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Robotics Presentation Background

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robotics presentation

Transcript: Company Demographics, Budget & Operations Everybody was involved and came up with their own strategy for the competition, then we selected the one with the easiest degree of difficulty while still maintaining a high number of points scored. We picked the design of our robot based on the strategy we picked. In our strategy we decided to knock the tie breaker ball off the pedestal and then swap the clear and green bottles, then come back down the pole for the bonus. We had to make the robot fit within the 24x24 box, so instead of making it square, we turned it 45 degrees and used the hypotenuse as our widest point. We used Autodesk Inventor several times through out our design process especially to design our carriage and frame. We used a large variety of Microsoft office programs through out this project. we specifically used word,excel, and powerpoint We used several cameras and editing software such as Windows movie maker and flip share. Our general design of the robot was based almost entirely on our plan of what items we wanted to manipulate in the given amount of time. The end result is the simplest design of the robot we could come up with, all parts of it have a certain task and are only there to accomplish the task. Use of Technology Finance Field Construction Goals Mark Luis Dakota Russians, Caucasians, Hispanics, Gingers, Athletes, Nerds, Theater Techies, All High School Grades Garrett Tyler Mission Statement Ethnic Groups claw design Marketing Strategies We did not require a budget, most materials needed were donated or given through BEST. Programming Autodesk Inventor Teams About The Robot Zach Spencer Nick Derrick Team S.C.R.E.A.M. Robotics Design Alternatives Multimedia Management Keegan Cameron Keegan Spencer Tyler Zach Alex Budget To promote engineering and team work To plan, design, test, and build a successful robot. We designed the claw so that it would be able to hold and manipulate both soda bottles at the same time. W decided on a design that had two sets of pincers on the arm. Henry Luis Dustyn Company Structure and Operations Design & Manufacturing Process Robot Construction Our mission is to inspire the students of Sedalia to become interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by engaging in robotics competitions. Students who participate will develop skills in engineering design, teamwork, communication and leadership. Inventor Brainstorming Approaches Chase Spencer restraints Video Software Microsoft Office Team 181 Presentation We designed and build a t-shirt cannon last spring, which we have used at: assemblies, high school athletic events, company picnics, and company celebrations. Our t-shirt cannon has also appeared in the local newspaper, on twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube. Public Efforts

Robotics Presentation

Transcript: FIRST Tech Challenge is a student-centered activity that is mentor supported and is about giving students a unique and stimulating experience. We want students to learn the value of teamwork and to respect everyone’s ideas and contributions to the team. FIRST Tech Challenge allows high school students to work hand-in-hand with technical professionals to develop a solution to the annual challenge. The students do a majority of the work, but the mentor is there to offer guidance, suggestions, and coaching to keep the students on task and successful. FIRST values are about appreciating our differences and learning what those differences add to our lives. FIRST programs succeed most fully when team members bring the FIRST values they learn back to their communities. Teams Awards: Members: Anna Kayla Shelby Y. Jesus Jose Dylan Bailea Shelbie W. Each team has a engineering notebook that they have to design and put pictures, dates, the building materials, "About Me's" for each member of the team, judge's tip, and documentation of our robots design. There are many Scholarships offered through FTC. Presented by teams 5547 and 4887 THIS IS WHERE WE WANT TO BE! WORLD St. Louis, MO April 24-27, 2013 Scholarships! The French Toast Mafia's Engineering Notebook One of the goals of FIRST and FTC is to recognize the engineering design process and “the journey” that a team makes during the phases of the problem solving, concept design, system-level design, detailed design, as well as testing their robots. Each team picked a team name that would show team spirit and help express themselves to win some of the many awards available from FTC. What is FTC? Robotics We are determined this year to get to World competiton. These are the awards that can help us get there. Awards that will take us to World! Engineering Notebook What is an Engineering Notebook? FTC: Our mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. FTC Mission Statement Owlbotics Statement Ninja Turtles The Ninja Turtle's Engineering Notebook This Years FTC Challenge French Toast Mafia Members: Yesi Sam Kathryn DJ Melissa Shawn Colten

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