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Transcript: Program Goal Garnered over 375 million impressions! HOW WE DID IT: Photo Results: Total pictures taken: 856 Facebook Posts (to personal pages): 578 Facebook Views of Photo opp: 1,295 Twitter Posts (to personal pages): 38 Twitter Post Views: 121 Photos sent to consumer's email: 664 Downloads (to their desktop): 1,631 Garnered over 179,382,955 impressions! 2,027,505,175 Impressions Photo Results: Total pictures taken: 64 Facebook Posts (to personal pages): 42 Facebook Views of Photo opp: 96 Twitter Posts (to personal pages): 3 Twitter Post Views: 9 Photos sent to consumer's email: 49 Downloads (to desktop): 121 Benchmarks Program Results HOW WE DID IT: Garnered over 341,745,235 impressions! 5 Broadcast Placements 2 Print Placements 28 National Online 1 Radio Broadcast Sponsored the food court at the State Fair of Texas Enlisted Travel Channel's Adam Richman (Man Vs. Food), to launch the "Tastiest Mess in Texas" contest Bounty "Clean Crews" were on hand to engage fair-goers with a fun photo activation and product demonstration 1st Stop: The State Fair of Texas Garnered over 529,629,343 impressions! 500 Million Impressions Bounty Select-A-Size Tackles Big Messes Photo Results: Total pictures taken: 114 Facebook Posts (to personal pages): 32 Facebook Views of Photo opp: 45 Twitter Posts (to personal pages): 3 Twitter Post Views: 10 Photos sent to consumer's email: 56 HOW WE DID IT: Spicing up Miami's Carnival with the "Tastiest Mess in Miami" Contest Working with Telemundo's Chef James Tahhan (Un Nueva Dia) to host and judge the Miami Carnival Cooking Contest *Key 1 - Negative ; 2 -Neutral; 3 - Positive October 2012-March 2013 4th Stop: The 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards Planning 2nd Stop: 2013 Rose Bowl Game VIP Tailgate CPM: $0.54 Quality score: 74.77 Tone: 2.7* 3rd Stop: Miami Carnival Objective: Convince our WHO one sheet of Select-A-Size can tackle her messes & use less! Communication Idea: Bounty Select-A-Size is the little sheet that cleans up big messes! Plan: Hit the road with Bounty Select-A-Size... At the 26th Annual Kids Choice Awards, Bounty Select-A-Size took on a whole new messy challenge: Slime.


Transcript: questioning strategies active engagement check-ins, (such as response cards, white boards, random selection, think-pair-share, popsicle sticks for open-ended questions, and numbered heads) analysis of homework and tests. Student response systems - Activote, Einstruction, Qwizdom Fair Assessments Diagnostic Fair Assessments Results are of great interest to parents, faculty, administration, press, public at large. SUMMATIVE THIS IS WHERE IDEA THAT "ASSESSMENT DRIVES INSTRUCTION" COMES FROM Fair Assessments Fair assessment is a process used by teachers and students before, during, and after instruction to provide feedback and adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve student achievement. In Pennsylvania the four types of assessment are summative, formative, benchmark, and diagnostic. Overall judgement of progress made at the end of a defined perior of instruction. Used by teachers and students during instruction to provide feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students’ achievement of intended instructional outcomes. CDT, DRAs, Running records, GRADE, GMADE, DIBELS Results are useful to the students and teachers. Formative 4sight , Study Island, Acuity, Assess2know Provide feedback to the teacher and student about academic progress Benchmark Results are of interest to the teacher High Stakes Assessments - PSSA, Terra Nova, CAT etc.... This allows teachers to differentiate instruction. Test given prior to instruction to highlight students strengths, weakness, knowledge and skills.


Transcript: How they train SAS logo Who Dares Wins SAS Special Air Service Themes to see: *Historical Background *Origin *Purpose *Gear *How they train *What takes them to succeed *How they operate SAS is basically the combination of the S.W.A.T. and the Seals together. They are a stealth unit but when the streets of England need their help they go and aoverwhelm the riots The SAS is called like that because in their first missions they arrived by falling with parachutes. Now they are a stealth unit, they move through the shadows to destroy organizations and enemies from the back. This unit has 3 jobs, in war times, they are stealth soldiers, in peace times they fight the terrorism and riots. Origin The SAS force had and has a lot of important missions, the first they had was in Mid Orient their leader was lieutenant David Starling, its objective was to take out all the enemy storages, to attack airports and other strategic places and disappear in the desert this was in 1941 and this is the mission that will give life to the SAS. The 1ST SAS regiment was created in 1942; it had 3 British squads 1 French squad and 1 Greek squad it was led by the lieutenant coronel David Starling. In 1943 the 2nd regiment was created. This second Regiment was led by the lieutenant coronel David Starling’s brother. What takes them to succeed Purpose The SAS began a few months later than the Layforce was destroyed, the Layforce was a british commando, sent to Africa in to a mission to raid italian troops. But ones they failed, the british government had the idea to create a special copse of soldiers the SAS. How they operate SAS soldiers preparing for training They have to be good mental and physically to accomplish the mission. If the mission has more than 3 casualties it must be conciderated failed, although they had done their goal. SAS Historical Background Gear SAS units, going to breach into a house All members of the United Kingdom armed forces can be considered for Special Forces selection, but historically the majority of candidates have an airborne forces background. All instructors are full members of the Special Air Service Regiment. Selections are held twice yearly, in summer and winter, in Sennybridge in the Brecon Beacons. Selection lasts for five weeks and normally starts with about 200 potential candidates. On arrival candidates first complete a Personal Fitness Test and an Annual Fitness Test They then march cross country against the clock, increasing the distances covered each day, culminating in what is known as Endurance: a 64 km march with full equipment scaling and descending Pen y Fan in 20 hours. Candidates are taught navigation, patrol formation and movement, and jungle survival skills. Candidates are formed into patrols and, carrying nothing more than a tin can filled with survival equipment, are dressed in old Second World War uniforms and told to head for a point by first light. The final selection test is arguably the most grueling: resistance to interrogation , lasting for 36 hours. 15-20% of the applying soldiers can do all the training They use an entire kevlar fire-proof armor, kevlar helmet, gas masks, Spas 12,Hk 9mm, remmington,MP5K, Browning highpower 9mm. Elbow and knee ceramic fire-proof pads. Nomex hood and nilon gloves. kevlar anti-riot shield. claymore cracker. breaching equipment, ESS safety glasses. Leg Rope bag.

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