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Transcript: Stairs 0 Stairs Like going up the stairs to approach somewhere, I went up the stairs to approach books. However, sometimes going up the stairs can be difficult and hard. Nevertheless, whenever we break the hardship and overcome, that makes us learn new things and makes us know the preciousness of something like books. Going up the stairs to approach books was sometimes difficult for me and sometimes approaching the book was enjoyable to me. Stairs 1 First step First step: I was in the United States right after I was born in Korea. So to learn English which was a foreign language to me, my parents started to read story books like The Hungry Caterpillar, Rainbow Fish, and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. While reading the books, I had no idea what the words were and what I did was look at the pictures because I was too young to read words. I have lots of memories reading books and listening to storytelling in the library. My parents often took me to the library to get to know books and because of that, I enjoyed going to the library. Like Vygotsky (cited in Churchill et al. 2015) talked about scaffolding, my parents supported me to learn English and to be friends with books. First step 2 Second step Second step As I said sometimes there are difficulties climbing up the stairs to approach books. When I went to elementary school at age 6 or 7 in Korea, I lost interest in reading English books, because it was hard to get lots of English story books in a Korean library and there were limited books that I could choose. Also, sometimes reading English books was stressful for me because my parents wanted me to read English books frequently so that I could maintain my English. Occasionally, I read some English books, but it was not as interesting to read them as they used to be. MATERIALS 3 Third step Third step Moving my environment from Korea to the United States made me climb up the stairs again. So in middle school, I became to enjoy reading English books again. More than once a week our family when to the library. The main purpose for me to go to the library was to borrow movie DVDs. However, as I looked through the library, there was a diversity of books that I could read and also there were genres that I loved. The first book that I fell into love with was Fallen written by Lauren Kate. That book made me start getting interested in books again. For one year in the United States, I read more than 150 books and that helped me improve my English and my knowledge in lots of areas. PROCEDURE 4 Fourth step After coming back from the United States, I continued reading English books in Korea. I was still going up the stairs gradually. Rather than going to the city library, I went to the University library because they had more books and they had a diversity of genres. At that time, I had no allowance and I wanted to have, so I talked with my dad and he decided to give me an allowance whenever I wrote book reports. So I started to write book reports to get an allowance. That helped me to read books that I love, and at the same time, helped me to improve my writing. As Roger (cited in Churchill et al. 2015) said to do to learn, I was actually doing something to learn like reading books and writing book reports. Fourth step 5 Fifth step Fifth step As I went to high school, I stopped reading books. Because of the Korean education system, I spent most of the time in school. The environment and the situation blocked the stairs to books. I had spare time spend reading books and honestly rather reading the book playing with my phone and resting was better for me. So I started not to read books, and as I stopped reading books, I started to lose interest. I even did not go to the library to look for books and obviously did not borrow books. 6 Sixth step Listening to Literacy class in uni, my interest in books increased. I got to have more time than before so I got spare time to read books. As I listened to the class, my good memories of books started to come back. Because I had not read for a long time, I lost all my feelings and memories about books. Through this class, I am expecting to love books more than before. Not reading for a long time made me develop the closed mindset that books are a boring thing but this class and talking about literacy made my closed mindset change into a growth mindset (Dweck, 2014) that books are interesting and that books are a step to make me grow in knowledge. Going up the stairs started again and I will gradually go up the stairs Churchill, R 2015, Teaching: Making a difference 3E, Wiley Dweck, C 2014, online video, TED talk, viewed 14 March 2019, 7 Refernces


Transcript: A-Maze-ing Maze Enter what looks like a bathroom. Use the bathroom. Wash your hands. Exit. This is what transgender people want to do when they go to use the bathroom. Shocking, I know. *Ms. Parks is open for pictures at 2PM-3:30PM. During the rest of the day you may see her roaming the park! Hoooooly crud, aren't religious rights a wild ride. What better suits a wild ride like religious rights than a wild, looping rollercoaster? In 1955, Rosa Parks stood her ground and refused to give up her seat on the bus. On this photo-taking attraction, have your picture taken with Ms. Parks* on this bus journey. Rainbow Maker Rights for all, and all for rights! Religo-mobile The Tower of Doom Here at Freedom Avenue Amusement Park, we ride ourselves in having a different food vendor in each section of our park. In our Womens' Rights section you will find cornbread, homemade daily by our chef. In our Civil Rights section you'll find multiple stands selling soul food. In our Religious Rights section, you'll find multiple vendors selling foods and offering samples from different lands where many religions are practiced. In our Homosexual Rights and Transgender Rights sections you'll find multiple kinds of sweet cakes and cookies, available in all colors of the rainbow. Rest and relax in one of our many soothing pools. We have Holy Water, Red Sea water, and water to be turned into wine. A song and dance show centering around protests for gender equality. The show includes many aspects of many different protests. One significant protest (that we will also be using special effects from) was the burning of traditionally feminine items. Haunter Manor Transgender Rights Womens' Rights Here at Freedom Avenue Amusement Park, each day we have 2-4 roaming characters that wander the park. On any day you may see civil rights activists Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King JR., LGBT/Trans rights activist Laverne Cox, or Rosie the Riveter, fictional feminist icon! Make sure you stop them and ask for a picture if you see them! Food ENJOY YOUR VISIT! Freedom Avenue Amusement Park We're Not Gonna Take It Every child has a fear of the dark. Combine that fear with a locked closet, and you recreate every closeted gay kid's nightmare. I literally did all this the night before it was due. Anxiety, good children, is one hell of a drug. That and caffeine. It's 02:38 am. Anything is possible. Homosexual Rights 1. Womens' Rights 2. Civil Rights 3. Religious Rights 4. Homosexual Rights 5. Transgender Rights The Twister A Day In The Life The Wheels On The Bus... A whirlwind of differing opinions and angry men was the feminist revolution. What better way to display it than a whirlin', twirlin' twister ride? Civil Rights In this water extravaganza, ready, aim, and fire your water gun against the sunlight, creating your very own rainbow. The Red Sea Religious Rights During the civil rights movements and the reconstruction era, many laws were twisted to make African Americans seem like the enemy. Throughout this complex maze are arrows, but choose the ones you follow wisely... Roaming Characters This tower will take you up so high, you'll think you're in the clear. Then right when you least expect it, WHAM! No warning, straight drop down out of virtually nowhere. Much like the transgender bathroom bills were dropped out of nowhere. Hmm.

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