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San Jose State University

Transcript: Location: Located in San Jose, California. Street address: 1 Washington Square College expectations: Required GPA of 3.0 Must know the rules and live by them. Must know the consequences of when the rules are broken. Must know the appeal rights. No cheating, threatening, and plagiarizing. On/ Off Campus Housing: All freshmen, within a 30 mi radius, must live on campus for the first year. International house has students of many ethnicities, including american residents. Offers fraternities and sororities, which is part of the greek life. You can live in many of the apartment complexes in downtown San Jose, which surrounds campus. Majors: Anthropology Nursing Engineering Business Health & Science Art Communication Economics World Languages & Literature Etc. Student population: 32,471 (since 2014) San Jose State University By: Andres Leon Jimenez Job opportunities: Dedicated to nondiscrimination of everything. Can work for human resources and faculty affairs. Students can find jobs at the career center and work study. Maximum hours per semester 16 hours for undergraduate students. 18 hours for graduating seniors. Interview questions and answers( from my mother: Yolanda M. Jimenez): Q: What was your favorite memory at SJSU? A: Her favorite memory was participating in the Chicano Commencement Committee, the Latina Alliance, & MECHA (Movimiento Estudianteil Chicano de Aztlan). This was her favorite memory because, besides making friends, she was able to make a difference and speak for the underrepresented minority population of the college. Q: What was your worst memory? A: Her worst memory was while she was on campus, she experienced the 1987 7.8 earthquake that shook San Jose & other surrounding communities. Q: Did you have a lot of friends? A: She had a lot of acquaintances, and a large support network. Greek Life: Has offered fun atmosphere filled with friendship, community service, and personal development. All factors make college life memorable. In/ out of state tuition: Cost of Attendence: In-state is $27,619, Out of state is $38,779. Tuition & fees: In-state is $7,323, Out of state is $18,483. What SJSU known for: Top provider in engineering, science, and business. Top 15 public universities in the west. Top 20 colleges in the nation. National leader in graduating minority students. Home to only research facility in the nation. Meal Plans: Provides ethnic and american cuisine. SJSU offers vegetarian(and vegan) food, mexican, italian, asian, homemade pizza fresh fruits and vegetables, and sweets. Membership plans consist of platinum plan and gold plan. Community plans consist of community 25, community 50, centennial plan, and community 150. Security: Committed to providing a safe & secure learning environment. SJSU judo club( was not categorized as NCAA or college sport) Transportation: Types of transportation are train & bus. 50% discount on 20-ride tickets or monthly passes. Highway 17 Express 10-day & 31-day passes. SJSU Tower Card with unlimited rides on all transportation. Team Info: Compete at Mountain West Conference. Play in Division 1/FBS Has 10 won NCAA national Division 1 championships(since 2014). Has won 19 Olympic medals(in which 7 are gold). Colors: Blue, white, gold. SAT/ACT Admition Range: SAT- 1150 & above ACT- 25 & above Graduation rate: First-time freshmen 6-year rate: 47.7% Undergraduate transfers 5-year rate: 64% Sports: Men's: Soccer Football Cross-Country Basketball Baseball Golf Water Polo Women's: Basketball Cross-Country Golf Gymnastics Volleyball Softball Soccer Swimming/Diving Tennis Track & Field Sand Volleyball Water polo Mascot: Sammy Spartan Sources: Maps of college: College Background: Founded in 1857. Established during the Civil war. Was first called Minn's Evening Normal School. The school was used to train teachers. College name has changed a lot from 1857-1974. Struggled through the world wars, the great depression, the korean war, the cold war, the vietnam war, and etc. Q: Why did you choose this college? A: SJSU was actually not the school of her choice, but it was the closest university to her hometown of Hollister, CA, & and her father wouldn't let her go so far from home. Q: What were your extra curricular activities? A: Her extra curricular activities were mainly through student clubs, rallies, organizing community projects, cultural art fairs, and student recrutement. Q: Did you recieve any scholarships? A: Yes, she has recieved scholarships from the Mexican American Political Association, the United Farm Workers of America, and the League of United Latin American Citizens.

San Jose State University

Transcript: Reflection description of college Tuition & Cost My experience of doing this research is that I know more about colleges and now I have more information about what I have to do for go to this university. There are many things about college that was confused or I have to know about application for scholarships because if I want to go to this college I have to get Scholarships for paying the University, but i know that if I go to this college I can realize what I want to do, what I want to study and it's significant to me to go to university. And I know that this university of San Jose have the major of my career and I see my future as a nurse. This is what I learned from this research. NURS 023. Psychopathology - Theory I NURS 024. Adult Care Management I, II NURS 033. Professional Role Development I , II, III,IV,V,VI NURS 043. Pharmacology NURS 044. Adult Care Clinical Practicum I ,II NURS 053. Skills in Nursing I ,II NURS 126. Maternal / Child Health Theory NURS 127A. Psychiatric / Mental Health Theory NURS 127B. Community Theory NURS 128. Evidence-Based Nursing Practice NURS 146A. Pediatric Clinical NURS 146B. Maternal Health Clinical NURS 147A. Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical NURS 147B. Community Health Clinical NURS 148A. Senior Preceptorship Cons There is many opportunities for paying the university one year or financial aid package that is $17,543 for year that is a big opportunity for students. the 63% of students have scholarships and the 37% pay for everything so there is more students that don't pay. Deadlines After College to get scholarships is not to far from San Francisco that have my major what I want to study San Jose state university is a 4-year public university. Large university and the total undergraduates is 25,862 and the graduated students is 5,416. The university offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in 134 fields. Business administration is the most popular major among undergraduates, but communications studies, engineering and art are also strong. Pros San Jose State University description of college San Francisco C.A WWW.SJSU.EDU/‎ Iris Lopez 3/12/14 Pros & Cons Reason for Choosing & San Jose State University offers a number of student services including women's center, placement service, day care, health service, and health insurance also offers campus safety and security services. The most popular majors at San Jose State University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Engineering; Visual and Performing Arts; and Psychology location I want to live on campus but I think that is better to me just go to university and live in my home. The tuition and fees per year is $7,303 and for room and board is $12,404 per year the costs of books is $1,789 and the total cots per year is $ 24,223. Financial Aid Majors The deadlines for turning the application for university is November 30 and for turning the application for financial aid is June 15. to get many scholarship a lot of money to pay To obtain my career I have to go to university for 4 years at university. My plans after I finish college is to start apply for nurse in hospitals but I want to practice some months before I put into practice my career. If I want to be more than nurse I have to study more I have to go 2 or 3 more years for my master's degree. This is the location of San Jose State University from San Jose to San Francisco I want and is my dream to go to university, but I want to go to San Jose State University because I think that is a good university and because this university had the major of my career that is to be nurse and also because is a good university and I can get opportunities for paying the university I want to go to this university.

San Jose State University Presentation

Transcript: San Jose State University Topic 1 San Jose State University By JAGVIR SIDHU Topic 2 History of San Jose State University San Jose State was established in 1857 and is the oldest public institution of higher education on the West Coast. San Jose State is still is not in its original and it’s location is in San Jose, California. San Jose State is a co-ed college, but it has not always been a co-ed college. San José State University is a public comprehensive university that was converted into a University. Topic 3 Admission Requirement San Jose State University Freshman applicants must first meet the CSU eligibility requirements for admission. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at San Jose State was 3.31 on the 4.0 scale indicating that B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend. SAT Scores: SAT/ACT scores are required if applying with less than 60 credits, unless your high school GPA was above 3.0 (3.6 for non-residents). Topic 4 Tuition Cost and scholarships San Jose State University San Jose State University system and the cost of attending is largely determined by the CSU Board of Trustees, which sets system-wide fees for all of the campuses in the system. The Bursar's Office is responsible for collecting fees, issuing refunds and other financial transactions. Many students and families pay for their education with grants, student loans, scholarships, work study or some combination of these options. Regardless of how you intend to pay for college, you should apply for financial aid. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is the place to go to learn more about available resources. Topic 5 Undergraduate requirements for graduation San Jose State You must earn a minimum of 30 units at SJSU, including 24 upper division units, 12 major units and 9 GE units. A maximum of 24 units of Open University may be applied toward your degree. Currently during advance registration, undergraduate students may add up to 16 units through most of advance registration. Graduation degree requirements are reviewed after the addition to taking your final courses, you will be in Summer and Winter registration is not required nor do they count as being in a matriculation status. The university holds a Graduate Orientation every semester for incoming graduate students.Many departments and colleges hold additional orientations. Topic 6 San Jose State University Dorms About 1,200 dorms are available for incoming freshmen. Both you and your roommate of choice must complete the online housing application and fill out the Roommate Request section. The cost for dorms for a in-state student is 15,954 and the cost for dorms for an out of state student is 14,502. The dorms are new. All admitted first-time freshmen who graduated from a high school outside a 30 mile radius of SJSU are required to live on campus for their first year.

San Jose State University

Transcript: Established in 1857. One of the oldest public Institutions in the west coast. In 1857, SJSU was originally known as “Minns Evening Normal School” and located in San Francisco, CA. In 1871, the school moved to San Jose, CA. Fun Facts Financial Aid Financial Aid is provided to the people who are full time students but sometimes part tiem students can receive them as well. San Jose State has many things to do, on or off campus. it is right in the heart of San Jose, downtown. There are clubs and lounges for the type of people who love to party, but if you are not into that, there are plenty of other things to do. there is the SAP center, where you can go watch your local hockey team if you like that, or maybe the tech museum right down the block. if you are the type to just relax back, there are coffee shops and resturants just right across the street from SJSU. Academics- Majors/degrees San Jose State University College Fees High school diploma (Obviously) Students must have a 3.0 or above. You must also complete essential high school classes with a C- or better. SJSU requires an essay for why you want to go that school and a resume. If you are going to be living with your parents, you will be paying substantially less than people living on campus. A room and board will be $4,598, transportation will be about $1,494, books and supplies about $1,826 and any personal items will be another $1,364. If you are planning on living on campus, then you will be looking at higher prices. The name Minns evening normal school came from the original owner, George W. Minns On April 18th, 1906, One of Californias largest earth quake tore apart the university. in 1919, Minns died a sudden death.. College History (continued) College History San Jose State offers many majors and degrees, a couple of them are 1) Law enforcement. 2) Behavioral Science 3) Electrical Engineering 4) Sociology 5) Physiology By: Gurpreet Fahim Brandon Admission requirements Student Life San Jose is the oldest civilian settlement in California, founded in 1777. Third largest city in California. SJSU is silicon valleys largest institution of higher learning with 30,000 students and 4,000 employees.

San Jose State University

Transcript: To apply for San Jose State you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You must also have an SAT score of atleast 1110 or if you are using a ACT score it must be atleast a score of 23. SAT or ACT scores are should be taken before Nov. 5 and are due December 22, 2011. You can apply between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30. The application fee is due on December 22, 2011. Acceptions will be sent out on Feb. 24, 2011. If you are accepted then the intent to enroll deadline is on May 1, 2011. Final transcripts are due on July 15, 2011. Applying If you live with your parents the cost for San Jose State per year is $17, 551 with everything included. If you live on-campus the cost per year is $23,647. If you live off-campus the cost per year is $25,208. Cost? Pros: - It has a psychology department with different classes to choose from. - It offers a creative writing class. - It has a lot of diversity. - There are many clubs that are offered such as dance clubs, choir, child and adolescent development club. - Different sports you can join. Cons: - If you do not live in a 30 mile radius you are required to live on-campus for your freshman year. - I would miss seeing my family. Pros/Cons: If you live in a suite you are required to have a meal plan, but if you live in an apartment it is optional. The campus apartments offer 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms. The apartment meal plan for single occupancy rent is $9,660 annual and for double occupancy rent is $7,900 annual. The campus suites offer four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a common living area, and a kitchenette. The mandatory meal plan for the suites are: $11,470 annual for a double occupancy room and 5 day meal plan. $12,120 annual for a double occupancy room and 7 day meal plan. The meal plans are also good at various eateries throughout campus including, Subway, Jamba Juice, Panda Express and more. Housing: Financial Aid To apply for Financial Aid you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The priority filing date for the FAFSA is March 2. Applications for Federal Student Aid are accepted after the priority filing date, however funding may be limited. You can get grants of different amounts for whatever criteria you fullfill and there is also Federal Work Study which allows you to work part time while attending school. Scholarships San Jose State has over 900 general and departmental scholarships available, ranging from $100 to $2,500 per year. About one-half of these are awarded by the Financial Aid Scholarship Committee, and the other half by various academic departments on campus. Financial Aid/Scholarships: SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of examinations of the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. Students who present scores of three or better will be granted up to six semester units (nine quarter units) of college credit. The number of units granted, course equivalence, and satisfaction of requirements vary. English Lang. & Comp.: - Score 3-4 = Area A2 (3 units); EPT exempt - Score 5 = Areas A2 & C3 (6 units); EPT exempt English Lit. & Comp.: -Score 3-4 = Area A2 & C2 (6 units); EPT exempt -Score 5 = Areas A2 & C3 (6 units); EPT exempt - Score 5 = Areas A2 & C2 (6 units), at student's request; EPT exempt AP English Exams: Liya Habte Liya Habte is currently attending San Jose State. She loves the location of the school because it is downtown and there are places she can just walk to. The weather is always nice and the people are friendly. There are a lot of clubs, sports and housing programs. The only thing that makes the school less enjoyable now is overcrowding, because of the 30 mile radius rule. Credit San Jose State University

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