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Transcript: We invite to join our network as a philanthropic partner If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb Together, we will be prepared. The opportunity Our Founding Members A resilient healthcare system, saving lives and serving the community during emergencies. King & Pierce County hospital evacuation plans King & Pierce County long-term care evacuation plans Disaster Clinical Advisory Committee Hurricane Sandy Forum Carlton complex wildfire - July 2014 Will we be prepared? Nisqually earthquake - February 2001 A fit for Boeing's funding priorities Acts of Terrorism Disease Outbreak July 30, 2014 What if a large-scale catastrophe were to strike us now? We're better together Building preparedness, resiliency Natural Disasters Now a nonprofit Lower administrative costs Built up expertise Streamlined processes Responsive to needs Greater accountability Reduced federal funding There's always more to do Our ambitions are great Place matters We are working against time A sustainable future Oso Mudslide - March 2014 First responders support network Business continuity planning: a model for large, complex organizations A Proposal for Support Presented to A different way of thinking about disaster funding Measles outbreak - May 2014 School shootings at SPU - June 2014 Our proposal: A menu of funding ideas Public health emergencies in 2014 Multi-disciplinary collaborations An ounce of prevention... Evacuation protocols: Creating a community of practice A megathrust earthquake? Magnitude of 9+ Innovative public private partnerships $50,000 - $200,000 The Challenges Build Capacity Make health & human services delivery systems more effective and efficient Decrease system costs Improve outcomes and promote ongoing learning for organizations and communities Increase support or visibility of issues and work A coalition of healthcare organizations working together to strengthen emergency preparedness and response in the Puget Sound area. ...a national leader Recent accomplishments

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