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Social Worker Presentation Background

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Social Worker Presentation

Transcript: Childnet Stephen Cook Strict Requirements = clients more independent Unexpected Bill Audits (internal & external) DCF Contract Measures Clients seen every 30 days National Creditdation Budget= changes to RTI Needs Determined: Good Job!: What would I do well? Difficult? Not so Good: Plan Developed: Success? Clients who do not need additional services When client obtains a GED, certificate, AND/OR degree Self-sufficiency! Introduction: Success for Org.? Flite Center Young adults previously in foster care now 18+ Typical Case: How? No, not the store... Working for Org.: Loose Requirements = clients more dependent The Work: Clients must personally identify what needs are Needs Assessment done in order for client to receive funding Target: Budgetting Would I like to work there? Easiest & Rewarding Aspects: Client recieves RTI Overall performance Challenging Aspects: Consider working in this field? Transitional Plan developed one-on-one purpose: to alleviate client from needing service (self-sufficiency) Comes to get help Transitional plan Funding Sources: Macro Issues: October 5, 2011 Where? Client recieves SO many services and still doesn't even have a GED Ex of Challenging Case: DCF private funding donations My own... Who? Accepted or Denied Life skills Bank account Florida ID SS Card & Birth Cert Immigration Issue Is the work interesting? "Tries" to prepare clients (under 18) for successful transition out of foster care and prepares them to become young adults. Independent Living Aftercare Specialist The Organization When? Rewarding & Challenging Pushes the clients to strive for excellence, by supporting them

Social Worker Presentation

Transcript: TUITION/FEES REASONS WHY IT INTEREST YOU? Type of insurance and benefits offered by that employer - Health and Vision Continue Q&A Trust - Being a social worker, clients should gain you trust so that they can believe in you and will feel comfortable to talk with you about their situation. Education If needed help there's contact Information and Instructions online. Schools Places - There are many places that you can apply for a lot of different positions. Responsibilities - If working as a social worker they are responsible for helping individuals, families and groups of people to cope with problems. Private Practices And many more. Career Research Project You can complete it in a day or two but it usually depends on the person. By: Selena Yang TRAITS Compensation and Benefits WEBSITES Child Welfare If becoming a social worker, you MUST have a license (not driver's license. either clinical license, LBSW, LMSW, CSWE, Ect.) to be able to work at a place. If becoming a social worker, you must learn the basic understanding of human biology, psychology, sociology, economics, human communication, and child development. Amount you earn annually - $45,900 Settlement houses Skills - Communication, listening, organization, and tolerance Outlooks - The job security is good because social worker helps people solve and cope with problems in the everyday life. Also, it is 12% faster than average! Hourly wages Vs Salary - $23-$29 Vs $45,900 Hospitals Q&A Flexible - Setting a good schedule on the days where you are available to work. Also, being able to multi-task when working as a social worker. Work Environment - Social workers are employed in variety of settings like UNIVERSITIES MSU, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Flint, etc. mental health clinics How long will it take to be completed? Need help? Bachelor's Degree is about $22,500-$139,800 Master's Degree is about $33,500-$83,500 Certification is for ! year is about $230-$260 Total for 6 years is about $56,230-$223,560 Patience - Being patient with the people going through tough times will let social workers to understand the clients stories because it can take awhile for them to be ready to tell their stories to social workers. Organization - Being able to organize serious paper works, especially case files, medical records, documentaries, anything that is important so that if a situation happens, they can use it as evidence. Social worker Q. What would a typical day be like? A. Everyday will be different because there's a lot work that she'll have to do, going back and forth everyday. Like meeting up with youth, going to people's houses, and schools to check out on them. Q. Would I travel and how often? A. They would travel out of state sometimes and cities for conferences, and/or go to the clinics to check up on clients. Q. Would I just work in an office all day? A. They would work in the office sometimes but some social workers will move around to check up on things. Q. Would I be able to work in another state? A. Yes!! Q. Do some college students come to the place to work? A. Yes, as long as they can handle the schedule and have a 2 year bachelors degree to work. Q. Is it scary working there? A. yes, but it depends on what happens. Q. Usually how many people work there? A. 110 people, 6 Divisions and 17 Programs Q. Do you accept donations? A. Yes we do! but not pillows or beddings Highest Career Level - Hospitals, Program Administrators, Social Worker Teachers, there's a lot. YES! because the higher education the more you get paid. Does it make a difference? REQUIREMENTS Q. What are the time open and closed? A. Mon-Thurs 8:30-7:00 and Friday 8:30-5:00 Q. Do you have full time and part time? A. Yes Q. About how many people usually comes to the program? A. Last year 90 in the program. Q. What's the hardest part of your job? A. To deal with children because it's hard to change their behavior. Q. How long you work as a social worker? A. 5 years working at Gateway and 3 years as case management Q. What are your responsibility in your position? A. To set up an event planning, social media, volunteer management and database entry. Q. Do you enjoy it? A. LOVE IT! My family aspect me to be a doctor, nurse, or a teacher because they think it would be better for me. BUT! I feel that i don't have the skills to be one, so I did a lot of research and watched videos about social worker, and I began to like it. It interest me because I think it would be a great thing to help others in need and it makes me feel happy that i can help them. Human service Agencies Empathy - Being a social worker you should not feel what the clients feel because it'll be harder for you to communicate with them. You should teach them the strategies that will help them move past their present

Social Worker

Transcript: Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Training and Education EARININGS: $53,860 (ELEMENTARY) 51,470 (SURGICAL HOSPITALS) 36,660 (OUT CARE CENTERS) Social workers have the desire to help improve the lives of others. Their jobs is to help people cope with everyday lives such as family, personal problems, and relationships. There are different types of social workers from family, to medical, and then to mental. The average social worker usually spends all of their work time in an office. They are often on job 40 hours a week and work evenings and weekends. In some cases, social workers may even have emergencies they have to tend to. Social Workers A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement to become a social worker. A BSW is thee most common degree for a social worker, however it is good to have practiced other majors to get the job. In all states it is required that an individual has certification, licensing, or requirements to consider practice and professional titles. Social workers must be emotionally mature, objective, and sensitive to the the feelings of people and their problems. They should be responsible, and maintain a good relationship with their clients. People should volunteer as a social worker so they can test their interest in the field. Benefits A benefit of becoming a social worker is the fact the are always in need of employees and the job rate for this career is very high. The employment rate of social workers is expected to rise 16% which is more than any occupation. What they do?

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