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Initiate Advisor Presentation

Transcript: Experience Time Commitments Train the new Initiate Advisor Wrap Up Fall 2014 Semeseter: Academics 12 Credit Hours- Student Teaching Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4:00pm Monday Evening: 5pm-8pm Work/Extracurriculars Resident Assistant in Robertson Hall 1 Duty Night per Week (4 hours) Phi Sigma Pi Active Brother Work with Rituals to give them a fun aspect that makes them less dry and more Gamma Zeta So You Wanna Be Initiate Advisor? Kaylyn's Goals Updated Initiation Policy to reflect current practices of Initiation Parliamentarian May 2014-September 2014 Continue modeling the Initiation Program into what the Chapter is TODAY. Follow Nationals Policy and Chapter Consultant's advice for Initiation Program Madeline will be the main force of the Initiate Program. As I guide her, she will get hands-on experience in running the program. The Parliamentarian is not a mean face, but instead a keeper of order. Work with Rituals to make them structured, but add Gamma Zeta Pizzaz Continue restructuring Initiation Policy and to reflect our chapter Positional Growth AIA Spring 2013 Semester Initiate Adivsor Fall 2013 Semester Initiation Committee Spring 2013-Fall 2013 That leaves a MINIMUM of 20 hours per week devoted to Phi Sigma Pi and Initiate Advisor and AIA Aide the Chapter in any questions and always seek help if needed or something is unclear. Act as a friend and a mentor to the Initiate Class to increase retention in the program I am excited for the growth of this position and being able to help the chapter grow. By setting base standards and revising chapter documents, our chapter will flourish with no doubt! Positional Goals Keeping the Brotherhood informed to avoid Midsemester and Final Vote Woes Can You Even Handle the Position?

W360 Assistant for Robo Advisor

Transcript: W360 Assistant for Robo Advisor July 28, 2017 What? Giving a voice to Robo Advisor W360 Assistant is the First voice command interface feature for Robo Advisor application in the market. What? WHY! Voice interface will increase accessibility of using Robo Advisory services. Using voice command is Easier and Quicker than searching through Browsers, Kiosk or Web-portals / Apps. Can be used On The Go hence increases productivity. Allows user to multitask. Spend less time typing, more time on more important tasks. User can ask to provide data or responses via email or text. More and more people use voice command every day. Why use it? Ask! Provide a Model Recommendation based on my Goal What's my Portfolio Summary ... i.e. Balances, Gain/Loss, Fee Details etc. What's my Account profile... i.e. Risk Tolerance, Goals, etc. Display my account statement on screen or connected devices. Send my performance report to my email account Send me my Portfolio Balance via text. Call my Advisor. Read my Notifications and Alerts. Setup transactions. Get responses to Frequently Asked Questions. what can you ask it to do? hOW? architecture Siri speaker Robo Advisor Data Repository Analytics User's Wealth Account/ Data Queries to Robo Advisor Robo Advisor Responses and other Actions ( Robo Advisor Portal / W360 App ) W360 Assistant Configuration W360 Assistant Two-Factor Authentication Voice Interface Results from Robo Advisor FUTURE #1: Expanded W360 Assistant availability for more interactive interfaces. #2: Predictive functionality for the User's FAQs and Actions. #3: Multiple user authorization #4: Customize to be used with other CGI products Roadmap: ??? Process of Robo ADvisory

Advisor Presentation

Transcript: Residence RA’s and Staff Residence is a place like home. It provides us with a safe environment, awesome staff with unique personalities, and group activities/events. The staff being hired next year is going to be much larger than in previous years. More Challenges: * As an advisor, I plan to help the team succeed in their individual or group roles and events! * The team is strong as a group! We need to keep them as a group! My focus will also be to provide any assistance they may need when organizing events. * The objective is to implement the rules that are necessary for the safety of residents...however, having fun is also necessary in promoting a positive environment. * One major thing I learned from the RLCs and Managers is how important we are to the rezzies as role models, leaders, helpers, etc. as responsible individuals Maintenance issues: *My plan for maintenance issues is to create a calendar online that all the rezzies and RAs can use to add or remove maintenance concerns. Not only that, I am going to post up a maintenance issues sheet on each floor. RA concerns/conflits: *This is a big challenge, mainly because it is a sensitive matter, and should be addressed with caution and care. *If an RA is upset about something, I am willing to sit and meet with them individually. I will notify my RLC as soon as I can. * My role as an Advisor will be to ensure that all RA's are being treated fairly, that they understand their tasks and rules, and that they feel comfortable to talk to me about issues. * Training is a biG Ice-breaker for the team. As an advisor, I will talk to the whole team and tell them of my experiences as an RA, and will tell them of the mistakes I encountered, so that they won't go through the same. * And mistakes happen, from everyone! But how we learn from those mistakes, is the IMPORTANT lesson. The skills I have gained while working as an RA for 2 years, will help me become successful in the Advisor role. I am more than lucky to be working with an awesome staff that has helped me reach where I am now!! My role as an advisor will also be to encourage the team members, give them positive ideas, help them with their events and read their logs (highlight main points) The larger the group, the more good opinions and different perspectives to look at. * A team so large, will come with some difficulties, however, I will do my best to help them work together. * It can be difficult to understand how to write a weekly log... * I am thinking of making a rough outline for "How to write your weekly logs" and handing it out to all RA's at the beginning of the year. * One big factor that made me realize my potential as an Advisor was the Group 2 event. It was a great experience for me and helped me build confidence and experience in organizing group events. * Group 2 event was a success, and working together as a team made that happen. As an RA, I have never been disappointed in this job, and look forward to stepping up into the advisor role and leading a team into a more positive and succesful year. T.E.A.M. Is a group of people with various complimentary skills, WORKING TOGETHER towards a common goal. Thank You all for listening and I look forward to working with you all next year!!! Bik We all share common differences CHALLENGES Two large student staff with differing personalities and strengths... Its important that I talk to and introduce myself to the new team! The Role of an Advisor in the Community of Residence Presentation by: Bikram Sra A life without feelings, is a life without light! (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Different perspectives One I think this is about feelings! The residence environment is necessary for new students to adapt and make friends. Three

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