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Rotary presentation

Transcript: Rotary's involvement: Volunteers at Taste of Carmel Sponsor/Marketing for Taste of Carmel Donating Bench Backsacks through Gleaners Peyton Manning Project 18 4-way test Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Backsacks-Rotary donated money to feed 25 students, Gleaners donated for additional 15 Every Friday students have bag of food sent home Student Services Coordinator pulled list from those that indicated support was needed Food can be eaten at room temperature and is "kid tested"! Project 18- Building of Track part of the service learning project Nutrition Provided a $500 scholarship for students to attend JA Biztown/Challenger Rotary members tutor at OPE Spark Rotary Involvement Exercise Rotary's involvement: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Building Character Orchard Park students set forth to build a track for the community this year. Family Support Spark Exercise Nutrition With your support, this goal has become a reality! (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Almost 40% of OPE families are on Free or Reduced lunch Tutoring Sessions are provided Scholarship opportunities available for families that can't afford field trip costs Family Support ELA: Math 3rd- 31 students 3rd- 56 students 4th- 45 students 4th- 31 students 5th- 51 students 5th- 61 students Rotary Involvement Character Building Educating the Whole Child Istep 2010 Highlights Orchard Park students that display characteristics of the 4- way test are nominated each month by their teacher to be recognized on announcements (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Ready to learn!! Nutrition Ready to Learn Orchard Park Elementary 2011-2012 Students Receiving Pass +

Rotary Presentation

Transcript: INNOVATE ROCKING WATER PUMP EDUCATE Trauma counseling Transitional justice and restoration Community dialogue Building bridges between different communities Increasing human rights Gender empowerment Raising environmental awareness Promoting economic development Developing a civil society and private sector that can represent diverse interests and challenge the state peacefully Business as Usual In 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship. 1st Dimension 3rd Dimension David Campbell Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar 2012 ROPE PUMP Presentation Organization: Opening Statements about Peace and the 3 Dimensions Overview of World Cartograms and the results of inequality Africa- Specific issues with Instability Peace Corps Experience Importance of entrepreneurship in development Old Modality "ODA" vs new modality "II" New Actors- Acumen Fund Projects Ahead- Jatropha for Biofuel, Seawater Greenhouse for ag Coming together as Catalyst Aid This is our world, and it is heavy, and there are many dimensions that we must work within to achieve peace on a worldwide scale. I've chosen my area of intervention, and I truly believe that we can achieve balance, and peace, through prosperity. THANK YOU. Building Peace through Prosperity Technical Training Resource Libraries Youth Programs Scholarships & Fellowships University Partnerships Microfinance Business Incubation Networking Facilitation Market Evaluation and Access Improved Agricultural Machines in 50 villages Improved Well Pumping Systems in 7 villages Trainings for sustainable execution of projects Educational Publications Local Expertise Investment as Aid Impact Manual Water Pumping Device Using The Principle of a Pulley to draw water from great depth with less effort Disruptive Future Rebuilding basic facilities, transportation and communication networks, utilities Developing rule of law systems and public administration Building educational and health infrastructure Providing technical and capacity-building assistance for institutions Creating legitimate (democratic, accountable) state institutions 40 X as efficient as hand-shelling Made of local Materials Lifespan of 15-20 years UNIVERSAL NUT SHELLER Using shifting body weight, instead of muscular force, to pump water vertically ACCELERATE U.S. Peace Corps 2009-2012 Taking away weapons Re-integrating former combatants into civilian society 2nd Dimension World GDP Technology Transfers Research and Development Experimental Design Kedougou

Rotary Presentation

Transcript: Who goes to the NYSF? Youth Presentation Overview My Experiences a variety of topics - Financial support. Contributing so greatly to make this wonderful opportunity for Australian Youth possible. Australians Biology Since - What happens on session - My experiences - Who attends the NYSF? - Next Step program - Rotary's contributions Thank you It inspired me to do my best in yr 12 and really aspire to my goals by Australia's leading Science I would consider it as possible the best two weeks of my life The Rotary Dinner to quantum mechanics Made friends and just had a wonderful time with like-minded students that were passionate about science and engineering Young I learn't so much about the opportunities available and the possibilities in science Next Step Program Scientists > Visit top universities and industries that employ science and engineering graduates around the country. Learn about courses in other states. The hosting institutions put on exclusive visits just for NYSF students. > A chance to see friends made at the NYSF Session National The NYSF is a national program that is run across Australia inspiring science students to pursue careers in science and engineering by exposing them to these fields on a university and industry level. The NYSF is in partnership with the Australian government, major industry, national research institutes and universities and provides a two week forum for students in year 11 going into year 12 to experience the best Australian science has to offer. Forum Science Rotary's Involvement On Behalf of everyone - Home hospitality hosting 1984 Students in year 11 that are... -> Interested in science, technology or engineering ->Involved in community and extracurricular activities Next Step ~ Great food, wonderful company and inspiring speakers. ~ Truly a night to remember great lectures on meaningful & useful talks about Yr 12 and Uni Laboratory visits Seminars & Lectures Debates and Forums University and industry expo Visit great places Seminars - Rotary Uncle and Aunts on the trip provide medical help and support. A Brief history of the NYSF Visits to institutes and working laboratories involved with your area of interest. 2015 NYSF Had some really amazing and memorable experiences Thank You How was NYSF important to me and my future? Zoology department Vet Clinic Aquatic bio field work CSIRO insect collection Rotary is the NYSF's founding partner and means so much to the organization, staff and students especially Inspiring From forensic science The social aspect of it is just awesome too, you get to meet so many people and honestly do make such great friends In First Established in 1983. Its first sessions were in 1984 at University of Canberra before it moved to the Australian National University in 2006. Throughout this time Rotary has been its founding partner, and is now one of many organizations, corporate and university partners that supports the program. - Meals on the long journey to and from the NYSF at Cowra and Coonabarabran. Both delicious and extremely appreciated. What is the NYSF? Debates give a unique opportunity to share your opinion on some really current and controversial issues like climate change and the ethics of artificial life. I will be attending the Brisbane Next Step Program in April It gave me a better understanding of the world around me and about things I didn't even know existed

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