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Transcript: Click on any of the Service providers Select Import Contacts. Import Process Will Start. You can find your contacts on the contacts tab on your screen Once you have several accounts,leads and opportunities, you might want to create your own dashboard to track your progress.This is done by making Reports of your data. Reports can be created on the basis of : Leads Opportunities Accounts Activites Any Report you Create is Visible to only you ,and you can create your own Dashboard using Reports. Accounts HOW TO IMPORT CONTACTS? Login to Click on SEND DOCUMENT. Go to Choose a document and click on Salesforce. It will automatically fetch you the documents of your profile (salesforce) and upload it. Send the Document by entering the receiver's name and Email id. SALESFORCE Opportunity Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. Steps to Create Account:- Click on Contacts Tab on the HomeScreen Click on New. Add the Required Information Click On Save By: Gaurav Rohilla (Biz Tecno) WEB-TO-LEAD TUTORIAL Leads Salesforce web to lead is to directly collect capture the leads form your website and loaded into Salesforce. This is built in functionality in Salesforce. Customizable Reports: Go to Accounts Tab on Homescreen Click on Accounts. Click on New Add the Information and click Save. A dashboard is the graphical representation of the data generated by a report (or multiple reports) at certain point in time. IDE is a plugin used in Eclipse for developing Apex applications. Steps To Create a Dashboard: STEPS TO CREATE WEB-TO-LEAD SALESFORCE EDITIONS DASHBOARDS: It has easy-to-use wizard interface. Data base connectivity. Supports millions of rows. Drag and Drop property. It supports standard and Custom objects. Detailed success and error report will be generates in CSV file format. Steps To Create Reports :- Features Of Data Loader: Data Loader is a tool or Application used in salesforce to import and export bulk data. Through Apex Data Loader we are able to Update, Insert, Delete, Upsert, Export and Export All. Salesforce Chatter is a social platform that integrates Salesforce infrastructure and development platform. It is used to communicate in organization with customers. Right Signature is an Application which is Manually integrated with Salesforce. It enable your customers to electronic-sign documents after verifying the documents. Salesforce is the worlds' first and most popular CRM headquartered in San Francisco. With more than 82,000 companies and 100,000+ customers rely on this dynamic, web-based, low-cost CRM platform. Contacts are the details of Clients and Company Employees . The Contact details contain the Phone Number, Email Id , Address and Various other necessary information about a person or a Company. Opportunities are the sales and deals which you can work upon but it is not alloted to you.An Opportunity is a Prospect which you can Apply for. Salesforce Chatter Benefits: DASHBOARDS Steps To Create Opportunity Go to “set up” -> Customize -> Leads -> click on web-to-Lead Click on “Create Web-to-Lead Form” button Enter the fields you want to enter in your HTML form and enter the "Returning Url". Next click on Generate button Html code will be generated.Copy the code and generate a HTML file. Html file can be published on your website which will automatically enter data into your leads section INTEGRATE RIGHTSIGNATURE &SALESFORCE WHAT IS A CRM ? IDE WHY SALESFORCE ? TOP 5 CRMS : SALESFORCE ACCOUNTS Lead Opportunity Go to SalesForce Homepage. Click On Leads Tab Click On NEW. Enter The Necessary Information Click Save. How To Use DataLoader STEPS TO USE SALESFORCE'S DOCUMENTS : Click on Reports Tab Click New Dashboard. To Fetch Reports, Click on Data Sources. To Select Dashboard , choose from the Given components like Pie-chart ,bar-charts,metrics etc A lead is a prospect or potential opportunity - a person you met at a conference who expressed interest, or someone who wants a Solution for his use. REPORTS TERMINOLOGY Apex is a development platform for building software as a service (SaaS) applications on top of's customer relationship management (CRM) functionality Steps To Add New Contact :- Reports CONTACTS When an opportunity has presented itself ,and if any lead has expressed interest in our proposal,the lead is converted into Account You can also Import Contacts through Outlook csv Files,Yahoo,Gmail ,Excel,Generic Sheets and Many More Dashboards are the pictorial representations present on your Home screen` Salesforce Chatter can increase employee productivity by 33%. Salesforce Chatter can increase sales productivity by 32%. Real time information can be delivered to user’s E-mail. We can share information, create groups, comment, like, tag and so on using Salesforce chatter. It increases manager visibility.


Transcript: Corey Rodrigues - Writer A MS in Media Studies student at The New School, Emma was the winner of The Boston Beantown Comedy Riots; Catch a Rising Star, and a top three finalist in The Funniest Comic in New England Contest. Emma co-produces a popular monthly show, “The Gun Show,” in Gremercy Park, as well as, co-produces a popular weekly show in The East Village. She is currently represented by The New York Hysterical Society. Jerry Maquire with an urban flare. Fit, attractive, and captivating, people ‘love’ Kevin, but no one knows him. He pushes himself to fit in with his preppy privileged douche bag co – workers, and strives at maintaining a relationship with his evil bitch girlfriend. He is conflicted and motivated by his past in Compton, CA. He’s an ambitious hustler, with a big chip on his shoulder. ONE PAGER TITLE: SALESFORCE WRITEN BY: Emma Willmann and Corey Rodreguez TONE: “Friday” meets “Jerry Maquire” TYPE: Full length feature film GENRE: Urban - Comedy LENGTH: Approximately 91 minutes AUDIANCE: 18 - 24 year old urban males PRODUCTION STYLE: Glossy, fast paced, commercial PREMISE: A character driven urban comedy featuring Kevin Barnett, a high-powered Manhattan Sales Consultant, who grew up an obese kid in the roughest part of Compton, CA. Kevin is closeted about his rough upbringing, and strives to fit in with the preppy douch bag corporate culture at his work. Kevin is hit with his past when his best friend from home suddenly passes away. Returning home for the funeral, Kevin is startled to find inspiration in a group of outrageous street hustlers. Witnessing their bizarre (and effective) sales tactics, he decides to take the group on as his new SALESFORCE. Humor is launched in various fish - out - of water situations, featuring Kevin, the kids, race, class, and gender dynamics in corporate America, a banging sound track, and a simple turnkey plot featuring comedy, romance, and all around basic entertainment. COPYRIGHT EMMA WILLMANN, INC. MAY 2011 Emma Willmann - Producer - Head Writer Creative Team Kevin Eric Hanson - Executive Producer - Casting Director Corey Rodriguez is a nationally touring headlining comedian, based out of NYC. The 2011 Winner of the prestigious Funniest Comic in New England Contest, he is the regular opener for Jim Norton, The Wayne’s Brothers, and Jo Koy, Corey was a finalist in NBC’s Stand – Up for Diversity, and was recently signed with major management. Eric was instrumental in developing the comedy department for Empowered Artists and went on to successfully run his own management company for ten years. In 2005 he brought his expertise to Emmy Award winning talk show host Montel Williams to form Letnom Management, a comedy management company, under Montel's banner. Eric subsequently joined Montel's development team where he specializes in comedy development. IMBD PROFILE


Transcript: Remember! Registration code contains 20 alphanumeric characters. It does not have a zero nor a letter 'O.' We do not use this tab at all times! Try It On My Own! -It allows us to locate CD titles and information. TITLE At the end of the session, you should be able to: 1. Know the use of Claim Code Search tool; 2. Manipulate and maximize the use of Claim Code Search tool; and 3. Appreciate the importance of Claim Code Search as a tool for support. PEACE Important! One code is to one username I bought a registration code from my classmate. Can you check if it is still valid? The access code is 7PNK-33TX-WHAC-R7NA-RE9T. Is the registration code valid? What will you tell to the student? What is the resolution to the issue? A glance at Support Admin Tool TOOLS I bought an access code from our school's bookstore but when I entered the code, it says "The code you entered has already been used and is no longer valid." Here is the screenshot of the error message and the registration code. Registration code: THRCBWBYTHV68TGYMQWE This is Challenging! -It is used to find patterns in the data you are using. You may or may not use this tab. -Appropriate articles are attached in the Salesforce case. Let's Exercise! 4 Pics 1 Word -It allows you to locate the book information which is essential in creating a case. -It determines if a registration code has already been used by another student or not. -It contains specific pieces of information regarding the book and the purchased access. You may or may not use this tab. -stay up to the minute on changes and share knowledge that you and your colleague can act on it real time. The registration code, 8RPS-RH97-PEWR-XXWN-QE2G, was given to me by my instructor. I am provided a course URL to register online but I am unable to complete the registration. What am I supposed to do? URL: What questions do you have in mind? -It is a list of Salesforce knowledge published articles that greatly help you solve the student's issue. What questions do you have in mind? -It is used to leverage the data MHE has accumulated over time. -It is used to examine, display and share different data of the account. (e.g. Cases without sub-incident)


Transcript: Chatter Unexpected Discoveries Mike Marzano is the MAN! Advertise with Allows you to easily manage all your advertising across just one platform Three Parts of the Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud Listen with Radian6 Allows you to listen to what people are saying about your company More Info Marketing Cloud Key Takeaways Scott McClung Scott McClung | 773-383-0393 | Kelly Ward | 650.653.5281 Multi-channel, communities, mobile Linkage with Remedy (Remedyforce) - All in one social support app Salesforce is an online, web-based, CRM application that runs in "the cloud" allowing users to manage and perform nearly every detail of their job. Located in San Francisco, CA, Salesforce was founded by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris in 1999. Salesforce started out as a business software company distributing its product on a subscription basis. Now it has evolved into the #1 CRM solution in the world. Salesforce is also known for the platform which allows external developers to create add-on applications that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, enabling full customization to fit any business need. Publish with Buddy Media Makes running an integrated campaign across different social media sites easy Marketing Cloud Sales Cloud Service Cloud Chatter Cloud, social, mobile, speed Extensive library of apps, development partners, solution providers "Don't do things better, do things differently" Salesforce Registration Business Cards Mini-hackathon What is Salesforce? Companies that use Salesforce "Become a Customer Company" Allows for internal and external collaboration Apps can automatically create posts Integrated with Salesforce platform (Marketing cloud and Service Cloud Pepsi Demo Marketing & Leads Forecasting Mobile Access Clouds

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