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AP Capstone Seminar Photo Shoot Powerpoint

Transcript: Mrs. Daniels AP Capstone Chaminade Student Ryan Moore About Ryan About Me On the Chaminade JV Basketball Team Honor Roll Student First of four children (2 sisters and one brother, all will be in the Chaminade community shortly.) How excited I am to be a Chaminade Eagle. Ryan's Picture My Picture This photo represents the perspective of how hard working the classrooms at Chaminade truly are. I, myself, as a Chaminade student, can say that the Chaminade classroom requires a hardworking mindset. Zachary's Picture Zachary's Picture This photo signifies the perspective of how Chaminade hosts events to help relieve students of stress and to have fun with friends. Zachary has been a Chaminade student for four years and has experienced many of these events. Lizzy's Picture Lizzy's Picture This picture portrays the perspective of how diligently Chaminade students work on their assignments. Lizzy has been a student at Chaminade for four years and knows how to prepare for her workload. Edessa's Picture Edessa's Picture This photo emphasizes the perspective of Chaminade's extra-curricular program. Edessa is a member of the Chaminade song team, which can be fun, but requires time and effort. Conclusion Thank You! Conclusion In conclusion, these are the different perspectives of what it truly feels like to be a Chaminade student. Cannon, Lizzy. “Lizzy Cannon (@lizzycannon24).” Twitter, Twitter, 30 Aug. 2018, M , Edessa. “Edessa M (@edessa_m17).” Twitter, Twitter, 29 Aug. 2018, Moore, Ryan. “Ryan Moore (@RyanMoo17561560).” Twitter, Twitter, 30 Aug. 2018, Fine, Zachary. “Zachary Fine (@ZacharyFine4).” Twitter, Twitter, 29 Aug. 2018, Works Cited Works Cited

1984 Seminar Powerpoint

Transcript: What is Hope? "And even when they become discontent, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because, being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice" (Orwell, 75) " It was probably that there were some millions of proles for whom the lottery was the principal if not the only reason for remaining alive" (Orwell, 89). Green- Desire given to them by party leading to their contentment By: Christian Schiavone "Orwell idealizes he proles but denies them any capacity for reflection or agency, for connecting the dots" (Dickstein) "In all questions of morals they were allowed to follow their ancestral code. The sexual puritanism of the Party was not imposed upon them. Promiscuity went unpunished, divorce was permitted. For that matter, even religious worship would have been permitted if the proles had shown any sign of needing or wanting it" (Orwell, 75 What is False Hope? "When you put it in words it sounded reasonable: it was when you looked at the human beings passing you on the pavement that it became an act of faith" (Orwell 89) The Proles Oblivion " But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire" (Orwell, 72-73) Thesis Blue- The Proles oblivion to the Party MEDIA COMPONENT/ INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY "He realizes that he no longer despises the proles but in fact admires their resiliency even in the face of a dehumanizing regime, a regime which has hardened him on the inside, he shows his growing appreciation for the importance of human interaction that is not mediated through the interests of the party" (Steward). "Not only is the cinematographic medium controlled by the members of the Party, and employed to influence their own thinking, but it is also meant to provide the proles with the kind of obscene entertainment suitable to maintain a peaceful social order. The Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, in fact, includes a section specidically devoted to the production of pornographic films"(Varricchio 98). "They were not loyal to a party or a country or an idea, they were loyal to one another" (Orwell, 172) In George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the proles' oblivion, loyalty, and contentment serve as a sign of false hope for Winston Smith. Hope is an expectation that one desires will happen. Hope allows all humans to pick themselves up, and carry on with their lives. "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious" (Orwell 74) Secondary Source CONCLUSION WHO DO YOU THINK THE PROLES ARE LOYAL TOO? EXPLAIN WHY YOU THINK SO(IF YOU CAN) ARE THE PROLES CONTENT? IF SO WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY ARE CONTENT ABOUT? CLEAR- WINSTON'S HOPE/ PROLES TEMPORARY VISION Secondary Source "They were governed by private loyalties which they did not question. What mattered were individual relationships, and a completely helpless gesture, an embrace, a tear, a word spoken to a dying man, could have value in itself" (Orwell, 172) HOPE IS......... Loyalty The Proles: A Sign of False Hope RED- PROLES LOYALTY FOR EACH OTHER The Proles Contentment "A young woman leapt out of a doorway a little ahead of Winston, grabbed up a tiny child playing in a puddle, whipped her apron round it and leapt back again, all in one movement. At the same instant a man in a concertina-like black suit, who emerged from a side-alley, ran towards Winston, pointing excitedly to the sky. 'Steamer' he yelled. 'look out gub'nor! Bang over'ead! Lay down quick!'"(Orwell, 87) Secondary Source Winston's thoughts are considered to be an illusion stuck in his mind that keep in sane. The prole's lack of awareness of the Party's oppression, loyalty towards other proles and contentment with their lifestyle is what makes Winston Smith's hope within them false, therefore making it this illusion False hope is in relation with unrealistic hope. It is built entirely around an illusion that has a strong chance of not occurring, but the person may or may not know it.

CNUR 106: Assignement 1 Teaching Plan and Oral Presentation

Transcript: Rotate individual frames Change color of text Create new unique template Draw different shapes of frames Zoom in and out Insert videos or music Audience Definintion: Prezi was created by a Hungarian Software company. It is a cloud-based software presentation tool. Goal: To successfully instruct the seminar group how to create a Prezi presentation. What is it? What does it do? Large groups Seminar/Conference Continuing Education Classroom settings References: Advantages CNUR 106: Assignment 1 Teaching Plan and Oral Presentation Disadvantages Objective #2 Following group presentation students will list 1 step in the creation process of a Prezi presentation. How to Unique Features Questions? Objective #1 Purpose: To develop a detailed teaching plan and a 12-15 minute presentation for seminar group. Breaks the mold (from typical PowerPoint presentations) Free and web-based Links text and images to movement Appropriate for all ages Shows students you're "up to date" with technology Not linear, more abstract More aesthetically pleasing Application in Nursing Practice Can cause motion sickness More of a learning curve Web-based Does not substitute creativity The user creates slides after registering to formulate an interactive presentation experience. Sign up for an account on-line Chooze "new Prezi" Choose template or blank canvas Click add title in slide 1 Click slide 2 and click onto add text Start creating your Prezi Following group presentation students will list either an advantage or disadvantage to using Prezi that increases or decreases their confidence level with the program We find this tool most useful for adolescents and adults. However, this could be used with older children as well. http:/ Purpose and Goal

Virtual Assistant Services Presentation

Transcript: Benefits of Using VA Services Clients only pay for “time on task” No overhead costs, payroll taxes, health benefits, vacation, sick leave, costs to hire, etc. Clients are free to focus on revenue generating tasks. Social Media sites stay updated with fresh content Social Media and Mircro-sites can be leveraged for stronger lead generation Scope of Work Level 1 Retainer · 30 minute weekly call · Update micro site with events - 1x/month · Update LinkedIn and other Social Media sites with webinar, seminar or newsletter or all three - 1x/month · Ping Microsite and LinkedIn with seminar, webinar information 2 weeks, 1 week and 3 days prior to seminars · Remind Client via email to make next month’s seminar and marketing schedule by 1st of each month. · Confirm next month’s seminar marketing schedule · Prepare monthly electronic newsletter · Create templates in Swiftpage and/or flyer template for seminars and webinars - up to 2x/month · Send email confirmations to seminar and webinar registrants as they RSVP. · Send email reminders to seminar or webinar participants the day before the event. · Send Grass Roots press releases of previously closed deal(s). · Update VA Activity Sheet weekly · Update webinar and seminar slides as needed with current information and put in FranNet Powerpoint template · Post from FranNet blog or other Client specified link to social media sites –- up to two posts per week (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). Additional Tasks Additional tasks outside this scope: $35 per hour; or Blocks of 4 hours for $100 each. Other Services

Carli Slaney: Leadership Seminar Powerpoint

Transcript: References Crowell, D. (2016). Complexity Leadership. Nursing’s Role in Health-Care Delivery (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company. Dąbrowska, E., Sielska, J., & Zdanowska, J. (2014). Change management in healthcare- Overcoming mental and organizational barriers. Polish Nursing, 54(4), 337-342 Longenecker, C. O. (2014). Why hospital improvement efforts fail: A view from the front line. Journal of Healthcare Management, 59(2), 147-157 Emphasis on relationships Aim to understand the motivations and needs of those they lead Excellent communication skills, build relationships, empower others and bring people together Comfortable with change Continually strive for higher quality Welcome diverse opinions Focus on changes at the second-order level Introduction The healthcare industry is undergoing many changes There is a greater need for rapid, ongoing and effective organizational change and improvement. There are many barriers to organizational change Methods to overcome these barriers utilizing the Transformational leadership theory Lack of clear communication of plans for change The reason for change may not be fully understood Top-down communication taking place with ineffective two-way communication Lack of ongoing feedback Transformational leaders utilize their excellent communication and relationship skills to give ongoing feedback on how well a change process is going and what needs improvement (Crowell, 2016) Summary Lack of decision making and creativity Unwilling to participate in additional education, training and teamwork efforts Diverse ideas at play Transformational leaders can utilize their relationship building skills to empower others and bring together a wealth of diverse ideas. Also to utilize their charisma to create visions and communicate these ideas to inspire others to perform at their highest level Unrealistic or incomplete plans for change are enacted and time and resources are wasted Lack of credibility and trustworthiness Transformational leaders are comfortable in an environment that is continually changing because they are focused on the bigger picture of systems level changes with measured outcomes. They welcome all opinions from others to avoid wasting critical resources and time. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Carli Slaney Employee Resistance (Crowell, 2016; Longenecker, 2014) (Crowell, 2016; Dąbrowska, Sielska & Zdanowska, 2014) Poor Communication Poor Leadership Transformational Leadership There are many barriers to organizational change, implementation and evaluation Poor leadership Employee resistance Poor communication Poorly planned and executed changes Transformational leadership can conquer these barriers Poorly Planned/ Executed Changes Fail to make a strong case for change Do not create staff buy-in Lack of trust in leadership Transformational leadership is successful because they seek to understand the motivations and communicate clearly with those whom they lead (Crowell, 2016; Dąbrowska et al., 2014; Longenecker, 2014) (Crowell, 2016; Dąbrowska et al., 2014; Longenecker, 2014) Barriers to Organizational Change, Implementation and Evaluation Process


Transcript: Marketing Plan Timeline 2019 Timeline PHASE 1 AUG PHASE 3 OCT PHASE 2 SEP PHASE 4 NOV 2020 PHASE 5 DEC PHASE 1 ( AUG - SEP 2019) CORPORATE IDENTITY PHASE 1 -LOGO (Approved) -SLOGAN "ONE SOLUTION" (Approved) - COMPANY DESCRIPTION (K' Wijak ) (DONE) -THEME (DONE) -T-SHIRT 2020 (Approved) - OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS -SEMINAR 2019 (DONE) COMPANY DESCRIPTION COMPANY DESCRIPTION WHAT WE DO ? HOW ? OVERVIEW ONE STOP SERVICE One solution of design, construction, time critical service beyond digital infrastructure. OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS POWERPOINT TEMPLATE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE BUSINES CARD # PINK #LIGHT GRAY #WHITE BUSINESS CARD 50% 30% 20% THEME THEME CONCEPT FONT Agency FB FONT Arial Black Ekkamai New Tesla COLOR # PINK #LIGHT GRAY #WHITE COLOR 50% 30% 20% SEMINAR SEMINAR PHASE 2 ( SEP) CORPORATE IDENTITY PHASE 2 BUSINESS CARD !!!!!!!!!!!! DESIGN OF BUSINESS CARD DETAIL DETAIL OF BUSINESS CARD 1 COMPANY WEBSITE / FACEBOOK TARNAS 3 2 3 ISO REGISTRARS (ISO 9001) , (ISO 14001) , (ISO 45001) PERSONAL CONTACT DETAIL 4 COMPANY DETAIL ( TAX ID / ADDRESS) FRONT FRONT OF BUSINESS CARD 1 3 2 silver metallic foil 4 BACK AT THE BACK OF BUSINESS CARD 1 2 SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA Double click to edit YOUTUBE YOUTUBE Double click to edit INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM Double click to edit LINE LINE @ OFFICIAL Take advantage of an account for businesses or companies to communicate with customers more closely, promote business events and activities, and send out various news and info. @TARNAS LINE OFFICIAL -Create Content -Reach 100% of the audience interested direct communicate with customers Cost LINE Official Account Monthly Plan 444 BATH / PER YEAR Premium ID @TARNASASIA PHASE 3 PHASE 3 -WEBSITE -powerpoint - Marketing Marketing Strategy Strategy SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Objective Objective Action Action Advertising Advertising Social Social Email Email Videos Videos Other Promotions Other Promotions Assessment Assessment Measurement 1 Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 2 Sales Sales Strategy Strategy Projections Projections Objective Objective Distribution Distribution Targets Targets Tactics Tactics Assessment Assessment Tracking Results Tracking Results Measurement Measurement Design Design Strategy Strategy Posters Posters Approach Approach Packaging Packaging Approach Approach Distribution Distribution

Seminar Powerpoint

Transcript: Obesity By:Jada jordan amber russell tomisha joseph Obesity Article #1: Why low income & food insecure people are vulnerable to poor nutrition & obesity articles Based on there living conditions Lack of Transportation Limited Funds Treachrous Areas Little to no access to fresh and healthy foods . LACK OF TRANSPORTATION lack of transportation Have to settle for covience store salty and sugary items Forced to purchase overpriced and unhealthy selections. Receive government assistants. limited funds LIMITED FUNDS Try to stretch there money by doing so they purchase unhealthy food selections because,they are cheapier. Violence treachous areas TREACHROUS AREAS Limited to no excerise Article #2: How does community and social context play a contributing role in the development of obesity amongist the youth. Family and Relationships - More than 6 million obese people are likely to have suffered from physical, sexual, or verbal abuse in their early childhood. - Which includes, loss of a parent, living with a drug addicted parent, or traumatic experience such as rape or assult Family and Friendships Genetic Factors - - some children are at greater risk for obesity because of genetic factors. They have inherited genes from their parents that make their bodies gain weight easily. Genetic Factors Lack of Physical Activity - Children are surrounded by many things that make it easy to overeat and harder to be active. For example, children rather stay inside and play video games than to go outside and play basketball. Lack of physical activity References How can this be fixed? Farmers market Identify a group of people interested in the idea Increase the sense of community Allows for local low income farms the opportunity to sell their produce Promote healthy communities community garden Provides direct access to fresh food Environmental awareness and nutritional awareness Shuttle service Transportation Establish new bus routes Travel vouchers refrences ARticle #1 Article #1 Why Low-Income and Food-Insecure People are Vulnerable to Poor Nutrition and Obesity. (n.d.). Retrieved April 8, 2018, from Presented by: Jada Jordan Levine, J. A. (2011). Poverty and Obesity in the U.S. Diabetes, 60(11), 2667–2668. Obesity. (2018, March 13). Retrieved April 6, 2018, from article #2 Article #2 Presented By:Tomisha Joseph April 6, 2018, from Gallagher, M. (2010). USDA Defines Food Deserts. Retrieved April 09, 2018, from How this can be fixed Article #3 Presented:By Amber Russell

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