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sales demo

Transcript: Be one step ahead. TM Your Goals Your Goals What do you want to achieve from your CX initiative? Who owns CX in your organization? What do you want to get out of our session today? CEM Readiness About Intouch Understanding Everyday Experiences. How we got to where we are today? Intouch over the years Fielding Solutions Business Intelligence Survey Form Automation Working Together Building brilliant experiences. Together. Packages designed to scale with your business Build your own suite of products Add functionality at your own pace, in your own time No limits on users or number of locations Flexible Packaging Guided on-boarding process On-boarding Guided process designed to avoid common pitfalls Self-guided tools to get you up and running quickly Dedicated support to help plan and strategize Partnering together for the long-term Ongoing Success Ongoing support available via email & telephone Quarterly strategic review sessions Annual program reviews to identify areas for improvement LiaCX TM LiaCX Listen Interpret Act CX Automation Next-level Insights AI-driven Actions Cross-program Reporting LISTEN Listen Understand the moments that matter. Survey Why Survey? Increase average deal size. Acquire new customers. Retain existing customers. SURVEY Close the loop on every customer interaction. Intuitive drag & drop design Optimized for any device Library of industry standard questions SURVEY Types of Survey LiaCX Supports C-SAT NPS Custom CES Customer Satisfaction Surveys are used to understand your customer's satisfaction levels with your organization's products, services, or experiences. Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships. Customer Effort Score (CES) is a type of customer satisfaction survey used to measure the ease of service experience with an organization. Leverage advanced capabilities to drive fluid experiences. SURVEY Distribution Mastery with Ease Built-in Contact Center enables you to: Bulk upload contact information Segment survey types Create automated releases based on specific points in your customer journey Manage release frequency, prevent fatigue and survey what matters most Track response rates, average time to complete and more SURVEY Optimizing your surveys Survey health Survey fatigue protection Social Listening The Importance of Unsolicited Feedback SOCIAL Fielding Solutions What are Fielding Solutions? FIELDING SOLUTIONS FIELDING SOLUTIONS Covert Mystery Shops Needs to reflect a real customer experience. Ideally suited for customer experience audits, age verification or counterfeit product audits. Overt Audits In-depth inspections designed to understand if standards are being met. Typically used for assessing operations, brand or health & safety standards. Ensuring Your Success 2. Designing the program 1. Understanding your goals 3. Reporting and measuring 3. Fielding your shops External Programs External programs enable you to seamlessly integrate data from any third party system to get the full picture of your customer’s journey. EXTERNAL PROGRAMS Common use cases: Contact data from CRM or loyalty program Survey results from other survey tools Purchase data from POS How we get external program data in? Option 1: A one-time import of data. eg. Static contact database or past survey results completed in another platform Option 2: Continuous, dynamic connection between LiaCX and another software application. eg. Contact records added to your CRM are added to the LiaCX contact center on an ongoing basis. EXTERNAL PROGRAMS Interpret Check External Programs Social INTERPRET Unleash the power of your data. Business Intelligence Next-level Insights BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Measuring your customers' journeys Understanding Sentiment Drilling into the data Bringing it back to what matters most. Your customers. Video snippet from going from dashboard to contact records. Getting the right data, to the right people, when it matters most. 1. 2. 3. Schedule dashboards & reports Create filters & permissions Build your hierarchy Shop SHOP Survey Survey dashboard SURVEY ACT Act Turn data into action with Action Campaigns , Business Automation, Case Management and Form Automation Software. TM Form Automation Software TM Project X TM Action Campaigns ACTION CAMPAIGNS An Action Campaign™ is a series of scheduled actions you assign to your teams, aimed at improving a business metric or resolving a trending issue. 1 2 Identify the Key Drivers for that KPI Select a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to improve 3 Predict the impact of improvements to a Key Driver on KPI AI-Driven Actions Why Use Action Campaign™? A/B Test Initiatives Easily perform A/B tests on your CX initiatives. Choose a control group, assign actions to that group, then compare performance on the issue or KPI you’re tracking. Demonstrate ROI Struggling to get buy-in on CX initiatives? Once you have the results to prove the impact your actions are having, use

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