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SCU presentation

Transcript: meets informational needs of constituents has resources to acquire and make accessible appropriate collections has empowered staff with necessary skills produces and uses metrics for rationalized and measurable decision making How to we arrive at this place? Communication what are the questions we ask? vendors/consortia, available materials administration, directions systems staff keep track of and expose purchases Focus on the future Jeanne Shuttleworth leads to rational planning for purchases take risks other things development tiered cataloging approaches creating metrics curious Collection development framework Understand & anticipate the needs of constituents forums for communication create space for mentoring and cross training listen incorporating assessments revealed by feedback (or lack) Fiscal Stewardship how can a department meet these goals ? how does a department meet these Where do we want to be? What does the department look like, to researchers and students public serves administration How well does the department work within the framework of the library, and How are we leaders within the library? Evaluation How do we know if things are working, or not? repetitive and consistent creative grow analyzing metrics inherent skills understand environment create frameworks develop partnerships communicate understanding How do we get there? based on time, cost or use Acquire and make accessible empower Accessibility metrics for decisions regarding resources and staff It starts with staff metrics and assessment detail oriented Departmental Growth Successful Department GOALS University schools and departments student population research population rationalize workflows develop staff use existing systems & services provide responsible fiscal stewardship prompt availability listening creating partnerships having avenues for requests understanding research Acquisitions, Cataloging & Collection Management most basic and complex part of equation vendor services and systems frame of strategic plan new purchases and renewals starts with support of rationalized decision making generated by the ILS, vendors, staff varied and available resources internal library university external vendor consortia local resources What does this mean? How does this support library? How does this suport decision making? change


Transcript: About Me Classes are nothing like the real world Its OK to not know what you want to do Uncertainty is normal What they don't tell you... Agency Life SCU Presentation Opportunity for YOU A little bit about MCA ... We've been around for more than 30 years Boutique, high-tech PR agency Focus on deep-tech B2B Global reach with clients in US, Asia & Europe Working in an agency Faster pace, more variety Multiple companies/clients Supporting voice to reinforce internal contact team Opportunity to work with different account teams and tap various members' skills Recommend for starting PR position Advice from a Graduate Social media Writing/editing company blogs; posting them on MCA blog site Writing press releases Researching information for articles Coverage analysis/tracking client articles in the news Maintaining lists/making sure they are up to date Trade show/event support Briefing books Pitching editors Interested in getting first-hand PR experience? Volunteer with MCA at Display Week, the premier gathering of system integrators, designers, consumers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers in the field of electronic information displays. Responsibilities include: Registration desk support Social Media Write blog posts about the conference (recaps, interesting perspectives) Help decide what could be done differently for next year Day in the life at MCA Communications Major / International Business Minor PR Capstone with Professor Barr Founding member of the Santa Clara University PRSSA Chapter Internship @ end of junior year with MCA Public Relations Hired full-time after graduation in 2013 Get involved! Take classes YOU are interested in Networking is something you should work at (and is really important) Pursue your passion


Transcript: Afghanistan Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Cultural univerals Cultural univerals Famous Dances Famous Dances A common dance is the Attan. This dance began as a folk Pashunts dance in times of celebration (weddings ,war,ect.). Another one is called Kabul which is very fast ,and has many pauses which dancers must freeze. Different regions can be catorgrized with different ways of dance. In the northern part it is more of Turkish dance,and in the south it is very wild. It is a disgrace for women to dance. They also have the tendency to dance with different props such as sticks. PICTURES PICTURES Hand shake for greeting Men and women can't make eyecontact and shouldn't shake hands, men and men they can make eye contact but not for a long amount of time If someone speaks to you in a socail or public setting it is seen as disrespectful Rules for greeting Rules for greeting Pictures Pictures Fashion Fashion During the Taliban: Men: Lots of coats with different animals furs that are made to last a long time. The name for this look is Perahan Tunban which means pants and dress. Hats were required if you were under the age of 15. Once you got older the turban was required. Women: long dress, long pants, burqa. Young girls under 10 had to wear pants and long sleves at all times. It was againist the law to wear jeans. They were seen as a western thing and you would be thrown in jail ,and punished. Pictures Pictures After the taliban: Women: very colorful with lots of patterns came with flat shoes, dress, pants, purse, and a head scarf ( this is called a Paizar. Casual they will wear a skirt and jeans, or a Panjabi Men: wear baggy dress and pants, suits, jeans Capan (long coat). Lots of strpped patterns most common is green. They don't like to have pants that show their shape of leg Fashion Fashion Functionalist Latent: clothing to cover our bodies so we aren't always walking around naked. Also to protect us from being to cold, sunburt everywhere, and getting different sticky plants on us. Manifest: show comformity to gender, and country and ecnomic wealth. Functionalist During the Taliban it showed how people were not able to be expressive. It also showed huge gender standerds of women having to be completly clothed and skirts/dresses. After the Taliban it shows the freedom. It also shows still how the Afghan culture is still very much in the sterotype of the way women should dress. Also based on pattern ,or if you are able to afford plastic surgery could show econmomic wealth. Conflict Fashion is seen as a way to express yourself. Depending on the jewlary you put with it or the fabrics this could show wealth. Before the Taliban it showed comformity and repersentaion of the state. It showed that they weren't able to be expressive After the Taliban it still shows a little bit of comformity ,but more freedom to wear colors ,and not having that rule of fashion. Interactionalist Always remove your shoes when entering someones home When eating at someones house a table cloth with be spread on the floor and you will eat on a cushion wait to be seated when you sit don't sit with your feet facing anyone don't eat with your left hand It is typically like a commually Don't eat with your left hand either. Usually food is scouped by hand with the tip of your hand. Leave some food on your plate otherwise the plate will contiue to be filled. Don't put your loaf of bread upside down Don't lick your fingers or blow your nose Rules to eating Rules to eating Pictures Pictures Beauty Beauty cosmetic surgery is big on the nose and stomach. After the fall of the taliban the use of makeup made them feel like they had a new found freedom. Women should only look beautiful for the husband and not others or themselves. Some women that aren't following tradition often will adot western beauty standerdes When they migrate to other nations they will sometimes also skin bleach Beauty Beauty “AFGHAN DANCE.”, Unkown, Accessed 19 Sept. 2017. “Afghanistan Clothing, Afghan or Afghani Traditional Clothes.” , Afghan or Afghani Traditional Clothes, Accessed 19 Sept. 2017. Sepehr, Khadija. “Definition of beauty for afghan women.” World Pulse, 21 Jan. 2015, Accessed 21 Sept. 2017. “Home.” Afghanistan - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette, Accessed 21 Sept. 2017. MLA MLA

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