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Solar Panel Presentation

Transcript: Solar Panels Emilee Tyrrel Advantages of Solar Panels Pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases to be let into the air. In the end it will save money, and and you can get a return on investment. And there is no maintenance and can last up to at least 30 years. Advantages of Solar Panels: Want to know a useful way to recycle your Christmas tree? Some zoos take donated Christmas trees and use them as food for the animals. How Solar Panels Work How Solar Panels Work: So solar panels work a little like this, so for the panels to work the photovoltaic cells need to create an electric current, in order to do that it needs a negative and positive charge. When the photons of light hit the solar panel, and set an electron free, it will push that electric current created to the silicon junction. And then there is also metal conductive plates in the sides of the photovoltaic cell to collect the electron and turn it into any type of electricity. How Solar Panels Work: DC and AC: AC Circuit: The AC stands for "Alternating Current", they named it this because the current alternates between +V and -V, 60 times a second. DC Circuit: The DC circuit doesn't alternate, and it stays at the same voltage the whole time. And the DC uses a magnet to attract the arc of the circuit. DC/AC Converter: The DC/AC converter is for when, lets say a home usually uses AC power, but a special appliance needs DC power. So there is an attachment to put on the outlet called a "rectifier". To convert the AC power to DC power, or it can also be called an "inverter". Photovoltaic: Direct conversion of light into electricity. It works like this: Some materials have a property known as photoelectric effect, this causes them to absorb photons of light and let out electrons. When the electrons are taken, it gives off electric currents. That can be then used for electricity. How Solar Panels Work: How Solar Panels Work: Where do People Place Solar Panels?: Most people place solar panels where it is very sunny. And most important they have to be facing the south, and without doing that there will be no benefits of having the solar panels. But you can put solar panels anywhere, but usually on rooftops and on the ground, it just depends on the location you are at. The Location of the Solar Panels. The Location of Where I would put the Solar Panels: The location that I would put my solar panels would be on top of the high school. I would do this because, it is the tallest building out of the three schools, and because it is the school that get most of the sun. I would have them facing the south, so towards the football fields, and I would have them at a diagonal. This option would be the best because in the end the schools would be saving lots of money, and for all of the electricity the schools use, this would benefit the budget the most. The Location: I would put the solar panels right here, so they could have the best spot to use all of the suns energy. Who the Panels have Benefited The Businesses that have used Solar Panels: The Apple Store Starbucks And Ikea A solar installer: Which makes around $40,000 a year Jobs that you could have related to solar panels and renewable energy: A Wind Turbine Technician: Which makes around $54,000 a year Energy Efficiency Specialist: Which makes around $70,000 a year The Budget for the Solar Panels: The Budget The Simple Budget for the Solar Panels: When Would the Solar Panels Start to Pay for Themselves? As the bill gets lower, the savings get larger! First of all in the end the school will be benefiting from it, and on average a school pours about $6 billion a year for electricity. If the school purchased solar panels it would cost a large amount in the beginning, but then in the end the school would be gaining money and not loosing $6 billion a year. So with the money that is gained from using the solar panels could go towards new upgrades, and needed things to better the students education. So North Polk why waste your money on electricity? Look outside, there is a power source right in front of you! Just get solar panels and gain money....What are you waiting for? Get the solar panels! Your loosing money as we speak! And Why the School Should get Solar Panels: Works Cited Works Cited

Solar Panel Presentation

Transcript: Study of Solar Panels at The University of Toledo By: Jessica Allen Hannah Bartenslager Joey Koch Jalane Moti John Ruth Solar Panels Solar Panels Problem Statement Problem Statement But many people are concerned as to whether solar panels should be used for providing electricity in educational institutions. The main concerns are the higher initial costs and unreliability due to weather patterns. Purpose Purpose To describe the benefits and drawbacks of solar panel usage at The University of Toledo Method Method Interviewed Michael Green and Darwin Dahlgren. Conducted a survey History History At the University of Toledo, Solar panels entered campus in 2008 at the Scott Park Campus. Solar energy makes up 20% of energy at Scott Park. Solar Panel Technology Solar Panel Technology Solar energy is possible by a process known as the photovoltaic effect Each solar panel is comprised of many smaller components called photovoltaic cells Each cell’s surface is comprised of semi conductive metals. The most common is silicon The cells in each panel are connected by copper wires Costs Costs In 2019, the costs are expected to be at $3.05/watt and this is in relativity to the average size of solar panel installation in the US, which is at about 6 kilowatts There is a nationwide tax credit that is known as the ITC which ultimately reduces your installation costs by approximately 30% According to Michael Green, solar fields in Ohio receive a 30% tax break from the federal government. Disadvantages Disadvantages Location A major issue when deciding to switch over to solar energy is your geographical location. Clearly there are some places on Earth that receive more or less sunlight than others, which will affect how effective the solar panels are. Toxic Gases When manufacturing solar panels, cadmium telluride is used as a semiconductor to convert solar energy to electrical energy. This material gives off toxic fumes and carcinogens, which cause cancer in living tissue Initial Costs When looking at the initial cost, you have to look at the cost of the solar panels, the inverter, the batteries, the wiring, and the installation Advantages Advantages Reliability and Longevity As long as the sun is shining, the world will be provided with sunlight that powers solar panels. Carbon Dioxide Emissions With solar, we reduce the burning of fossil fuels for energy to create a greener environment for beings to inhabit. Overall Savings The larger the number of solar panels installed, the better The University of Toledo meets its energy needs. Low Maintenance It is considered a low maintenance renewable energy source Total Educational Institutions Total Educational Institutions The Solar School’s spreadsheet has 5,496 schools listed In the state of Ohio alone, there are 44 solar schools listed On June 29, 2012 the state of Ohio adopted Senate Bill 312. This bill requires the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission to create energy efficient and conversation programs Summary Summary The main disadvantages are the high initial costs during installation, the variability due to weather patterns of the location of installation and the amount of toxic gases emitted when tearing apart and recycling the solar panel systems. The advantages of installing solar panels for energy production is the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions around the world, the longevity and reliability of the systems, the amount of money you save on electricity and overall energy production. Recommendations Recommendations Solar energy is an effective source of renewable energy when placed in the correct place. We believe the increase of solar panels would assist in lowering overall costs for the university and its students The University of Toledo should encourage students to join organizations that are involved with renewable energy. UT can do this by hosting events that highlight the benefits of solar panels. Keep students informed!

Solar Panel Presentation

Transcript: 6. Require Space - Solar panels need relatively large amounts of surface area in order to collect power 7. Maintenance - Because solar panels are new, maintenance of your panels can be a problem, repair of your panels must be preformed by a certified photovoltaic energy technician. Finding such a technician can be difficult and can be expensive More Good Reasons to Have Solar Panels 3. Energy Storage is Expensive - Energy storage systems such as batteries will help smoothen out demand and load making solar panels more stable but these technologies are also expensive 4. The Use of Exotic Materials - Certain solar cells require materials that are expensive and rare in nature 4. Associated with Pollution - Even though solar panels produce less pollution than fossil fuels while manufacturing them they are associated with greenhouse emissions More Good Reasons of Why to Use Solar Panels Bad Reasons to have Solar Panels 4. They Come in with Warranties - They usually come with a 25 year warranty for equipment and insurance to cover for events such as fires or hurricanes 5. Increase Your Property Value - Recent studies show homes and buildings that are equipped with clean energy systems have higher property values 6. Create Jobs and Help Your Local Economy - Studies predict the clean energy sector will generate between 3-5 million "green collar" jobs over the next decade, these jobs will tend to pay higher Good Reasons to Have Solar Panels 8. Protect the Environment - Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. A typical residential solar panel system can reduce 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year work cited What are solar panels ? Solar panels are panels that are made to absorb the suns rays and then convert them to electricity Bad Reasons to have Solar Panels 6. Create jobs and help your local economy - studies predict the clean energy sector will generate between 3-5 tons million "green collar" jobs over the next decade, these jobs will tend to be higher 7. Completely Eliminate or Drastically Reduce Your Electric Bills - with solar panel systems you'll be generating free power 1. Solar Energy is too Expensive - solar installation costs have fallen than $4/watt 2. Intermittent - Access to sunlight it limited at certain times Bad Reasons to have Solar Panels Bad Reasons to have Solar Panels Bad Reasons to have Solar Panels More Good Reasons to have solar panels Solar Panels- Pros and Cons by: Pamela Mendoza 8. Weather - when the climate is cloudy the output of the panels are dramatically decreased 1. Its Good for the Environment - Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment 2. Solar Panels are Durable - Since solar panels have no moving parts they are not damaged easily 3. Its Easy to Install - In order to install you just need basic wiring and a few bolts to hold them

Solar panel presentation

Transcript: Problem money is the biggest problem here, because you need to pay your bills for electricity all over your house, but it's better to pay for a solar panel once and then not pay anymore. you can The solar panel gets sunlight from the sun and powers the house solar panels Solution Our world is getting destroyed because many peple are :not recycling, digging fossil fuels,not saving energy ex. leaving lights turned on ,not turning off TV when not watching or leaving the AC on when not cooling.Do you wish there was a solution to this problem? winter or at night Solar panels * were you can see the recycle symbol there You can do that too!!! By: Diane jimenez you can charge the solar panel and use it Like you saw at the diagram, the solar panel got ENERGY from the sun and powered the house .If you buy a solar panel you will get your house powered FAST and you will help the planet by using Alternitave Energy Installing solar panels only takes like two days ,so go buy one and in two days you will be saving the planet.If you switch to solar panels instead of electricity your life will be better ,simple and FASTER BILLS Diagram Solar panels can help us conserve our planet for a longer time because we could get energy from the sun and power our objects instead of using electrical energy and sooner or later run out of it . A solution for our planet to survive is to use solar panels . If people start installing more solar panels we would be helping our environment by using Alternitave energy instead of using Fossil fuels. when there is no sunlight like in installing tag student

solar panel presentation

Transcript: SOLAR POWER solar panels offer a great way to make electricity and lower the tax's on power consumption. Advantages of solar panels advantages Seeing as a solar panel works off of sun light it makes no unwanted byproducts that could harm the environment. No pollution No pollution The solar panels will provide power for the school during the day. when the sun goes down everyone will have left the building. Free power Free power How it works How solar panels work If you still don't understand I have a video to better explains solar panel using power switch board energy inverter Charge Converter charge converter Transforms light into Energy Currents Solar panels solar panel Most effective place to put a solar panel on a slanted roof is the south facing slope, If above the equator, likewise is below the equator. If your roof is flat then just make sure there on the highest level of the buildings roof. the reason to why you should place them where to place a solar panel Placement Best place for the school One of the best places to put a solar panel on the school is on the auditorium roof. this would allow large amounts of solar energy and a more simple way to get to panels cost How much a solar panel cost A solar panel's cost is (based on the type) changed and holds different efficiency like shown in this chart. Type Cost per Watt (retail) Efficiency Life Expectancy Space Needed per KW Monocrystalline $1 - $1.50 17%-24% 25-35 years 65-100 square feet Polycrystalline $0.90 - $1.00 15%-20% 23-27 years 85-100 square feet Thin-Film $0.70 - $1.0 7%-14% 14-17 years 100-215 square feet Walmart. IKEA. Target. Other companies that use solar panels companies

Solar Panel

Transcript: How Solar Panel Works Solar panels collect solar radiation from the sun and actively convert that energy to electricity. Solar panels are comprised of several individual solar cells. These solar cells function similarly to large semiconductors and utilize a large-area p-n junction diode. The energy generated from photons striking the surface of the solar panel allows electrons to be knocked out of their orbits and released, and electric fields in the solar cells pull these free electrons in a directional current, from which metal contacts in the solar cell can generate electricity. The photovoltaic effect arises from the properties of the p-n junction diode, as such there are no moving parts in a solar panel. The more solar cells in a solar panel and the higher the quality of the solar cells, the more total electrical output the solar panel can produce. Importance & Relevance In our lives: Solar panel cuts electricity bill. In Economy: Selling solar panel can make a big impact in economy In environment: Solar Panel cuts carbon footprint. Benefits They are a silent producer of energy. Sell electricity back to the grid. Get paid for generating electricity. Less maintenance and lasts long. Disadvantages Solar panel is a popular green technology all over the world. Less maintenance and lasts long. Get paid for generating electricity. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr We Hope You Enjoyed High initial capital outlay. Dubious reliability. Availability of sunlight. Polluting materials used in solar panels. The efficiency question. In Conclusion Bibliography Thank You For Listening Sell electricity back to the grid. They are a silent producer of energy. Solar Panel (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr High initial capital outlay. Availability of sunlight. Polluting materials used in solar panels. The efficiency question. Benefits Generate-your-own-energy/Solar-panels-PV Disadvantages (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr By: Sakib Hossain & Danish Mukhtar disadvantagesofsolarenergy.html

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