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Se7en Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Horror/Thriller Opening Sequence... Se7en The title sequence for the movie ‘Se7en’ uses a lot of close up shots, showing only what the person is doing. Zooming in on their hands and other things, its gives this air of mystery surrounding this person. Making you question who is it and what is he doing? It engages the viewer. The music of the sequence is a screeching noise, almost as a record that is being scratched over and over, giving the whole sequence a creepy and sinister air about it and is almost sci-fi like. The titles themselves, such as the names of the stars and titles of the makers, come up on a black screen, the font is moving, kind of like an old black and white film. Adding to the creepy effect. The images shown on the screen as the titles pop up are pictures of victims the mystery man has already killed or is going to kill, possibly foreshadowing what is to come. It also gives the viewer an insight of what kind of person this mystery man is and the kind of people he is attacking as he crosses off words like ‘Trans-sexual’ and ‘Homosexual’. The Conjuring The title sequence for the movie ‘The Conjuring’ uses a lot of old pictures to create an effect. Showing possibly the family throughout history or people who have lived there… The titles are placed by the pictures in a very intricate way, using either a clear plastic piece or in gaps in the pictures. The music is a white noise sound, the kind of music that gives a person chills and the images shown are that of newspaper articles talking about the supernatural or pictures of people in the house trying to call spirits back from the dead. The sequence itself is almost like an investigator is looking through this, clues to something possibly and is trying to piece them together. Evil Dead The title sequence for the movie ‘Evil Dead’ The title comes up first, and comes towards the screen. The font is in capital letters and the color red is predominating throughout. As the title gets closer the font starts to get veiny and has a gory effect to it. The shots used are close ups and the effect of them is like a camera trying to get into focus, its blurry and looks like the lens is trying to get focused as blood drips behind it. Blood is also predominating in this sequence. There are close up shots of the blood and someone cutting into the flesh of something which adds to the goriness of the sequence. The music sounds almost religious, angelic almost. Possibly foreshadowing deaths which are going to take place in the film. This task helps us as a group focus on how we want to place out title in the sequence and what kind of effects we want to use. Art of the Title helps a lot with the layout of the titles and the Sounds, Mise-en-scene, shots and editing. The Task Why this Helps... I have used Art of The title to get an idea of how we are going to layout the titles in our opening sequence.


Transcript: The TV spot spot will be on the live final of a large TV show like X Factor. It will be the first time anyone will see anything on Se7en. This will hopefully cause an uproar so more people see Social media will be the main place for the advertising as it is so big hopefully the trailer would be enough to start trending on this will mean everyone who wasn't watching the X Factor will now know it. Initially we were going to make a trailer however we decided to stick with the original and use different methods of output medium. This is our pitch for the 20th anniversary for the film se7en. The movie 7 is about involves the 7 deadly sins which are greed, lust, gluttony, envy, slot, pride and wrath. The film involves a serial killer whom kills serveral people in many different way that link i with each sin. Se7en The magazine article will include a range of colours and images. The article will include places that seven will be showing,characters included in seven, the seven sins and peoples reviews. The magazines the film seven will be included in will be ok magazine,hello magazine, now magazine, take a break, oden magazine, elle magazine etc. The newspaper articles that will advertise severn will be formal and very discreet about what happens during the film. magazine The newspapers i will use to advertise chronicle, i newspaper and more large brands . seven are the sun, times, daily mail, chronicle etc. TV Spot Trailer We would make a website with 8 pages the homepage would be where the trailer is and the remaining 7 pages each have a sin on it and they would give little hints to each sin. Social media Webpage newspaper


Transcript: Splice Psycho The opening sequence of Splice features a montage of uncomfortable images which all have a green/blue tint which is similar to the colour of veins. The typography in the title sequence is a spidery font like tree roots or again, similar to the colour, the writing branches out like veins. The centre image (above) looks very similar to a scan photograph- this may be a clue as to what is to come later on. The opening sequence does not give much away which creates enigma and mystery which communicates to the audience that it is of the Thriller genre. The third image along but one down features a blurry image which looks like a night vision camera and hides the identity of the person- creating more questions and mystery. The title sequence definitely focuses on veins which we can assume will have a key part in the Thriller, but the proximity of the veins is disorientating for us as we are not comfortable with seeing veins so close up, it almost feels intimate, Analysis of Thriller opening sequences The opening sequence of Se7en uses a montage of clues to the themes of the film. The first picture (top left hand corner) features a book. The eerie angle of the book and the dark lighting gives a sense of mystery and disorientation. It also connotes that knowledge and literature will play a key part in the plot. Moving on to the second image, similarly it is low key lighting and features two hands on a paper, however the hands seem to have been severed and are no longer a part of the body. This also links to the way the antagonist plays out his murders. The third image is an extreme close up of the skin on somebody's finger tips being sliced/ shaved off. This is an uncomfortable image, giving us a small insight into the things which take place throughout Se7en. These images all create tension and mystery, which is a convention of a typical Thriller opening title sequence. The images create enigma, and the simple hand written type font adds to the hand craft feel, and the simplicity allows us to focus on the images without the attention being taken away from the text. SE7EN The opening of Psycho is stripped back and simple. There is a reoccurring theme throughout the opening sequence, and that is vertical and horizontal cuts which cut through the title and credits. The cuts remind me of a knife slashing through a sheet and connotes brutal violence and gives you an insight into what will happen throughout the film. Similar to the other two opening title sequences I have analysed, Psycho gives very little away and entices the audience through enigma. The slashes also look like violin strings- this links to the famous screeching violin music played throughout Psycho.


Transcript: Costumes and Actors the opening scene of SE7EN doesn't show any faces of the actors, in fact all you see of a human figure throughout the opening is their hands and this is done through an extreme closeup. However the hands of these individuals in the opening sequence reveal alot about that person. Firstly the hands have multiple plasters on them this connotes that whatever they are doing isn't pleasant , they are also very dirty which could portray somebody who works hard but also doesn't take pride in themselves, this could describe somebody who's doing something they shouldn't. the fingernails are the most significant thing I noticed, they are very short suggesting they do a lot of tactile work but also very masculine , suggesting they could be in fights and have more power then a female would often taking more risks which is part of a thriller movie. one scene you see the male scapping of dead skin this could connote the idea that this male is dead inside, as if they are doing something where emotion would be a disadvantage. The opening sequence of Se7en was created by Kyle Cooper. You can see by just the opening sequence that his style is very dark and jumpy , flickers appear frequently while the opening is playing out, this is very disturbing. It also fits into his theme as the high-pitched and taut stringed music in the background is amplified by the denotation of flashing lights, which causes anxiety and stress. The sudden change of typography from clear to blurry signifies sudden movement often linked to thriller movies the ideology that we cant see something clearly and our mind plays tricks on us. This type of opening for a thriller film is very effective as it sets the mood of the genre e.g you wouldn't have dark and mysterious lighting in a comedy movie because comedies are more light and fun whereas thrillers such as SE7EN tend to go into deeper meanings. kyle Cooper portrayed this well in his opening denoting things like ripped up books and scribbled out pages, implying to the audience the fear of the unknown, specifically a image of a young boys eyes being covered by a thick black Biro, not only does this connote quite a malicious view as the eyes are being covered suggesting a tainted opinion it also goes against the innocence of what a child should act like, this is often played on in thriller movies. Kyle Cooper is known as the Auteur of this film as he creatively influenced it in a style that got peoples attention, another example of his work is in American Horror Story where he subverted the classic theme tunes and played with music of high and low tones. The editing of the opening sequence is very quick, the image zooms in slightly then jump cuts to the next scene. The editing almost matches the music the way it cuts to the next scene, its very fast paced, this is done to create tension, the faster the quicker something can come up (unexpected) you almost don't get a chance to think. There is no fade between scenes it just jumps from one to the next and the scenes are not on there for long just in short intervals. They all seem to be very closeup and very fast which could be putting the audience on the edge of there seats , it gives anticipation and when the surprise does come its almost right in your dace a good editing skill for a thriller movie Within the main sequence there are many different props seen which adhere to the story plot, this directs the theme of the movie for example first of all multiple books are shown this conveys the idea of a story hinting at the aspect of "true story" often said in thrillers to make the audience feel as if its real and view it as something more realistic as if it could actually happen to them. razor blades are also seen which suggests violence maybe linking towards fights and killing, all things to do with crime. Razor blades may also portray physical damage and emotional pain often used for self-harm. scruffy notes are piled in places suggesting obsession and confusion as if they have to keep going over things because they can't understand it. newspaper clippings conventional towards news and media . Lastly a needle and thread somethings destroyed and needs to be put together could describe the storyline The setting in the opening sequence of SE7EN is not actually known but is shown in short flickers, its not necessarily a long shot or mid shot, we see brief little sections that could give us an indication that it is an attic or a basement however at the end of the sequence we get a long shot of the city this could be an indication that is is in an apartment somewhere. Props SE7EN opening scene AUTEUR throughout the opening scene the lighting changes from a very high key light such as vibrant greens and almost blinding pale yellow tones to low key lighting e.g blacks and dull shades. The high key lights are usually presented in flickers and are often used to define an object that may be in a darker setting this denotes a distorted image which

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