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Roman Empire

Transcript: ROMAN EMPIRE Achievements Time 753 BC Rome was founded when Rhea Silvia's twins Romulus and Remus were washed upon Rome's shore. 500 BC Rome becomes a republic after aristocrats become fed up due to the lack of rights and revolted against the Etruscan rule. 218 BC The Second Punic War, was fought between the Roman Republic and Carthage. Rome wanted to expand to Sicily, which at the time was under Carthiginian control. The war lasted from 218 to 201 BC. 49 BC Julius Caesar turns on Rome, becomes dictator and removes all power from senate. Taking the power from the senate gave him absolute power. 44 BC Julius Ceaser killed by 60 senators. The senators were led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus. Julius Ceaser was stabbed repeatedly to his death. 32 BC 27 BC Octavius takes the title of Augustus and becomes Emperor of the Roman Empire which stretches from spain and Germany 285 AD Emperor Diocletian splits the Roman Empire in two Western and Eastern Rome. The Western Roman Empire (Europe/North Africa) included the city of Rome. The Eastern Roman Empire (Turkey/parts of Asia) included the city of Byzantium. 476 AD Rome fell to the barbarians and western roman empire. This was the key to Rome starting to collapse. 467 AD Ok but not great Getting Better Much Better Amzingly Good The Best ~Extra~ Roman Empire had a strong army Expanded their society created the twelve tables and Justian code to keep order Developed a Latin language and Alphabet A declared war on Cleopatra and Marcus Antony. Both of them got nervous, and both committed suicide. By: Hannah Powers and Owen Kuhns 2 4 Hannah Powers and Owen Kuhns The Roman Empire collapsed. After the Roman Empire collapsed it transitioned into The Dark ages 5 3 The Romans were known for many inventions such as roads, Pantheon, Arches, and Aqueducts. 1 218 BC Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Transcript: Fixing the Roman Empire By Collin Osbahr Early Rome In early years Carthanage was great traders of the mediteranien and at the same time the romans wanted to expand their trading into Carthanigians zones. In 264 BC the Romans and the carthagins had their first war. After 100 years of battle the Romans seeked victory and became the most powerful mediterrainian state. On January 13, 27 BC Octavian took over the supreme powers of the Roman Empire. At the same time he changed his name to Agustus. How they Rome became powerfull. Pax Romana: It was a long time period of peace for the Roman Empire in the 1st and 2nd century. Agustus was the first Roman emperor. He ruled for 45 years; the people got used to being ruled by one leader and then all of Rome went into greatness under the empire. For 45 years Rome was at peace which was the beginning of Pax Romana. During this time the empire was drasticaly growing. They expanded their roads and buildings. For the next 200 years the Roman Empire stayed steady and strong thanks to the Pax Romana. The Army Very powerfull Well trained Good effectient fighting stratagies. The army had a good supllies of weapons and other armry. Since the army was so powerfull it gave solid protection to the Empire Trades Money was made and the money benefited the army. The empire could get resources that they needed that wern't from Rome. Roads The Romans built 50,000 miles of roads that were fast and safe. The amount of trade increased becuase of how easy it was. Communicating increased becuase it would be fast for people to send letters to each other. Spead cultural diffusion. The Roman army kept patrol of the roads and since at the time they where the biggest army nobody would mess with them which made people feel safe. Buildings They built many buildings, forts and bridges. It would protect the army if someone attacked. People who weren't originally from Rome would like the buildings because the benifits it provided to people, which was appealing to people from other countrys. How did it all collaspe? Julia Caesers death The men he put out of the senate when he took power plotted against him and murdered him. His death lead to 13 years of civial war. Failing Economy The Empire was spending to much money on the army to protect them selves but faced bankruptcy The employment rate was low becuase people were starting to buy slaves, so they didn't need to have people work for them when they had people do it free. Wars They spent a lot of money on weapons and armry. They also were in great need of more soilders so the Barbarians who were already conquered faught with them. Other Problems Decline in Morals Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard Fast expansion of the Empire Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending Failing Economy Natural Disasters Changes I would make Taxes I would make a law that makes every citizen of Rome would have to pay 2 percent of their monthly pay, to the army so they dont face financial problems paying off equipment and armor. If a person cannot pay it then they have to serve in the army for 2 months everytime they don't pay. I would propose that no one can own more than two slaves so it keeps people working and prevent unemployment. I would make another law that everyone has to be Pacifist becuase they would be against the war which means they would support the military. Last: I would change the form of goverment from a Empire to a Republic. I would make this change becuase it would give the people of Rome the freedom to choose what they want, instead of one person controlling everyone which cuases problems . HI Bibiliography Rome Movie In Class Hannibal Packet Morality, tyranny Packet "Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire." Roman Colosseum. Web. 02 Feb. 2012. <> "The Roman Empire: In the First Century. The Roman Empire. Emperors. Augustus | PBS." PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Web. 02 Feb. 2012. <>. "Pax Romana." Ancient Rome for Kids. Web. 02 Feb. 2012. <>.

powerpoint template

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