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Transcript: "Discrimination against Women ? or Men ?" : healthy, less amount etc... Because (the background) : the positions of women are becoming higher and higher. The origin: until 10 years ago, Wednesday was a regular holiday of department store. = set Wednesday to Ladies day!! •A Manifesto Outlining the Abuses Japanese Women Suffered and How They were To Be Corrected Before WWI: Female factory workers During and After WWI (favorable tendency of the world economy): The Modern Era ex.) “Elevator Girl”, “Bus Girl” etc.. Great Depression 1943 (During WWII): Women’s volunteer corps *Although women were once allowed to vote in Kochi-Prefecture in 1880, women's suffrage was enacted at a national level in 1945 (After WWII) 1) It is our responsibility to destroy customs which have existed in this country for the past twenty six hundred years and to construct a new Japan that promotes the natural rights of men and women; 3) Political rights are necessary for the protection of nearly four million working women in this country; 4) women who work in the household must be recognized before the law to realize their full human potential; Gender Issues in JAPAN Political Empowerment • Decreasing the population, especially the age from 15 to 65 Provision Enhance the rate of women’s working participation Positive action Sakiko Yasumi Ayano Tsunezuka Natsumi Yamagata 2. Ladies day at Movie theater Women only cars in Japan Employment of women design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi History of Female Workers in Japan Women = Men 3. The decline in concern about "Morals of Women" : Ladies can get cheeper tickets than men women can get cheaper price than men 2) As women have been attending public school with men for half a century since the beginning og the Meiji period and our oportunities in higher education have continued to expand, it is unjust to exclude women from international suffrage; Wednesday (almost) Men have to pay 1,800 yen everytime!! Patriarchy System in Japan # Men's Understandings and Cooperation 1924: The Women’s Suffrage League (the most influential and outspoken women’s advocacy collective of the era) The Men’s Suffrage Law 1925: Japan implemented universal suffrage ***it was only for male Historical Consequences Women can get special menu Q1, Was there any difficulties or struggles for women in the US to join the communities/ societies in the past? Q2, Do you agree with the system of priorities for women? If you do, why? 1912 Start 2000 Renewal Make a better surroundings for women New suggestion Positive Action □ Remove the barrier that blocks up the good success of women □ Adjust the surroundings of women BUT… marriage, childbirth : the places (on trains) where only Women can use (ride) The problems in Japan Natsumi Yamagata : lucky services for women 1. Create rush trains with MEN 1. Gender Issues in the Past Japanese Society (1868~1945) 2. Employment of women (1945~) 3. Discrimination against "WOMEN" or "MEN" Problems (from almost MEN) = isn't based on the "gender" The elderly and handicapped people should get these kinds of treats. (especially in terms of train and movies) Women can get cheaper price than men ex.) 1990yen free-drink menu for just only Women so ladies, let's go to get these services with us!! women : 1,000 yen men : 1,800 yen 2. Disturb the routes of MEN •Men work outside, and women work inside..? QUESTIONS Special services for only Ladies It is our responsibility to destroy customs which have existed in this country for the past twenty six hundred years and to construct a new Japan that promotes the natural rights of men and women; As women have been attending public school with men for half a century since the beginning of the Meiji period and our opportunities in higher education have continued to expand, it is unjust to exclude women from international suffrage; 3) Political rights are necessary for the protection of nearly four million working women in this country; Women who work in the household must be recognized before the law to realize their full human potential; Without political rights we cannot achieve public recognition at either the national or local level of government; It is both necessary and possible to bring together women of different religions and occupations in a movement for women’s suffrage. = doesn't have "Legal power" 5) Without political rights we canno achieve public recognition at either the national or local level of government; 6) It is both necessary and possible to bring together women of different religions and occupations in a movement for women's suffrage 1. "Special menu for only Women in restaurants"

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Transcript: Online Mentoring Platform Rutgers University General Synopsis I. Introduction a. Background b. Problem c. Project Scope d. Goals II. Recruitment III. Q&A Summary Background Background Rutgers University is a leading national research university and the state of New Jersey's preeminent, public institution of higher education. Mission: Providing for the instructional needs for New Jersey's citizens Conducting cutting edge research Performing public service Student Population Snapshot of the student body Rutgers University services a highly diverse, multilingual and industrious student population. To ensure student success post undergraduate school, more emphasis is being placed on career readiness and workforce development Below is a current snapshot of the student population: In 2017, 49,577 students were enrolled at Rutgers University-New Brunswick; 35, 641 undergraduates and 13, 936 graduate programs 49,577 students, 35,641 undergraduates Of these, 6,769 students are in the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences division Undergraduates, 50% men and 50% women 10.4% of first-year students come from outside New Jersey About 77% of undergraduate students receive financial aid Student Population What We Know Related Problem Problem - Student-Alumni Career Connect System - Road to Mentorship Program - Career Exploration Nights New study shows 85% of jobs are filled with networking, therefore not investing in networking opportunities will further disadvantage the student population. Mentored, LLC current platform provide a simple way to connect students to alumnae in career interest Mentored, LLC Online Mentorship Program Solution At the forefront of a growing industry, with innovative technology that enables high-impact coaching at scale, Mentored can customize Rutgers brand, keep its students and alumni engaged and on track to achieve their goals Helping Rutgers University enable students to explore career advancements pathways through mentoring and interacting with alumni, and leverage mentor relationships as a means of delivering career readiness curriculum. . Online Platform Tools Services Accountability tools Easy-to-use scheduling User assessments Immediate user feedback (surveys and reporting) Assigned activities and curated content Career development focused content PDF & image sharing Automated alerts, reminders, and messaging Personalized 1:1 training on your computer and mobile phone Mobile interactions through SMS Community engagement and group chats Recorded sessions Secure live chat, audio, and video Tracking user activity Data and analytics NYC Department of Education - (College Access for All - Student Coaching) BOSS High School - Student Coaching Food and Finance High School - Student Coaching National Mentoring Partnership - (Foundation funding West Side HS) Dynamic Workforce Solutions (multiple locations) (Workforce Development) ISBI 360 - Sales Coaching Westside High School Program (Newark, New Jersey) - Student Coaching Our Partners


Transcript: University Graduate Admissions Rutgers is a leading public research university in the vanguard on a range of subjects. While the admission process can vary by school or field of study, most departments make use of a general application. New Brunswick At Rutgers–New Brunswick, you can have it all—a community of five distinct and lively campuses, the urban vibe of New Brunswick, and the ivy-covered buildings and verdant open spaces of a university with a history going back to Colonial times—1766, to be precise. When you live in New Brunswick, you’re living in the gateway to New Jersey. University Undergraduate Admissions Rutgers offers more than 100 major fields of study across three campuses, but you only need to apply at one place. The University Undergraduate Admissions site will walk you through the process. Admission The State University of New Jersey fronts a resurgent football team, which is the only NCAA Division I football team in the Greater New Jersey/New York metropolitan region. The university is also where Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame coach C. Vivian Stringer leads the always thrilling Rutgers Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team. Rutgers teamwork on the field powers a pride that resonates through the stands. Stay fit, take a break, and have fun with friends. Find your slot among the dozens of intramural sports leagues hosted by Rutgers throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for team sports or one-on-one competition, unwind or get revved up with men’s, women’s, and corecreational sports ranging in intensity from friendly to highly competitive. Here’s your chance to get moving. Weight room Exciting sports matches Dining facilities Housing Lounges All Campuses Campus Life Newark That translates into a college experience that’s exciting and adventurous, whether you’re heading over to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for a concert, catching a baseball game at Riverfront Stadium, or meeting a friend for lunch at one of the inexpensive eateries offering all types of food, from good old American burgers to Thai cuisine, just minutes from campus. Camden With its 40-acre campus, Rutgers–Camden provides a leafy, intimate setting for students seeking to get to know their classmates and develop lifelong friendships. Glance up and you’ll see the majestic outline of the Ben Franklin Bridge arching in the background, a vivid reminder that you’re just across the Delaware River from historic Philadelphia. Students at Rutgers–Camden enjoy a close-knit environment, gathering at the campus center for lattes and participating in a wide range of clubs, from the Art Students League to the Philosophy Society. First-year undergraduate seminars with leading scholars. International executive M.B.A. programs in Beijing and Shanghai. Groundbreaking research that improves the way we live. Academic excellence, in areas as diverse as philosophy and public policy, built on a core foundation in the arts and sciences. At Rutgers, academics are about personal achievement, cutting-edge discovery, and community involvement, with students and lifelong learners selecting from a diverse array of possibilities at campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. Athletics Rutgers University Academics

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Transcript: What's it all about? Inside Higher Ed: Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology, 2014 Virtually all faculty members and technology administrators say meaningful student-teacher interaction is a hallmark of a quality online education, and that it is missing from most online courses. A majority of faculty members with online teaching experience still say those courses produce results inferior to in-person courses. Only about one-quarter of faculty respondents (26 percent) say online courses can produce results equal to in-person courses. Most faculty members maintain serious doubts about being able to interact or indeed teach students in online courses. Asynchronous Learning The asynchronous learning environment provides students with teaching materials and tools for registration, instruction, and discussion. Asynchronous learning involves the ability to maintain communication without having to meet at the same place at the same time. Asynchronous learning networks (ANL) all have a common conference space (e.g. blackboard, e-mail, chat room) available where everyone can post a message, read a message or respond to a message all within the same shared spaced. Synchronous Learning Any learning tool that is in real-time, such as instant messaging, that allows students and teachers to ask and answer questions immediately. Rather than learning on their own, students who participate in synchronous learning courses are able to interact with other students and their teachers during the lesson. Striking a Balance... Balancing Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning in Online Courses Some Data...


Transcript: Why my top choice? I have always wanted to go to Rutgers. It is a large university which I like. Many people I know go here too. Also, it is a state school, so it will look good, and I will hopefully have easier job opportunities after I graduate. It is the perfect distance away from Manalapan. Also, the Rutgers campus is beautiful and a perfect mix of city and suburbs. Annual Tuition & Fees: $13,073 Per Credit Tuition: In-state: $333 Books: Average of $1,550 Percentage of men: 47% Percentage of women: 53% New Brunswick, New Jersey Commuting will take around 35 minutes from Manalapan, not including traffic to go every day. Driving is a must, or by bus. Both urban and suburban due to it's large campus. On-campus housing is available. There is a choice of traditional residence halls or living-learning communities. A dorm on campus will be around $7,092. There is also other living expenses near $3,000. Annie Rizvi Money Major Type of Campus Volleyball, bowling, basketball, soccer, softball, roller hockey, ultimate Frisbee, cricket, crew, rugby, skiing, ballroom dancing, ice hockey, cycling, equestrian events, fencing, lacrosse, wrestling, sailing, religious clubs, aquatics, art, etc. I'm interested in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, ballroom dancing, aquatics, and art. Freshmen Housing I am interested in the medical field. I have always wanted to go into the medical field since I was a little girl, because I think it is a stable future, where I will make good money and I will love my job. I love to help people, and I find this information to be interesting. Also, being called Dr. Rizvi will sound great. GOAL! Mascot & School Colors Rutgers (New Brunswick) Men to Women Ratio Activities/Sports Location Mascot: Scarlet Knight School Colors: Scarlet


Transcript: Rutgers State University of New Jersey Inportant School Facts: 42300 Undergrads Average SAT score: 540 to 635 ACT 25 to 30 Requirements include GPA of 3.3 or higher and a high school diploma as well as testing of ACT and or SAT Location: 3 campuses at New Brunswick, Camden, and Newark Expenses: In-state tuition and fees:$12,754$ Out-of-state tuition and fees:$25,416 Majors and Courses Major I'm interested in: Computer Science, Business Courses offered in the Major: Artificial Intelligence, Business management and Administration How Long to Complete: Most Majors at Rutgers take 4 years Opportunity for Employment: Rutgers Career Network in which alumni can offer internships Financial Aid Scarlet Scholarship The Scarlet Scholarship is offered to outstanding first year students each year based on a combination of academic achievement and financial aid as demonstrated on the FAFSA. A minimum combined SAT of 1950 or higher or 30 ACT score is required to be considered. Awards range from $3,500 to $7,500 a year. Fun Facts Famous Alumni include Marc Ecko founder and CEO of Ecko as well as Peter C. Schultz co-inventor of fiber optics 8th oldest school Place of first intercollegiate football between Rutgers and Princeton Hold annual Homecoming bed race as tradition With my current GPA I would get in since the lowest GPA possible is a 3.3 Other Info I choose this college because I always hear about it on sportscenter and a couple of times I have been near the campus. Also it is the only school that does not have the state's name in the University's name. I have learned that there are a lot of opportunities for jobs after college if you take the inititative to talk to people and learn about internships. GO SCARLET KNIGHTS! By: Robbie Preller

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