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Rustic Wedding Powerpoint Template

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Rustic Wedding Fair

Transcript: Dining experience By Georgia Lydra and Liane Jarapa Rustic Wedding Fair For a Brides best experience From Dresses to makeup everything a bride needs to feel her best How to make your special day unforgettable Wedding dresses Wedding Dresses The perfect dress can light up the mood and tie the whole wedding together. There are is so much to choose from and endless possibilities to fit your personal style Bridal makeup Bridal Makeup Every Bride needs to feel her best on her wedding day and the perfect makeup look can do just that. We have so many fabulous makeup artists to choose from. Looks range from glam-natural and so much more Shoes Shoes No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes and your wedding day is no exception. The perfect pair of shoes can tie an outfit together and luckily our range has every type of shoe you can think of Flowers Flowers Flowers are one aspect of the wedding that shouldn't be overlooked. Whether you want roses or peonies you should expect the best Extra details Extra details Table placements Location Entertainment Invitations For a rustic wedding location is key. People want an upscale modern barn and our services can provide just that Location On your wedding day you can feel at rest when you know all the finer details are taken care for and look their absolute best. We having everything here to put your wedding on top. Table placements Entertainment To set the joyous mood, we have every entertainment available including live music and a spectacular fireworks displays to end your magical day. Invitations the magic of the wedding starts before the special day when the invitations are sent out. Our range of cards will make the guests wait in excitement for the upcoming day. Dining experience When everything else is at its best the food should be no exception. We can offer everything from buffet to 4 course meals provided by the finest caterers Main meal Main meal Whether you have a sweet tooth or not dancing at weddings can really wear you out and these little treats are the perfect way to boost your wedding experience over the top Cakes and treats Cakes and treats One of the most important element of the wedding is when the newly weds cut the cake. You should spare no expense when it comes to the cake and we have the best cake makers at your service Wedding Cakes Wedding cake Drinks Drinks No wedding is complete without a drink to finish the evening. Our bartenders will create your own unique drink to fulfill whatever your heart desires on your special day.

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