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Scientific poster

Transcript: WHY OUR CULTURES WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE ROMANS AND THE GREEKS How old civilizations are still present in everything we do. Science Origin of our questioning: We wanted to know how important old civilizations' influence is nowadays. Mathematics Definition of culture: A set of rules and traditions inherited from people gathered together around common aspects. Our statement : The Romans and the Greeks are everywhere around us. Our cultures are based on what they did and how they saw the world. Many famous mathematicians were greek: Euclid, Pythagoras, Thales. Politics Architecture Nowadays, we use greek letters as names for variables in maths problems. Rome and Greece both had a major impact on the architecture of western civilization. We still use concrete, brick and glass which were all invented by the Romans and the Greeks. The Romans and the Greeks were already setting up the bases of our political system. Astronomy The word "Planet" comes from the greek "Planetes" which means wanderer. In Occident, the planets of the Solar System are named after the Ancient Roman Gods Its favorite architecture shape, the arch, is still being used today especially for government and capital buildings. The popularity of the architectures remained because the idea was so practical. Our modern politic systems still takes inspiration from them and their values. Democracy Traditions Art Language dêmos + kratos "La Bise" Kissing as a greeting goes back to the Romans, who had three different types of kisses: "suāvium" (romantic kiss), "osculum" (religious/friendly kiss) and "bāsiāre" (greeting kiss). "Bāsiāre" is the root of the modern French word for kiss “le baiser” (shortened to “la bise“). Latin and Greek are the bases of many languages in Europe, French in particular. The art of ancient Greece and Rome has inspired artists for over 25 hundred years. Great modern artists have in fact been deeply inspired by ancient and classical art. Variations of the Greek ideal of beauty were adopted during the Renaissance. Monotheism Western religions were significantly influenced by the emergence of Christianity in the late 4th century and particularly by its adoption as the state church of the Roman Empire. The rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts on moral philosophy, poetry, history, rhetoric and grammar gave rise to the Renaissance concept of humanism References : Vinum in Latin which gave Wine in English and "Vin" in French.

Scientific poster

Transcript: Stop Child Labor Introduction Introduction “Child labor” is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. The main aim is to eliminate the child labor in fashion industry. Background Around 260 million children are in employment around the world, according to the International Labor Organization .Because the machinery used to do most of the work, it is too costly for many manufacturers in the developing world, and is done by hand and by children. The idea is that their tiny fingers are particularly good at it. Background Statistics Statistics World statistics 1 Methods Methods The methods include analyzing the ill effects to child labor and finding the causes to it. Ill effects of child labor Ill effects of child labor Reasons for child labor Reasons Solutions About 90% of child labor can be eradicated by following the procedures and results. Solutions Solutions Conclusion Conclusion According to reports, the major reasons for child labor was poverty. Parents send their children to work for cheap labor. They are subjected to slavery in the workplaces. The 5 key steps can bring awareness and stop child labor completely. Further, the survey shows that developing countries have used child labor for Hand work like embroidery, Dyeing, cotton picking etc. Micro-credit schemes was a Pakistan model that helped them eliminate the root cause to Child labor.

Scientific poster

Transcript: Algae fuel Algae harvesting,1518,776653,00.html Algae oil extraction Properties of algae Nowadays, the price of fossil fuels continues to rise and becomes very expensive. On the contrary, the amount of petroleum will gradually decline while the demand increases. Some new bioenergys emerged, like making biodiesel from sugar cane. But the major problem is the competition between the crops for the fuel and the cultivated lands for food production. Algae fuel can solve this problems. More costly Provide concentrated CO2 Mechanical methods Expression Ultrasonic-assisted extraction Chemical methods Hexane solvent method Soxhlet extraction Supercritical fluid extraction Controlled environment More efficient Can be installed in desert Economic viability and prospects Algae fuel production needs high investments which are the main obstacle to this new green technology. Investors are reluctant to support this projects because they are not enough competitive with conventional fuels and the returns on the investments are uncertain. Moreover, some technological barriers have to be lifted, like the oil extraction which is the most expensive step. But if the increase of fossil fuel's price continues, algae oil will come economically viable and more investors will develop this industry. Every country will gain in energy autonomy without competing with croplands. Finally, it opens a door to a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Competition between algae and bacteria Vulnerable to viral infection Bibliographical sources Filtration Centrifugation Flocculation Fast growing CO2 is taken out of atmosphere Grow in seawater or wastewater Size from 0.5 µm to 50 m Important number of strains Photobioreactor Cultivate algae Open ponds Was the pioneer CO2 is taken out of atmosphere Cheaper than PBR Introduction The highest yield Operation scheme

scientific poster

Transcript: Scientific Poster Introduction Introduction An introduction outlines your investigation topic, question, background research, your aims and hypothesis What to include What to include What is your topic? Why you are undertaking the investigation? Relevant Background Information (referenced) Previous studies (referenced) Aim Hypothesis Tips Most information for this section should be recorded in your logbook Keep it as brief and concise as you can Include photographs (VCAA, n.d) to easily convey what your investigation is about (this can also cut down your word usage). Tips Methodology Your methodology should outline how you undertook your investigation, what equipment you used and the steps you took Methodology What to Include Outline the steps you took to undertake your investigation The materials you used with measurements if relevant The equipment you used Include health and safety issues and any ethical issues you faced What to Include Methodology Tips This information should be outlined in your logbook Include pictures and diagrams (this can cut down your word usage) You don't need to include smaller scale pilot studies on your poster but do include them in your logbook Keep it concise Give enough detail so that the investigation could be undertaken by someone else (VCAA, n.d) Tips Results The results section should outline the results that you found and be expressed in the appropriate format (VCAA, n.d). You also need to outline what your results show (Long & Elizer, 2009) but do not explain why in this section. Results What to include After you have analysed your data, choose a small number of graphs and figures that best represent your data. The graphs chosen should show trends (VCAA, n.d) You should briefly describe what is shown in each graph, including significant numbers but do not interpret the data (WHAT but not WHY) What to Include Tips Choose the graphs and figures that best represent your data Do not include graphs, figures or tables that show the same information (VCAA, n.d) room is precious and repeating information is unnecessary Remember to label your graphs axes Label your tables and figures Tips Discussion Discuss and interpret your findings Discussion What to Include Analyze your results-was this what you expected (refer to your hypothesis) why/why not? What have other studies found? What are possible explanations for your results? Were there limitations to your study? What? Why? How could you improve the study? What to Include Tips Be concise Reference all resources you use in the correct format Tips Conclusion Your conclusion will include a concluding statement that will state if your hypothesis was supported. You will also outline limitations and possible future research directions from your investigation. Conclusion What to include What to Include A concluding statement Was your hypothesis supported? What were the limitations of your study? -What parameters were not included in your investigation? For example seasonal differences, time of day fluctuations Where could you take your investigation in the future? References You need to include a section with acknowledgments and references. Acknowledgments Who helped you with your study? References A list of information sources you cited throughout your poster References Ask your teacher about the correct referencing style to use Hints and Tips Hints and Tips Be brief and concise-your word count is 600 words (VCAA, n.d). Think about how you set out your poster- it needs to flow logically (Alley, n.d). Can be electronic or hard copy (VCAA, n.d)- you can easily customise a PowerPoint slide (Click the design tab-slide size-custom slide size). Use appropriate colours, fonts and font size. Keep it simple (MakeSigns, 2019). An abstract is not necessary for a scientific poster (VCAA, n.d) but ensure this is the case with your teacher. Choose what you include wisely so that the poster is not crowded and confusing. Use visual aids. Pictures, diagrams and photos can help to keep your word count down. Reference all sources you have used, using an appropriate referencing method, check with your teacher about which method to use. Information for your introduction, methodology, results and some information for your discussion should already be in your logbook. Remember to draft your poster and show it to your teacher


Transcript: How to SCIENTIFIC POSTER MAKE By Blessing Adogame The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research. -Duncan MacDonald Profile Profile Anjel Nama: Anjeli Primeisa TTL: Bengkulu,7 Mei 2000 Email: Instagram: @anprimeisa Pendidikan: SMA: SMAN 1 Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu SMP: SMPN 1 Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu SD: SDN 09 Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu TK: TK Kemala Bhayangkari R/L Bengkulu Uung Nama: Nurul Zataishmah TTL: Palembang, 25 Mei 2000 Email: Instagram: @nurulzataishmah Pendidikan: MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong SMPN 1 Palembang SD Lematang Lestari TK Lematang Lestari Apa bedanya dengan poster lain (contoh: poster publik)? ILMIAH? ? kenapa disebut POSTER ILMIAH? General Rules General Rules Desain poster dibuat dalam bentuk digital dengan format .jpg, ukuran A1, posisi vertikal, color mode RGB, resolusi 300 pixel/inch, menggunakan aplikasi umum (CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop) Isi poster memuat alur pikir yang jelas yaitu: latar belakang, permasalahan, tujuan, metode, hasil/temuan, kesimpulan/saran. Structure SCIENTIFIC POSTER STRUCTURE & DESIGN BANNER Topic Topic ABSTRAK Main Problem Aim Method Result Discussion Conclusion Topic INTRODUCTION Background Aim/Objectives Significance Topic METHODS Flowchart Narative Graphic Table Narative RESULT Topic DISCUSSION Other Research Current Gold Standard (diagnostic/treatment) Table/Narrative Topic CONCLUSION Must answer the aim/objective based on the result REFERENCES Harvard Vancouver 90% Presentation PRESENTATION Be Yourself Proper introduction Use your poster Eye contact No fillers Make a 'Jargon' Find your supervisor/tutor/mentor “There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” -Oprah Winfrey Scientific Basic The Basic Portal Garuda Ejournal Kedokteran Indonesia Jurnal Medika NCBI Medscape Cochrane Library Pubmed Health Highwire Wolters Kluwer Rxlist References References Turnitin Viper Small Seo Tools Plagiarismsoftware Essay Checker ( Dupli Checker Quetext Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism Checker Citation VANCOUVER STYLE CHECK THESE POSTER!

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