , performer targets STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT stakeholders Travel department Compliance, process, savings, legal and finacial risk mitigation Events owner marketing manager, sales manager, meetings manager Application, security, impact on existing technology. training,cost ,and resource management All 0rganisation affect and are affected by the enviroment within which the operate and the people within that enviromente. This also applies to events: The many organations and individuals with whom the evente interacts - including attendees, workers, suppliers and the broader community - have an impact and are affected by decisions made in planning and delivering the event. These individuals and organisations are the event´s stakeholder. Stakeholder prespectives, the event organiser is more likely to align the event´s goal and objetives with stakeholder requirements and goals Sales and Marketing organisational growth, finane,reletionships and brand management Learning outcomes Indetify, asses, and categorize stakeholder for events Manage stakeholder activities Manage stakeholder relatonships MANAGE STAKEHOLDER RELATIOSHIPS Organisation owner CEO, Boar of directors preformance targets and meeting objectives, cost and resourse management or return on investment (ROI) compliance, proces,saving, sustainability, legal and finacial rik mitagation key are of focus Internal stake holder typically associated with events budget compliance, process, cost savings, credit authorisation, legal, and finacial risk mitagation audit event ROI organisatonal growth and sustainability, finace relationships and brand compliance, process, miniminsing legal liability minimising all risk associate with event processes Participants decision- makers Technology Legal and Risk Management Finance budget owner, trausurer , finace director, accounts department

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