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Transcript: SCOPE OF WORK KEERAT KAUR BRANDING BRAND IDENTITY - Target Audience (Age, Geography, Occupation, Preference) - Specifics Quarter Sales Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4 Packaging Design Regional Performance Regional Performance National Performance National Performance BLOG STRUCTURE BLOG Today's Shedule Blog Calendar 09:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 Content Curation Explanation of your department How we fit How we fit Goals Goals Goal 1 Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 2 SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR Today Day 2 Day 4 Day 5 Partner Up Day 3 Certification Certification Results Results WHO ARE THEY? Stylists SOP & Training - measuring tape - form -customisation options - fabric swatches -recommensations - knowledge of customers pereferences - graduates - upcoming bloggers - well spoken individuals with knowledge of mens fashion/fabric and trends. Tools STYLISTS NETWORK - how to take an appointment - getting the form filled - how to create and present the trunk filled with clothes and accessories - how to take measurements COLLABORATIONS COLLABORATIONS Designers - Collaborations with Accessory Designers for the Try & Buy Service - Capsule collections in collaboration with designers - Designers Bloggers - Collaborations with bloggers for social media contests/ featured posts/ blog posts on a barter or paid basis. - Collaborations with bloggers for Fashion Week appearances. Bloggers Fashion Portals & Other Platforms - Association with well known fashion portals and platforms for promotion and awareness, especially during the launch of the brand. - Listing and positioning on well known e-commerce websites. Fashion Portals & Other Platforms PHOTOSHOOTS PHOTOSHOOTS WEBSITE BANNERS WEBSITE BANNERS BLOG STORIES BLOG STORIES SOCIAL MEDIA FLAT LAYS AND CONCEPT SHOOTS SOCIAL MEDIA FLAT LAYS AND CONCEPT SHOOTS WEBSITE WEBSITE Inputs on Website Aesthetics Inputs on Website Aesthetics Wear It With Options & Style Advise/ Tips Wear It With Options & Style Advise/ Tips

Scope of work

Transcript: Scope Of Work Burlington Country Club Our Promise Our Locations Partnerships and awards Testimonials TAC Service at your doorstep Work Requirements Work Requirements In this statement you should include the description of tasks which the project will require. This will include what tasks need to be completed IN ORDER for successful completion of the project/contract. Note the sample schedule below: Kick Off Kick Off Internal meeting with SME, vCIO, and engineers to determine clients needs and to review Odyssey Discovery. * Engineers are assigned specific roles for optimum efficient Design Phase Design Phase Work in Connect wise to build out quotes for material * Collaborate with engineers to determine what will be successful in the environment * Submit proposal for client to approve * Receive written approval of quote and begin ordering product once payment is received. Build Phase Build Phase Usherwood will complete all coding for approved site design * Usherwood will provide a detailed testing plan * Usherwood will include all content the client requested from old computers and servers * Usherwood will conduct work with previous IT provider if applicable to get access and test environments * Usherwood will resolve any issues related to previous IT provider or outside vendor * Present written status at weekly meeting Implementation Phase Implemantation Phase * Usherwood’s Engineers will implement the newly ordered equipment. * Usherwood will run required software and configure the all aspects of the network enviornment * Present written status updates with client when milestones are reached. Project Handoff Project Hand off * Usherwood will provide with all documentation in accordance with the approved project plan * Usherwood will begin monthly managed services * vCIO will schedule quarterly business reviews every 90 days * Usherwood will provied any necessary training Other Requirments Other Requirements Any special requirements, security for example, should be described in this section of the SOW. There should also be a description of an IT access restrictions or downtime. Phone Systems Print Enviornment Phone Systems Phone System Security Security Signed Agreement Signed Agreement This is the section the vCIO will determine how the customer will accept the deliverables based on this SOW. If Accepted it must be clarified that all deliverables are understood by all parties. This section should also include how both Usherwood and the client will work together. Our Team Signitures vCIO ___________ vCIO IP __________ Client ____________ Client IP ___________ Engineer ___________ Engineer IP __________

Scope of Work

Transcript: Data gathering and Requirements Analysis Start Request for office forms and documents 5. User training for the whole twelve (12) Athletico sites and software update (based on additional client requirements upon using the system). User training Beta Release Follow-up interview Phase Four: Present to client the analysis result Overall system design review Initial requirements analysis 1. Collection of transactional information from Athletico and confirmation and finalization of user requirements Additional phone Support Programming and Testing 3 Release Candidate 1 6. Turn-over of the software and system documentation to the client with additional six-month phone support. 2. Design of the new system and periodic consultation with future users. Requirements analysis 5 Additional phone Support During the Data Gathering and Requirements Analysis phase, the compiled data and client requirements are collated with the participation of the client’s representative. Requirements coverage will be fully evaluated. System update 4 6 Project Evaluation Requirements analysis Phase Three: The project will be evaluated throughout the entire development lifecycle. Several evaluation tools and methodologies will be applied from the different phases identified on this document’s project scope section. System Installation and Testing Athletico Presentation Transition and additional support Platforms Requirements analysis Alpha Release User interface design Use Case design • On System Design phase, there will be consultation with the client on a regular basis. Interface in watch OS User Training and System updates 3. Implementation of the system design, scheduled user-testing, usability testing, and system documentation. 4. Installation of the web application, non-functional system test, and client acceptance test. End Additional interview For the schedules of the evaluation process, see Timeline Gantt charts. System Design Initial interview sessions Phase Two: User interface design Client consultation on database Turn-over of software and system documentation User interfaces for applications Phase Five: Client consultation on User Interface Release Candidate 2 Database design Phase One: Database design Client consultation on User Interface Scope of Work • The third and fourth phase has continuous project evaluation and testing both from the development team and from the user and client side. Summarize data gathered Client consultation on Use Case Phase Six: Client consultation on database Considering the magnitude of the project, it will be divided into six major phases for the entire 24-month project scope. Additional 6 months Month 1 Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Month 9 Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test First Week Second Week Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Usability Test Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Month 10 until Month 24 Week 4 Month 7 2 Month 4 Client System Review Client System Review Software Testing Software Testing Software Testing Software Testing System Documentation System Documentation System Documentation System Documentation Third Week Fourth Week Month 24 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 2 1 Month 3 Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Acceptance Testing Programming Programming Programming Programming Final Release Final Release Month 8 Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test Non-Functional Test

Scope of Work

Transcript: Successes Conduct an analysis of physical activity school policies that needs to be changed to ensure successful implementation of organizational policies. Conducted research Thought about what level I see myself intervening at (policy, systems, or environmental) Currently interested in intervening at the environmental level Next Steps Blog post Discussed the interaction between humans and the environment How the environment impacts our health and overall wellbeing SBWC are incredibly important yet imperfect tool in addressing health inequities; one piece of a large and complex puzzle Develop a brief to strengthen the case on why organizational policies that increase physical activity impact educational attainment and equity. Demonstrate an understanding of school based health care delivery in L.A. County and statewide, including challenges with accessing care and opportunities to improve adolescent health. Advancing The L.A. Trust's Strategic Goals Deepen the understand of the Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) Change policymaking process and where you would most like to get involved in your career Challenges Rosario and Kelly for working on the internship program on top of their regular work responsibilities Sang for being a great leader who is incredibly helpful in pushing my thinking while also managing to be encouraging For creating a work culture that is positive and really focuses on health Deborah for having great ideas and pushing me to think in a different way All Trust staff and interns for being nice, helpful and and welcoming Visited two school sites - Washington Prep and Jordan High Had great conversations with people who are actually on the ground Wrote policy brief Far from perfect Building relationships - coffee breaks, lunch breaks, Trustings, etc. Getting to know more of Downtown LA Allowing myself to be the beginner Yes - the scorecard and the policy brief can help to increase access to physical activity opportunities, improving overall wellness Wrote policy brief advocating for increasing physical activity on school sites Working with Deborah and Sang on edits Can be used to show school personnel how important PA is, as well as some ideas for how to increase PA on campus Positives/challenges of the SBHC model Learning more about what I look for in a work culture/environment The L.A. Trust places a high value on wellness and has a positive and welcoming work environment Conversations can change minds Lessons Learned Policy analysis Conducted research around checklists and other means of measurement Compared and contrasted the LAUSD's Blueprint for Wellness and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Framework for Best Practices Scorecard Used analysis to create checklist that compares the B4W and Alliance framework C4C Grant - Physical Activity Appreciations Scope of Work Getting in contact with school personnel over the summer Not a physical activity/C4C expert Managing up Commute - takes SO MUCH TIME Demonstrate an understanding of school based health care delivery in L.A. County and statewide, including challenges with accessing care and opportunities to improve adolescent health Deepen the understand of the Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) Change policymaking process and where you would most like to get involved in your career Conduct an analysis of physical activity school policies that needs to be changed to ensure successful implementation of organizational policies Develop a brief to strengthen the case on why organizational policies that increase physical activity impact educational attainment and equity Graduate school - MPH in Health Behavior & Health Education Planning to take Urban Health or Healthy Cities class my first semester Sam Henstell

Scope of Work

Transcript: Data Measured -What questions do we ask? Dangers of the Ending Phase We recommend establishing a transition monitoring team. Alumni Association: Background -54% of donors to Seattle University are Alumni. -In 2014/15 there were 64 programs offered to alumni and 3,827 engaged alumni (up 46% from 2013/14.) -92% of Alumni polled said that they would say their decision to attend SU was good/great. Alumni Association Project-Scope One: The Seattle University Alumni Association would like to have a better understanding of how to apply metrics to quantify and improve the Alumni Association’s growth, development, and effectiveness moving forward. Alumni Association Project-Scope Two: The Seattle University Alumni Association would like strategy input to help seamlessly integrate Magis Alumni group into the existing Alumni Association in a short period of time and justify the change management, show how successful it is. Current Situation Establish that this is a time to step back and take stock, a time to question the “usual." Provide opportunities for others to step back and take stock. Provide training in the techniques of discovery and innovation. Embrace losses, setbacks, or disadvantages as entry points into new solutions. Step 1: A clear and realistic shared vision. Step 2: Understand the differences. Step 3: Know the people. Step 4: Define and implement the processes and tools. Step 5: Engage, Engage and Engage. 3. Be sensitive to how data-gathering questions will change over time. -Over the next decade or two, the largest transfer of wealth in history will take place. -This should be watched closely by any organization that is affected by philanthropy. The same data could yield drastically different results. - Gathering and analyzing essential data. - Creating a histogram to further understand the scoring model. - Deploying alumni attitude and event surveys. - Using data to inform future planning. - Use regression and cluster analysis. - Determine NPS changes and trends - comparison to different times, events, and institutions. - Compare correlations between different engagement variables to create predictive models. Additional Findings Background Continued - Apathy is the real rival. Agenda The Seattle University Alumni Group would like to have a better understanding of how to apply metrics to quantify and improve the Alumni Association’s growth, development, and effectiveness moving forward. Event-Centered Data Measured Findings -Engagement variables: - Social media posts and comments. -Alumni Attitude Surveys -Up to date info including: -Employment, contact, address or at least zip code. Scope of Work Seattle University Alumni Association We recommend undergoing activities that strengthen the intra-group bond. -Research: -Utilization of Managing Transitions text - specifically how to guide through the "ending phase." - Expert opinions from online sources. - Case studies. Using Data to Inform Strategy High Failure Rates -Social Media "likes" and "follows" -R.S.V.P.'s -Who is invited? How? When? -Who attended? -Income earned -Email opened Alumni Association: Scope Two -Now that you have models, we can use these to assist in resource allocation. -Example: Marquette University's 16-point engagement model Recommendations How to Guide Group Through Endings Move individuals around in the offices, make sure that people are getting to know each other and that there is no isolation of groups. 1. Build a consistent core of techniques and stick to it. -Figure out what is minimally necessary. -Make changes slowly 2. Adopt a visualization technique for Seattle -Pair it with an engagement model like Marquette's 16 point model. -Find the "bright spots" and the areas that need improvement. Recommendations Manipulate the Data -How do we obtain the right answers? Recommendations Protect your people from further changes. Review current policies and procedures. Set short-range goals for people to aim toward. Find out what supervisors and managers need to learn to function in transition period. People-Centered Data Measured Approach -Create a "Plan of Attack." -For the next 3 months, create weekly meetings to "check in" with the group as a whole. -Schedule out meetings with the transition monitoring team. -Continue meeting with the individuals of the team in a one-on-one setting to promote sense of security and trust. Long Term Recommendations -Dan Spencer -Kevin McBride -Katherine Van Allen -Jilly Si -Ivan Young -Accept and understand people's emotions. -Allow for time to accept change and let go. -Communicate openly and listen with empathy. -Emphasize how people will apply skills once change is implemented. -Educate on the new system. Problems and Things to Avoid - Some alumni associations believe that “friend-raising” has connection with “fund-raising.” - SUAA should not focus only on holding events, reunions, parties, etc. The focus should be more on how to attract and engage alumni. - Alumni Associations opening up.

Scope of Work

Transcript: Scope of Work for Restaurant Opening ----------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------- --------------- ---- - Kreea --------------- --------- T- 90 Blue Sky Thinking T - 90 Restaurant Concept - ideate. shortlist. explore feasibility. decide. Menu - product core. variety. Sales Verticals - dine in. delivery. take away. Forecasting - existing trade area sales. potential. Restaurant Name - ideate. decide. T - 75 Designing T - 75 Licences - liaise and explore compliance. Space Allocation - co-ordination with design team. Functional Essentials - back of the house. utilities. kitchen. front of the house. Team Composition - organogram. capacity. capability. T - 60 Execution T - 60 Vendor Sourcing Hiring Timelines Onboarding Vendor Sourcing and Finalisation - software. hardware. kitchen and service ware. non consumables. Menu - recipes. costing. controls. Hiring - recruitment drives. shortlisting. interviews. offer letters. Onboarding - core F&B team (chef, manager, supervisors). T - 30 Pre-Opening T - 30 Training Marketing and PR Plan Food Trials Simulations T - 0 Restaurant Opening T - 0 Performance Check Marketing Utilities Check Showtime Performance Check - job certification. Utilities Check - equipment performance. Marketing - blogger meets. preview dinners. co-ordination. Showtime - smooth flow. course correction. T + 7 Post-Opening T + 7 Refresher Training Processes - consistency. quality. Customers - reviews. feedback. Making it Stick Making it Stick Audits and Refresher Trainings Customer Relationship Management Performance Measures - business. people. Content Development Delivery Module Marketing and PR Interventions - verticals driven.

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