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Balance Scorecard Presentation

Transcript: Discharge Patient Portal Ongoing Assessment ED Visit Clinical Transformation Journey Inpatient Admission Triage/Reception Triage/Reception Electronic Canadian Triage & Acuity Scale (eCTAS) Electronic triage decision support tool that standardizes triage guidelines across Ontario eCTAS will be completed online which will then flow into Meditech eCTAS eCTAS Completion of triage in Meditech after data is received from eCTAS interface Information is then fed back into the Meditech Meditech Patients will Registration Registration Wristbands will be printed by Meditech with the ED encounter Patients will now have barcoded wristbands Barcoded Wristband Nursing & Allied Health Processes Nursing Assessment Nurses will document in Meditech Documentation in EDM Documentation in EDM Physician Process Physician Assessment Physician documentation and assessments will be completed within Meditech Physician Documentation Physician Documentation Physicians will order enter further tests and treatment within Meditech Nursing will act on the orders entered FIX TITLE Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) CPOE Patient Care Lab Meds All DI orders will now be ordered within Meditech and no longer require paper requisitions DI will receive a notification through Meditech Diagnostic Imaging DI Consulting physician will complete documentation and assessment within Meditech Consult Physician Consult Physician Patients will now be registered as an inpatient Patient Recieves New Barcoded Wristband Registration If the consulting physician decides to admit the patient, the physician will proceed with admission orders via CPOE in Meditech Admit Admit The consulting physician will choose the appropriate admission order set based on the patient's needs and presentation from an order set library Notifications of those new orders will be received by applicable departments through Meditech Benefits of CPOE include: Reduction of transcription errors Reduction of missed orders Physicians are able to order from off-site Reduction of time it takes to notify appropriate departments of new orders Physicians Order Enter into Computer CPOE Patient Care Physician Orders Medications Meds Pharmacy Verifies Orders Pharmacy Nursing Lab DI Allied Health Nursing assessments will continue to be documented in PCS within Meditech Nursing Assessment Nursing Assessment Methodology of charting will now be by standard Charting By Standard Charting By Standard Vital Signs Vital Signs Bedside Devices Early Warning System (NEWS2) Documentation Integration Glucose Meters Glucose Meters Documentation Integration Intravenous Pump IVs Smart Pumps Drug Library Documentation Integration Physician Assessment Physician Assessment Physicians will be able to document by Narrative Text Front End Dictation Physicians will be able to use their personal mobile devices to dictate within Meditech Selecting Discrete Data Problem lists will be utilized to drive and support physician documentation and can be viewable to all clinicans in the circle of care Physician Documentation Physician Documentation Narrative Selecting Discrete Data Problem List FIX TITLE Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) CPOE Patient Care Physician will order medications via Meditech Medications Meds Pharmacy Medication orders will be added to the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) Nurses Nursing Nursing Lab DI Allied Health Allied Health Interprofessional Health Record Updated Screens Keep first and last - put rest in universal Discharge Discharge PCS Universal Discharge Tool Discharge Summary Discharge Prescription Patient Education Patient's Problem List Resolution Patient Portal Patient Portal Lab Results DI Results Reports Documentation

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