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Samsung Presentation Template

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Samsung Presentation

Transcript: Values and Vision Present in 6 out of 7 continents Australia: Home appliances, Phones, TV's, computers, storage devices, Samsung Pay Spain:Home appliances, Phones, TV's, computers, storage devices, Samsung Pay Singapore: Phones, TV's, computers, storage devices, Samsung Pay Basic Information Questions? Biggest global mobile phone brand 24.5% of the market More employees than Microsoft, Google, & Apple combined 319,000 employees Strong relationship with US and European retailers Structure Corporation and Conglomerate structure Publicly traded company Board of Directors and Shareholders SWOT Analysis Samsung pay is a way of paying with your Samsung device Now present in South Korea, US, China, Spain Australia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Brazil Goal is to be a leading innovator in mobile commerce $161.6 billion company with $177 billion in annual sales Leading smartphone vendor (Galaxy S7) Market Share of approximately 25% Cultural Can't compete with iPhones Apple has 43.6% of smartphone sales in the U.S. Products are not user-friendly Perception that Android is inferior to iPhones Marketing Strategy Manufacturer Different Markets Samsung "The Chant" Commercial Fun Facts STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Present Business Model Samsung Smart Home Commercial "At Samsung, we believe it's our responsibility to do business in a way that enriches our planet." Eco-friendly products and recycling conscious of product design, manufacturing processes, and chemical management Samsung was founded in 1938 in Taegu, Korea They started out as a small export business They specialize in digital appliances and media, semiconductors, memory, and system integration Financials Environmental Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Growing market for electronics New technology is wanted in all branches of Samsung Possibility for smart home involvement Legal Samsung Pay Challenges and Advantages Vertical integration and product volume Present in multiple markets A lot of money is spent on research and development and capital expenditures previously had "military-style" culture encourage "open dialogue" in the work place goal: discussions between heads and employees hard to transform with 300,000 employees Samsung is involved with Sydney Olympic Park Ellen DeGeneres's selfie with a Galaxy phone brought in $3 mil. in sales. Apple is a main client of Samsung (memory cards) Apple and other electronic companies Huawei, Xiaomi Declining middle class could affect market Lawsuits on patent infringements Huawei suing for 4 patent infringements THREATS OPPORTUNITIES

Samsung Presentation.

Transcript: THANK YOU!!! 1959 - 1979 Invest in high-end products as per the general demand. Apple felt inferior to Samsung's brilliance. Samsung Electronics Samsung mobile phone statistics They became a global electronics industry. Approach towards Emerging Economies Have a large influence globally. Sell various products across 72 different countries. Approach towards Developed Countries Samsung's next steps Focus on selling practical products. History In 2012 Samsung became the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer. The Beginning Founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chull Samsung's Presence Around the World Samsung continue to lead global sales in the mobile phone industry with continuous research into new and innovative technology. Entered electronics in the late 1960's. 1980-2000 Auon Haq Global Business Perspective In 1996 they opened a Facility in Austin Texas. In 2000 samsung opened an R&D lab in Warsaw, Poland. 1992 - Present People spend less on luxury items. 1938 - 1958 Causes Apple accuse Samsung of violating 6 of its patents. In August 2012 the Jury rule in Apple's favor. =_= Sell all kinds of products. Apple have has just announced that they will sue Samsung yet again. Apple sue Samsung Focus advertisement of high-end products. References Suppliers for Rolls Royce. The Samsung Logo Samsung have officially announced the release of the galaxy S5. Apple get ahead of themselves and try to ban sales of Samsung phones in the US, but fail horribly. Samsung invested heavily in R&D Advertisements for practical items such as refrigerators, Micro-waves and relatively low-end cell phones. Samsung's Market share in TV's Apple request $2.5 Billion in damages. 1980 - 1992 Samsung were required to pay $1.05 Billion. August 2012 Samsung sued by Apple for $1.05 Billion. Result By 1987 they had spread to 4 different countries. Reason for success: adapting to the demand in foreign market. High-end products are available for those interested, but the cost varies. Started as a small trading company in Seoul. The many faces of Samsung 2000-Present Facts about Samsung

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