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Transcript: 7 Million Canadians Use Twitter Find one in your area of interest Do some research on host Show up & intro yoursel Share info that's appropriate Do a social media inventory Find our voice before you share Keep your information updated Social Media Voice And one more thing... Thank you for your attention! #sfub2b2012 Don't over tweet at event you need to NETWORK Conclusion Twitter Strategy for Networking Social Media Web Presence Todo List Continuting Education Instructor Douglas College Job Options BC Social Media Guest Speaker Social Media Coach and Stratgiest Back in Motion How to use Twitter to meet people at Networking Events Connect and Build your support network Build your professional network one tweet at a time What is a Hashtag` Environmental Science Voice Find information about your area of interest Share information others might want to know Find job postings Contribute in twitter chat's real networking Helps you meet people In real life! Account Inventory by Matt Oliver #HireCAN 465 million users Find areas of interest to follow Research companies you want to work Know who the players are in your industry Get a global snapshot of LMI Matt's Been on your Facebook Page! LinkedIn Twitter #sfub2b2012 I'm more of a Listner Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Digg Myspace @Matt_Oliver Build your Professional Kred! Three benefits of having a complete profile How to manage your connection Use groups to use your advantage 1. Make sure your profile is up to date 2. Find vendors / speakers @handle 2. Find out if event has #Hashtag 3. Introduce yourself before you get there 4. Ask people you meet if they tweet 5. Mention them on Twitter after you leave My Hats Twitter #Chat Tweet your Peeps Networking Web Presence Does Your Profile Match? #jobhuntchat Social Media Consultant and Educator Age 19 - 29 41.3% Age 29 - 49 42.1% #YVRRECHAT Make a list of all your accounts Decide what type of information you might share Polish your look and engage your strategy Research and share information relavent to professional interest Reshare information from credible sources Join and participate in a twitter Chat


Transcript: By: Marley, Anshul, Komal SFU (SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY) SFU SFU Locations: SFU Locations: - SFU Surrey Campus 250-13450 102nd Avenue - SFU Vancouver Campus Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings Street - SFU Burnaby Campus 8888 University Drive General Requirements: Enterance Requirements: Enterance Requirements: * English 11 * Language 11 (includes beginner language 11) * Science 11 (includes Bio. Chem. Physics.etc.) * Foundations Math 11 (minimum 60%) * English 12 * Graduate from High School *requirements vary for each department/faculty Courses Offered: Courses Offered: - This university offers almost any Bachelor's degree, as well as any Master's Degree. * SFU offers eight faculties/departments Faculty of Applied Sciences Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Beedie School of Business Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Faculty of Education Faculty of Environment Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty of Science Faculties: Faculties: General Cost of Tuition: Undergraduates General Cost of Tuition: Undergraduates Tuition $2,660 (based on 5 courses(3 units each) Student Fees $350 Books + Supplies $1,020 Campus Residence $2,768 Student Society Health + $198 Dental plan (covers entire year) BC Medical Service plan $277 Food (Residence meal plan) $1,650 Total: $8,923/term Campus Offers: Campus Offers: - campus security - health + counselling - residence + housing - parking - main library - bookstore - meetings + conferences - summer camps - several food services Burnaby Campus: Burnaby Campus: * campus services were not listed; phone 778-782-5000 for information Vancouver Campus: Vancouver Campus: - campus security - health + counselling - parking - main library - meetings + conferences - summer camps - IT services Surrey Campus: Surrey Campus: - costly tuition - read fist hand reviews about the university at websites such as and University Hub SFU Drawbacks: Drawbacks: Transportation: Transportation: Transit: SFU is served by four bus routes (see Translink website) Cycling: (links) Map of bicycle racks/storage on campus Burnaby Cycling Information & Maps Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area site (includes link to trail map) SFPIRG’s bike tool co-op and volunteer bike mechanics Carpooling Options: SFU has a Carsha... Carpooling Options: SFU has a Carshare carpooling program for faculty/staff SFU is a member of the Jack Bell Rideshare program : Ridesharing Options: Ridesharing is organized through social media Some of the Sports Played at SFU: Badminton Cheerleading Dance Field Hockey Field Lacrosse Grappling Ice Hockey - Men's Kendo Quidditch Rowing Rugby Tennis Triathlon Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Water Polo Clubs/Extra Curriculars: Clubs/Extra Curriculars: Offers: - sports - summers camps and clinics - vast number of clubs - club sports - 141, 974 people graduated from SFU - 116, 082 bachelors degrees earned - 19, 921 masters degrees earned - 3, 320 doctorates earned Alumni Report 2015/16 Alumni Report 2015/16 SURREY CAMPUS Area: 104,000 square feet (9,661 square metres) VANCOUVER CAMPUS AT HARBOUR CENTRE Buildings: 210,000 square feet (19,509 square metres) BURNABY MOUNTAIN CAMPUS Area: 430 acres (174 hectares) Buildings: 2.8 million square feet (260,000 square metres) Campus Sizes: Campus Sizes: Number of Students: Including all three campuses SFU now has 30,000 students, 6,500 faculty and staff, and 130,000 alumni. Number of Students: Student Services: Student Services: Advising and support -academic advising -financial aid and awards -career services -international student services -enrollment -health and counselling -cenre for sudents with disabilities -indigenous student -interfaith centre Campus Life -residence -dining on campus -embark sustainability -athletics -recreation -SFSS -getting involved(link) CO-OP and more -co-op -workstudy -careers -get involved(link) -student clubs Finances -check your student account(link) -medical insurance -U-Pass BC -student loans -scholarships -workstudy -bursaries Study Abroad -exchange school -field school


Transcript: Programs offered • Faculties  Faculty of Applied Sciences  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  Beedie School of business  Faculty of communication, Art and Technology  Faculty of Education  Faculty of Environment  Faculty of Health Sciences  Faculty of Science  Minors, Options / Concentrations, Certificates, Faculties student life Something really cool about our school is that terry fox had attended it and was on the basketball team. Yearly Weather Weather Barnaby has a mild climate year-round. Winters are wet rather than snowy; Summer weather usually extends from June until mid-September, with warm and breezy days. programs offered student population application fees - $125 lip dub tuition and fees 8888 University Dr, Barnaby, BC, V5A 1S6 - food based on residency meal plan is about $1860 for graduate and under graduate students. graduate: tuition - $1800 (based on a full-time research term) student fees - $350 books and supplies - $1000 sfu Simon Fraser university undergraduate: tuition - $2715 (based on 5 courses) student fees - $350 books and supplies - $1020 location Entry Requirements Admission to SFU is competitive • English Language Requirement • Quantitative and Analytical skills • All students must write the English 12 Provincial exam • An admission average is on the 4 grade 12 courses required (including English 12) WAYNE HOLM he was SFU's first football star and CFL first draft pick 26494 significant aspects Student life • Get involved in programs and opportunity’s like volunteering at for different careers • Participate in the athletics • Dine on campus, where there is a station that you can make yourself food • Dining services are offered - Residency cost is about $2868 for undergraduate and about $3252 for graduate students. right now the student population is residency cost entry requirements

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Transcript: Kathy Rice MEd P Presentation Connecting Collaborating Blogs Wikis Skype Voicethread Joined PQT Met monthly talked about projects Collected artifacts and data shared our research presented our findings I knew ... That particular data wasn't speaking to me. Greene - Awakeness Palmer - Knowing inner self Noddings - Care Kessler - Soul Meyer - Living Inquiry Fels - Performative Inquiry & STOP Moments Leggo - Poetic inquiry DATA that SPOKE to me Took My Data What would emerge? Angel Words Drips - awareness Presence to listen to what speaks. Power - leading Courage to follow my own path. Structure - confining To recognize the need for balance in everything I do. Words = cut to the bone The need for connection to self and the soul. Revealing something through making art. Discovering the gems all around us. Recognizing we've been holding it all along. Cajete - tracking Davis - wayfinding Lawrence-Lightfoot - Portraiture Presence Courage Balance Care Discovery Hah oh Pictures Question??? Sharing No idea Interviews What would unfold? We take our reality for granted. How do we 'lead' out ourselves/ students? Inner Voice What would I be presenting? Remembering the Compass Navigating Listen to what spoke Journey and an appreciation of self discovery Pay attention METAPHOR Something inside was speaking and I decided to listen. They matter! - Cajete - Discovering Feeling INTENDED TO: Not just the technology Intuition Geocaching Recognition Student Survey Trusting The bigger picture How do innovative technologies like Web 2.0 applications, impact teaching and learning in my school? Artifacts A process of "breathing in" use to describe learning. How do we educate? Look at what mattered Transformation enjoy the little moments How do I represent this? Focus Group Discussion


Transcript: Wednesday MATH 100- PreCalculus (3) PSYC 201W - Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (4) 1 Monday SFU Behavioral Neuroscience Major Notes PSYC 221 - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (3) Friday MBB 201 - Biochemistry of the Cell (3) PHYS 100- Introduction to Physics MATH 154 - Calculus I for the Biological Sciences (3) Lesson 1 Lesson 1 PSYC 210 - Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychology (4) September Thrusday Course Schedule PSYC 100- Intro to Psychology 1 (3) BPK 142- Intro to Kinesiology (3) Tuesday BISC 101- General Biology (4) MATH 155 - Calculus II for the Biological Sciences (3) PSYC 280 - Introduction to Biological Psychology (3) Due Dates Chapter 1 PHYS 101 - Physics for the Life Sciences I (3) BPK 207 - Human Motor Systems (3) Chapter 1 Course Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Due Dates September October November Decemeber Exam CHEM 122 - General Chemistry II (2) CHEM 281 - Organic Chemistry I (4) Course Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Due Dates September October November Decemeber Exam CHEM 121 - General Chemistry and Lab I (4) Chapter 1 Course Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Due Dates September October November Decemeber Exam Chapter 1 BPK 205 - Intro to Human Physiology (3) Course Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Due Dates September October November Decemeber Exam PSYC 102- Intro to Psychology 2 (3) Course Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Due Dates September October November December Exams PHYS 102- Physics for the Life Sciences II (3)


Transcript: Simon Fraser University The School began its program of teaching and research at Simon Fraser University in September 1975, under the direction of its founding chair, Dr. Ezzat Fattah. SFU offers a great variety of courses and programs for you to achieve all the degrees or diplomas you need. SFU Canada has 3 campuses in BC There is Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver. To become a new resident in the SFU campus you need to apply online unless you are a past resident of the campus. Requirements: -Pre-Calculus II or Foundations II -English 12 -Must pass all grade II courses Enrollment requires you to pay a deposit to register of anywhere between $I00-$500 which is included in your overall tuition fees of $I,925. SFU is known for it's Social Science programs such as law and criminology. The School of Criminology is the largest in Canada and is one of the leading criminology and criminal justice teachings and research centres in the world. The School of Criminology offers undergraduate and graduate programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies and Ph.D To become a full time student, you need a minimum of 12 credit course load. Full time students recieve benifit packages that include dental and health care. The U-Pass program is a student system approved by SFU in which once you have paid your student fees, you are able to recieve a U-pass and you will no longer have to pay for public transportation Contact us: (Surrey Campus) Phone: 778-782-7400 E-mail: Address: 250-13450-102Ave Surrey BC SFU By: Ally Sawatzky & Kaitlin Gray Surrey Burnaby Strong Sports programs Why Should you Apply to SFU Criminology? Vancouver U-Pass

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