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Solution Architecture Presentation Template

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Solution Architecture Overview

Transcript: Enterprise Architect Core Concepts and Methods Relationship to Project Management Relationship to Business Analysis Source: Project Manager: manages project on a day to day basis goal: to deliver a project on budget and on time creates project plans and allocates resources management role Solution Architect: defines architecture of a solution goal: to deliver a quality solution looks after capabilities related to design technical role How does it relate to other disciplines Ensuring quality Making and documenting architectural decisions  Enhancing communication among stakeholders Providing basis for reasoning about cost and schedule Driving rationalization and standardization by setting constraints Channeling creativity by restricting design alternatives "I think one of the biggest issues occurs when the roles cross into each other without clear understanding of what is occuring. If a PM makes design decisions and a Solution Architect makes manage decisions, this creates "Noise"..." Solution Architecture Overview  Definition - TOGAF 9.1 3.65 Solution Architecture  "A description of a discrete and focused business operation or activity and how IS/IT supports that operation. A Solution Architecture typically applies to a single project or project release, assisting in the translation of requirements into a solution vision, high-level business and/or IT system specifications, and a portfolio of implementation tasks." usually a technology specialist in a particular technology. responsible for determining the applicability of the technology, for defining the best possible architecture using that particular technology, and also for guiding the team in implementing the solution. expected to know the various vendor tools in the technology area and the latest trends in the market There could be more flavors of this role—infrastructure architect, integration architect, BPM architect, .NET architect, J2EE architect, and so forth. Technical Architect What is Solution Architecture about? Solution Architecture Styles responsible for implementing the CIO's vision and strategy for IT aids the CIO in making sure that the IT investments are aligned to the business strategy, and provide competitive edge for the organization defines the standards and guidelines, and puts up a governance mechanism to align implementation to the defined standards and guidelines. In some organizations, this role is merged with that of the CIO and has the title "Chief Architect."  Solution Architect What is Solution Architecture about? Context - Where does it fit? How does it relate to other disciplines? Relationship to Enterprise Architecture EA - determines if there is a problem and if it needs a solution SA - finds the best solution TA - implements the solution Like EA, Solution Architecture spans all domains: Business, Data, Application, Technology Architect Roles Introduction [Source:] Architecture Patterns Context & Domains responsible for implementing a strategic IT program usually needs to mediate between business and technology teams and various other groups the "go-to" person for any technology conflicts, implementation issues, or decisions In some organizations, this role is defined just as "Architect." The senior position has the title "Lead Architect." [Source:]

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