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Transcript: Israilova Kamilla Judicial Precedent The separation of powers is an organizational structure in which responsibilities, authorities and powers are divided between groups rather than being centrally held. It is most closely associated with political systems, in which the legislative, executive and judicial powers of government are vested in separate bodies. Separation of powers Separation of powers Judicial branch Judiciary Judiciary is made up of the court system with the Supreme Court on top. Its members have a great power because they are the ones who decide what the law actually implies in any given case. The power of judges in the UK is even higher because UK does not have a written constitution and therefore there is no supreme set of laws collected in one place to be available for the citizens. Judicial independence is the concept that the judiciary should be independent from the other branches of government. That is, courts should not be subject to improper influence from the other branches of government. Judicial independence is important to the idea of separation of powers. Judicial independence 1. Supreme Court of the UK 2. Senior Courts of England and Wales - Court of Appeal - High Court of Justice - Crown Court 3. Subordinate Courts - County Courts - Magistrates Courts - Special Courts - Tribunals Service Court system scheme A Judicial precedent is a decision of the court used as a source for future decision making. This is known as stare decisis (to stand upon decisions) and by which precedents are authoritive and biding and must be followed. Judicial Precedent Judicial Precedent Judicial precedent system has both advantages and disadvantages Judicial precedent system has both advantages and disadvantages There is list of Judicial precedent's advantages + Advantages of Judicial Precedent Certainty possible outcome prediction Certainty Through judicial precedent judges are afforded the opportunity avoid precedents; this is where the principle becomes flexible. Flexibility Flexibility possible time savings by referring to previous decisions Time saving Time saving Similar cases = Similar decision consistency Consistency There is list of Judicial Precedet's disadvantages - Disadvantages of Judicial Precedent Bad decisions may be repeated Rigidity Rigidity Relevant case fiding difficulties Complexity Complexity Impossibility in solving case unless previous similar one is not solved Slowness of growth Distinguishing cause areas to be complex even if facts are not that different Illogical decisions Thank you for attention! The end Topic 4 Reference list


Transcript: Clubs & Activities: Japanese Club, hosting a Japanese student, running lighting board for the Spring play, "Tartuffe" 1. IB Japanese 4th Year 2. IB Theatre Arts HL 3. 1st Semester: Health 2nd Semester: Sewing 4. Core English 12 5. Chemestry 6. Web Design Theatre Arts Video Production Japanese Web Design Favourite Teachers -Acting -Computers -Japanese Culture -Cars Proctor McCaW Sophomore KMTA Helped... 1. World History 2. Honours English 3. Earth Science 4. Algebra 1&2 5. Japanese 1st Year 6. Video Production Very well, thank you... Senior Related Classes Mr. Vu: Math was never my strong suit, Mr. Vu made it click for me. Coble-sensei: She inspired me to study economics in college. I took a class on video production and took an IB class that delves deep inside of what it means to be an actor. I became heavily involved in the Japanese Club as well as forging a friendship with the Japanese teacher, Coble-sensei. Many people will be expected to be computer literate. I didn't think it was possible for a young person NOT to be until I was thrown into KM's general population. What I Did to Achieve those... Clubs & Activities: Video Club, Judo, Golf 1. IB Japanese 3rd Year 2. IB Theatre Arts SL 3. Theatre Tech 4. Algebra 3&4 5. 1st Semester: IB English 2nd Semester: Core English 11 6. U.S. History and Government Life Goals: Freshman In the real world.... How my time at KM prepared me for the modern world Clubs & Activities: Japanese Club, understudy in Fall Play, "Play It Again, Sam". How has high school prepared me for the 21st Century? Clubs & Activities: Japanese Club, social parties and get-togethers with friends 1. Orchestra 2. Geometry 3. Biology 4. CWI 5. Honours English 6. Japanese 2nd Year -Become an actor -Become film director/producer -Go to Japan -Become fluent in Japanese My High School Life Junior Year Interests

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