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Transcript: Introduction Griffin Engine Bazulaz 6 Stroke Engine Velezota 6 StrokeEngine Nykadoo Engine Crower 6 Stroke Engine Beare Head Design Bajulaz six-stroke engine Additional Work Extraction Methods(contd...) 5 7 Introduction... Opposed piston designs 8 Griffin Engine 3 Velozeta six-stroke engine To increase the magnitude of available energy from heat engines a comparative study of the following techniques Thermoelectric Generators (Introduced in the subject Analytical methods in heat transfer and fluid flow problems) Kalina cycle exhaust waste heat recovery Organic Rankine cycle These designs use two pistons per cylinder operating at different rates, with detonation occurring between the pistons. Velozeta six-stroke engine (contd...) Contents Design And Analysis Of Six Stroke Internal Combustion Engine by Tejaskumar U. Kothari Mr. Devranjan Kumar Mr. K.D.Tandel Velozeta Six Stroke Engine by Prashant Haridas Pande Study and Analysis of Six Stroke Engine by B. Ramya International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT),ISSN: 2278-0181,IJERTV4IS041496,Vol. 4 Issue 04, April-2015 10 Future Scope In this engine, fresh air is injected into the cylinder during the exhaust stroke, tht air expands by heat and therefore forces the piston down for an additional stroke Advantage is that the valve overlaps have been removed and the two additional strokes using air injection provide for better gas scavenging Morever the fuel economy(40%) it reduced CO emissions by remarkable 65% Modification is done to the 4 stroke engine by replacing cylinder head by fixed capacity air preheating chamber above each cylinder The combustion chamber receives a charge of heated air from the cylinder for one extra power stroke. 13 There are mainly 2 types of modification done to a normal 4 stroke engine First is heat from a simple 4 stroke (Gasoline/Diesel) engine is captured and an additional power-stroke is generated with the secondary fluid like air or steam The advantage is the additional stroke cools the engine reducing the need for cooling, weight, complexity and make it more efficient. eg. Bruce Crower engine,Bajulaz engine,Velozeta’s engine Refrences Crower six-stroke engine 12 Additional Work Extraction THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE Source: Result Comparison;2416;© 2014 IJEDR | Volume 2, Issue 2 | ISSN: 2321-9939 2 The concept originated in the year 1883 by Samuel Griffin, later many designs developed by The main advantages are- Reduction in fuel consumption Better efficiency Lower emissions More work per cycle Less modification required Cheaper secondary working fluid 6 Stroke Engine Overview and Designs 14 11 6 Consists of a heated exhaust-jacketed external vaporizer, into which fuel was sprayed and vaporized and that vapour is used to move the piston downward thus giving one additional power-stroke The disadvantage were clogging by formation of tars, soot and other materials. Clogging in first cylinder leads to a cleaner burning in the second cylinder thus increasing the life of the inner cylinder Overall output was low. 6 Stroke Engine 1 4 Developed by Anil Cleetus (Indian) , a technician from Kochi. This is the only engine that is categorized as a fully working prototype. The first prototype was developed in 2004, which used only two valves. Water is injected into the cylinder after the exhaust stroke and is instantly turned to steam, which expands and forces the piston down for an additional power stroke. Griffin Engine(contd...) By Dhruv R Karana 15/ME/431 9 NIYKADO Six Stroke Engine In this a secondary piston is put opposite to the original piston which is timed at half of the primary cylinder completing 6 strokes per cycle. The secondary piston replaces system of valves giving a robust construction eg. Beare Head engine, German Charge pump


Transcript: Train the Trainers Program (CLE) Vocational Training for Women Microsoft literacy Nurses Training Vocational Training Team Speaker Sharing Program Business Networking Event Ethics Award Water For Life Assiut - El Quseia Water For Life Project Breast Cancer Health awareness with Baheya Hospital Special Olympics Partnership with WHO on Screening of children at schools for hearing disability ROTARY IMAGE El Tahrir München-Residenz München El Obour Heliopolis-El Nozha München-Land München-Englischer Garten Al Shorouk München Nymphenburg Alexandria Marine Giza-Metropolitan Celebration of the New Generations Participation with the Rotaract in the Second annual Paralympics Empowering senior students and prepare them for Labor Market RI President Ian Riseley& District Governor Hamada Zahran We have ( 2 houses) in plan for this year -Locally and Internationally Global Grant Rotary Club of Madison International Humanitarian Project 1-3 year program Strategic Priorities Partnership with UNESCO and Adult Learning Authority on a new Literacy initiative that combines illiteracy with vocational training in one of Egypt's governorates. Vocational Service Projects: -Vocational Training Teams Partnership with Mcdonalds International in service projects in Mansoura, Zagazig, Portsaid and Asuit -Clubs, Local Communities, International Level Communication Plan: End Of Polio Now VOCATIONAL PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES -Local Governmental, NGOs, and International Organizations Newsletter Social Media Local media coverage Rotary Show case Protecting the environment Development of Youth Development of Women 2 CLE CLASSES COMMUNITY SERVICE Aswan Sunrise Project Abu EL Rich Village PP. Reem Abd ElMeguid PP. Eman Ghamrawy PP. Ahmed Mandour PP. Reham El Masry PP. Nourhan El Tarabishy PP. Hanan Abd El Monem PP. Moshira Tamara PP. Mohamed Youssef PP. Hatem Shalaby Rtn. Rasha Fahmy Rtn. Hisham Abdelrahman Rtn. Hossam Gamal ElDin Roteractor: Soha El Sokkary Roteractor: Omar Hassouba Joint project with : RC AL Orouba Heliopolis EL Nozha Nasr City Heliopolis Sporting Giza Metropolitan

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