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Template for Research Presentation

Transcript: What recent event is having a similar effect in America? Include details about events that have happened recently that are effected by your event. You may use these resources: Income inequality - Research Project How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? How was your event changed by protests and laws after 1960? 2. What were the effects of your event? details Insert a graphic or video to support More information about effects How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? Be specific about events in the novel that are influenced by the real-life event you are researching. You may include a you tube video from the movie of the novel Insert a video from the research Time Place What led to it? Your research presentation must answer five questions: 1. What is your historical event? 2. What were the effects of your event? 3. How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? 4. What recent event is having a similar effect in America? 5. How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? 1. What is your historical event? Information from research about how the event impacted people To Kill A Mockingbird

Smartphone for elderly presentation

Transcript: Reasons why seniors don’t buy smartphones Factors mostly influence on buying decision Problems - both smartphone users and non-smartphone users face Potential demand of using smartphones within Vietnamese middle-aged groups and the elderly. Display 3.5-4.0 inches Large apps icons Simple menu interface Focuses on the technologies to enhance the quality of life and independence of elders Action plan Research Question Research Method Why do Vietnamese senior citizens prefer basic phones to smartphones? What are the main factors that influence their buying decisions? LoudSound Voice control: slow down caller speech Survey Interview Table of Content Recommemdantion by William Mann , Ph. D , Sumi Helal , Ph. D Smart phones for the elders: Boosting the intelligence of smart homes (2002) Non-smartphone users Smartphone users Source: SNID - Social Network Influence Design (2012) Smartphone Users Around The World General information innovate cost-effective ways to help elders maintain their independence, and reduce caregiver burden. Secondary research Elderly diseases Training classes Communicate adult’s children Thanh Thu Introduction Hong An Secondary Research Dinh Quyen Survey Summarization To Tran Recommendation Research Objective Implication Generation gap Special applications SOS emergency function List of healthy meals Mobile monitor Voice command Solution Survey summarization Instructor: Cody G.Fuston Team members: Dinh Quyen Thanh Thu To Tran Hong An

Smartphone Presentation

Transcript: Smartphones: Helpful or Harmful? ISSUES INTRODUCTION Why is This Important? - Despite the term “Smart” phone, these handheld devices are ultimately changing the way people around the world live their lives, and it is not all for the better. The Numbers How Many Americans Own a Smartphone? 18-29 50-64 39-49 Smartphone Ownership By Demographics 65+ Ages 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% Any Cellphone Smartphone 100% 92% 99% 88% 97% 74% 80% 40% - Smartphone Addiction >Nomophobia -Lack of face-to-face communication -Loss of basic skill > Basic math, spelling, reading a map, ability to focus, sleeping, driving, etc. Issues That Come From This - The term, Nomophobia, what researchers have been calling that anxious feeling you get when you misplace your cellphone or your phone battery dies. And nomophobia — short for "no mobile phone phobia" — now has a 20-item test so that the frantic phone users among us can self-diagnose. - A study proved that over one quarter of the tested individuals felt dependent on their smartphone. Among that same group tested, 21% of users could not maintain a relationship with a significant other without the apps of their phones, while 19% said that they could not find new friends without their smartphones. SMARTPHONE ADDICTION... is it real? - Smartphones have become the main outlet for communication. Although smartphones were created to make communication easier, they somehow have developed into items that have caused a block in the art of communication. - Phones have become a pacifier of sorts, a security blanket, and a source of comfort to many. Verbal communication has left the building and imessages have replaced its spot. Lack of Face-to-Face Communication - People can’t read a map. There’s such a dependence to use the phone to give us verbal step-by-step directions that people don’t have a sense of where they are. They have come to rely on a computerized voice to get them from point A to point B instead of their own brain, sense of direction, and ability to look at a map and know where they are. - Autocorrect and tip calculators pretty much eliminate the need to know basic math and spelling. -Smartphones affect our sleep. This makes us less sharp during the day. Many people talk about how they keep their phone by their bed and on during the night and they do it because a text might come in. Going to bed under such conditions won’t allow you to fully relax and get into a deep sleep. -People die at the hands of texting. Tragically looking down for a second or two to text while driving can lead to a fatality. Fines issued by law enforcement don’t seem to deter users from doing this. Ultimately it will come down to people valuing life (theirs and others’) over what they deem to be the urgency of a text. Loss of Basic Skills Visualization Conclusion In Conclusion... During this era, it is clear that smartphones aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. They are upgrading the way people interact and communicate. Although it requires some adjustment to most, they are keeping people across the world connected. While the devices are providing a helpful resource to individuals around the world, the consequences may have a bigger effect that one may not believe. Taking action and realizing these consequences can help redeem the loss of communication and basic fundamentals that Americans everywehre are beginning to lose

smartphone presentation

Transcript: Smartphone choices Carly Jackson . which models have been advised and why. .includes the phone which has the overall best quality,and its features. Introduct- ion I phone information .User experience- value and design .Features- 15 bionic chip .Price in full- £30.00 .Monthly- £53.98 .Memory- 150gb .Camera quality- 12mp .Battery life- 9h 1m I phone 14 Argos ratings- 5 Amazon ratings-5 02-5 1/2 Average review =5 Phone images: Images Samsung s22 information .User experience- design and quality .Features- deadlines .Price- £26.37 .Camera quality- 108mp .Memory- 128 gb .Battery life- 24h .Per month- £26.37 Amazon- 5 1/2 O2-5 1/2 Argos- 5 1/2 Samsung s22 Average review =5 Phone images: Images Nokia g50 information: .User experience- good organisation Nokia g50 .Features- waterproof .Full price- 1,649.00 .Per month-£15-£22 .Camera quality- 48mp .Memory- 64mp .Battery life- 20 h 33m Amazon- 4 O2- 3 Argos-4 Average review =4 Phone images: Images Google pixel 7 information .user experience-the updates .features- the display .full price-£199 .per month-£31.00 .camera quality- 50 mp .memory-128 gb/256gb .battery- 48 h Google pixel 7 amazon- 5 o2- 3 argos-5 average review = 4.3 phone images: Images huawei p30 pro information Huawei p30 pro .user experience- camera focus .features- ultra wide camera .full price- £399,00 .permonth- £9.00 .camera quality- 40mp .memory- 128gb/256gb .battery- 25h 41m amazon-3 o2- 5 argos-5 average review =4 phone images: images 0ppo a 16 information: Oppo a 16 .User experience-cheap .Features- triple camera .Full price- £169.99 .Per month- £15+ .Camera quality- 15 mp .Memory- 32gb .Battery- 21 h Amazon-4 1/2 O2- 4 1/2 Argos-5 Average review =5 Phone images: Images the best choice is: i chose this phone as my best choice as it has been noted to have great features which include having a great battery power aswell as quality which is what most users want in a phone. Best choice huawei p30 pro

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