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Shadow presentation

Transcript: My shadow journey with What we do Save the next billion from old-age poverty by committing ourselves to pension inclusion. Why do we need pinBox Solutions? Pensions are, unfortunately, not attractive. Pension is a push product and needs stickiness Why micropensions? Here's where the magic happens A generalist's approach to work 1. Partnership scouting: Research and prepare a laundry list of possible partners: MFIs NGOs SLGs JLGs Partnerships 2. Marketing creatives for walk in stores To go live in PayM outlets Assisted enrollment model Sourced images and coordinated the preparation Marketing creatives 3. Partner stakeholder engagement quizzes: Thematic short questionnaires that help us gauge savings behavior of the employees. We chose a Bollywood theme for higher engagement and conversions. Stakeholder engagement 4. Surveys: Worked on a set of 11 short situational surveys that focus of various aspects of savings and reaction of the client to the situation. To name a few, Inflation Existing retriement plans Savings Attitude towards fund withdrawls Surveys 5. Emailers - Corporate NPS Wrote a set of 4 emailers with around Cost of delayed investments The triple tax benefit of NPS Savings behavior of millennials Traditional savings options Emailers 6. Ad Hoc assignments Social media marketing- Gift a Pension Content and media production and script writing. Helped curate Gift-a-Pension's helpdesk responses during various stages of enrollment cycle. Ad Hoc tasks I wish.... I was more vocal about what I wanted Documented everything to the T! I wasn't so hard on myself And explored operations too! Networked openly! I had done these differently Major Learnings Takeaway 1 You cannot make mistakes. Well, that's not true. Takeaway 1 Takeaway 2 Realisation that I got what I needed. Takeaway 2 Takeaway 3 Master your craft! Takeaway 3 Takeaway 3 Curiosity fuels progress. Takeaway 4 THANK YOU

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