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SCORE Presentation

Transcript: Picking up poop Cleaning kennels Seeing animals stay in the shelter for a long time Learning my actions are hurting animals What is being done? Help animals Wildlife Veterinarian Volunteering for six hours every week at the shelter over the summer Founded in 1948 Global conservation projects More than 1,200 member organizations Playing with the dogs and cats Helping dogs get adopted The staff Feeling like I was needed Becoming aware of the problems animals are facing in the world Pollution All Creatures Great and Small official protection to endangered/threatened species limits on hunting preserves wildlife Impacts on my Life By Anna Tyler Saving endangered species from extinction Reducing humans' impact on earth Preserving environment Research Paper Global Warming Do not litter Plant local, native plants Recycle (plastic, paper, glass, metal) Become involved in organizations/programs dedicated to saving endangered species Do not buy exotic gifts (tiger fur, ivory, crocodile skin, ect) My SCORE Project World Wildlife Fund Likes and Dislikes Dislikes Internship at the Cape Ann Animal Aid Research paper on humans causing the heightened species extinction rate Likes Sweeping/mopping Cleaning kennels Walking dogs Playing with dogs outside Playing with cats inside Interacting with customers (giving info. on animal, letting them meet the animal) Washing bowls/litter boxes/toys Laundry Cleaning isolation Picking up poop Making sure every animal has fresh water Deforestation Overexploitation Endangered Species Act of 1973 Thank you! What can I do? International Union for Conservation of Nature Humans are the main contributors to the heightened species extinction rate Threaten and destroy habitats Used to be 10-100 species/year Now 27,000 species/year Ecosystems cannot clean/recirculate air and water, provide new sources for pharmaceuticals, pollinate crops Working at the

Score Presentation

Transcript: From taking in the world around you, you can examine how to succeed in life The project made me want to continue and advancing my skill in Autodesk By Tucker Oppenheim But four years of homework has taught me how to be mature and meet deadlines by keeping myself organized My project revolved around computer work Learning new programs isn't always easy I learned that to learn new things it is important to never stop the learning process, for it decreases your aptitude Tapping away at a computer all day may seem dull to many Although, through the help of this project, it made me decide to major in computer sciences Being a student has taught me to never stop learning But being your own boss has its positives You cannot do everything by yourself Utilizing the resources around you can always benifit the knowlege you gain Learning AutoDesk Inventor Working solely on a project can be tasking S.C.O.R.E. Project "The Zip Clip" Much like homework, while working alone you may get distracted It taught me when you work alone, the only person you can attribute the failure or success of the project is yourself Technology is the future, and with the ability to wrap your head around it, your choices are almost limitless An Impact this project had on my life was self reliance Anything Can be made in Autodesk, which is an incredibly useful tool anywhere in life For many working on a computer for hours can stretch the limits of attention spans Without proper breaks it can also take a toll on the eyes,back and brain Being able to construct anything on a whim has major benifits later in life If you stop learning, doors will close in your life The project made me realize, no matter how hard you work at one point you will need someones help Learned through the help of Autodesk's hours of tutorials Also had help learning tips and tricks from an engineering graduate who uses the program

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