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Transcript: PREZI PRESENTATION Edward Tufte And The Data-Ink Ratio Concept of data-pixels for the design of user interfaces mirrors Tufte’s data-ink for information graphics Think of data-pixels for Web Design as the simplest and most desirable path that a user can take through a flow Every page should be focused on the core data and the primary task that users need to take in that particular flow PRINCIPLE 2: ERASE NON-DATA PIXELS “Redundant data-pixels” refer to elements of the design that are repeated without good reason Always have a reason for adding elements to a design - provide information and/or functionality that increases usability PRINCIPLE 5: REVISE AND EDIT Thank you! degrades the overall user experience 6. Breaking the flow 1. Lack of overview Sort order would be by popularity, all values (countries) are weighted PRINCIPLE 1: ABOVE ALL ELSE, SHOW THE DATA Consider all common spellings Managing bbPress Forums PRINCIPLE 3: ERASE REDUNDANT DATA-PIXELS 4. Inconsistent UI The Redesigned Country Selector Iteration 1: Typing Vs. Scrolling Kendra Willey Problem: By Rian van der Merwe 2. Unclear sorting Look for elements that cannot be connected to guiding a user to the desired outcome Iteration 4: When “United States” Is More Common Than “United Arab Emirates” Getting bbPress Up And Running Iteration 2: Typos And Sequencing Iteration 3: When The Netherlands Isn’t Called “The Netherlands” 5. Lack of context Any questions? Getting Started With bbPress Data-Ink is the non-erasable core of a graphic, the non-redundant ink arranged in response to variation in the numbers represented. Create a forum Solution: PRINCIPLE 4: MAXIMIZE THE DATA-PIXEL RATIO The Data-Pixel Approach To Improving User Experience Manage topics (posts) and replies (comments) Needs to auto-complete By Christian Holst By Thord Daniel Hedengren Has to account for omissions and sequencing Install - available in WordPress’ plugin directory Customize settings “auto-complete text field with loose partial matching, synonyms and weighted results” The Usability Issues The Visual Display of Quantitative Information 3. Scrolling Issues Redesigning The Country Selector

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Transcript: Dozens of websites,captured screen shots, jotted down notes, consulted friends, and.. STILL no answer for your next web design Question like: Who am I What do I want to say? What do you STAND for What is important to you.. --might help you with your decisions We no longer have a division between our personas for our personal and professional lives. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media has opened us to a new era in life. "Personality will set your brand apart from competitors andhelp you connect with a passionate audience." "Personality is the mysterious force that attracts us to certain people and repels us from others." Personality determines how we express our emotions and how we go about doing it. Color. Type. Imagery. Copy. Interaction patterns are all ways in which we channel personality. A Design Personality has nine different parts: 1) Brand Name: Name of your company or product 2)Overview: What makes you unique 3)Personality Image Actual picture of a person who embodies the traits you want to embody' 4) Brand Traits: Five to seven traits that describe your brand 5) Personality Map: Map personality, friendly or not 6) Voice What would it say, if it could speak? 7) Copy examples Provide examples for multiple layout of websites 8) Visual lexicon Summary of colors, typography, and visual aid style 9) Engagement Methods How you plan to emotionally include others Four Key Benefits to Expressing Your Personality in Design: 1) In a crowded market, personality helps to distinguish you from competitors. 2) Personality elicits an emotional response from the audience that encourages long-term memory of the brain. 3) Personality attracts those who get you and deters those who don't 4) Personality impassions users, who will become you most powerful marketing channel. Emotional experience make profound imprints on our long-term memory... ...which should encourage us to have our websites do the same.... ... it'll require some risks, but it is well worth it. People will feel really connected to it, wile others may be turned off. BUT, that's fine! Becasue you are doing you, and that is EXACTLY what personality is about... YOU! Smashing Magazine Redesigning with Personality Sara Rockow

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Transcript: Engaging Your Clients Be what you want your client to be, if you want them to be honest then be honest. If you want them to be passionate, show your passion. They may not immediately react to your enthusiasm, but they will feel it and overtime it will reinforce your efforts. This is client Relations 101 and should NOT be ignored! Research and Customer Insight: The Objective Problem-Solving Approach Types of research methods to use on your customers Ethonography: a research method from the social sciences that involves field research and upclose observation in the user's environment. Heuristic Evaluation: a form of usability inspection, in which usability specialists judge whether each element of a user interface follows a list of established usability heuristics. Focus groups, surveys, prototyping, interviews and more. These all yield valuable data, and from this data we can build persuasive artifacts to convince the client of strategies that have a high probability of success in the real world. How do you pick an idea that will succeed? Look at community websites Where your target audience hangs out. (Facebook, Twitter) Take Notes write down all of you a-ha moments! ideas pop up and then disappear so take notes and go over these notes in a few weeks so it could maybe lead you to your next breakthrough. Assessing the Market Now that you have a few product ideas, how do you know which one is your best?? Market size and addressable market The bigger the market the higher the potential payoff -- Total Addressable Market: the total amount of revenue you can expect to capture 2 ways to calculate this number Top down Bottom up In the End, It's All YOU Building your own venture might be a little intimidating, but it's an amazing experience! Reducing the risk by doing research is an important first step! A strong belief in your product will help you get through difficult times Beleive in your abilities and in the product and learn from your mistakes!! When making an illustration on photoshop First sketch it out on paper- "Drawing is visual thinking" Add volume to the sketch to show where textures will be Don't forget to Research! What textures will work? What colors will work? Next Step... Craft your own brushes to make different textures for Photoshop Then scan all your brush textures into Photoshop Select a color Palette Finally, paint your picture with your colors and different brush textures The first thing every client wants when you are doing work for them is TRUST, then openness, and passion. Clients that deal with large agencies tend to place their trust in the big brand names of these shops. Freelance designers and small agencies do not always inspire the confidence in clients like the large shops do, which means that trust has to be built!! Customer Journey Maps Graphs that demostrate a user's level of confidence and patience when performing various touch points in an interaction flow. Data is provided from an interview where the user is guided through a certain task. As they move through the flow, we ask them how they feel at key intervals. The map helps by getting a visual representation of the emotional state of their customers, the clients suddenly understands how important planning the user experience is to the product development process. Do You Want to Build a Software Product? Getting a win-win is when you deliver solutions that address the client's business problem. Both parties need to handle tension objectively, putting aside personal feelings to complete the goal. A win-win transpires through actions, research and delivery! Clients and Freelance Designers Effective User Research and Transforming the Minds of Clients Mixing up Illustration Actual and Potential Demand Getting a Win-Win Use search engines Google the problem that you want to solve! If you find little mention of the problem, then either your keywords are wrong or the problem is not as big as you thought. Staking out your audience Read what people are saying about the problem. Get feedback from your audience!! Check out the competition look at the competition's websites, their mentions in traditional media like news websites and blogs, and their presence in social media. Ask: Are there major players in y our market already? How hard would it be to compete against them?

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Transcript: Need to follow the "trends" Even if design was a hit when it first launched. It may need work now. Aesthetics evolve. Stay current. Redesign would just be a facelift. New look. Metrics Are Down Debt is made up of all the things you should have done during the build of the website...but cute corners. Too much is "Totalled" (like a car) Greater cost than it's value. Starting over would be cheaper than fixing everything! Redesign and start over. Clean. Not cutting corners again. 5 indicators to redesign (NOT exhaustive) Always redesign after 12 months Keep a fresh and current website Listen to your customer Depending on circumstance on when to start over or just facelift Thank you! Questions? Get to the core of what needs to be changed in the redesign Ask customers. Face-to-face. Survey. Ect. If you see reaccuring trends - change something Negative brand perception should be a trigger to redesign!! When redesigning focus on what you heard It looks OLD If top four don't apply - shelf life of aestheic has worn off after 12 months/ Refresh experience for loyal customers & attract new ones. Facelift on brand. Keeping experience new. Just refresh aesthetic components. Not entire site. Keep brand/website current. Users Tell You It's Time Conclusion redesign is important! The Tech/UX "Debt" is too long Redesign? By: Jennifer Isenhower Jeff Gothelf Smashing Magazine December 8, 2011 When you see a constant downward trend in conversions, sales, engagement activities and general user participation. Design has worn off. ("Creative Fatigue") Disconnect with audience. Fix the problem. Not the whole thing. When is it time to... It's Been More Than 12 Months Since Last Refresh

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