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Transcript: Jem is Scouts older brother by 4 years At the beginning of the movie he is 10 years old Jem and Scout are very close and protect one another Miss Maude is the Finch's neighbor She is nice and helps Atticus when he needs it She gets along well with Scout and takes care of her THE END!!!:) Charles Baker "Dill" Harris Mayella Violet Ewell Dill is a smart boy from the city who came to visit his aunt To Jem and Scout he is a weird boy, but they all become good friends Scout At The End!!! In the end Scout wasn't the same girl she was at the beginning of the movie She grew older and wiser and started to understand more things She was no longer afraid of Boo after he saved Jem and her she had a new friend Miss Maude "Maudie" Atkinson Scouts characteristics Neighbor of Atticus, Jem and Scout Finch Scout thinks he is scary and mean from what everyone is telling her Though in the end he is actually the hero of the movie which I liked alot Tom is a good man that Atticus Finch is defending from Bob Ewell Scout actully saved Tom once when went to find Atticus. The farmers were going to kill him, but Scout prevented them from doing that. Robert E. Lee "Bob" Ewell & Mayella Violet Ewell Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch Tom Robinson Arthur "Boo" Radly Jean Louise "Scout" Finch Atticus Finch Atticus is Scouts father and loves her with all his heart. He raised her and Jem since his wife died. He will always care for them till the day he dies. In the beginning of the movie Scout is 6 years old Scout is a tall and skinny girl She has short hair and freckles Scout is a nice girl that doesn't always understand the things that are going on around her Though Scout also has her bad temper and gets in fights when school starts because she is miss understood She doesn't like to wear dresses she is more of a tomboy Scout doesn't now who Boo Radley is really, so she does what Jem tells her to do and stays away from the Radley house Cal is the help at the Finch house She is always around when Scout and helps her when she needs it Bob and Mayella do not have that great of a connection Though Bob Ewell would always get drunk and get to close to Scout and Jem Near the ending of the story Bob attacked Scout and Jem, but ended up dead because Boo killed him. Calpurnia "Cal"

Scout Project: Powerpoint

Transcript: "Freshmen" Year STAAR Testing For College You must have 6 credits to become a sophomore. This means you need to pass AT LEAST 6 of your classes (ideally all). G.P.A stands for Grade Point Average, which determines a student’s ranking in their class Dickinson High School has a grading scale, which the maximum G.P.A achievable is 5.0 Your grades determine your G.P.A #1 Ranked student has the title of Valedictorian #2 Ranked student has the title of Salutatorian The Valedictorian has his/ her first year of tuition paid for any Texas Public University The top 10% of ranked students in a Class are automatically accepted to any public university in Texas Colleges look at ALL FOUR YEARS of High School, from which classes are taken, to activities/ volunteering done. Colleges like students who want to challenge themselves, like those who take Pre-AP or AP classes every year A Few Facts.. Brought to you by The Sophomore, junior, and Senior Classes What is the STAAR test? Experience of taking the test as a freshmen. How to prepare for it, test taking jitters, etc. Student Panel Grades/ G.P.A/ Credits Any questions from the Audience? Feel free to ask us what school life is truly like. MUST BE RELEVANT TO SCHOOL Community Service based, or district competition based. Business Professionals of America, UIL, etc, are all competitive Extra Curricular Activities SAT is the Standardized Admissions Test, designed for colleges to test their applicants There are scholarships just for High School Freshmen A list is available in the counselors office, or Google search “Scholarships for High School Freshmen” Beware of false scholarships that are designed to take your personal information

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Transcript: A person that represents Scout in today's time period is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Katniss is a girl who loves to be outside hunting and is helpful to her family. They are both adventerous strong people who love to be outside and are also tomboys. Roseanne Roseanne is compared to scout because Roseanne doesn't care what people think about her. She does what she wants, when she wants to do it. She is on Comedy central roast for a reason, because she can take criticism very well and knows how to react to it. Bullying A situation that relates to Scout is bullying. Scout was picked on for being a tomboy. Bullying is being noticed now by all schools and each one is doing different things to stop it. It is going to be hard to fully resolve bullying, but some things that may help are creating rules and punishments for bullying and enforceing how bad it is. Scout is comparable to a bird, because she loves to be outside, and she is adventurous. The colors and shapes of birds compare to Scout because is shows how unique she is. Quote ''Atticus was right. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.''(ch. 31 pg.279) This quote is very important to the character of Scout because it shows how she has grown through the novel, how she is caring and how she thinks of others. The song Waiting on the world to change relates to scout because she is judged because she is a tomboy. She is "waiting on the world to change" from being judgemental to being accepting to who she really is. Scout,r:0,s:25,i:241,r:1,s:0,i:166&tx=146&ty=63,r:15,s:28,i:296&tx=70&ty=76 by David Burton, Carter Crockett Waiting on the World to Change


Transcript: JEFFERY Jacob has a love-hate relationship with a schoolmate and fellow scout, whom he may have developed feelings for. His Scout Master, Jeffrey is the only adult that has taken the time to really get to know Jacob, taking him under his wing and looking out for him. He sees a lot of himself in Jacob. SCOUT examines scouting and family values; juxtaposing how they interact within Jacob's daily life. DONATE TO OUR KICKSTARTER Jeffery Nichols, 30, is an understanding and giving Scout Master. He has been in a relationship with his partner since they were both scouts in their teens in the 50's. He sees a lot of himself in Jacob and yearns to take him under his wing. Charles, 16, is an attractive, self-confident aspiring Olympic swimmer. If he is not in the water, he is masturbating. Honestly, he does that even if he is in the water. We'd like to make this movie, but need your help and support. Please consider donating to our Kickstarter page: HARRISON FAMILY CONTINUED Ivy, 11, is overwhelmingly pretty and incredibly smart. She is completely obsessed with game shows and is the only type of show that she allows to be played. No one argues. She always carries a large dictionary, in which she constantly writes. SCOUT is a coming-of-age story about Jacob Harrison, a 13-year-old boy scout whose best friend is his ventriloquist doll, Marty. Jacob loves scouting and it's laws, motto's, and order. He has a detached relationship with his seemingly idealistic family; his father is having an affair with the family neighbor while his mother is trying to start a homemade fudge infused with psychedelic drugs, which she tests on the children. His older brother is training to be an Olympic swimmer but has a problem in that he can't keep his hands away from his private parts and his younger sister is intelligent far beyond her years. JACOB SYNOPSIS SCOUT Unboxed Productions: Makeshiftstar Productions: Tumblr: Mark, 39, is the free spirited dad. He loves Ida, but does have regular sex with their next door neighbor, Judith (Ida does not know). Jacob Harrison, 13, is a timid boy who has little use for reality. He internalizes everything and shares his thoughts and feelings with his best friend, his ventriloquist doll, Marty. He has deep rooted feelings for a boy in his class and scouting troupe, Daniel. The only person that Jacob really connects with is his Scout Master, Jeffery. CONTACT US 1969. Portland, Oregon HARRISON FAMILY SCOUT SETTING Ida, 38, is completely in love with her husband. She loves her kids, but more as a side thought. She allows them to "raise" themselves. She wants to start a homemade fudge business (Ida's Psychedelic Fudge) where the fudge is laced with hallucinogenics- which she tests on her kids.

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