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School Security Camera Presentation Template

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Security Camera

Transcript: Best Security Camera Muneer Ponnissery 60099353 Misnad Muneer 60098106 Introduction Introduction 3 Different Security Cameras. Comparing their features. Will recommend one which is the best suited for a warehouse. Solutions Solutions Lorex Lorex Google Nest Cam Google Nest Cam Arlo Pro 3 Arlo Pro 3 Criteria Criteria Field of View Field of View Field of view refers to how much the angle between the two edges of the cameras display is. Storage Type Storage Type Storage type refers to how the recorded footage are saved. Resolution Resolution is the video quality of the footage from the security cameras. Resolution Comparison Comparison Field of View (Degrees) Field of View Lorex - 160 Google Nest Cam - 130 Arlo Pro 3 - 180 Storage Type Storage Type Lorex - Cloud and Local Google Nest Cam - Cloud Arlo Pro 3 - Cloud Resolution Resolution Lorex - up to 4K Google Nest Cam - up to 1080p Arlo Pro 3 - up to 2K Recommendation Recommendation Lorex is the best solution after comparing using the criteria mentioned above. References References Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner, Chief Editor. (2022, June 2). Best Home Security Cameras of 2022. Security.Org. Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner, Chief Editor. (2022, June 2). The Ultimate Guide to Home Security Cameras. Security.Org. Arlo Pro 3 Review: A smart security choice. (2021, June 22). [Photograph]. Delaney, J. R. (2022, May 20). The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras for 2022. PCMAG. Fraze, J. (2022, March 22). 2022 Buying Guide for Home Security Cameras & Wireless Video Systems. SafeHome.Org. Google’s new Nest cameras and doorbell have lower prices and more smarts. (2021, August 5). [Photograph]. Kinney, J. (2022, May 13). Best Home Security Cameras of 2022. U.S. News. Lorex Security Cameras Review. (2022, May 16). [Photograph]. (2022, May 24). The Best Security Cameras of 2022.

Security Camera Development

Transcript: Laws and practice of monitoring “The detection component would monitor, heart rate…skin response…EMG, brain signals, respiration rate, body temperature, facial movements, facial expressions and blood pressure." The introduction of the Nanny Cam leads to a demand for smaller, higher quality surveillance cameras, which causes a boom in the surveillance camera industry. This really drives the development of security camera monitoring hardware forward into the modern age. Workers compensation fraud could now be contested with the implementation of security cameras in the workplace. Employers simply had to show evidence of employees attempting to commit compensation fraud to deal with cases quickly. "Technology does not proceed solely through its own momentum, as implied by technological determinism; its development is strongly influenced by existing social and political arrangements. technological changes may take place because they advance the interests of a particular group." ( Volti 29) Siemens AG built the very first CCTV camera system in 1942. The 1970’s saw the beginning of camera surveillance of traffic and sports stadiums How Does Employee Monitoring Change Behavior? Businesses that were more likely to be stolen from, like banks and convenient stores, were the places that security camera monitoring began making its greatest inroads. 1960 - The first reported use of a security camera system to monitor a large crowd on Guy Fawkes night. How Does Employee Monitoring Impact the Workplace? 1967 saw the first use of security camera systems by businesses for security surveillance. In 1969 it was estimated that 67 security cameras had been installed in total throughout the UK. Corporate Changes with Monitoring 10 New (And Legal) Ways Your Employer Is Spying On You. (n.d.). Retrieved from Retrieved from The Effects of Employee Monitoring | (n.d.). Retrieved from From Edison to Internet: A History of Video Surveillance. (n.d.). Retrieved from History of Video Surveillance and CCTV. (n.d.). Retrieved from Maxtag, Security Tagging, Cloud IP CCTV, Retail CCTV, Retail Security, Security Tags, Secure Live Merchandise Displays, baby & asset tagging UK, security camera installer, baby tagging. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Negative Effects of CCTV Workplace Surveillance | Le Mauricien. (n.d.). Retrieved from Video Security and CCTV Surveillance Blog - The History of Video Security Cameras [Infographic]. (n.d.). Retrieved from Workplace Monitoring Laws. (n.d.). Retrieved from Another interesting law says that if you are using the companies or employers internet network they still have the right to monitor you even if you are on your personal computer or cell phone. The development of security camera hardware created a technological fix. Developers did not consider how intrusive the technology could become, and the issue of employee monitoring is an ethical concern within the workplace today. With the development of security camera hardware, the technology available to perform employee monitoring was made possible for employers, which has paved the way for what employee monitoring is today. Here is an example of the The Video Tape Recorder Works Cited In the 1980’s security monitoring awareness rose among business owners, and the increasing demand for more and better camera systems drives the development of them further forward. In 1961, there was the first permanent use of a CCTV camera system in the UK - a permanent surveillance camera in a London train station. Laws Regarding Monitoring Laws Regarding Monitoring Are you being watched? Surveillance in our society. There many types of Employee Monitoring beside monitoring for security reasons. Some other types of monitoring that employers may use are monitoring for Productivity, Customer Service and Customers Issues. The Most controversial part of Employee Monitoring is Video Surveillance. Although some types of cameras are placed in Open areas, many cameras are hidden so employees will not notice them. Before the late 1930's the majority of development for camera hardware was for films. It wasn't until 1939 that small portable cameras began to appear, and one of these was the univex 8mm camera. It was possible for someone

school security presentation

Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY school security. introduction introduction I am here to speak on school security in the United States. Recent actions at schools like shootings, thefts, and threats happen more often now with social media and technology. I would also like to know how the United States is helping improve school security. the situation and solutions the situation and solutions The problem is that a lot of schools are being attacked by intruders. This is mostly being caused because schools do not have the right security and safety help. These problems can be fixed simply by making every school have at least 2 patrol officers in the school. Then there also could be a state or national law that is passed about the amount of powerful weaponary a citizen can hold so these intruders won't be able to attack the schools. example 1 example 1 A example of good solution schools have made for safety is when students at Permian High in Odessa, Texas went back to school. They saw that the campus had heavily increased there security with barbed wire, multiple cameras and patrol officers to make sure no intruders will be able to get in. These actions were taken after hearing that TJ soloman had been accused of shooting six classmates at a school in Georgia. I personally believe that these actions taken were the right decision because the students can no longer be scared and feel they are protected while learning. Other things that schools should improve security on is drugs and other inapropriate uses at school. I think Schools should crack down on drug use in school. We can stop these people by maybe checking bags or have scanners. Also if your school does not meet the funds to have these things they could have officers helping a lot with safety at the school. other reason for school security other reason for school security Gwynne S. Is Any Place Safe?. Time [serial online]. August 23, 1999;154(8):30. Available from: Middle Search Plus, Ipswich, MA. Accessed March 13, 2018. "Security system." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 6 Feb. 2018. Accessed 13 Mar. 2018. work cited work cited

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