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Spanish Class Presentation Template

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Class Template

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Honduras Spanish Class Presentation

Transcript: Bibliography The Honduran people celebrate religious traditions. A child's birthday mostly uses pinatas to celebrate. Population: 7.6 million General Info The Honduran holidays are a lot like our holidays. In fact they have the exact same holidays as us such as Christmas, New Year's, and Easter. They just celebrate differently. For example, a few days before Christmas a group of people get together to celebrate the end of the year. They build a manniquin and blow it up with fireworks. This represents the bad thoughts of the old year. In easter they make floats and carpets from old painted sawdust. Honduras By: Johnathan Owens Video Honduras is located in Central America. Holidays People of Honduras Import: Mineral fuel (oil), cotton, yarn, and fabric. The capital is Tegucigalpa. Export: coffee, bananas, shrimp, lobster, meat, zinc, and wood. One famous person from Honduras is Salvador Moncada. He was the man that revolutionized modern science. Born on December 3 1944 he discovered Nitric Oxide. The World Encyclopedia of Flags Realidades This is futbol in english it is soccer. Dances and Festivals Government Famous People google Currency (money): Lempira (1 Lempira is worth 0.052 of a US Dollars, or 5 cents) Food Traditions The Flag youtube The biggest festival of all is La Ceiba festival in Honduras. Economy Period 8 March 26, 2014 The flag of Honduras was adopted on March 7, 1866 and it is based from the Federal Republic of Central America. Five cerulean stars were placed in the center to represent the five original Central America provinces. It is also represents the bond between El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. The Corn Tortilla Fritas Refried beans Fried plantain slices Tamales This is Honduras. Leader: The leader of Honduras is Juan Orlando Hernandez who was president of Honduras since 2014. Area: 43,278 sq mi/ 112,090 sq km

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