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Transcript: Implementation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager No softwareupdate-deployment and management External OS-Deployment (fix image) Expiration of Trend Micro (anti-Virus-Solution) Manual software installations (none automatic installations) Integration Microsoft Forefront Entpoint Protection 2010 (FEP 2010) Central Software-Deployment OS-Deployment Update-Deployment Mr. Bender (Frontoffice) 60 no no Steering Board no yes Installation Server + SCCM Domainjoin required yes SCCM To-Do after Deployment (P2) Aufwand in Minuten Check FEP-Status Available Software : T: +49 621 384 8557 E: ja April SCCM (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr yes yes Management To-Do after Deployment (P1) Software Configuration OS-Deployment 1st-Level yes yes 1st-Level 1nd-Level Mr. Grabow (Bechtle AG) Project roadmap 60 Storagecraft IT Software deployment Mr. Ruhnke (Backoffice) MANAGEMENT Acronis Backup & Recovery Storagecraft IT Capturing an Image (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr OU-Settings required (AD) ++ Komplexität Administration and Monitoring Configuration FEP 2010 + Windows Update +++ (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Rename Devicename 2012 only HP-Devices ++ yes 60 Hardware Independent Restore +++ Applicable by no WSUS FEP 2010 Desired Configuration Management yes (EMEA) Erstellen des Images Time required Integration 1nstallation SCCM Remote möglich Windows Updates yes Complete standard software MWM VPN Remote use possible ++ no Software (-updates) Clonezilla Software Metering Clonezilla Deploying an Image Implementation FEP 2010 Project team 60 BitLocker Applicable by local IT (ja) nur HP-Geräte maybe yes no Acronis Backup & Recovery yes FI-I 30 Optimization + Training Asset Management Complexity MWM GmbH FI-I IT 5 no yes Storagecraft IT 1st-Level Aims Implementation SW-Deployment MANAGEMENT Operating Systems yes Inventory maybe San Francisco Applicable by SCCM yes no Acronis Backup & Recovery Storagecraft IT 1st-Level Start yes yes no Complexity Mr. Mertes (CIO) Power management ++ 1st-Level Internal Project team + Time required Clonezilla Maintenance 60 Anwendbar durch (cc) image by jantik on Flickr yes Driver- update (different HP-device) 30 yes Mobile Device Management yes Configuration SW-Deployment DEPLOYMENT Operating System SW-Update Implementation OS-Deployment 2nd-Level 1st-Level INTEGRATION yes yes 1st-Level 45 1st-Level SCCM MBAM STEVEN BENDER Today 2nd-Level 45 1st-Level 60 15 ++ yes nein Adobe Updates Storagecraft IT Spark Situation External Project team Features of SCCM 2007 R3 yes 2011 (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr + Acronis Backup & Recovery 60 yes SCCM Deployment no (jey) only HP-Devices Required time after deployment BitLocker Mr. Lehmann (Backoffice) Remote use possible Acronis Backup & Recovery 60 ++ ++ no nein Clonezilla yes Install OS-Updates +++ 60 no Clonezilla 45 no yes yes


Transcript: How many different types of pesos are there from countries in UNASAR? ANSWERS How many uniform tariffs are there throughout all particpants? History 2 Whats is the more common name for the Southern Common Market? Currency? Strength: Power The SCCM trade bloc is made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay(currently suspended), Uruguay, and Venezuela. Embargoes: a prohibition or restriction There is also a common Domestic tariff in each state. How many currencies are invoked in the SCCM? For one simple reason; trade between countries can create strong bonds and strengthens many ties. Tariff: a tax or fee for a product What larger group is Mercosur part of? Why do trading BLoc's exist? Paraguay 4 There is one common external tariff throughout the nations Mercosur is a custom union that is part of an integration process with another custom trade union. Trade Bloc UNASAR The most common currencies used within the SCCM are: Peso Real Guarani Bolivan 1994 A trade bloc is a type of intergovernmental agreement, often part of a regional intergovernmental organization, where regional barriers to trade, (tariffs and non-tariff barriers) are reduced or eliminated among the participating states. Tariffs: Embargoes: and Quotas SCCM: Mercosur The SCCM has the power to suspend one country from trading with other countries under the same agreement. Citations Questions Originated in 1985 with the PICE (Argentina Brazil integration and Economics Cooperation Program). Formed officially in 1994 with the treaty of Ouro Preto. Transition is taking place into UNASAR (more on that later) What area is UNASAR over? 4 Thank you for listening the SCCM does not have its own standing currency, however it does use multiple currencies from the countries it's over, and transfers currency to currency. Mercosur Miscellaneous South AMerica What country was recently suspended? Many countries are involved in Mercosur; Brazil Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Peru Venezuela Suriname Ecuodor Columbia What year was Mercosur officialy formed? Adean Community of Nations is the Union of Southern American Nations (UNASAR). Along with many other individual taxes on trading merchandise Template by Missing Link Images from Cordel King Jeffrey Holt


Transcript: sharafAldeen SCCM SMS SCCM Function SCCM Remote management Asset Management Deployment security You can use Configuration Manager to help you: Increase IT productivity and efficiency by reducing manual tasks and letting you focus on high-value projects. Maximize hardware and software investments. Empower user productivity by providing the right software at the right time. Configuration Manager helps you deliver more effective IT services by enabling: Secure and scalable software deployment. Compliance settings management. Comprehensive asset management of servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Asset Management Hardware inventory software inventory Asset intelligent Software metering Deployment Operating systems software update Application deployment security Network access protection (NAP) Endpoint protection Remote management wake on LAN remote controller Windows Installer (msi) Windows app package (appx or appxbundle) Windows app package in the Microsoft Store Microsoft App-V v4 and v5 macOS Windows Phone app package (xap) Windows Phone app package in the Microsoft Store App package for iOS (ipa) App Package for iOS from App Store App package for Android (apk) App package for Android on Google Play Windows Installer through MDM (msi) Web application What application types can we deploy? SCCM Requirements CPU (core) Memory Hard disk For best performance, use RAID 10 configurations for all data drives and a 1-Gbps Ethernet network. 8 16Gp 500Gp Extending shema Alternatives to SCCM Use Configuration Manager conditional access to manage access to Exchange email based on conditions you specify. You can manage access to: Microsoft Exchange On-premises Microsoft Exchange Online Exchange Online Dedicated You can control access to Exchange Online and Exchange On-premises from the built-in email client on the following platforms: Android 4.0 and later, Samsung KNOX Standard 4.0 and later iOS 9.0 and later Windows Phone 8.1 and later Mail application on Windows 8.1 and later Office desktop applications can access Exchange Online on PCs running: Office desktop 2013 and later with modern authentication enabled. Windows 7.0 or Windows 8.1 Manage email access in Configuration Manager edit text Reference


Transcript: SCCM Begin with these! OSD Imaging KB KB0020858 OSD Task Sequences- The Break Down CBI Exploring the Differences. Drivers we inject: *Laptop Vs Desktop Installed Applications Differences with the CBI Task vs Standard Task Patching Patching using SCCM The Advantages and How it Differs Distribution More Reliable Infrastructure for Patching The agents are checking in more reliably and the patching process is almost silent to the user. Patches download silently to the computer then if the machine needs to be restarted SCCM will let the user know through a notification in the lower right hand corner of their screen. Deployment 11 Distribution Points Monthly Release Filters the patches to a specific list that apply to our environment (Windows 7/10 machines) and creates a software update group that gets sent to the servers. Looks at the closest replication point and downloads from there. SilverPeak is still used to optimize patching traffic. Reporting Reporting After patches are deployed, there are several report that we can run to determine how successful the patching process was. Some of these include: Deployment progress Specific patches on a machine Patching errors. *We are planning to leverage SCCM to patch all VU locations with the December patch cycle. Application Deployment Application Deployment Deployments Select software and what collection Distribution Points How to schedule a deployment UTC vs Local vs ASAP What Our Users See Roll-out Process What about stragglers? Create deployments on compliance collections. These collections monitor computers and if a certain criteria is met, the computer gets added then software gets installed. SCCM Reporting Reporting and Compliance Collections Collections • Used to group workstations based on configuration, installed software, or other criteria • Can be used as targets for deployments • Highly dependent on the presence and functionality of the SCCM client Reporting Reporting • Easy “deployment summary” to gauge deployment progress and errors • Diverse range of reports that can provide 10K foot view on down to very granular information about a single workstation • Very deep custom reporting is possible based on SQL Report Builder Major Incident Major Incident Management The BIE Role Proposal/Approval Triage Role Who will see it first? Questions? Questions

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