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Roadmap Presentation

Transcript: One word that encompasses my 10th grade year is grateful. I chose the word grateful because I was grateful to learn the things that I learned this year. These things will help my progress through the year with success. I can now write a lot better and have better paragraphs. These things will help me throughout my life. One thing I wish I could do over would be the last nine weeks. I have not tried my best in the last nine weeks and let my grades get bad. I work got sloppy and it showed. I also got lazy when it came to homework and that also reflected on my grade a lot. That is what I wish I could do over. I liked the daybook idea, I think it helps a lot with showing progress on how you have done. I could tell a big difference in my writing since from when I started at the beginning of the year to the end. I liked most of the assignments that we did on the Lord of The Flies. I thought that it was fun and entertaining some of the stuff we did. Overall I liked doing the daybook. It kept things organized and i always knew where it was. I have many goals but here are the four. One goal is to get better grade. Another goal is to get better attendance. Next I would like to do good in the classes that I need to help me in the future. Lastly I would like to finish and know that I did the best that I could. Two Quotes that represent who I am today are "There may be people who have more talent than you, but there is no excuse for anybody to work harder than you".-Anonymous. I chose this quote because there really isn't a reason why someone should work harder than you. Another quote I chose is "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.-Maimonides. I chose this quote because it represents how I learned this year and how I can use it in the future. The symbol I chose is a turtle. I chose this animal because once I came out of my shell and not afraid to learn things I became successful. Just like a turtle that hides in its shell when it is scared. That is one symbol that represents me. I have grown a lot in English this year. I have noticed my paragraphs and MLAs have got a lot better. As a student I have realized the importance of things. I have also looked into what I would like to do in the future. These things that i have done academically have helped me with my future career and furthered me in knowledge for my career. By: Cody Lundy My Do Over Praises How I've Grown The process of it took a little longer but it was well worth it. It helped make my paragraphs bigger and better. Also it made my paragraphs look a lot better. It gave every point and information that you need to get a good grade. This is a good process if you have a hard time making and filling a paragraph. A Symbol My praises are the many fun memories that I had this year in many classes. I thought that this class was one of the funnest ones. There were so many fun times that I can't name all of them. I also enjoyed some of the assignments this year. Those are all of my praises. 10th Grade Favorite Assignment One Word Roadmap Presentation Two Quotes Daybook Reflection TIQA Reflection Four Goals For 11th Grade My favorite assignment was when we made people to represent a character in The Lord of The Flies. I liked it because it was fun. I also liked it because it was creative. I liked making up different things to make as body parts. That was my favorite overall assignment.

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