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Science Experiment PowerPoint

Transcript: RNK Presents: BOILER ALERT: THE Experiment By: Andrew R, Philip N, & Chris K THE QUESTION Which liquid has the lowest boiling point? THE LIQUIDS 1. water 2. vegetable oil 3. vinegar THE VARIABLES Manipulated Varible: The different liquids Responding Variable: Temperature where liquids boil Controlled variables: Amount of liquid, Increased temperature rate THE HYPOTHESIS If different liquids are increased in temperature at the same rate, then water will boil in the lowest temperature. THE MATERIALS •Boiler •Teapot • Water •Vinegar •Vegetable Oil THE PROCEDURE 1. Put 200ml of one liquid into the teapot 2.Put teapot on boiler. 3. Set boiler on high. 4. When bubbling, record temperature and time it took. 5. Reapeat for the rest of the liquids. Vegetable Oil took 3:36 to boil and boiled at 52 degrees celcius. Vinegar took 5:10 to boil and boiled at 81 degrees celcius THE CONCLUSION Something that we could've performed more accurately was starting and stopping the stop watch at the correct time. This could be performed more accurately by paying better attention to the liquid and the stopwatch. Another experiment we could perform would be testing the density of the liquids and comparing that to the boiling point to see if there was any connection. As you can see, the liquid molecules are spread out, but not as much as gas molecules. The gas molecules are even more spread out than the liquids. This is what the molecules looked like after the liquid was boiled. Water took 4:15 to boil and it boiled at 80 degrees celcius. Vegetable Oil took 3.36 to boil and boiled at 52 degrees celcius. Our hypothesis that the water would boil at the lowest temperature was incorrect. Our data shows that the vegetable oil boiled at the lowest temperature. Responding Variable: Temperature where liquids boil THE RESULTS

Powerpoint experiment

Transcript: There’s a reason to be skeptical though, bring about famine due to ineffectual farming practices such as the use of GMOs, irregular crop rotations or the failure of massive singular type crops Can we learn about human nature without the contours of society? the latest Lance Armstrong scandal Knowledge can cause collapse in math in that knowledge is built up, the it could cause the collapse of a theory Is there ever a point where we should stop pursuing knowledge? Which can of tuna do you choose? If we were able to design a bio weapon that could be tailored to a specific individual or group, who would be in charge of saying ye or nay? How ethical is it to endanger the environment for the benefit of progress? Prime candidates are Santa Easter Bunny Tooth Fairy all your childhood dreams irreversibly deplete natural resources because of over population due to significantly increased birth rates Apocalypse: Penicillian, we found the miracle drug, but insted there was a deadly war and we lost many lives in the process Does the confines of societal norm and acceptability limit our pursuit of knowledge? begin a global atomic war creation of a deadly virus ( causing mass moralities/ zombies) Why do we lie to ourselves when the evidence has dire consequences? (global warming) Microwave Safe Best Flavor Should there be ethical regulations about large consequence knowledge ? What are the ethical codes about knowledge on a high impact scale? Who is more responsible: the third world farmer who doesn't know or the man who drives an SUV two blocks to work each day? Human Sciences John Nash Nash equilibrium Situtation where no one loses Ethics Progress for the sake of progress, is another way of saying that we need to advance in technology just because we have the means to do so. Is an older student ethically responsible for exposing the lie that his paren't told him, to help in his pursuit of knowledge? What misconceptions do we have about theories vs. proven facts? or the Mayan Calendar where we learn that some people will make the wildest claims to get on the news "There is one not-so-tiny flaw in all of these theories for the increase in mass shootings, and that is that mass shootings have not increased in number or in overall body count, at least not over the past several decades." -The Los Angeles Times Many people dismiss Global warming as just a theory, the same as if if you or I were to hypothisize whether it will rain or not tomorrow. The difference between a colloquial theory and a scientific theory is that to be considered a scientific theory, 95% of the scientific community must agree with the statement. One problem that arises is that of industry: all factories that can help a developing country progress are harmful to the environment. Can knowledge itself be the cause of collapse? When the system is no longer available: Adam Smith theory overriden Is the progress in knowledge of weapons leading us to war and by consequence collapse? ( a third world war) Can a lack of information be the cause of collapse? People have been making predictions about the end of the world, through out all of history based on the information available to them at the time. Why do we go gaga over numbers? ( statistically manipulated) History advance progression of global warming "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them." ― -Ray Bradbury Ignorance is bliss and knowledge is the collapse of that happiness Anticipating "A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." -Mark Twain Are news reports biased towards disaster in order to get better ratings? Math But experts say it's the spectacular nature of the attacks that give public mass shootings such impact beyond the affected communities, with intense media coverage lending extra piquance: five or six or even seven attacks in one year may not be statistically significant, but they're emotionally resonant. Maximize Value Ethical code Efficiency Ease Satisfaction Is it possible for human knowledge to progress to point where it becomes detrimental to the well being of society or our planet at large? Can we confide in previous knowledge if we cant trust future data? Is scientific data framed to promote the psyche of collapse? in march 1998 smithsoinan Astrophysical oberservarory cambridge massachusets mile wide asteriod 1997 XF11 thurday october 26 2028 within 30,000mi of the earth (moon is 240,000) Facts are ever changing, our paradigms are always shifting science of anesthesiology Biology: a single gene codes for a single trait Are scientists more likely to focus on extremes because of funding? Causes problems in ethics because the more we know the more responsible we are Cure- disease Real Life Situation: proper formatting of an excel speadsheet A few examples: pchology of belief why predictions fail people try to get others to believe more so theyre the oes who commit themselves surrounded by others, the pycological

Science Experiment

Transcript: Brainstorm What is my project about? Well, I'm interested in microorganisms like mold. Hey! I could do my experiment on mold! I know what my question is! It's: What conditions keep mold from growing on bread? Research Mold Facts The average growth time for mold is anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Bread mold can be any color from orange to green. Results Well my results were that if you leave bread in the bathroom for at least 2 weeks it will grow mold The bread slices 1 & 3 in the bathroom was the only place with mold & all the other locations had no mold. I ended my experiment early because my dad accidentally threw away my Controls while he was cleaning out the fridge. Of the eight locations and three controls, two of three slices in my bathroom grew mold. I can see that I would not want to leave a loaf of bread in a bathroom or leave bread outside. I would not want an animal to eat my bread or bread growing mold. I had to end my experiment early because my controls were compromised. My hypothesis matched about half my data. My hypothesis was that mold would grow in my bathroom and my mom's car. I was a little surprised about no mold growing in my mom's car, but I guess that is just how it turned out. I did notice that in humid areas, like bathroom, mold grew. If I had additional time there may have been mold in more areas. If I tried my experimant in more places and different times during the year, I may get better, worse or the same results. If you kept bread in a freezer, it would be less likely to grow mold over a period of about three weeks to a couple months. (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr The experiment time was from 11/11/11-12/7/11 (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Bread mold growth varies upon the type of bread owned Conclusion (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr My Moldy Weeks Science Project of 2011-2012 (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr

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