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Transcript: SCOPE OF WORK KEERAT KAUR BRANDING BRAND IDENTITY - Target Audience (Age, Geography, Occupation, Preference) - Specifics Quarter Sales Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4 Packaging Design Regional Performance Regional Performance National Performance National Performance BLOG STRUCTURE BLOG Today's Shedule Blog Calendar 09:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 Content Curation Explanation of your department How we fit How we fit Goals Goals Goal 1 Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 2 SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR Today Day 2 Day 4 Day 5 Partner Up Day 3 Certification Certification Results Results WHO ARE THEY? Stylists SOP & Training - measuring tape - form -customisation options - fabric swatches -recommensations - knowledge of customers pereferences - graduates - upcoming bloggers - well spoken individuals with knowledge of mens fashion/fabric and trends. Tools STYLISTS NETWORK - how to take an appointment - getting the form filled - how to create and present the trunk filled with clothes and accessories - how to take measurements COLLABORATIONS COLLABORATIONS Designers - Collaborations with Accessory Designers for the Try & Buy Service - Capsule collections in collaboration with designers - Designers Bloggers - Collaborations with bloggers for social media contests/ featured posts/ blog posts on a barter or paid basis. - Collaborations with bloggers for Fashion Week appearances. Bloggers Fashion Portals & Other Platforms - Association with well known fashion portals and platforms for promotion and awareness, especially during the launch of the brand. - Listing and positioning on well known e-commerce websites. Fashion Portals & Other Platforms PHOTOSHOOTS PHOTOSHOOTS WEBSITE BANNERS WEBSITE BANNERS BLOG STORIES BLOG STORIES SOCIAL MEDIA FLAT LAYS AND CONCEPT SHOOTS SOCIAL MEDIA FLAT LAYS AND CONCEPT SHOOTS WEBSITE WEBSITE Inputs on Website Aesthetics Inputs on Website Aesthetics Wear It With Options & Style Advise/ Tips Wear It With Options & Style Advise/ Tips

Scope of work

Transcript: Scope Of Work Burlington Country Club Our Promise Our Locations Partnerships and awards Testimonials TAC Service at your doorstep Work Requirements Work Requirements In this statement you should include the description of tasks which the project will require. This will include what tasks need to be completed IN ORDER for successful completion of the project/contract. Note the sample schedule below: Kick Off Kick Off Internal meeting with SME, vCIO, and engineers to determine clients needs and to review Odyssey Discovery. * Engineers are assigned specific roles for optimum efficient Design Phase Design Phase Work in Connect wise to build out quotes for material * Collaborate with engineers to determine what will be successful in the environment * Submit proposal for client to approve * Receive written approval of quote and begin ordering product once payment is received. Build Phase Build Phase Usherwood will complete all coding for approved site design * Usherwood will provide a detailed testing plan * Usherwood will include all content the client requested from old computers and servers * Usherwood will conduct work with previous IT provider if applicable to get access and test environments * Usherwood will resolve any issues related to previous IT provider or outside vendor * Present written status at weekly meeting Implementation Phase Implemantation Phase * Usherwood’s Engineers will implement the newly ordered equipment. * Usherwood will run required software and configure the all aspects of the network enviornment * Present written status updates with client when milestones are reached. Project Handoff Project Hand off * Usherwood will provide with all documentation in accordance with the approved project plan * Usherwood will begin monthly managed services * vCIO will schedule quarterly business reviews every 90 days * Usherwood will provied any necessary training Other Requirments Other Requirements Any special requirements, security for example, should be described in this section of the SOW. There should also be a description of an IT access restrictions or downtime. Phone Systems Print Enviornment Phone Systems Phone System Security Security Signed Agreement Signed Agreement This is the section the vCIO will determine how the customer will accept the deliverables based on this SOW. If Accepted it must be clarified that all deliverables are understood by all parties. This section should also include how both Usherwood and the client will work together. Our Team Signitures vCIO ___________ vCIO IP __________ Client ____________ Client IP ___________ Engineer ___________ Engineer IP __________

Scope of Work

Transcript: Data gathering and Requirements Analysis Start Request for office forms and documents 5. User training for the whole twelve (12) Athletico sites and software update (based on additional client requirements upon using the system). User training Beta Release Follow-up interview Phase Four: Present to client the analysis result Overall system design review Initial requirements analysis 1. Collection of transactional information from Athletico and confirmation and finalization of user requirements Additional phone Support Programming and Testing 3 Release Candidate 1 6. Turn-over of the software and system documentation to the client with additional six-month phone support. 2. Design of the new system and periodic consultation with future users. Requirements analysis 5 Additional phone Support During the Data Gathering and Requirements Analysis phase, the compiled data and client requirements are collated with the participation of the client’s representative. Requirements coverage will be fully evaluated. System update 4 6 Project Evaluation Requirements analysis Phase Three: The project will be evaluated throughout the entire development lifecycle. Several evaluation tools and methodologies will be applied from the different phases identified on this document’s project scope section. System Installation and Testing Athletico Presentation Transition and additional support Platforms Requirements analysis Alpha Release User interface design Use Case design • On System Design phase, there will be consultation with the client on a regular basis. Interface in watch OS User Training and System updates 3. Implementation of the system design, scheduled user-testing, usability testing, and system documentation. 4. Installation of the web application, non-functional system test, and client acceptance test. End Additional interview For the schedules of the evaluation process, see Timeline Gantt charts. System Design Initial interview sessions Phase Two: User interface design Client consultation on database Turn-over of software and system documentation User interfaces for applications Phase Five: Client consultation on User Interface Release Candidate 2 Database design Phase One: Database design Client consultation on User Interface Scope of Work • The third and fourth phase has continuous project evaluation and testing both from the development team and from the user and client side. Summarize data gathered Client consultation on Use Case Phase Six: Client consultation on database Considering the magnitude of the project, it will be divided into six major phases for the entire 24-month project scope. Additional 6 months Month 1 Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Month 9 Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test First Week Second Week Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Month 10 until Month 24 Week 4 Month 7 2 Month 4 Client System Review Client System Review Software Testing Software Testing Software Testing Software Testing System Documentation System Documentation System Documentation System Documentation Third Week Fourth Week Month 24 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 2 1 Month 3 Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Programming Programming Programming Programming Final Release Final Release Month 8 Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test

Scope of Work

Transcript: Scope of Work App Brief Features & Specifications Payment & Milestones DATE: 5/1/2023 App for Families with Disbaled Children The app is designed to be a social platform for families with disabled children, providing a space for parents to connect with other parents, volunteers, and healthcare professionals. The purpose of the app is to create a supportive community for families with disabled children, helping to reduce feelings of isolation and providing access to information, resources, and emotional support. The app is designed to be accessible, easy to use, and a valuable tool for families with disabled children to navigate the challenges of their daily lives. App Brief Problem Families with disabled children often face unique challenges, including a lack of community support, limited access to resources, and difficulty finding relevant information and advice. Problem Solution Our app promotes a sense of community and support for families with disabled children, improves access to resources and information, and helps parents navigate the challenges of raising a child with a disability. Solution User Profile Users will be able to register and create a profile within the application by entering their basic information such as name, email, and phone number or swiftly sign in with any of their social Instagram, Facebook or google account just for the sake of signing up and coming on to the application. User Registration & Profile Profile All users will be provided with a separate profile. User information will be stored and will be viewed through the user profile. This information includes: • Name • Email • Number • Location etc. All the other necessary information will be associated with the user profile. Profile Creation Basic Features Our app offers a range of features that are specifically designed to support families with disabled children. The app creates a centralized platform for families to navigate the challenges of raising a child with a disability Features Emotional support: Parents of children with disabilities often face unique challenges and can feel isolated. A social platform would provide a space for parents to connect with others who understand their experiences and offer emotional support. Emotional support Parents can use the platform to share information and resources about their child's disability, including strategies for managing symptoms, information about new treatments, and recommendations for healthcare providers and therapists. Information sharing: Information sharing The platform could also connect parents with healthcare professionals and therapists, who can offer advice and answer questions about their child's condition. Professional advice: Professional Advice Parents can use the platform to find volunteer opportunities and connect with volunteers who can offer assistance with tasks such as transportation or respite care. Volunteer opportunities: Volunteer Opportunities The platform could create a sense of community among families with disabled children, helping parents feel less isolated and more connected to others who understand their experiences. Community building: Community Building Unique Selling Point Our app allows us to provide a more complete solution for families looking for support and resources to help them navigate the challenges of raising a child with a disability. Unique Selling Point Group Chats Parents could create group chats with other parents, healthcare professionals, or volunteers to discuss specific topics or share information in a more private setting. Group Chats Event Calendar The app could include an event calendar that highlights disability-friendly events in the local community, such as accessible festivals, workshops, or support group meetings. This feature can help parents connect with other families and find new activities for their child. Event Calendar The app will prioritize privacy and security, including protecting user data, using encryption for sensitive information, and implementing measures to prevent fraud and abuse. Other Privacy Social Media Integration: The app may integrate with social media platforms, allowing users to import photos and personal details from their existing profiles. Social Media Integration The app will send notifications to users if they have any new messages, comments, likes or invites. Notifications Notifications Push Notifications and News Alerts The admin panel will have access to engage with any of its users at any given time. The admin will be able to send out relevant notifications and news alerts, with the ability to target all or a specific set of users. Push Notifications and News Alerts: Analytics The admin panel will be able to generate reports and statistics based on usage data, and extract relevant analytics to make future business planning easier. Report Generation and Analytics The users will be allowed to buy the premium package subscription through debit/credit cards. Following payment

Scope of work

Transcript: 2019 LK Scope of work Marketing Marketing Responsibilities related to socials posts/content and visuals creation and email newsletters campaigns Newsletters Monthly HLS newsletter 1. Tagging alerts in general defense account 2. Selecting visuals (royalty free) 3. Generating HTML report 4. Generating email template in MailChimp 5. Updating subscribers list 6. Testing & sending email campaign Audience monthly newsletter Audience monthly newsletter Need to figure out several interesting world developments and bring results from Audience Dive - 4 interesting topics a month to demonstrate our capabilities 1) Figure out 2 topics that we want to deliver at the beginning of the month and start collecting data 2) In the middle of the month - see and evaluate collected data 3) In the middle of the month - add 2 more topics for collection 4) End of the month create a report with 4 topics as a landing page in MailChimp 5) End of the month - create a targeted list of receivers 6) End of the month - create email template and send Audience campaign in MailChimp Social posts Socials posts Types/numbers of posts suggested weekly for Twitter/FB/LinkedIn content+image creation content+image creation content+image creation content+image creation weekly posts 1 2 3 4 Types of posts: - exhibitions - product updates - company news (employees/achievements/corporate events) - industry related content - CEO message (video) - how to? - holidays Products Products All Products All Products AudienceDive PeopleSpotting MarketSpotting DataSpotting Tagging/Viewing Upcoming Releases Upcoming Products Products versions Responsibilities: - assigning tasks - testing done tasks - designing UI - brainstorming features Tagging/viewing - April New Market Spotting version Other changes in features Panel for leads generation - April Analysis Analytical work Clients reports Clients Reports A: Z: I: once in 2 weeks time needed 2 days weekly time needed ___ days weekly time needed ___ days Leads lists Data Spotting LeadGen requests 1. Get initial requests 2. See if other info needed and study feasibility 3. Get back to the customer to confirm parameters of search + data format in the table 4. After confirmation - find executor, provide him parameters and ask to do a sample list (10) 5. Provide sample to the customer 6. After approval by customer - ask executor to start collection 7. When collected - send to customer Project 1 Project 3 Project 4 Project 2 and so on... 1. Feasibility study for new potential customers 2. Creating and building accounts for new customers 3. Editing existing accounts 4. Daily accounts checks Accounts related tasks Accounts Work week load overview Work week 1. Four socials updates - 1 full day of work 2. Weekly report ZIM - 1 full day of work 3. Weekly report Incubit - 1 full day of work 4. ARD report - 2 days (once in 2 weeks) 5. HLS Report - 1 full day (once a month) 6. Product coordination - depending on tasks 7. Audience newsletter - 1 full day + 2 days (a month) researching topics and building audiences data 8. Accounts status 1 hour daily 9. Work with accounts - depending on tasks 10. where to put leads projects???

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