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Scorecard Dashboard Powerpoint Template

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An introduction to Prezi

Transcript: An Introduction to Prezi Prezi is a presentation software that you can access via web service or download on to your desktop. Prezi differs from PowerPoint as it gives users the ability to pan and zoom to different parts of the canvas which emphasizes the ideas presented there. Creating a presentation The overall purpose of Prezi is to create eye catching, yet informative presentations. Prezi is a great Software for visual learners as you can include icons and animations of zooming effects which you will notice throughout this presentation. Create a presentation Step 1: Choose your template! Choose your template! After clicking on the + button that i previously mentioned, you will be given a range of different templates to choose from. You can choose which ever template best suits the topic/theme of your presentation. For example, these could be... General Timeline Sales and Business development You will be asked to title your presentation and choose who will be able to view it. This will then take you to your presentation slide. Title your presentation The ' style ' option allows you to change your background, topic shape, colors and text font. Click the ' insert ' option to insert things like text box, icons, shapes, audio, videos, story blocks. On the ' insert ' tool bar, select story blocks. Add story blocks The right hand side of your page will show options of different shapes / layouts of story blocks you can add. E.g. if i selected the circle story block, this would appear I would then title the story block (these are good tools for sub topics of your main topic / theme). To zoom in, click on the story block and select ' zoom in ' or hover your mouse over the story block and scroll. Add icons and images You can upload an image from your desktop Or use free images provided by Prezi Insert icon and you will see a drop down bar to choose a category. You will then have a range of icons to choose from You can even upload a pdf to your presentation! Save! Your presentation will automatically save on to your dashboard. However if you return to the presentation in the future, make sure to tick the small cloud icon so that it saves any changes you make. How to create your Prezi account Getting started You can access Prezi via the web You can create your own account with an email address and password so that all presentations you make will automatically be saved to your dashboard. By creating an account, you will also receive email updates of brand new features included in Prezi! ALERT You will need a license for Prezi to be able to access some of the features! (£3 monthly) UPGRADE = Extra features! This could be choice of music or even recording a voice memo to narrate your presentation. However, if you do not mind your presentations being public, then you can use Prezi for free. Having your presentation public is beneficial as people can learn from the presentations that you create. Prezi dashboard area & choosing templates Prezi Dashboard When you log into your Prezi account, you will be taken to your dashboard. You will be given a range of layouts to choose from such as posters, banners, video reports as well as many more. The dashboard also has a section named ' all project's ' where any project you create will automatically be saved and accessible to return to later on to view / edit. To create just a standard new presentation, just click on the + symbol and choose your layout. Record and feature in a video presentation / report! Creating video reports Select ' record video report ' on your template options The tool will then connect to your web-cam and microphone and you will be presented on the screen Choose a template! Choose your template Your chosen template will show on screen Add content Add content Insert your text / content here The text will appear on screen! Record video Record video You can also choose whether the screen shows just you, you and your content or just the content. Once complete, save and share! Uploading PowerPoint presentations Upload a PowerPoint presentation You can upload PowerPoint presentations into Prezi. You can either select a few slides to incorporate into your Prezi presentation OR Convert the entire PowerPoint into a Prezi presentation instead Instructions if you want to add a few slides Go to the main tool bar and select PowerPoint. Upload your PowerPoint from File Explorer. All slides from your original PowerPoint will appear on the right hand side of your screen. You can then select which slides you would like to add. Go to 'Prezi Design' on your dashboard Instructions if you want to convert the entire PowerPoint Then, upload your PowerPoint. Then select 'convert PPT, PDF or Doc File' Your entire PowerPoint will be uploaded. You can then edit the presentation however you wish with the features included in Prezi. Finally... Prezi allows up to 10 users to work on a single project. You can even add comments in specific areas to communicate feedback

Analytics & Reporting Report-Out

Transcript: Analytics & Reporting 06/21/2021 STRATEGIC PLANNING REPORT-OUT Mission Statement To develop meaningful/impactful reporting tools for Case Management, Social Work and Revenue Cycle through the creation and consolidation of static reports and dynamic dashboards, by leveraging leading technology to enable maximum influence on decision-making while minimizing effort required to do so. Mission Statement Committee Goals Review existing reports and dashboards Assess opportunities for new reporting Create an inventory of Northwell’s analytics teams Our Goals Status Status Existing Reporting Existing Reporting Survey sent to Leadership Results aggregated & reviewed Items identified for consolidation, improvement or removal New Reporting New Reporting PICG Template Identified two areas of major opportunity UR Committee Template Analytics Inventory Analytics Teams Inventory Information request sent to data leaders Aggregating responses Committee members brainstorming creative way to represent info Next Steps Where do we go from here? Next Steps Existing Reports-Low Usage Initial Reviews Scorecard Evaluate best team for clinical review reporting (CM vs. DPU) Improve methodology to remove "duplicates" Existing Reports Health Home Scorecard Partner with ACA to include ACM data in their dashboard Assessments Not Completed-LACE Create flag in High Risk Trigger Dashboard New Reporting UR/PICG Reporting Determine feasibility of capturing/combining offline data with electronically-accessible data Develop detailed BRD Identify "online" data sources to connect to and request access New Reporting Analytics Teams Inventory Contact Chris Hutchins,Marc Paradis, Karina Davidson Continue to solicit responses from leaders Aggregate information Determine creative way to present enterprise structure Analytics Inventory Questions? Thank You!


Transcript: Thank you for listening! Advantages of dashboard its limits 1. Mainly around Kaplan and Norton's works, books found at the library, white books 2. I read papers from the litterature on the topic, I structured my paper, and then starded writing it How building financial dashboards to anticipate analysis and monitor the activity impact financial reporting ? opening question : Big Data: impact on BSC and dashboard ? Bibliography and methodology , THEME FINANCIAL REPORTING IN COMPANY TITLE BALANCED SCORECARD Elisabeth CADART 30/06/2017 BALANCED SCORECARD Dashboard : an interface between information system and decision system several types of dashboards (activity, pilot, project) Standardization of indicators presentation still flexible Conclusion SEMINAR PAPER DEFENSE II the birth of the balanced scorecard : a tool to improve company's performance SEMINAR PAPER DEFENSE I classical dashboard : a too technical vision of the activity ? II birth of the balanced scorecard : a tool to improve company's performance much dashboard, financial dashboard and reportings are linked but financial dashboards are incomplete -> balanced scorecard is created to go forward and guide company's activity BSC and financial reportings are linked with financial indicators (quality and preciseness) I. CLASSICAL FINANCIAL DASHBOARD, A TOO TECHNICAL VISION ? II the birth of the balanced scorecard : a tool to improve company's performance (cont) I. CLASSICAL FINANCIAL DASHBOARD, A TOO MUCH TECHNICAL VISION ? (cont) a technical tool a management tool

Dashboardganza #2

Transcript: Presented by Emily Dorsey, IDCFS Dashboard Analysis Springfield DCFS Placement Team - 3A16 What is the "Dashboard"? What is the "Dashboard"? The "Dashboard" is a spreadsheet that shows DCFS' compliance with certain performance measures. Each measure has a goal that is set at the federal level. Non-compliance with meeting each goal can lead to loss of federal funds for the agency. The Measures The Measures #1: % of children achieving legal permanency - Goal: 40% #2: % Monthly In-Person Caseworker Contact with Foster Children - Goal: 95% #3: % Monthly In-Person Caseworker Contact with Foster Caregiver - Goal: 90% #4: % Monthly In-Person Caseworker Contact with Parents - Goal: 80% #5a: % Weekly In-Person Parent/Child Visits per Month - Goal: 80% #5b: Average # Parent/Child Visits per Month - Goal: 4.00 #6: % Absence of Maltreatment While in Foster Care - Goal: 100% #7: % Absence of Maltreatment 6 Months Post Permanency - Goal: 100% #8: % of HMR (Home of Relative) Foster Homes Licensed - Goal: 70% #9: % of Children Placed with Less Than 2 Paid Providers over a 12 Month Period Goal: 90% #10: % of Cases with a Service Plan Completed Within 45 Days of Child Case Opening - Goal: 95% #11: % of Children Assigned to less than 2 Caseworkers over a 12 month period - No Goal: Information Only Population Served Population Served The Dashboard Scorecard that I used for my project tracks performance measures for children that are placed in Home of Relative Foster Homes or Traditional Foster Homes. The following measures are only tracked for children with "Return Home" permanency goals: #4: % Monthly In-Person Caseworker Contact with Parents #5a: % Weekly In-Person Parent/Child Visits #5b: Average # Parent/Child Visits per Month For my internship project, I only analyzed the Dashboard scorecard for the DCFS Springfield Placement Team (3A-16) 3A16 Analysis 3A16 Anaylsis The 3A16 Dashboard Scorecard was pulled twice - on 04/20/2017 and 06/20/2017 to get an accurate picture of the team's compliance with the performance measures. The 04/20/2017 Scorecard showed that the 3A16 team was not meeting 5 measures: #1: % of Children Achieving Legal Permanency - Goal: 40% - 3A16: 17.02% #4: % Monthly In-Person Contact with Parents - Goal: 80% - 3A16: 71.08% #5a: % Weekly In-Person Parent/Child Visits - Goal: 80% - 3A16: 60.72% #9: % of Children Placed with Less Than 2 Paid Providers in a 12 Month Period - Goal: 90% - 3A16: 87.32 #10: % of Cases with a Service Plan Completed Within 45 Days of Child Case Opening - Goal: 90% - 3A16: 87.32% Scorecard #1: April 20th, 2017 The 06/20/2017 Scorecard showed that the 3A16 team was still not meeting the same 5 measures: #1: % of Children Achieving Legal Permanency - Goal: 40% - 3A16: 19.15% #4: % Monthly In-Person Contact with Parents - Goal: 80% - 3A16: 68.46% #5a: % Weekly In-Person Parent/Child Visits - Goal: 80% - 3A16: 60.36% #9: % of Children Placed with Less Than 2 Paid Providers in a 12 Month Period - Goal: 90% - 3A16: 88.24% #10: % of Cases with a Service Plan Completed Within 45 Days of Child Case Opening - Goal: 90% - 3A16: 81.25% Scorecard #2: June 20th, 2017 Now What? Now What? Now that the data for 3A16 has been analyzed, what can be done to improve our Dashboard Scorecard? Staff Education Staff Education Each 3A16 Team Member was given a detailed analysis of their own Dashboard Scorecard. Each anaylsis included reasons why performance measures were not met. Team members were educated on the performance measures and how to properly code casenotes to reflect compliance with the measures. Shooting for Permanency Shooting for Permanency I created this chart to hang in the Placement hallway so every worker can see the team's progress toward our Permanency goal of 40%. Each worker has their own colored stars and every star represents a child. The stars at the bottom show children who have a permanency goal of Substitute Care Pending TPR. The stars in the middle show children with an Adoption goal and the stars at the top are children who have achieved permanency through Return Home, Adoption or Guardianship. Supervisors are required to complete monthly supervision of all cases with every worker. I created a template for our supervisor to use during supervision to ensure that Dashboard-focused questions are asked during supervision. Supervision Template Supervision Template Do you have an idea on how to improve the Dashboard Scorecard? Comment on my presentation! All suggestions are appreciated! Suggestion Box Suggestion Box Lessons Learned Lessons Learned During my analysis of the 3A16 Dashboard, I learned that 3A16 did not meet the performance measure goals for three main reasons: 1) Workers did not properly code casenotes 2) There were missing parents on caseloads that did not visit their children in foster care or maintain contact with agency 3) Some children were missing during the period under review Grand Challenge Grand Challenge I have chosen the Grand Challenge of “Ensure Healthy

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