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Transcript: How do I interact with First Nation? How do they interact with me? What impacts do I have on others in New France or the British Colony? What I think I have a positive impact on the french people. I think this because I am a soldier for them. I fight for there territory and try to keep them safe. As a Habitant I also have a positive impact because I farm for people and produce crops for the colony. I may not have a positive impact on the British though. That is because I fight there soldiers and make colonization hard for them. What impact did others in New France or the British Colony have on me? What was my social life like?Who did I hang out with? I hang out with the other soldiers and people from the colony. When I am not at war and don't have to be a soldier,I am what is called a habitant. I live like the others in the colony and find *fill du roi to marry. *Fill du roi means kings daughters. In the colony I interact with the other soldiers the most. We lived in little houses together and spent most of our time together . I also spent alot of time with the other habitants. To them farming and family was most important. So we would get together and socialize with each others family. It was kind of hard coming here from France because I had to leave my family. Once I got over here I realized that my family will be able to come over here as well if I work hard so I have gotten use to life here and have decided that I like it!! It is a little tough being a soldier but when I think about it I wanted to be a soldier no matter where I lived. I have quite a few of soldier friends and I like almost all of them. Being a habitant is a new thing, at first it was a little difficult but I guess it is a pretty good job! I like having my own land because I don't have to worry about when my roommate/family gets home or what I can and can not use... I just make my own rules up as I go a long. The biggest responsibility I have as a habitant is to make sure I bring in crop or I will loose my land. I can tell that I have made a good choice and I think really good things will happen because of my choice!! Life of a Soldier What is life like in the colony from my point of view? By: Rylee Scheidt What were my day to day tasks? Who did I interact with in the colony? Why did we interact? Positive Impacts: French people have lots of positive impacts on me! I had to take a boat over here to protect my people as a soldier. I don't get paid a lot for doing this but the head officer has encouraged me to settle on a seigneuries. He tells me that this piece of land will change my life. The habitant are positive because they provide me with a social life and knowledge about habitant jobs. Fille du roi are also positive because if I find a girl I like wen can get married, and have children. Lots of other people impact me but these people impact me the most!! Negative Impacts: The British are the most negative to me. They put my life in danger when I go to war. Others also have some negative impacts on me but they have the most!! First Nations are a huge part of my life. I came to New France to protect my people from them! The Haudenosaunee were the people I fought the most, they made an alliance with the British. Me (a french) had become allies with the Anishinabe and Mi'kmaq. We traded our metal objects and guns with them so we could get fur. The most common fur was beaver. As a soldier I had to do training. We woke up early and would go through fitness and strategy circuits. If I was a habitant I would work with the others. Habitants are farmers that live on large plots of land owned by seigneurs. So my job of a habitant was to farm the landlords land and in return they would build a flour mill and church for us. We were allowed land as long as we had a crop by the end of the year.


Transcript: WW1British soldier By: Marshay Fulmer Kelly Malpica James (Jim) Verner Waddell Another job Jim Waddell had during World War I was sentry duty Physical appearance: Tall, white.. After the war, in 1921, he came to Montreal, Canada and eventually married and settled down. "British Army Uniform and Equipment in World War I." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 24 Mar. 2012. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. <>. Robertson, Deborah Waddell. "World War I Imperial Army Soldier." British Immigrants In Montreal. 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. <>. During World War I Jim Waddell served in the 11th Army Cyclist Corp and Military Foot Police until the armistice. Class/background: According to his birth certificate, his father John was an iron turner. "Jim (JV) Waddell's official World War I record was one of many that were lost in a fire caused by bombing in World War II." Including his previous employments. More Pictures .James Waddell, passed away in hospital after a short illness. He was in his 67th year. A Soldier Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he served in the Imperial army in the first World War and in the 6th Hussars Reserve during the last war. Retirement Mr. Waddell retired two years ago from the Bell Telephone Company where he was plant supervisor. The Waddells were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next April. Besides his wife, he leaves two sons, Keith and Graham, a daughter, Joyce Mrs. Townsend, nine grandchildren, a brother Archie in England and a sister, Mrs. James Graham in Glasgow, Scotland. Personality Traits: "Somewhere he had learned that one had to fight for what was right. In later years we noticed that he did not mind speaking out for the underdog – and he had little patience for B.S" He is proud of his country and is willing to fight for it. Involvement in War:"Whatever his reasons, Jim joined up to fight the Germans – and did so. He was wounded by shrapnel at some point, recuperated and returned to the front, but he walked with an uneven gait for the rest of his life and frequently had a sore back." Obituary: Sources: Lived in London Where he lived: Robertson, Deborah Waddell. "Childhood in Govanhill, Glasgow." British Immigrants In Montreal. 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2012. <>. Nationality: Jim lived through the war and died in the 1960's. More Info: British/Scottish Age when ww1 ended: 22 "Presumably while a Military Foot Police in World War I, Jim Waddell drew duty guarding P.O.W.'s and learned to speak German quite adequately."

Soldier 2 Soldier

Transcript: So for them to even attempt to come to these sessions would be extremely stressful for them and would lead them to failing in coming to the sessions. Out of the 5 leisure centres that I will contact, the ones that reply I will look at the prices they're requesting and choose the best one. I will also take a look at the facilities the centre offers and see which one best fits the activities that will be occuring in the sessions. Firstly I will create links with 3 leisure centres around West Brom to have a place to meet and play sport/have meetings. I will need to acquire 2 volunteers from the local community to come in to the centres and help out with the sessions. A lot of people will not contact the NHS and will therefore not recieve the help that they require. Contact Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre, West Bromwich Leisure Centre, Portway Lifestyle Centre as they are the main 3 I want to work with for the project; Tipton Leisure Centre and Tipton Sports Academy as back-ups Prince's Trust- Bradley Morris and Bobby Mohamad The main barrier we have to try and overcome with this project is the social aspect of being a retired soldier. The soldiers who we are trying to recruit to these sessions have had severely traumatic experiences and once they return from the army they may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). This means that they find it hard to conversate and do normal, day-to-day activities. This project needs to be put out there to help more ex-soldiers and inject fun in to their lives. Netballs and bag- This project will be a one-day-a-week concept, every week there will be time for a small football tournament with teams being split up in to 3/4's depending on amount of participanst that turn up to each session. There will also be a different sport played along side this tournament every week, it will be sports such as: netball, volleyball, short tennis etc. as they are sports that they may not have played/may not have played for a while and everyone would be equal in terms of ability, which would make the session more enjoyable. At the end of the 6 weeks the team that has won the most football tournaments will win a trophy. Sustainability Even though the companies don't offer the sort of support my project offers, they are really helpful. These partners would all benefit from working with this project as West Bromwich Leisure Centre would be getting money from us, the SSAFA, Turn2Us and Sport England would get an extra initiative that they can claim they fund, they can use this initiative again in different parts of the country and also help more people like the ones that they have devoted their lives to helping. To make this a more smooth transition from serving in the army to normal life, each person will be able to bring a supportive, close friend/family member who they feel comfortable with (until they start to feel comfortable in the sessions.) The only thing that these type of people have in terms of support from the army is a hotline and a healthcare project set up by the NHS. Minibus- Trophies- Soldier 2 Soldier Therefore, the amount of money I require from you would be £1000, this is to cover all of the costs and to have back up money incase the prices change and for extra equipment if needed. Barriers Short tennis and Table Tennis comes to £16 for two hours every week. To show to my funders that this initiative is working I will ask the participants who turn up to the sessions to fill out a form on their current working status,relationship status, housing situation, confidence on a scale of 1-10 and other questions that i can compare with an additional form I will hand out and ask them to fill out at the end of the 6 week period; these forms are not compulsory and only filled out if participants feel comfortable with answering the questions. This way I can compare the forms at the start and end of the 6 week period and can show the funders the personal improvements of the participants. Venues Markers- Overview of the project My main partner would be the SSAFA as they could also work with the people who come to the sessions and look at financial, housing and disability support. Personal Student Number: Brad-572997 Bobby-570074 As a back up to

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