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Sales Dialogue And Presentation Template

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OTO Sales Dialogue

Transcript: Pull up client sites for visual support. Have printed slides with statistics of improved business for clients to leave with Prospect. Primary Contact: Beau Moffit, Assistant Manager We just had our site redone. We have worked with this business from the beginning. What if we have reservations as to the direction your service might take the site? Our service is all about customization. No two businesses are exactly alike and neither should their sites. But we don't expect you to jump right in. We offer a complimentary site analysis, so we can go through all the details with you, collaborating on what your vision for the site is and where we can bring in our expertise to create the best web experience possible. Support for Necessity of Updated Site: Discovery How has your experience with your current provider been? Are there areas you feel could be improved upon/areas for growth? Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers, with 60% often or always paying more for a better experience. 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition We are a major provider of Patagonia gear. The company requires that its retailers' websites offer 24-hour assistance to customers in order to sell online. This is not currently a viable option. How can your service benefit us with this consideration? Even though OTO is not in a position to open doors online, a stream-lined site is a crucial element to in-store sales. Customers see the website as a direct reflection of the store's quality. If the website is lack-luster and poor in appearance, they have every reason to believe that they physical store's quality will be the same. By having a poor website, you are actually hampering your business' success. Transition to Presentation Providing the best customer experience possible is a high priority for OTO, if I could show how SKYGATE can dramatically improve your customer's experience, would you be interested? Would you be interested in a site that increases activity between your business and the customer? Competitor Assessment What are growth objectives for the company? How long have you been working with your current web team? What individuals comprise your buying team? Prospect Details Support for Claims Follow-Up Great, so when I get back to the office I will send you an email with all points we have covered today. We are going to create a great site for you that highlights your product offering, engages customers, and ultimately increases sales! Are there any final questions I can answer for you before I get this information together for you? Increased SEO, interactive website will attract and retain viewers. Increase sales by putting OTO into a front of mind positioning with easily accessible, interactive, updated web presence. Power Design Currently have OTO's business. Have been with the company since its creation. Poor product. Updated the website within the past couple of months, change was not recognizable. Activation How are your customers affected by not having an interactive site? Does your target expect the business they patronize to offer a stream-lined web experience? Benefits Corresponding to Needs Increase target audience awareness Increase Sales Projection If your website offered an interactive service to your customers, displaying your inventory in an appealing manner, frequently updated with current sale and promotional information, how would it affect your market? What would be the effect on profitability if your customers had the option to browse online? Primary Prospect Needs Retaining SKYGATE MEDIA'S services will increase Out There Outfitters sales by a minimum of 3% in its initial year while improving customer experience and satisfaction. SKYGATE specializes in the creation and maintainance of custom web experiences, collaborating on and managing your site from graphics, to audio, to payment systems. Commitment Based on the details we have discussed and the mock up of work shown that we can do for your company, can we start working together on your new, interactive site?

Sales Template

Transcript: What the Award Winning Holiday Inn Battle Creek Can Do for (Company Name)! Conveniently located moments away from I-94 for easy access to all Battle Creek has to offer. Complimentary WiFi throughout the entire hotel. Business Center on the main floor. Guest Self-Laundry on 3rd floor Off-Site Dry Cleaning available Mon.-Fri. On-Site Fitness Center Passes available to Feeling Fit Fitness In-door Heated Pool set to 84 degrees Teri Pearce Corporate Sales Manager Holiday Inn Battle Creek 12812 Harper Village Dr. Battle Creek, MI 49014 D: 269-589-9530 P: 269-979-0500 F: 269-979-0501 E: Company Logo Here Walmart Meijer Kohl's Menards Executive Boardroom Free WiFi Iron with Ironing Board Coffee Maker Complimentary Parking Around Entire Building Perfect blend of Old-World traditional hospitality and contemporary design with modern amenities. With more than 5,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Full-Service restaurant, Cereal City Grill, located off lobby. Open for breakfast and dinner daily. Restaurant, Lounge, and Patio Types of Events: *Trainings *Receptions/Dinners *Seasonal/Annual Parties *General Meetings *Conferences *Ceremonies *Auctions *Tournaments *Fundraiser Events Etcetera Best Buy Rue 21 Macy's JC Penney's Harvest Ballroom IHG Rewards Club *Absolutely Free *Points Never Expire *Earn on Room Rate and Restaurant Charges *Redeem for Free Night Stays or Merchandise IHG Meeting Rewards Program *Attach IHG Rewards Number to Participate *3 Points/Dollar on Room Rental *2 Points/Dollar on Catering Charges Located minutes away from more than 50 retail outlets. 120 beautifully appointed guest rooms, including; family suites and executive suites

WCT Sales Presentation Template

Transcript: Central Europe Vienna Salzburg April 27: Salzburg - Sound of Music Tour - Salzburg/Performance Cuenca Vienna, Austria Performance Tour to Austria Rouen April 24: Vienna Prague California Bath Derry Thank you for traveling with Salzburg Festspielhaus Figueres $2,799 P/P Dbl. Occ. (Plus Air Taxes Exceeding $450, Pending Air Confirmation) Check-in to hotel in Salzburg Temperatures range from 41*-60* F in April Home to one-fourth of the Austrian population Also home to the highest waterfall and the oldest carousel in the world Spain Argentina April 28: Arrive Boston 7:55pm Mont St. Michel St. Charles' Church Pienza Valencia Washington, D.C. France Cabo da Roca Haus der Musik Beijing Oxford Philadelphia Versailles Stratford-upon Avon Getreidegasse Connemara St. Petersburg April 23: Vienna/Performance Tallinn Hotel Europa Mondsee Riga Normandy April 22: Arrive Zurich 10:55am; depart Zurich 12:35pm Pompeii Portugal Coimbra Oporto Estoril Tandil Schönbrunn Palace/Performance April 25: Potential Performance, Recital at Melk Abbey Killarney Stockholm Savannah Capuchin Church San Gimignano Mar del Plata Dublin Dinner together at local restaurant Sorrento Sintra Florence Monserrat China Montreal Melk Abbey/Recital Charleston Klaipeda Caen Sitges Montalcino Italy Toledo Dinner together this evening United Kingdom Budapest Salzburg, Austria April 23: Potential Performance, Chapel of Schönbrunn Palace Montecatini Buenos Aires Quebec City Baltics Tarragona Belfast Shanghai April 27: Potential Performance, Salzburger Dom Mozart's Birth House Glendalough Barcelona Siena Yangtze River Hofburg Palace Tour Inclusions Vienna - 3* Free internet access Easy access to city highlights Amalfi Vilnius April 26: Salzburg/City Tour - Hallein Salt Mines - Salzburg April 21-28, 2014 Dover Roundtrip Airfare Six (6) Nights Accommodation Luxury Motor Coach Tour Manager Throughout Three (3) Performances Including One (1) Recital Breakfast Daily Welcome Dinner Two (2) Additional Dinners Farewell Dinner Sightseeing per Itinerary Standard A+ Travel Insurance Air Taxes Up To $450 Gratuities to Tour Manager, Driver & Local Guides Paris April 22: Arrive Vienna 1:55pm April 28: Depart Munich at 2:05pm April 25: Vienna - Melk/Recital - Salzburg Boston Naples Belmont High School Choir Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn Girona Lucca St. Peter's Abbey Temperatures range from 41*-59* F in April Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and is the fourth-largest city in Austria Madrid April 21: Depart Boston 9:45pm Rome Performance at Salzburger Dom Chongqing Sicily Have a safe and enjoyable journey! New York City Capri Canada Leopold's Castle Burren London Chicago Pisa Nanjing Chartres Farewell Dinner at local restaurant Salzburg - Superior 3* Walking distance to Mirabell Gardens Internet available Prater Park Canterbury Xi'an Helsinki Ireland Views of St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgang Nonnberg Abbey Hallein Salt Mines Cascals Lisbon Welcome Dinner at hotel Stonehenge Galway

Sales Template

Transcript: Overall reach is longer-lasting vs. Finished Product By the end of the Discovery Phase, you will: Total cost: $100k Have a definitive budget for production DEFINE YOUR WHY It tackles the "why", so to speak, by showing what every athlete dreams of being...and they just happen to be wearing Under Armour. Advertising vs. Forced content Call to action is far less aggressive "That's me. I should do business with these guys?" Have a clear understanding of the style of the video Production DISCOVERY PHASE PRODUCTION PHASE It is a feeling. A brand is more than a name, logo, or look. We want them to relate to what they see. This is the most important part of creating a successful video. This is the part where we are extremely intentional in developing a plan that will drive results. Informs public about a product or service Under Armour "I Will" Campaign Communicates deals and special offers The Drive Media House Way! production phase We work through a two-phase process: VISION? Although this commercial shows a lot of Under Armour product, that's not what sells it. This commercial is successful because it connects with its target audience: athletes. Know what, when, and where we plan to shoot Throughout this phase, we work with you to ensure we are always on the same page. We'll get every piece approved before progressing. By the end of the video, the viewer will understand not just what you sell but what is at the heart of your company Brand development & awareness We want an inner part of them to say: Have a complete and approved script and storyboard How big is your Telling your story OUR PROPOSAL Leads customers to make a direct purchase Boot Country Work Country Marketing When planning CONTENT, we always This is where we make it all happen. Goal is to increase sales in a more direct manner Documentary START WITH WHY. Total cost: $20k -? scenarios/locations -? final videos Relating this to ?, we believe that the key to get your audience in the door is NOT by focusing all of our attention on the "what" (which is ?), but rather on the "why" (which is the lifestyle). Have a fully developed concept and plan for your production Customer engagement Evoke emotion DISCOVERY PHASE for your story as we said, the why is the lifestyle. Downy + Febreze: "The Extra Hour"

Effective Sales Dialogue

Transcript: Focus on Creating Value for the Buyer THANK YOU! Utilize sales aids Visual materials: printed materials, photographs and illustrations, and charts and graphs Electronic materials: individual slides and videos, complete multimedia presentations Product demonstrations Practice! Practice! Practice! Summarize: when finished explaining the significance of the sales aid, summarize its contribution and support "As you can see in the "before and after" pictures, there is a significant improvement in skin. The skin has more even skin tones, less under-eye puffiness, and less noticeable wrinkles." Support Customer Value Through Objective Claims Focus on an organized sales dialogue and not a canned sales presentation Be prepared: practice asking questions, getting different responses, and adapting to these responses Proper planning and practice provide an important foundation "Hello Emily, I am here today to help you with your skin care concerns. How do you describe your skin? What result would you like to achieve from this consultation?" SIDE B Present key selling points Focus on the buyer Use verbal support elements including voice characteristics: pitch and speed of speech Examples: brief description of a specific instance used to illustrate features and benefits Anecdote: a type of example presented in the form of a story describing a specific incident or occurrence Comparisons: statement that points out and illustrates the similarities between two points Analogy: special and useful form of comparison that explains one thing in terms of another "Pampering your face and treating it with products that are customized for you, is important. You deserve to keep your youthful look and the only way to maintain it, is to take care of your skin." Kathleen Vincent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant MKT 391 Essentials of Selling Week 4 Identify the customer's confirmed benefits Present a recommended solution by emphasizing product features that produce the confirmed benefits Creating and communicating value is important in maintaining relationships with existing customers because changes can occur in a customer's situation "You can see and feel how great your skin feels after using the correct product. Imagine what a difference you'll notice when you're using it every day!" Proof Providers: statistics: facts that lend believability to claims of value and benefit testimonials: similar to testimonials but in the form of statements from satisfied users of the selling organization's products and services case histories: testimonial in story or anecdotal form Mary Kay TimeWise Repair TM regimen Based on a 12-week clinical study, sophisticated 3-D imaging indicated: 7 out of 10 women showed signs of lifting along the jawline 86% had a decrease in the appearance of average wrinkle length 81% had a decrease in the appearance of average wrinkle width Salesperson Must Plan and Practice Dialogue Present Value in an Interesting and Understandable Way Effective Sales Dialogue Engage and Involve the Buyer SIDE A SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) and ADAPT (Assessment, Discovery, Activation, Projection, Transition)questioning systems are designed to get the buyer to provide feedback to specific questions the salesperson asks. Observe continual feedback in the form of the buyer's verbal cues Incorporate verbal probes at key points to evaluate the buyer's interest and assess the progress of the sales dialogue Check-backs or response checks "Now that we've customized your skin care regimen and have chosen the TimeWise Repair, do you like how your skin looks and feels?" Encourage Buyer Feedback

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