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Transcript: Business Review Your company mm.dd.yyyy About me... INSERT PICS About Me Retirement Planning Topics Financial Goals Tax Planning Market Analysis Estate Planning Financial Goals Financial Goals How much money do i need to retire? Can I afford to pay for my grandkids college? How long will my money last me with my current expenses? Will I be able to travel more when I retire? Tax Planning - What is it? - Do Tax Laws stay the same year after year? - Are my investments tax efficient? Tax Planning What is it? Tax Planning Tax Planning is an art of arranging your financial affairs and defers taxes through taking advantage of beneficial tax-law provisions, increasing and accelerating tax deductions, and tax credits. It is maximizing the use of all applicable tax breaks available under the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, tax planning helps you determine what you should do today, when you should do it and how you should do it. This may result in substantial tax savings. Usually the tax savings are more than one tax year. Be proactive, NOT reactive. Tax Laws Tax Laws The one thing that stays the same about Tax Laws is that they ALWAYS CHANGE. Having an Advisor can help you avoid making mistakes with Tax Laws, minimize the amount you owe, and avoid taking penalties. Investments Tax-efficient Investments - Tax-deductible contributions - Tax-efficient funds - Divide assets among accounts - Optimize withdrawal order at Retirement Losses Losses Failed initiatives Failed initiatives Lost businesses Lost businesses Missed opportunities Missed Opportunities Takeaways Takeaways Closing the gap Closing the gap Proposal Proposal Initiative 1 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Initiative 3 Risks Risks Risk 1 Risk 1 Risk 2 Risk 2 Risk 3 Risk 3 Risk management Risk management Benefits Benefits Benefit 1 Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 2 Benefit 3 Benefit 3 The forecast The forecast The sales funnel The sales funnel Projections Projections The action plan The action plan Scope Scope Initiative 1 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Initiative 3 Resources Resources Budget Budget Stakeholders Stakeholders Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 3 Stakeholder 3 Time Time Next steps Next steps Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3

Advisor Presentation

Transcript: Starfish Update Faculty Advisor Training Series 10/21/20 Connections My Success Network Faculty, Advisor, Coach(es), OSC 39 services available First Stop Shop, Contact information, Service member profiles, Service description 24 services offer scheduling Screen Shots My Success Network Self-Service, Ability to Schedule 24/7 Tutoring Connected through Courses Channel Only available to student when a tutor is available in that course Students know which of their courses offer tutors avoids ambiguity Allows Tutors to create their own availability Increases tutor availability while decreasing administrative management of schedules Tutoring notes are available to Faculty under the student's Meetings Tab Tutoring Student View Student View Faculty View Faculty View Request Help Request Help I am not sure what service I need I need a Courtesy/Make up Exam I need an Accommodation Exam I need tutoring (use if tutoring is not available in student's courses channel) I'm thinking about changing my major I'm thinking about taking a semester off, withdrawing, or transferring Referrals Referrals Academic Support Referral Accommodation Referral Counseling Services Referral ELL Support Center Financial Aid Referral Health Center Referral Oiler Success Center-Advising Oiler Success Center-Changing Major Oiler Success Center-General Tutoring Referral-Content Tutoring Writing Center Referral No Intend to Withdraw, Transfer, or take Leave of Absense Referral because you should use Flag Top 5 for FA 20 as of 10.20.2020 Usage Update 5490 Appointments Scheduled 2852 Faculty Coaching 417 online 519 Tutoring 106 online 471 Registration 313 online 316 Writing Center +47 Writing Center Walk-in 202 online +6 online 197 Testing Center Appointment Usage

Robo-Advisor Analysis

Transcript: Robo-Advisor Analysis Fidelity Go® Fidelity (additional service) No minimums ($10 required for trading to occur) Fee based on balance; $0-$10,000; No fee $10,000-$49,999; $3 a month $50,000+; 0.35% annually Basic questionnaire, optional additional questioning for more specific portfolio detailing. You can accept the proposal or make moderate changes within guidelines. Vested in Fidelity Flex® mutual funds. Zero Expense ratios, only available to select fee based clients. No management fees or fund expenses, with limited exceptions. The funds are paid a portion of the clients advisory fee. Highlights 01 02 03 No minimums Fee structure is attractive to lower income clients Access to exclusive funds Opportunities Fee structure is not as advantageous to higher net worth clients than others Very basic investing options No mention of Tax Loss Harvesting options Charles Schwab (additional service) Charles Schwab $5,000 minimum ; taxable and retirement available No advisory fee, no commissions. Vested into low-cost ETF's which includes Schwab's ETF's. Tax Loss harvesting available for clients with more than $50,000 Questionnaire to develop profile; up to 80 variations of the tailored portfolio across 51 ETF's, 3 investment strategies and 6 risk profiles. A portion is vested in FDIC-insured deposits based on risk profile. Option for Premium service; 1:1 guidance with a CFP, access to digital planning tools. $300 one time fee + $30/month fee ($25,000.00 Minimum Highlights Highlights Low fees Tax loss harvesting Option for premium service Opportunities High minimums No option for customizations No incentives for lower income or higher income clients Betterment (Main service) Betterment 3 different tiers of service levels offering various services with increasing costs and factors. Income generated through merchants when customers utilize debit cards and the tiered annual service fee. High balance discounts; 2M+ receives 0.10% discount Betterment offers 401(k) plans to employers that utilize their robo-advisor Launched in 2010 Options for socially responsible investing; asset customization. Offering "Advice Packages" ; $299 for a 45 minute into call with a CFP, $399 60 minute cal with a CFP for financial check up, $399 college planning, $399 marriage planning, etc. No Fee No fee $0 minimum No fee checking account with; Visa Debit card, ATM fees reimbursed, FDIC-insured up to $250K. Cash reserve savings portion; variable 1.1% interest, buckets for saving, FDIC-insured up to $1M. Advice and planning tools; Financial goal-setting and advice tools, Retirement planning tools, Feedback on accounts you hold at other institutions. (To actually fund an investment goal and utilize the robo-advisor you must sign up for the next plan) 0.25% Annual fee 0.25% Annual fee Digital Investing Low-cost investing portfolios built and managed based on your priorities Socially responsible investing options Account choices, including joint accounts, IRAs, and trusts Automatic features like portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and auto-adjust Advanced tax-saving strategies like Tax Loss Harvesting+ and asset location Add Checking and Cash Reserve with no additional fees (Digital investing can be stand-alone) 0.40% Annual fee 0.40% Annual fee Premium Investing All the features of Digital investing Unlimited calls and emails with our team of CFP® professionals In-depth advice on investments held outside of Betterment through our team of CFP© professionals Packaged with Digital investing as a premium option. Debit card services cash reserves variable 1.10% APY Tax Loss Harvesting Options for customizing investments based on personal preferences Incentives for high net worth clients with high balance discounts The only service I have seen offering 401(k) options to employers Highlights Opportunities Misleading $0 intro tier as you are not able to invest into a portfolio at this point. Betterment makes money through their debit card services so this is just a revenue generator. Redundancy in the advice packages. College, marriage and retirement planning can be purchased separately. Good concept, interesting execution WealthFront (Main service) Wealthfront Customized questionnaire with ability to add interest to the profile such as social responsibility, tax adverse, etc. After tax returns boosted on average by 1.8% with their tax loss harvesting $500 minimum Option for visa debit card; 1.4% APY Option to save cash into buckets and utilize automation tools that allocates funding Customized investing option, ability to control the tax liability and timeline of how customer investments are added to your portfolio 0.25% annual fee (advertised that 96% of Classic portfolio clients had fees covered by tax savings) Highlights The most customizable robo-advisor out of the 4 analyzed in this presentation. Options to customize the impact of taxes. If you select a new investment you can choose how quickly or slowly it is implemented into your portfolio

Robo advisor

Transcript: finanicial advisory process Road Show Road Show Customer cognition Knowledge Customer Cognition: knowledge win/lose feelings stop loss/take profit emotional and financial limits expectations/criterion investment period financial and investments situation Product cognition Products: Mutual funds ETFs Features: sensitivity to other indexes sensitivity to commodities price performance measurement money measurements liquidity history expenses managers details approach, mission statements risk and return data Analysis Market Analysis: scenario analysis Possibilities forcasts commodities inflation budget dollar price Product Analysis Risk & Return Synthesis risk and return can be calculate from forecast pattern(indirectly) Customer Cognition Knowledge Customer knowledge Cognition: (key factors) 1- experiences 2- criterion Defining Client knowledge and experiences plays the most important role in customer risk profile segmentation Risk components: 1- desire win/lose feelings stop loss/take profit emotional and financial limits expectations normal/minimum lifestyle required assets 2- tolerance financial and investments situation Cash flows(income & expenses) Analysis Analysis: Market Analysis: 1- scenario analysis best case scenario worst case scenario key factors measure 2- Possibilities & forcasts Collecting risk & return pattern and data Products Comparison: Products Comparison Based on product features First approach:(speak with pattern) 1- Pattern 2- Adjustment 3- Quantifying 1- pattern 2- Adjustment 3- Quantifying 2 Firest approach 1 3 solutions & agreement make an agreement combining Products feachures and market analysis Synthesis define and present best solutions

Advisor Presentation

Transcript: Residence RA’s and Staff Residence is a place like home. It provides us with a safe environment, awesome staff with unique personalities, and group activities/events. The staff being hired next year is going to be much larger than in previous years. More Challenges: * As an advisor, I plan to help the team succeed in their individual or group roles and events! * The team is strong as a group! We need to keep them as a group! My focus will also be to provide any assistance they may need when organizing events. * The objective is to implement the rules that are necessary for the safety of residents...however, having fun is also necessary in promoting a positive environment. * One major thing I learned from the RLCs and Managers is how important we are to the rezzies as role models, leaders, helpers, etc. as responsible individuals Maintenance issues: *My plan for maintenance issues is to create a calendar online that all the rezzies and RAs can use to add or remove maintenance concerns. Not only that, I am going to post up a maintenance issues sheet on each floor. RA concerns/conflits: *This is a big challenge, mainly because it is a sensitive matter, and should be addressed with caution and care. *If an RA is upset about something, I am willing to sit and meet with them individually. I will notify my RLC as soon as I can. * My role as an Advisor will be to ensure that all RA's are being treated fairly, that they understand their tasks and rules, and that they feel comfortable to talk to me about issues. * Training is a biG Ice-breaker for the team. As an advisor, I will talk to the whole team and tell them of my experiences as an RA, and will tell them of the mistakes I encountered, so that they won't go through the same. * And mistakes happen, from everyone! But how we learn from those mistakes, is the IMPORTANT lesson. The skills I have gained while working as an RA for 2 years, will help me become successful in the Advisor role. I am more than lucky to be working with an awesome staff that has helped me reach where I am now!! My role as an advisor will also be to encourage the team members, give them positive ideas, help them with their events and read their logs (highlight main points) The larger the group, the more good opinions and different perspectives to look at. * A team so large, will come with some difficulties, however, I will do my best to help them work together. * It can be difficult to understand how to write a weekly log... * I am thinking of making a rough outline for "How to write your weekly logs" and handing it out to all RA's at the beginning of the year. * One big factor that made me realize my potential as an Advisor was the Group 2 event. It was a great experience for me and helped me build confidence and experience in organizing group events. * Group 2 event was a success, and working together as a team made that happen. As an RA, I have never been disappointed in this job, and look forward to stepping up into the advisor role and leading a team into a more positive and succesful year. T.E.A.M. Is a group of people with various complimentary skills, WORKING TOGETHER towards a common goal. Thank You all for listening and I look forward to working with you all next year!!! Bik We all share common differences CHALLENGES Two large student staff with differing personalities and strengths... Its important that I talk to and introduce myself to the new team! The Role of an Advisor in the Community of Residence Presentation by: Bikram Sra A life without feelings, is a life without light! (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Different perspectives One I think this is about feelings! The residence environment is necessary for new students to adapt and make friends. Three

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