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Transcript: Speed is the street name for a range of drugs called amphetamines including amphetamine sulphate, dexedrine, dexamphetamine, methylamphetamine, and amphetamine that is closely related to the particularly harmful drug. If you use speed often and for a long time you may: •become dependent on the drug •often become violent for no reason •get sick more often because your body can't resist disease properly •be upset or depressed •have periods of psychosis If you use speed often and for a short time you may: loss of concentration and coordination panic confusion increased appetite reddened eyes and hallucinations What Does It Do To You? All Diffirent Forms Of Speed Make The Right Choise or Name Of The Company Law Websites I Reasearched On Taking a lot of speed, alongside its effects on diet and sleep, can give your immune system a battering – so you could get more colds, flu and sore throats 300 652 820 Did you know? Injecting can also cause damage to veins and arteries, and may cause ulcers and even gangrene (that’s when bits of the body start to die). The comedown which can last a number of days, can make users feel really lethargic and down, and you can develop difficulty concentrating and with learning. Did you know? Amphetamine was first synthesized in 1887 as a new medicine for asthma. By 1930, Benzedrine inhalers were developed to help with asthma and drug abusers quickly caught on to the stimulating effects of the drug. Family Call For Help Did you know? Injecting speed is particularly dangerous. It's much easier to overdose when injecting. Speed is usually very impure, so it’s not just the amphetamine that goes in to your bloodstream. Amphetamines are abused often by people trying to stay alert or drawn to the effects of the drug. Psychologically, they can develop a dependence on the drug for what they think may be creativity, energy and invincibility. Addiction can result due to the tolerance the body develops and the resulting craving for more of the drug to achieve the same effects. Thanks for whatching! Bye! Depending on how much you’ve taken, it can be difficult to relax or sleep. Speed Speed is a part of amthetaime witch are group of Speed puts a strain on your heart – some users have died from overdoses. Short Term Affects Speed puts a strain on your heart, so it's definitely not advisable for people with high blood pressure or a heart condition. Appetites often disappear and quality speed will probably keep you buzzing for anything up to 6 hours. Once you have speed it's with you forever. Go have fun and gather in the sun. Live your life with smile and shine. Classification Speed is illegal to have, give away or sell. Speed that has been prepared for injection becomes tougher sentencing if you're caught with it or selling it. Possession can get you up to five years in jail and an unlimited fine. Supplying someone else, including your friends, can get you up to 14 years and an unlimited fine. Desoxyn How Is It Commonly Used What Organs Does It Affect Swallowed in pill form, snorted, smoked, or injected. or Long Term Affects Did you know? Speed is the second most used illegal drug in Australia after cannabis. Did you know? 25% of high school seniors around the world have used stimulant drugs like "speed". Addiction Statistics Live alone and want some more. 866-880-2348


Transcript: -Speed is a Synthetically made Stimulant, however it can cause hallucinations. Physical effects -Highdoses of speed can result in increased nervousness, irritability, paranoia, confusion, anxiety and aggressiveness. Cost and how it's used -Lastly it causes brain damage to brain cells containing dopamine, which can result in parkinsons. -Urine test: most common test -Hair analysis: obtains accurate results. -Saliva test: used to detect presence of metaphetamine, which speed is a part of. -62% of an oral dose of speed is eliminated in urine within the first 24 hours with about 1/3 as an intact drug and the remainder as metabolites. SPEED Classification First to determine if someone is on speed, look to see if they seem to be, in general, more hyper. IE: someone who rarely talks won't shut up on speed. (Methamphetamine) -Speed is a DEA schedule II controlled substance used to treat ADHD and Obesity. It being a Schedule II drug means its addictive and needs a medical prescription to get it. The science behind it -It could result in what it intended and enhance mood and body movement. Speed is more able to penetrate the CNS more readily than amphetamine making speed a more potent longer lasting stimulant.-- -Speed is most commonly found as crystals or powder, a single gram of speed is worth up to $100 -However it can also cause irreversible damage to the brain blood vessels which can produce strokes and death from hyperthermia,convulsions and cardiovascular collapse due to the loss of brain blood vessels. -It can also result in weight loss, malnutrition and dental problems call meth mouth. What's it called? Adverse effects Science behind it Cont. The release of Dopamine at high levels in the synpase can lead to toxicity at the nerve terminals. The meth. increases synaptic levels of serotonin and sympathomimetic neropinephrine. The results of speed are similar to cocaine but has a slower onset but longer duration of action. High lipophilicity can easily cross the blood-brain barrier because of the Speed. --However amp. is an active metabolite of meth., peaking in blood levels in roughly 12 hours. -Speed is metabolized in the liver and. Speed causes all these effects because of it's a part of methamphetamine, which means it releases high levels of dopamine and blocks the re-uptake of dopamine (similar effect to cocaine) -Taking speed will increase your heart rate, blood pressure, body temp, breathing rate and will dilate the pupils. -In Canada Speed hasn't been approved for medical use, therefore simply owning speed can have a penalty of 10 years to life in prison. (legal status of methamphetamine) Psychological effects -It's chemical formula is C10H15N. All Start With www. ... except wikipedia. -It is a derivative/part of methamphetamine (speed is the injectable form) Secondly an actually test to take to find out it is speed and if someone has taken it is the following tests. -If someone stops taking speed it can result in violent erratic behavior, hallucinations, psychosis similar to schizophrenia, and psychotic episode months or years after the drug abuse has stopped. -Speed, or as it's also called:Glass, Desoxyn, etc. -Some of the more deadly or tragic effects are hyperactivity, insomnia, anorexia, tremors and even memory loss. Tests -Speed can be injected (via syringe i presume) for instant effect, taken orally, effects taking place 10- 20 minutes after, Smoked (pressumably with a bong), for instant effect, or snorted, effects taking 3-5 minutes after. -Some of the psychological effects of taking speed are panic attacks, depression, paranoia, hallucinations,volatility and aggresion. Sources/Citation


Transcript: "Speed" Our Object Our object has a motion transmission system because, when the front wheels rotate the rear wheels rotate too. Also when the stick moves by the force of the rubber band the stick rotates which causes the wheels to rotate too. The most close systems to our object are: •Friction Gear Systems When you want to move the car, you have to rotate the stick the opposite direction you want it to go. •Belt and Pulley When the rubber band is rotated to move, the force of the rubber band makes the car move. Yes, it could have because, the wheels that we used are heavy, so we could have used lighter wheels so the car can move faster and farther. The type of deformation our object has is: •Elastic •Plastic •Elastic is for the rubber bands that we used for the motor of the car. •Plastic is for the plastic basket we used for the body of the car. Pupose of Object Guiding Control Our object can go up a hill(z-axis) and go forward(x-axis). Do you think your object could have been designed better? Made by Jora Khalsa and Martin Taylor (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Thank you Amanda for this website!! There are only two links for our object which is: •Flexible The wheels on the car are made of plastic, which means the wheels can bend. •Removable Basically everything is removable on our object. Properties of materials Also if we could have used stronger sticks. When the rubber band is attached to the stick, the stick begins to bend, which will lead to a result of beaking by the force soon. Constraints •The constraints of our car is: •Torsion •Torsion, the two ends of the kebab stick. If you twist the sticks too much the rubber band attached to it will snap. The properties of materials the car has is: •Hardness •Hardness, the wheels on the car cannot be dented because they are made of thick plastic. Bonus... Type of Deformation Description of links Thank you for listening! Adhesion & Friction (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Degrees of Freedom Our object moves rotationally. If you want the car to move , you have to move the stick in the direction you want to go in a rotationally way, when the wheels spin, they move rotationally. Motion Transmission systems and Motion Transmitions Types of Movement (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr The rubber on the wheels is meant to provide adhesion. The purpose of our object is basically to move forward or backwards. The car has rotational control, because the stick in between, moves in a rotatinally . (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr

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