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Sales Manager Interview Presentation Template

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Sales Manager Interview

Transcript: Megan Robinson Sales Manager -Revolucion De Cuba SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths Hit P6 target last year - achieving £117,176 Conversion rate for bookings is consistently around 70% Friday and Saturday PBR is consistent Weaknesses In the past two periods haven't hit targets - P11 & P12 Sun-Thurs past four periods have not target Mystery Calls Opportunities Social Media Audits Sun to Thurs PBR Push for more corporate bookings Threats Not getting a plus 2k booking from the previous year In the last two periods the consistency of call handling doesn't necessarily relate to the financials Sales ideas Sales ideas to drive corporate PBR More networking events and cold calling Corporate showcase Departmental Incentives Aim to attend 4 networking events per period Cold calling and Networking 200 cold calls throughout the week - 100 of these to be businesses I've researched From the cold calls I'll aim to get 5 golden lunches every 2 weeks Invite the clients down for payday Fridays to boost people in the venue and to show what we offer 90 Day plan 90 day plan First four weeks Get to know the team - introduce myself. Find out about them Shadow a Saturday shift to see how Saturdays are run from an OPS background Find out about each area - minimum spends etc. Set challenges to gage where they are at and what they are comfortable with Set incentives - make them feel involved Assess where we are for coming months - looking into the future Sit down with management to set targets and standards Reintroduce myself to big contacts - invite them down to meet and introduce myself Review working week 8 weeks Ensuring every inquiry is responded to within 2 hours Ensure we are remaining ahead of Christmas Vs last year Review score card to see is there's any positive changes Social Media Calendar created to improve social media score Have a review with team - should see some positive results coming in 12 weeks Sales team meal out as a Thank you and to give them recognition for hard work Have an MCP with coordinators Heavily Christmas focused - should be at majority of target Meeting with Kitchen and management teams to let them know where we are at with P6 Ensure a solid OPS plan is in place to ensure P6 goes smoothly Any Questions? Any Questions?

Sales Manager Interview

Transcript: Lead By Example - do all these things Challenges:- The business is trying to fill 4 new SM roles from existing quota retiring heads – without the numbers dipping……………I feel a dual role will be essential in the short to medium term Actions:- Succession planning is vital to avoid a dip in PubSec number Challenges:- Accurate Reporting – SLX,WIP, Back Order Actions:- Relationship with Samuel key as ramp up in ability to report on team essential Challenges:- Cannot miss £133M (earned revenue / billed / recognised) – as per Neil’s all hands call. Current revenue is £93M with 2.5months to go. We need to find £40M from Pipeline, WIP and back order book - Pipe shows £77M potential weighted to £28.3M Actions:- Drive concentration on quick wins, utilising all avenues of purchasing/discounts/promotions (leaving nothing on the table), checking back order books regularly, proactive management of stock at UPS – leaving no stone unturned. This is a minimum so stretch mentality is essential - we have to over achieve SM 90 day plan How you will deal with personality issues in your new role and managing old peers 30-60 Days *Review AM / BDM successes/failures – where are we against goals? Action as neccessary *Continue dialog with Head of Sales for performace feedback *Drive performance and good practice. WIP/BackOrder/SLX *Ensure all plans for first 30 days are completed. *Report on progress for this 30 day period Developed key relationships within larger MOD customers which has led to us becoming involved in two significant opportunities and a commitment from them of significant orders over the next 2 years 2nd Best Performing AM on Revenue • £7.3m equates to 8% of company revenue Sales Manager - Public Sector 3rd Best performing AM on SOV • £7.7m also equates to 8% of the company overall SOV Neil Hunt - Public Sector Sales Manager Key 12 month Achievments How you will deal with Change Control iNet currently faces Your view on the role and key areas to improve Neil Hunt - Public Sector Sales Manager Proactively assisted with the development of the new quote tool • Involved in the training of the sales team • Quote tool Guru! First 30 Days *Meet and discuss with upper management to prioritise what is expected of me, within a specified time frame. *121 with direct report to examine pipeline of individual team members, at granular level, and sanatize. *Organise joint meetings/face to face discussions with successful SM’s to gain their insights (what works well, what to avoid,what they did in their 1st 30/60/90 days.) *Liaise closely with my team:- Discuss successes Discuss challenges (i.e. competitive threats etc.) Discuss expectations of me Discuss my processes to ensure we "start on the same page". Discuss his/her goals. Discuss my goals Identify target accounts and together, establish a game plan to exceed goals. Identify key decision makers and any support needed from LMT etc *Investigate training available to me (internal/external) to improve my effectiveness. Study management guides. *Submit report on progress; by territory, and entire region. Stay professional A clear definition of my roles and responsibilities, delivered by my manager, will be essential – people know where they stand and what is expected of me and them. Better for someone else to spell out any new authority rather than doing it myself. Tell them honestly that in your new role, it puts you in an awkward position, since you were peers. Ask them to help you by working through the transition together. Meet with them all individually to discuss their goals and interests – how can these help contribute to team results - motivate them. Take charge when neccessary. Realise it is not you they have issues with but the message. Understand why they have this feeling. Explain why the decisions have been made (see the bigger picture.) Drive a change in mindset so they realise these changes are both vital and in their interests. Give up being liked by everyone all the time – eventually this will be replaced by respect. Establish a support network of strong mentors and coaches - successful managers who I admire and respect. Strengthen my position and be seen as a manager. Improved relationships with colleagues outside the sales team • Miles Roebuck, Sarah Carolan, Glyn Kennett, IT Support Taken on the responsibility of temporary sales manager and worked closely with other departments within organisation to improve CSAT scores, SLX housekeeping. Helped developed and assisted new staff into their roles • Stephen Pitcher, Matt Redman 60-90 Days *Begin to develop a network amongst fellow SMs / senior management. Tap into their experience and opinions and implement ideas and information that would make us more productive. *Evaluate successes / failures with AM. What is working well, things to avoid. Are we using our time wisely and is it focused. *New financial year – review what went well, what was less successful – do the same/differently in 2012/13 *Review first 90 days

Sales Manager Presentation

Transcript: ACTION PLAN First meetings with local agencies Meetings with each agency Showing a new image focused on a better customer service relationship with our clients. Displaying that both Vicente and myself are going to be more involved, attentive and helpful. New Sales Manager Introduce myself to the agencies Daphne Overview of the boat Itineraries Deck Plan Cabins Grand Queen Beatriz Overview of the boat Showing new images of the new cruise Deck Plan Cabin information Itineraries Information about when we offer last minutes Presenting our products Strengths: What we are doing right Which tools they use the most Weaknesses: Where we are failing Why our products are not been sold Which tools they think we need What are our competitors doing that we are not Answer questions Promise that we will start working with their feedback to improve Listening to our clients What our clients think of us Unbranded websites Last Minute availability Updated pictures and videos Show the tools that we have at the moment for our clients Showing all our tools to make working with us easier Using Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook and direct information from our clients, to look for new business opportunities and get more market presence. New partners, we can work with Identifying new business opportunities Assessment of the feedback given by all stakeholders (local agencies, employees, suppliers, investors) Implementing changes from stakeholders feedback What changes can be made Implementing new tools Notifying our stakeholders about implemented changes 2nd contact with our clients to identify according to them our main competitors and get figures on Peak vs competitors. Compare our company and assess our position in the market Benchmarking Compare websites of competitors Mystery shopper to analyze competitors How our products are presented vs competitors Content Marketing Audit our clients to confirm that they have the right information from us in their websites Provide high quality videos and pictures and make sure that they use it Help to write articles about our cruises to promote in agencies blogs 5th Step Content Marketing

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