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Short Story Report

Transcript: Presented by Santi Alvina Short Story Report The code for the first topic. A1 THE BOYS AND GIRLS BY ALICE MUNRO A man and a woman has different position that are not equal in the society. Character’s word: I loved the sound of my own voice, frail and supplicating, rising in the dark ... When I am dead, as dead I well may be – a fit of shivering caused not by the cold sheets but by pleasurable emotions almost silenced me. You'll kneel and say an Ave there above me —What was an Ave? Every day I forgot to find out. Character’s action: instead of shutting the gate,(the narator) opened it as wide as could. (she) didn’t make any decision to do this, it was just what (she) did. I hated the hot dark kitchen in summer, the green blinds and the flypapers, the same old oilcloth table and wavy mirror and bumpy linoleum. Character Character’s looks: A girl was not, as I had supposed, simply what I was; it was what I had to become. It was a definition, always touched with emphasis, with reproach and disappointment. Also it was a joke on me. Once Laird and I were fighting, and for the first time ever I had to use all my strength against him; even so, he caught and pinned my arm for a moment, really hurting me. Character’s thoughts: ‘took place in a world that was..., yet...opportunities for courage, boldness and self sacrifice, as mine never did’ Standing in front of the mirror combing (her) hair and wondering if (she) would be pretty when grew up Other character’s respond: Parents: (her) father didn’t talk to (her) unless it was about the job we were doing...mother...would tell all the sorts of things Father: she’s only a girl Grandmother: girls don’t slam the doors like that..girls keep their knees together when they sit down.. The code for the second topic. A2 Norman Gortsby believes the young man is lying and is trying to con him out of money. He believes himself a good judge of people, and, after listening to the young man's story, confronts him with the fact that he didn't have the bar of soap he says he bought. DUSK BY H. H. MUNRO Character’s word: "any day this week will do for returning the money, and here is the soap - don't lose it again it's been a good friend to you." Character’s action: "I don't wonder either; the relief from his quandary must have been acute. It's a lesson to me not to be too clever in judging by circumstances." Character Character’s looks: Norman Gortsby sat on a bench in the Park, with his back to a strip of bush-planted sward, fenced by the park railings, and the Row fronting him across a wide stretch of carriage drive Character’s thoughts: Money troubles did not press on him "Poor boy, he as nearly as possible broke down," Other character’s respond: "You wouldn't be in a good temper if you were in the fix I'm in..” The code for the third topic. A3 Mary who is a simple person living in the same neighborhood as Mrs. Fullerton. Mrs. Fullerton is an old lady who has lived in the neighborhood for the past 50 years. Most of the community feel like her house should be destroyed and so they start a petition. Most of the community believe that this is the right thing to do because the house is old and it is decreasing the value of the neighborhood. THE SHINING HOUSE BY ALICE MUNRO Character’s word: I'm not complaining. Sometimes it seems to me about as reasonable a man should go as stay..” don't mind changes, either, that helps out my egg business” "I wasn't listening” Character’s action: ‘I can’t sign that,” she said. Her face flushed up at once, her voice was trembling.” Character Character’s looks: Mary set her coffee cup down before she spoke and hoped her voice would sound all right, not emotional or scared” "But remember she's been here a long time," she said. "She was here before most of us were born. Character’s thoughts: “the white houses were growing dim... The pattern of Garden place , seemed to shrink at night into the raw black mountain side” Other character’s respond: Mary, don't you care how things look? You live here too." Don't worry, Mary, she's got money in the bank," Janie said The code for the fourth topic. A4 The cosmopolite was named E. Rushmore Coglan, and is heard of from Coney Island. He's been all around the world, and know a lot about the world also. But at the same time, he speaks disrespectful of the equator. A COSMOPOLITE IN A CAFE BY O. HENRY Character’s word: I was glad, for I held a theory that since Adam no true citizen of the world has existed. Character’s action: We hear of them, and we see foreign labels on much luggage, but we find travellers instead of cosmopolites. "I invoke your consideration of the scene--the marble-topped tables,..." Character’s looks: “You seem to be a genuine cosmopolite," I said admiringly. "But it also seems that you would decry patriotism." Character Character’s thoughts: I sat reflecting upon my evident cosmopolite and wondering how the poet had managed to miss him. He was my discovery and I believed in him. Other character’s A

Short Story Report:

Transcript: Misc. Points: About the Author In my coat of arms I had put eagles to show that she is wise and intelligent. I put a arrows to show that she is willing to sacrifice herself for her husband's satisfaction of getting rid of the birthmark. The helmet shows that she is loyal since she is choosing to stay with her husband even though he can't seem to live with her birthmark. A Scroll Explanation Nature versus Science A Plant I chose to bring in a ring because it shows the faith and commitment in the story. Although at first she is reluctant to get rid of her birthmark he listens to her husband and she has faith that he knows what is best. Even till the end when she knows he is giving her a vile that can't get rid of her birthmark and that all of his projects haven't been a success, she still takes it, causing her death. She cares about his opinion about her. She is very devoted to her husband. Prediction Introduction Alymer, being a scientist, believes that his wife should have her birthmark removed since he thinks that science is more powerful than nature. For him, the birthmark symbolizes mortality and it taints the vision of Georgiana in his mind. Georgiana believes that the mark should be left alone as nature has placed it there For her, it is a charm that has been placed upon her cheek and it doesn't bother her. Explanation The Birthmark has many themes: Science versus Nature Human nature/Perfection Alymer, a newly wed brilliant scientist, asks his wife whether or not she has ever considered removing her birthmark. Georgiana, his wife, replies that she hasn't considered it and that it doesn't bother her so there is no need to remove it. Alymer can't seem to let this birthmark go as it continues to grow as a bigger issue everyday. Eventually, she agrees to let her husband remove her birthmark. He tries and fails which ends up killing her. I have also brought in a scroll to show that she is wise and intelligent. When she knowingly drinks the vile, that can't get rid of her birthmark, to please her husband, before she dies she says that her husband had rejected "the best the earth had to offer". Proving that she was right the whole time and she was wise enough to see it. She passes the time, when her husband isn't home, by reading many philosophical novels. Conflict: man versus man Alymer and Georgiana are arguing over Georgiana's birthmark Human Nature I thought that this story would be about a hideous birthmark that many people would run and hide from. The person with the birthmark would later try and remove it. I was somewhat right and somewhat wrong as I was right about a person having a birthmark and them trying to remove it but it was a small mark on her cheek. Also, her husband wanted her to remove it as it didn't bother her. Items for My Protagonist's Personality Aylmer’s wish is to have his wife be perfect and he calls her birthmark "a visible mark of earthly imperfection". Later in the story, when Alymer is upset in his laboratory, Georgiana agrees to drink whatever potion he gives her. While waiting she realizes that Alymer only wants his perfect version of her and he can't love her just the way she is. He only sees the birthmark and he only thinks about it. He wakes up one night imagining that he had cut the birthmark out of her face. I have brought in the following items: A plant A ring A scroll Prior to this scene, Alymer has tried removing her birthmark but has failed and Georgiana ended up fainting. In this scene, he is trying to make her happy. He is going to use something he learned earlier that allows him to create objects. For example, he gives her a flower that instantly blooms. She thinks that it is magic but she doesn't want to touch it. He tells her to touch it before it withers away but when as soon as she touches it, it dies. I enjoyed this scene because I thought the description was beautiful and descriptive. Lesson I learned The Birthmark Summary Story Written By: Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote many novels and short stories such as The Scarlet Letter and Young Goodman Brown. He was born on July 4, 1804. His first story was called Fanshawe, and he published this with his own money later to decide that he wouldn't like anyone to read it so he destroyed all copies. creations Coat of Arms By: Mallika Khurana A Ring Comic Strip Short Story Report: The Birthmark I learned that every feature you have on your body is put there for some reason or the other and that you should love everything about yourself. I also learned that science is important in everyday life but what is already here we shouldn't always try to change. We should let nature take its course sometimes. I brought in a plant because Georgiana believes that everything is there for a reason and we should let nature take it's course. The plant represents nature and her birthmark. Also, plants need water and this being a house plants human give water to it. Since Georgiana is the plant she relies on whatever is

Short story visual summary

Transcript: ""I am the White Knight and therefore represent good."" "The Painted Door" "the fall of a city" "Not the yielding of the rug awed him, nor the vast luxuriousness of the suite, nor the huge window through which he saw bridges stitching Brooklyn to Manhattan . . ." ''"No, no lilac. I hate lilac. It's got no shape." The attendant bowed and put the lilac out of sight, as though this were only too true; lilac was dreadfully shapeless." Katherine Mansfield ""Phillip," she whispered, and she pressed his head against her bosom, "am I pretty?"" "The White Knight" ""You said yourself we could expect a storm. . ." Image sources "The Prince" "The clock ticked, the fire crackled. Always it was there." "The armies of the Emperor Kang of Danova were attacking the Upalian frontier!" "'A soul looks through the eyes,' he said quietly, 'and today we don't have souls.'" Short story visual summary "A Cup of Tea" ". . . Teddy watched raindrops roll like beads of quicksilver down the glass . . ." "The sun was risen above the frost mists now, so keen and hard a glitter on the snow that instead of warmth its rays seemed shedding cold." Flower shop image: City street image: Barbie girl: Brandy: Castle window : Paper dolls: Castle: Forest: White Knight: Bearded man: City Skyline: Botticelli portrait: Tired man: Farm house: Log fire: Blizzard: "'I am never sick'" "Yes they were paper dolls. There was no King Theodore, no Emperor Kang, no Theodoresburg, no Upalia, no Danova. There was only attic full of perposterous cardboard buildings and ridiculous paper people." ". . . his hair grey slowly white, as did his fine, full beard, and the people all around him called him the Good White Knight." Jenny MacKay ""No, I don't want no brandy. I never drink brandy. It's a cup of tea I want, madam."" "Once upon a time, there was a knight who lived on the edge of the forest of Life."

Short Report Presentation

Transcript: 1.Hartford offering a variety of clubs and organizations from academic to athletic. 2.Stanford approximately 600 student organizations enrich the social, cultural and educational experiences of students. 2. 78.3% have experience of failing to reserve a site We need your support! Spaces can be used by NTU Students Why should we join clubs? 3. 48.1% think sites for students insufficient, 44.4% having heard friends talk about this issue - Pros: 1. Creates more space for reservation 2. Make good use of the spare buildings 3. Convenient location on the campus 4. Free of charge - Cons: Costs (management fee, electrical fee…etc.) paid by the school Not easy to organize and regulate all clubs >> Might lead to a.) Conflict between clubs b.) Mess and noise Over 50% of students need more activity space! The problem are two: 1.Inefficient reservation system 2. Lack of space - Pros: Creates more space Increase the use of old gym Best utilized the building - Cons: Construction period might cause inconvenience and noise Costly Reconstruct the Gymnasium Instead only 2 floors, build more rooms Restructure for dynamic and static activities Install new facilities and equipment 1. 1st Student Activity Center 2. 2nd Student Activity Center 3. Freshman Classroom Building 4. Liberal Education Classroom Building Our Survey Short Report Presentation Solution 2 Middle-term Proposal Short Conclusion Foreign colleges 1.The system (Student Association Activity Information System) is not useful. 2. Spaces for students are severely insufficient. Over 50% of students need more activity space! The problem are two: 1. Inefficient reservation system 2. Lack of space Here are our solutions Short-term: set up new online reservation Middle-term: open up empty classrooms for use Ultimate solution: reconstruct the old How to improve and increase student activity space 1. 60.9% think the system inconvenient ,due to tedious procedures and inelastic choices A club is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done. ~ quoted from Fred Allen Solution 1 Short-term Proposal Our Problems Solution 3 Long-term Proposal Open Up Available Classrooms Open the Common Subjects Classroom and other available buildings in the evening Free use for all student activities Both dynamic and static activities Here are our solutions Short-term: set up new online reservation Middle-term: open up empty classrooms for use Ultimate solution: reconstruct the old Set Up Online Reservation System An efficient online platform Compiles all available public spaces Pros: Low cost involved Make reservation faster, easier, and more efficient Re-organize all available spaces All online and automatic Cons: Not permanent solution. Still lack of spaces Some concern if the system really works Company Logo

short story report

Transcript: Image by Tom Mooring " Older brother leaves Doodle in the rain by running far from him. "The faster I walked, the faster he walked, so I began to run." doodle dies and the narrator feel regretful because doodle would still b alive if he didnt leave doodle in the storm this is stated in the last 3 paragraphs setting the narrators house, the neiborhood, amd old women swamp doodle Internal: Older Brother is embarrassed by Doodle, "I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn't walk, so I set out to teach him to walk." External: Older Brother tries to teach Doodle to use his legs, "I'm going to teach you to walk Doodle," characters conflict narrator (jed) exposition falling action Older brother runs back to get Doodle and finds Doodle with blood all over his mouth and on his shirt. "He toppled backward onto the earth. He had been bleeding from his mouth, and his neck and the front of his shirt were stained a brilliant red. doodle is 5 years old he loves his brother he is crippled his parents believed that he was gunna die when he was 3 months old. loves hid brother jed the scarlet ibis Jed was ashamed of his brother he is 7 years older then his brother he is a terrible person selfish rising action resolution daddy doodle Doodle is born and parents believe he will die before he turns 3, so they build him a coffin Older brother is embarrassed by Doodle The rain comes down Doodle gets left behind "Brother, Brother, don't leave me! Don't leave me!" doodle exclamed climax narrator mommy

Short Story Report

Transcript: Report of 5 Short Stories By. Imroatul Hasanah An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge By. Ambrose Bierce This story is about Payton that standing on the platform, at the railway bridge. The Northern troops will pushish him by hanging of then killing at the railway bridge.; however, Payton imagined that he had escaped from the. In fact, he had been killed successfully by the troops - Character’s Words: Peyton Fahrquhar is imaginative person. It can be proofed by he was imagining that had escaped from the troops who will hanging of him. - Character’s Action: from beginning of the story, he looked like that he fearless because he wanted to escape from the execution, Characterization of main character The main character - Character’s Thoughts: the main character’s thinking is he wanted so much to escape from the execution that he would be killed. - Other Character’s Respond: The soldiers catch him when he tried to escape by shooting their gun in main character’s imagination. Characterization - Character’s Looks: His features were good- a straight nose, firm mouth, broad forehead, from which his long, dark hair was combed straight back, falling behind his ears to the collar of his well fitting frock coat. God Sees The Truth, but Waits God Sees the Truth, but Waits By. Leo N. Tolstoy This story is about Aksianov who was slendered killing someone when he was on his trip a fair. Although he protested his innocence, he was arrested and charged with the murder; thus, he was imprisoned. Oneday, there was a new prisoner that was actually someone who had slendred Aksionov. He is Makar. Then he was confessed his guilt, but Aksianov was dead when the order of his release came. - Character’s Words: Aksionov is sincere and heartfelt; because he forgave what Makar had done to him. - Character's Action: He though that he would report what makar had done, but he did not do it because he was kind person. - Character’s Looks: Aksionov was a handsome, fair-haired, curly-headed fellow, full of fun, and very fond of singing. - Character’s Thoughts: He thinks that he wants to out from the prison, but he gives up after twenty-six years. - Other Character’s Respond: the antagonist character was repent after knowing that Aksianov was very kind to him. Characterization of Main Character The Main Character The Last Leaf The Last Leaf By. O’ Henry This story is about two artists of painting, but one of them was sick of pneumonia. They had an old artist neighbour who is Mr. Behrmen. Oneday, Johnsy who was sick said that her death would come when the last fell. Sue, Johnsy's mother was worry about her, then she told Mr. Behrmen. unhappiness happened when Mr. Behrmen painted his long life to save Johnsy's life. Finally, he was dead because of his pneumonia; however, he had given his sacrifice to Johnsy. - Character’s Words: The main character was optimistic. It can be proofed by the sentence in the story: Something has made that last leaf stay there to show me how bad I was. It is wrong to want to die. I’ll try to eat now. - Character’s Action: She did some activities after getting optimistic to be healed; it can be proofed by the sentence I’ll try to eat now. But first bring me a looking-glass, so that I can see myself. And then I’ll sit up and watch you cook. - Character’s Looks: a weak little woman from California; it represent of Johnsy’s look. Characterization of The Main Character 1.Characterization of The Main Character - Character’s Thoughts: She thought that his death will come when the last leaf fell down. The sentence that represent his mind is “Leaves. On the tree. When the last one falls, I must go, too. I’ve known that for three days. Didn’t the doctor tell you?” - Other Character’s Respond: “Look out the window, dear, at the last leaf on the wall. Didn’t you wonder why it never moved when the wind was blowing? Oh, my dear, it is Behrman’s great masterpiece—he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell.” It represents that Mr. Behrman agreed with Johnsy opinion that the last leaf is the death. 2.Characterization of The Main Character The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs By. Brothers Grimm This story is about a youth who was very lucky in his life, but a king did not want him alive because the king was affraid that he would be marry king's daughter. The king had many ways to kill him, but all his ways were failed. Finally, the youth had been married with king's daughter because he had passed king's challenges. Then, he was happy live with his wife;and the king was punished by god because he was very greedy. - Character’s Words: The main character had lucky fate and struggle hard for his dream. It can be proofed that he had passed all King's challenges to live with King's daughter (his wife). - Character’s Action: But the luck-child answered, “I will fetch the golden hairs, I am not afraid of the Devil;” thereupon he took leave of them and began his - The

Short Story Report

Transcript: Fitrinda Wieke Ext Reading off A Short Story Report a rose from homer's grave A Rose from Homer's Grave Summary By Hans Chritian Andersen There was a rose that were grown beautiful in the grave of Homer. The rose felt it was too high to respond a nightingale which fell in love with it. Until the day the rose had a nightmare that some strangers plucked it and put it into the middle of book, and the nightmare happened in the next day. Main Character Main Character a) Character’s words : In this story, it shows that the rose felt proud and high for itself and a little sarcastic tone, it didn’t think any other things besides itself. b) Character’s Actions: The rose felt higher than anything else, the rose thought it was special than any other. c) Character’s Looks : It bloomed beautiful than any other rose. Main Character Main Character a) Character’s Thoughts : The same thing with it actions, the rose thought it was special and higher than any other creators until it get lose because something bigger could pluck it out and not let it lived in the grave any more. b) Other Character respond : from nightingale, it was amazed with the rose, fell in love until it got rejected it sung to it death. From the strangers, they were thinking that the rose was beautiful so they plucked it and put it into the book to remind them about the homer’s grave. The little Match Girl The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen A little poor girl was observing various celebration that held on new year’s eve that day. She was moving around between two houses and huddles there. She did to light the matches to keep her warm and had a vision every time she light up the matches. Enjoying the light there was a falling star and she believed someone is dying like her grandmother, unfortunately in the next morning she found frozen to death but she looked peaceful since she had happy visions before she died Main Character Main Character a) Character’s words : Oh, take me with you! You go away when the match burns out; you vanish like the warm stove, like the delicious roast goose, and like the magnificent Christmas tree! She looks a little bit desperate and wanted to give up at this story, she showed that she wanted to follow her grandmother. b) Character’s Actions: She was happy and sinking in her visions lighting matches in the wall, she enjoyed every single since that made her keep warm in the cold weather. Main Character Main Character a) Character’s Looks : The author made her pity and lonely since she only enjoyed her life in a happy vision by the light of the matches. b) Character’s Thoughts : She was deeply enjoying the visions in the wall, where the light fell upon the wall and it became transparent. She had a happy vision on it. c) Other Character respond : people who found her dead body, they thought that she wanted to warm herself. They never know what just made her happy on her visions. The Night Came Slowly The Night Came Slowly Kate Chopin The story was written using I subject and it was only told the reader about the night. Where I believed on night, I rather learnt from the night than the human being on earth. I just wanted to know things happened through the night, I didn’t want to know from people or even books. Main Character Main Character a) Character’s words : The whole story is the character’s words. So it represent on how she believes on the night that is better than human being. b) Character’s Actions : the character personifies the night as a human and give it human characteristics that can help her out from her wondering. c) Character’s Looks : Brave and stand strong with her believe and thought. Main Character Main Character a) Character’s Thoughts : strong enough to make her stand to learn from the night than human. She honor the night or nature to be learn to. b) Other Character respond : I think this story only give one side story and character, so there are not any other character. On The train On The Train Olga Masters A mother and two little girls looked in a rush to go nowhere by train. The mother didn’t really notice on her daughters, she also didn’t care everything what happened with her daughters. The passengers tried to find out what happen about the mother and the daughters. When the mother and daughters getting off the train, one of the woman heard that the mother tried to kill their daughter without any reasons. Main Character Character's Words : The mother looked confused and in hasty in every act she did while in train. Character's Actions : Did things in a rush, didn't really notice her daughters. She did not taking care her child while on the train. Character 's Looks: The mother showed she kind of a woman who in desperate moment, she looked like an absent-minded woman with a lot of problems Main Character Character's Thoughts: She quiet messed up with things, well in this story it looks like she didn't really care about things just wanted to end up everything and that relates to her children

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