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Soap presentation

Transcript: Age:14 Gender: Male Born: England Hobby: Flirting Daniel Institution kids houses school Age:21 Job:Social educator at the institution Daniel is in the institution because of maladjustment.His family is recomposed, which means, various kids from different parents live together, and this is a difficult situation for him being the oldest one. Age: 12 Gender: Male Born: England Hobby: Legos Mark is in the institution because of an economic situation, his family can't support him daily. He's delayed with his learning. Carlo is in the institution because he is excluded from the public education sistem due to his behaviour. It would be on screen 2 times a week so the audience can keep up and won't have to wait so much. Target audience Language: English Oscar is in the institution because his family is recomposed, just the same as Daniel. He is a mess at school but good with computers. Gender:Male Luna Jaimes switzerland Length Soap presentation Born:England Adam is in the institution because of child abuse. Which took him to be a troublemaker. Little Camp Primary research My target audience is from kids that are 12 years old to grown up adults. I think kids that watch this soap should be older than 12 years old due to the fact that child abuse parts, but also I believe it's a way of showing the audience the reality of some people's lives. Michael Age: 15 Gender: Male Born: England Hobby: Basketball Oscar Hobby: Photography Unique selling point Age: 50 Gender:Female Born: England Language: English Job: Director of the institution Hobby: Cinema Kate Max works in a social education institution taking care of kids between 12 and 15 years old which have problems with school, behaviour and social problems. The base for the soap is showing the turbulent life in a institution which receives this kids, and show their interaction with each other, the adults and their families. Age:14 Gender:Male Born:England Hobby: Computer programs Mark Age: 13 Gender:Male Born: Colombia Hobby: Football My unique selling point is that the title gives the viewers the opposite idea of what the storyline really is. Real places Adam Age:13 Gender:Male Born: Switzerland Hobby: Videogames Slot Max c-d classes Bibliography Carlo Locations Michael is in the institution because of maladjustment and psychiatric problems. BBC1

Goat Soap Presentation

Transcript: If you have old bars of soap, there's a method of recycling Boil a liquid with soap and place the mixture into a mold and wait 24 hours Safflower is a yellow flower Made into a type of oil from seeds Thrown in trash, if not used Washed down sink/shower/bath into the sewer which flows to the sewer processing plant where it's processed by bacteria Shortening Manufacturing and Processing Disposal Once all the materials are obtained, the manufacturers combine them in the heated goat milk and add the selected scent to the mixture Once the mixture is completely blended, it is poured into the desired mold and set aside to cool for around 24 hours Goat Soap Ingredients Sewer Water treatment plant Canola and Safflower Oil Recycling Used as a scent additive Soap used in shower/sink/bath Used as a scent additive Made by bees and collected in honey farms in Illinois Not able to be reused Micro bacteria Angelic Organics Farm: Goat Soap By Reed Felder and Maddie Stoops Goat milk Canola oil Safflower oil Shortening Scents (honey, spices and herbs) Use and Reuse Spices Grown in Illinois and harvested and shipped to the farm. Angelics Organics ships thier products from their local post offices that ship the soap to the purchaser by aircraft or automobile After purchase, the product arrives within 2 work weeks to anywhere within the United States Goat Milk Olive oil is produced from olives Olives are pressed to get oil These oils create a softer soap along with mildly cleansing Safflower subs for some olive oil so the soap is not too hard Honey Ocean Creates stable soap Mixes well with other oils It is a solid fat at room temp Made from hydrogenated vegetable oils Distribution and Transportation Comes from their own goat herd Goats need energy and food to produce milk Angelic Farm even has goat head shaped soap Grown on site by Angelic Organics Farm Used as a scent additive Herbs

SOAP Presentation

Transcript: Becky Rene Salgado Subjective Data 55 year old Pronounce: She/Her/They March 16, 2023 at 3:00 am. CC: Chest Pain "squeezing & tightness" 4/10 Pain Scale Better: deep breathing Worst: more stress & over-fatigue Pt states having intermittent headaches for several days Personal Health Hx Personal Health Hx Occupation: Marine Veteran and the Director of Operations in the Foothill De Anza Community College Surgical Hx: Gastric bypass, Umbilical hernia, removal of tonsil and adenoidectomy Past Medical Hx: Colon polyps Degenerative disc disease DM type 2 Diverculosis GERD Hemorrhoids Peripheral Edema Hx of Alcohol Use Disorder Hyperlidemia Hypertension Migraine Obstructive Sleep Apnea Tinnitus Family Hx Social Hx Family Hx Maternal Grandfather: CAD, MI, and multivessel CABG and stenting Mother: "heart issues" Social Hx Lives in San Mateo County Pt denies tabacco alcohol and drug use Review of Systems Lifestyle & Health Practices Review of Systems Denies: Palpitations, SOB, leg pain or swelling (based on her chief complaint) Denies: dizziness, lightheadedness, sore throat, nasal congestion, and rhinorrhea Lifestyle & Health Practices Declines: Mood/emotional distress Lack of concentration Poor appetite Tired waking up Sedentary Objective Data OUR OFFICES OUR OFFICES London San Francisco Brussels New York Beijing Houston Hong Kong PRODUCTS Assessment PRODUCT #1 PRODUCT #1 PRODUCT #2 PRODUCT #2 PRODUCT #3 PRODUCT #3 Planning PRICING Click to edit text SOAP CONTACT US

Soap presentation

Transcript: 05/31/17 Mar De Rosas Jennifer Lara Ms. Cheng Chemistry, Period 3 31 May 2017 Ceballos Incorprated Video Demonstartion Video Demonstartion Marketing and Finance Marketing and Finance Price Price Total price: $1.43 Soap production price Soap production price Coconut oil: $0.25 --> 12.5g Mango butter: $0.38 --> 12.5g Lye (NaOH): $0.08 --> 4g Colorant: $0.50 --> 5 drops Fragrance: $0.08--> 8 drops Sugar: $0.02 --> 2g Beeswax: $0.02 --> 1g Total: $1.33 Packaging Price Packaging Price Clear bag: $0.02 --> 1 bag Ribbon: $0.03 --> 6 in Dead rose petals: $0.05 --> 10 petals Total: $0.10 Manufacturing Manufacturing Slogan Slogan A Rosey Breeze you'll love! Logo Logo Company Brand Company Brand Ceballos Incorporated is dedicated to selling the best soap with the best benefits posssible for all skin types. Mar De Rosas soap price and purpose Mar De Rosas soap price and purpose Price Price The price Mar De Rosas is valued at is $3.75 because it's handmade and has many benefits. Benefits Benefits Sugar: Increases the lather and bubbles of soap. Oils: Help hydrate the skin in this specific soap. Beeswax: Helps seal moisture in skin. Profit Profit Ceballos Incorporated will make a profit of roughly $2.32 for each soap that is purchased. Purpose Purpose The purpose of Mar De Rosas is to help hydrate dry hands efficiently and have a long lasting effect. What's Next What's Next The next step for Ceballos Incorporated is to make a vegan friendly soap. Keep In Mind Keep In Mind Vegan products are very costly to make and will be more of an investment to help vegans find usable products.

Oral soap presentation

Transcript: The Journey of Making Soap By Desmond and Brandon Soap Methods The best way to make soap is to find methods that are safe. Which method was the right one for us? Well, we decided that the room temperature method was the perfect fit for us. How does the room temperature method work? The room temperature method is a rather convenient method. Heating the oils or lye was not involved in our process of making the soap. The lye solution is what melted our solid oils. That was the big wow factor that our group liked. What are some other methods? Cold Process Soap Method Saponification is the name given to the chemical reaction by which an alkali (usually sodium hydroxide - also called caustic soda or lye) reacts with fats and oils to make soap. The saponification reaction occurs during the cold process soap method. Melt and Pour Method The melt and pour method includes melting the soap base you made or bought previously and then poured into your mold. Hot Process Soap Method With the hot process soap method, after bringing the soap to trace, you would accelerate the saponification process by heating the soap batch further. How did our soap work out? It worked out great! The spooning method we used to produce the design we were going for worked perfectly, although Mr. Phillips doubted it. What about our liquid soap? Was it as good as our hard soap? How did we make it? Our method for making the liquid soap was simple. We shaved down a bar of our hard soap, melted the shavings, and added water proportionally. Finally, how did our group chose to make this soap? What were the difficulties and triumphs? How did we do? We decided to proceed with the swirl recipe, which gave our soap that layered design. We both think that our biggest triumph was our appearance of the hard soap and liquid soap. Our biggest difficulty was figuring out how to get our hard soap to have a scent. The method to get the scent in the soap did not work with our room temperature method, so we gave up on scent and went all the way with appearance. Overall we think that our soap project worked out great and we are ambitious to even start making soap at home! But how does the use of detergents and soaps effect our environment? Phosphate chemicals and Sodium Layral Sulfate are the two big factors that effect the environment! How do those actually effect the environment? Phosphates, used in mainly detergents, can cause algae blooms which may cause water to become toxic and can cause the detoxification of deep waters. Also, algae blooms threaten rare species of fish and invertebrates because of the oxygen that the blooms use. Sodium lauryl sulfate is believed to be a carcinogen which causes cancer and is also beloved to be and irritant and some what toxic to animals What does this mean for the Wood River Valley and beyond? We should stop using detergents and turn to more environmental friendly solutions. There places you can find phosphate free detergents. History of Soap Timeline Tree 1400’s: Unsanitary living conditions and poor personal hygiene contribute heavily to spread of the great plagues of the Middle Ages. Especially Black Death and bubonic plague. 1500's: France introduces England to its soap discoveries. 1791: Nicolas LeBlanc discovers a process to manufacture caustic soda (lye) cheaply and in large quantities. Raw materials are no longer needed from the colonies. This is a process that uses common salt to make sodium carbonate, or soda ash, the alkali obtained from ashes that combines with fat to form soap, yielding large quantities of inexpensive commercial quality soda ash. During the industrial revolution, soap began its production in factories and stopped being produced in the home kitchen. 1816: England raises the soap tax for soap produced. 1823: French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul publishes his findings on the chemistry of fats, glycerin and fatty acids. Which are the basis of modern fat and soap chemistry. 1861: Belgian chemist Ernest Solvay’s process, using common table salt, or sodium chloride, to make soda ash. Further reduces the cost and increases quality and quantity of soda ash for soap manufacturing. 1916: First synthetic detergent developed in Germany. In response to shortage of fats for making soap during World War I 1930’s: Production of synthetic household detergents begins in U.S. 1940’s: Synthetic detergents advanced by adding phosphate. Which are compounds that improve detergent performance and ability to clean heavily-soiled laundry. Even though, phosphates are bad for the environment. 1941-45: World War II opens the door to widespread use of synthetic detergents. 1950’s: Development and marketing of automatic dishwasher powders. Those include liquid laundry, dishwasher liquids, fabric softeners and all-purpose cleaners; detergents with bleach. 1953: The production of synthetic detergents exceeds the production of soap. Today: Soap and detergents are a multi-billion dollar industry. All in all? Soap is being

Soap Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Young And Rubicam's 4 C's concept Young And Rubicam is a Massively successful marketing company, founded in 1923. They theorized that all consumers could be classified into one of 7 psychographic, marketing segments. These are the aspirer, the succeeder, the reformer, the explorer, the mainstreamer, the struggler and the resigned. This is known as Cross Cultural Consumer Characterization, and is now the foundation of most marketing campaigns. For this presentation I was assigned the segment 'explorers'. Qualitative - Is for gauging the reasons and understanding the motivations of campaigns and audiences. This can help you to understand trends better and generating idea's. It also helps to set you up for more quantitative research further on. It can be collected by conducting focus groups or in depth interviews. Thank you Qualitative And Quantitative Research What is the point of media research? We know already that explorers enjoy using alternative and new, exclusive brands. Explorers are anti-fashion conscious and appreciate the fact that a product is good quality, and different to the norm. They enjoy showing how they set themselves apart from others through their alternative lifestyle and product choices. Now that we have established the types of product brands that appeal to explorers we can focus on advertising. Other possibilities for advertising are in independent boutiques, which are common in cities like London, and on websites like Reverbnation, where new, unsigned artists can debut their music. This technique of advertising in small proportions to a very specific audience is known as niche marketing. This appeals to explorers as it affirms to them that the product will be, and will continue to be, alternative. In this presentation I will be describing how I would develop a marketing campaign for a bar of soap. "Hipsters are a postmodern subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that first appeared in the 1990s and became particularly prominent in the 2010s." - Wikipedia ( This boot and shoe manufacturer has produced exceptional quality footwear since it was founded in 1905. The vast majority of the American army soldiers during WWI and WWII wore Red Wing boots. To this day all shoes made by the company are done by the hands of skilled tradesmen in Minnesota and Missouri, USA. Also Red Wing is more of an alternative choice in shoe as they are not as well known or as affordable and fashionable as, for example, the Timberland Boot or Vans Shoe Co's. Hipsters being young, alternative, bohemian and open-minded student types, it is likely that they also have left wing political views. Confirming this through my research can provide information invaluable for conducting a marketing campaign. We could research the methods used by other brands that are aimed towards our target audience. Doing this could benefit us a lot when comparing another products advertising techniques to its consequential sales. This can help us devise our own advertising campaign by imitating them, but using the information and data we collected ourselves may prove more reliable. This is where finding out our focus groups/survey participants questions like what their favorite newspaper is, can pay off again. Knowing that explorers and hipster types are politically left wing, confirmed by our research into left wing news papers and our survey and focus group results, we could advertise in these news papers. The more difficult thing to determine is the customers degree of loyalty to the brand. Explorers enjoy trying new brands and products. They value individualism and difference. But if marketing for the product continued to appear niche and the quality remained high it is likely they would continue to use the product. This research can again be interpreted as both quantitative and qualitative. Statistical market research was is needed as well as research to determine audience qualities. How can I find out more about my audience? This research is mostly qualitative, meaning that it was primarily for uncovering the qualities and motivations of our audience. This research can be interpreted as both quantitative and qualitative. It concerns both numerical, measurable data, and advertising techniques and motivations. Although the audience we are targeting is a niche audience and would best respond to a niche marketing campaign, it would be an incredible waste of resources and advertising opportunities to not exploit things like Facebook and Youtube. These websites may not be alternative themselves but within them, there have formed online communities which allow like-minded people to connect and share interests. This is known as word of mouth marketing. This information can provide me with sources for secondary research, possibly from left wing newspapers or alternative magazines and websites. Find out what types of products they advertise for

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