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Saltwater Fishing Presentation Template

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Saltwater Biome Presentation

Transcript: Angel shark: it is a bottom dweller and is flat like a flounder. Blowfish: it can swallow enough water to double its size. Starfish: Live on the ocean floor. Blue ring Octopus: a small but very very venemos. Crabs: a animal with a hard outer shell that has pinchers. Moray Eels: long snake like fish that has circular gills. Clown fish: Colorful fish that live along the sea anemone. Climax of Salt water biome Oceans: Atlantic Ocean- Is a body of water that covers one-fifth of the Earth. It is also the 2nd largest body of water. Arctic Ocean- It is the smallest body of water out of the other 3 bodies of water. Indian Ocean- It is the 3rd largest Ocean. Covers 20% of the Earth's surface. Pacific Ocean- It is the largest of all the oceans. Animals that live in the Ocean: Oceans and Coral Reefs: Top 5 largest Reefs in the world: SALT WATER BIOME (Oceans and Coral Reefs) When it comes to the salt water biome, climate doesn't really effect it much. It is warmer as you get closer to the equator and it is colder as you get closer to the poles. Even though the climate doesn't effect the saltwater biome, it effects the mainlands climate a lot. Its currents affect all the coastal areas. Another way the marine affects the coastal areas are the winds, depending upon the temperature of the water, the winds usually match that temperature. 1.Great Barrier Reef: located coral sea near Australia.It is 1,553 miles long. 2.Red Sea Coral Reef: Located in the Red sea.It is 1,180 miles long. 3.New Caledonia Barrier Reef: located in the Pacific ocean near New Caledonia.It is 932 miles long. 4.Mesoamerican Barrier Reef: located near Mexico.It is 585 miles long. 5.Florida Reef: located near Florida. It is 200 miles long.

Fishing Presentation

Transcript: A relaxing pastime Great way to spend time with friends and family Teaches conservation and respect for the environment "A bad day fishing is always better than a good day at work." MEMORABLE CATCHES Typically fished for in any creek or river attached to Lake Ontario Can only be fished in most creeks from the 4th Sunday in April to December 31st Live in the Great Lakes during the summer, and in creeks during fall to mid-spring Change colour when spawning Range from 2-20lbs Long rod (10ft to 13ft rods are typical) and a large reel is used Rod is placed on a rod stand while the angler waits for a "run" A net with a diameter around 42" is usually used Corn, bread, pellets and boilies (boiled dough balls) are most frequently used as bait Bait is thrown out in the water to attract fish to the area being fished Bait is not fished on the hook Hence the name, a float (bobber) is used to float fish for trout A long rod, typically 12-15ft, and a centrepin reel are used Waders are most likely being worn Roe bags are used on small hooks Jigs are occasionally used Plastic worms are a good choice of bait Beads are used frequently to imitate single trout eggs BAIT AND TAKLE Various types of fishing Two of my preferred forms of fishing include carp fishing and float fishing for trout FLOAT FISHING FOR TROUT CARP FISHING Carp are bottom feeders Fished for typically on the bottoms of deep lakes, rivers and occasionally ponds Usually best during warmer weather Range in size, from 5-40lbs in Canada Carp are in many bodies of water across Ontario and Canada BAIT AND TACKLE

Saltwater fishing

Transcript: Most people when targeting inshore species go for Snooks,tarpon,redfish there the most common inshore sport fish. While fishing inshore species the most common ways is live or dead bait or artificial lures. A little something about the beatiful sport of sport fishing. Also you would need appropriate tackle for the species of fish you are targeting Such as fishing line and hooks and lead and so forth myself i love yousing artificial lures. Live bait Artificial lures The key to inshore fishing is fishing structure... Youl need a decent rod You would also need a reel it could be either spinner or conventional. Live bait also works really well some fish will have a reaction hit as soon as the bait touches the water because of the amount of stress the bait produces when hes hooked Youl need a live well or a bait pen to keep the baits alive and oxygenated for maximum performance. Dead bait also produces plenty of big fish The smellier the bait the better also the bigger fish tend to be a bit more sluggish and lazier and pic the scraps from the bait schools such as heads and tails My favorite dead bait is a mullet head or a nice big plump slightly rotten dead shrimp Offshore fishingusually deals with bigger tackle and most of the time bigger fish same rules apply mostly dead,live bait is used and artificial also. offshore fishng is "deep sea fishing". You need a boat to fish offshore. Inshore fishing Saltwater fishing Artificial lures consist of anything such s soft plastics ,wooden baits aluminum lures and all of the above. The idea of an artificial lure is to represent a bait that lives in the habitat your fishing ARTIFICIALs ARE EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE!!! Fresh water Dead bait Offshore fishing A quick sum of freshwater fishing the number one species people go for down here in south Florida is the gourgous large mouth bass. Lily pads key spot for fish to take shade. Everglades, wonderful ecosystem that is mostly freshwater that holds ton of different fresh and saltwater species

Basic Saltwater Fishing Training

Transcript: BASIC SW FISHING TRAINING Marin Pavela Fishing in general *An average angler spends $1.261 on fishing gear each year *Fishing is the most popular outdoor activity in the world *43% European anglers practice predator fishing *”God has given every man a number of days In his life, days spent fishing do not count towards the final sum” :) Strenghts •PRICES – We can offer our users prices lower than competitors mostly because of our own production. •OFFER – We can make every customer satisfied with our offer and must make right choices depends on seasonality. (ROC) Fishing customers rarely make customer orders, they want products available at the moment. •GUARANTEES – Decathlon is only store on the market with that benefit for customers. Our employes should present that as a great advantage to customers STRENGTS Weaknesses WEAKNESSES •LOW LEVEL OF EDUCATION – Our employes should learn basics of fishing and have knowledge about our products. Fishing market is limited and we must make sure that every customer gets needed attention and advice. •BAD RANGE CHOICES – TO statistics are most relevant to make ROC but every store have different type of fishing customers and there is many factors that can be crucial to make the right choices – seasonality, what kind of fish is living in that region, fisherman’s habits – Market research is necessary, and right local commercial policy. Opportunities •WORKING AT SUNDAY – Usually fishing st ores dont work on Sunday so i can see our opportunity there. •UNEXPLORED MARKET –More than 60% of fisherman’s in my region dont know about Decathlon and that Decathlon offer fishing gear. We can increase our sale just to inform fisherman’s about our offer. We can try to be present on different kind of competitions, maybe make some articles in fisherman’s magazines, present our products on local fishing fair... Fisherman’s are in constant contact and informations are spreading fast, they often advice each other, especially for purchasing fishing equipment so we must make sure they know about us. OPORTUNITIES Threats •BIG COMPETITION ON MARKET – Competitors have better offer of products from external brands. •NO IMPULSIVE PURCHASE - Fisherman’s are specific customers and only fisherman’s will buy fishing gear so we must make sure that every customer will return. THREATS Decathlon SW divisions SW LURE FISHING USUALLY FROM SHORE CAN BE PRACTICED FROM BOAT ALSO ARTIFICIAL LURES IMITATE LIVE BAIT HARD LURES/METAL LURES/SOFT LURES SW LURE SALTWATER FLOAT FISHING USUALLY FROM THE SHORE DAY AND NIGHT FISHING SW FLOAT LEDGERING FISHING DISCOVERY FISHING SETS AND READY TO USE PRODUCTS FOR BEGINNERS SW LEDGERING SURFCASTING FISHING FROM SHORE BOTTOM FISHING LONG RODS SURFCASTING SQUID AND OCTOPUS FROM SHORE AND FROM BOAT USUALLY NIGHT FISHING EGI LURES SQUID SALTWATER JIGGING SIMILAR TO LURE FISHING USUALLY FROM BOAT BOTTOM FISHING METAL LURES SW JIGGING TROLLING FROM HAND OR WITH ROD ALWAYS FROM BOAT TROLLING SALTWATER BOTTOM FISHING FROM SHORE AND FROM BOAT GROUNDBAITS ARE IMPORTANT LIVE BAITS SW BOTTOM TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF OUR PRODUCTS RODS CAN BE TELESCOPIC, TWO PART OR THREE PART DIFFERENT LENGTH - USUALLY FROM 1m to 7m ACTION CAN BE "A", "B" OR "C" (PARABOLIC OR FAST ACTION FOCUSED ON THE TIP) RODS REELS DIFFERENT SIZES (FROM 1000 TO 10 000) NUMBER OF BEARINGS DETERMINATE QUALITY CAN HAVE REAR OR FRONT BRAKE MARK ON THE REEL DESCRIBE MAX AMOUNT OF THE LINE SUITABLE FOR THE REEL REELS LINES MONOFIL, FLUOROCARBON AND BRAID USUALLY FROM 50 m TO 1000 m ABRASION RESISTANCE AND BREAK RESISTANCE IS IMPORTANT LINES SINKERS DIFFERENT SHAPES DIFFERENT WEIGHTS FOR DIFFERENT USE SINKERS FLOATS DIFFERENT SHAPES DIFFERENT WEIGHT CAPACITY TYPES FOR DAY AND NIGHT INLINE OR FIX MODELS FLOATS HOOKS BIGGER SIZE NUMBER - THE HOOK IS SMALLER DIFFERENT SHAPES DIFFERENT MATERIALS CAN BE RIGGED OR NO RIGGED HOOKS LURES METAL, HARD AND SOFT LURES DIFFERENT WEIGHT DIFFERENT SHAPES AND COLORS CAN BE FLOATING, SINKING AND SUSPENDING LURES ACC SWIVELS AND SNAPS BAGS AND BOXES ROD HOLDERS LUMINOUS STICKS GROUNDBAITS ACC CUSTOMER APPROACH The last step in shop sale is the one which you can influence the most. Try to read the signs the customer is showing. Sometime being persistent is counter productive and can drive away the customer Decathlon offer to our customers and users a lot of benefits to increase their satisfaction. Inform them about product warranty, loyalty system and after sale service. It can be final advantage for customer to decide on a purchase. TIPS FUNDING REQUEST TG We will need $10,000,000 Over 5 years PROJECTION BOX

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