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Smart Goals Powerpoint Template

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SMART goals

Transcript: S SPECIFIC ...I will raise my grade in math from a 76% to at least 95% this Quarter NOT ...I will raise my grade a lot Measureable ...I will earn at least a 3.86 GPA this Quarter. NOT ...I will do pretty well in school. M A Attainable ...I will earn all O's in Citizenship this Quarter NOT ...I will be the BEST citizen in my ACE class every minute of every day. R Relevant ...I will get to school on time EVERY DAY. NOT ...I want to earn a billion dollar$ thi$ quarter T Timebound ...I will make sure I have NO ZEROES in the gradebook during 1st Quarter NOT ...I will NEVER IN MY LIFE have a zero in ANY gradebook. Get where you want to go with SMART goals! Three things to do TODAY... 1. Use Your Report Card to fill in Q3 on "My Data Graph" 2. Look back at your Q3 SMART Goal...Did you reach it? Why or Why not? 3. Set a new SMART goal for 4th Quarter. Plan for what you need to do to get there...Finish Strong! Setting a Priority In the next 3 weeks, it's MOST IMPORTANT for me to focus on.... To be successful, I know I need to do these things: examples... Make a Tutoring Appointment for math Get help during ACE from my science teacher Go into the library at lunch to complete my PO's Complete a makeup workout for PE Make flashcards and study for at least 30 FOCUSED minutes for the History test Use my ACE time wisely to finish and fine-tune my PO's each day If you don't know where you're going, you might end up someplace else... --Yogi Berra Three Things to do TODAY... 2. Record Current GPA's on "My Data 2011-12" Graph SMART Goals 1. Figure your Current Academic and Citizenship GPA 3. Set a PRIORITY for the next three weeks and make a plan for success..


Transcript: Barriers to reaching your goal: Unrealistic goal Setting up a long term goal without short term goals along the way Giving up instead of adjusting Not fully committing to your goal Unexpected life situations Be aware of the barriers!! GOOD LUCK!!! T T A I N A B L E Example! Contract For Change Think of something you have a physical or mental bond with (texting, facebook, tv, computer or video games, pop, candy). How would you behave if you quit this for one week? 3 days? How do you think you would feel? Each day JOURNAL- Steps you are doing for success People who help or hinder progress Obstacles and how to avoid them Evaluate your progress 1. You will select one behavior from your TPC wheel that you want to change Make it a SMART goal P E C I F I C I M E Now It's YOUR TURN!! 6. Reward(s) you will have if you are successful (Be specific!) The goal should require you to stretch some, but allow you to succeed 2. List specific 2 steps you will do to reach your goal: The goal should state the time period in which it will be accomplished 3. Identify 2 specific people who will help you and explain how they will support your effort to change: Name of person 1- Name of person 2- Goals Desired achievements towards which you work and hope for Long Term- 6 months or more Short Term- less than 6 months The goal and it's benefits should be quantifiable GROUP SMART GOAL! E L E V A N T 5. Identify 1 or 2 obstacles that might prevent you from reaching your goal M E A S U R A B L E S.M.A.R.T. GOALS 4. How will you specifically measure/ evaluate your progress? The goal should be attainable given the available resources Identify a specific action or event that will take place Goal- I want to get more sleep at night. S- Instead of getting 5 hours of sleep a night, I would like to get 7 hours of sleep. M- I will record what time I go to bed and what time I wake up so I can keep track of my hours A- Instead of going to bed at 1:30am, I will go to bed at 11:30pm R- Getting 2 extra hours of sleep a night will help me get through the rest of the day. T- By Monday I will have a new night time routine set up so I will be able to be in bed by 11:30. I want to try out the routine for a week and see how it goes. I may have to adjust from there.


Transcript: 1. This year I’m going to do better in school. Not: Specific Measurable 2. I’m going to start to take guitar lessons. Not: Specific Timely 3. I love visual effects in movies. Tomorrow I’ll send out applications to some computer graphics company so I can get a summer job. Not: Attainable Realistic 4. I want to train for a marathon. I run 5km in 45 minutes right now. Tomorrow I'm going to run it faster. Not: Measurable 5. I don't like being cramped in small spaces for a long time. But I’m going to be the first astronaut on Mars!! Not: Realistic SPECIFIC To be realistic, a goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work. A goal can be both high and realistic You are the only one who can decide just how high your goal should be. A high goal is frequently easier to reach than a low one because a low goal has low motivational force. TIMELY S.M.A.R.T GOALS MEASURABLE Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic - Timely Your goals must be specific as to what you want to achieve. The goal should clearly define the specific result you want. Your goals should contain a what, when, where, why, who and how. A goal which is not measurable cannot be achieved. "I want better marks this year" is not an effective goal. A measurable goal will give you evidence of progress The goal should be ambitious, but attainable. If you’ve only been able to get Ds in math; deciding your goal is to get As next month may not be an attainable goal and you are likely to fail. But aiming for C’s or B’s next month isn't as much of a stretch. Make your goals ambitious, but attainable. REALISTIC RELEVANT Your goals must have a definitive start and end. A goal with no end date will continually be moved. Sticking to a due date will allow you to create milestones to achieve on the way to that goal. Your timing must also be realistic. ATTAINABLE GAME TIME Analyzing Goal Statements

Goals PowerPoint

Transcript: Goals PowerPoint Personal Goals Personal Goals Being successful Having lots of opportunities to go and explore the world Success Countine to find happiness within my self and not search it from others Happiness I will continue my fitness journey to remind me of how long i have come and to keep striving to be better and give myself a boost to keep going Mental health “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” - Albert Einstein Qoute Academic Academic Goals I plan to graduate with honors and continue to make straight A's Good grades Throughtout my years of school i have learned about the importances off different learning and studying techniques Learning techniques Qoute 4. "The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson." – Tom Bodett. Career Career Goals Find a profession and major that I am interested in pursing my life in that certain area of field My Job I plan to be successful enough in whatever i do so i can retire at an early age and have time off to enjoy life My Life All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney Quote Pursuit of Happiness Talks about being happy in life and to take it one step at a time and enjoy what life has to offer you and that life has hardships along the way but know if you tried your best that that was the best for you Theme Song Business has four management career pathways and one pathway for administrative support: General: Individuals who manage companies, organizations or specific activities within a commercial enterprise. Operations: Individuals who ensure a company or organization has the systems and tools to successfully operate. Business Information: Individuals who manage the technology needs of a company or organization. Human Resources: Individuals who recruit new employees, establish systems to evaluate employees, and manage benefits, such as health insurance. Administrative Support: Individuals that provide clerical support to managers. Florida Shines


Transcript: Devyn's Goals Short-Term Goal: I would like to save up to go for a new pair of basketball shoes. I will save 30 dollars a month for nine months. Intermediate-Term Goal: I would like to save up for a new car. I am going to get a job and start to save at least 300 hundred dollars a month for 2 years. Long-Term Goal: My long term goal is to start saving up for college. I will save up for this by getting a well paid job and putting at least 500 dollars in the bank every other month for my whole high school years. Short term goal: I would like to save $400 by saving $100 every 3 months so I can have enough money to buy a new set of golf clubs by the end of the year. Intermediate term goal: I would like to save $1,800 by saving $50 every month so I will have enough money to buy a used car within the next three years. Long term goal: I would like to save at least $1,000 over my high school career by saving $20 dollars a month so I will have some money saved up for when I go to college. Carsen's goals My short term goal I plan to save for four 12 packs of mountain dew in two weeks. I will save a dollar a day for two weeks so I will have 14 dollars. My intermediate goal I want to save for used 4-wheeler. I will save for 2 years for 1,000. To reach this goal I will work for my grandpa selling sweet corn (which he gives me and my cousin all of the profit). My long term I plan to save for college. I know that I can't pay for college all by my self. I plan to save all the money I can from getting a job. And that's our SMART goals! JACK'S GOALS

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