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Transcript: oldest in the state of New York, the fifth oldest in the United States, higher education and one of the nine colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution. To enter Columbia University the international students will must present a series of documents. Must be obtained by current or former professors who are familiar with your education Something that stands out is this university for its many libraries. Each offers a personalized service to the student, indicating not only the resources at its disposal, but also how to access such resources or who can help you find them. Columbia University considers research as an important part of the training of students and future professionals, and therefore has more than one hundred departments, institutes and centers devoted entirely to this activity Columbia currently administers the Pulitzer Prize. A total of 96 Nobel prizes, and from 2011, students had more Nobel Prize winners than any other academic institution in the world. The university is one of fourteen founding members of the Association of American Universities, and was the first school in the United States to grant the MD degree. The main campus occupies six blocks in Morningside Heights (Manhattan) and was designed with the idea of being the only college campus, but in April 2007 he bought other land in Manhattanville to expand current facilities Admission to Columbia University Their faculties and schools on two campuses distribute over lower Manhattan. In total, three schools of university degrees, thirty graduate schools and vocational training and a college of further education to accommodate more than 23,000 students from 150 countries. Columbia College Law Engineering and Applied Science Medicine General Nursing Studies Architecture, Conservation Plans and Public Health Art Social Work Barnard College Arts and Science Jewish Theological Seminary Business Dentistry and Oral Surgery School Teachers International Union Theological Seminary Policy journalism The university was founded in 1754 as "King's College" by royal charter of George II of Great Britain. After the War of the American Revolution, King's College briefly became a state entity, and was renamed Columbia University in 1784. Scholarships for College Students offer financial assistance to college students in a variety of categories, in support of their studies at U.S. higher educational institutions. Individual award amounts vary according to category, but range generally from $1,000 to $10,000 per year. Letters of reference It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Transcripts scholarships History All those whose native language is not English must be submitted to Test of Ingles as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), obtaining a minimum score of 600 if you get over 600 you will be required to attend English courses to improve it. Test of English Specific requirements vary slightly , . All candidates must have a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.0 on a four-point scale, and be enrolled or plan to enroll full-time as an undergraduate In this essay you should explain in proper English and in your own words, your motives and interests that want access to this institution. If they like you enter, if they do not like goodbye. Essay on your purposes cost Mathew Fox graduated as a Bachelor in Economics at Columbia University in 1989. The main campus occupies six blocks in Morningside Heights (Manhattan) If you are admitted to Columbia University you must fill out the form I-20, which justifies have sufficient financial means to finance your studies in USA Barack Obama decided to study political science at Columbia University in New York. One year in college costs € 33.439 Columbia University student. Admission rate: 6.9% Enrolled Students: 29,250 One year in college costs € 33.439 Columbia University student. Columbia is one of the universities that makes a socioeconomic studio and only charges you what they determine that you can pay, often it going to be much less that the price of the sticker that they public. Today, the Columbia University operates abroad with global centers based in . It is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Columbia is one of the universities that makes a socioeconomic studio and only charges you what they determine that you can pay, often it going to be much less that the price of the sticker that they public.

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Transcript: Average Quoted Rates ($/SF) Source: Reis Source: CoStar vacancy rate under construction Net Absorption (Units) Average Quoted Rates ($/SF) 2Q 2015 Source: Reis vacancy rate Source: CoStar delivered to the market The only delivery in 2015 has been 1K Fulton, the 689,067 SF creative/loft office conversion from an industrial cold storage facility. 4.0% Average Quoted Rates ($/Unit) St. Louis Metropolitan Area (C$B) average asking rate St. Louis Office Market 2Q 2015 0 SF Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals Quoted asking rates have yet to fully recover from recessionary lows and Power Centers have been hit especially hard. PWC Market Position RGA Loan Exposure 807k SF Overall, 47 bps drop year over year and small uptick from previous quarter. 7.2% St. Louis Apartment Market Source: CoStar 3.5 MSF New construction remains healthy and is primarily build-to-suit driven with very little speculative projects. Office Market St. Louis New Retail space is coming online but at a significantly slower pace than historical averages. Net Absorption (SF) Vacancy Rate (%) Quoted asking rates have recovered from recessionary lows but have yet to make any meaningful long term gains. Industrial Market Source: CoStar Unemployment Rate Drops 120 bps YOY under construction average asking rate Deliveries (SF) 842k SF Office Market - Expansion Stage 1 Industrial Market - Recovery Stage 1 Apartments - Expansion Stage 3 Retail Market - Recession Stage 3 Source: CoStar Apartment Market St. Louis Metropolitan Area Retail Market 2018 Political segmentation of cities and counties promotes competition and incentive bidding wars and not a common market goal 2016 Old and aging infrastructure Source: Reis Strengths 1.1 MSF Trade, Transportation, and Utilities lead the pack combined positive net absorption over previous 4 quarters Source: CoStar Source: CoStar Market Summary 175k SF Overall, 95 bps drop year over year and no from previous quarter. Huge talent pool; strong roster of well regarded education institutions Source: CoStar Unemployment had decreased 112 basis points to 5.5 percent in May from 6.2 percent in May of last year. Gains, albeit modest gains, are being made across many office-using sectors including professional and business services and trade, transportation and utilities. Along with this growth the housing market also moved towards full recovery. With employment numbers improving, the real estate market can expect to see more demand as companies expand their footprint. Deliveries (SF) Overall, 10 bps drop year over and small uptick from previous quarter. Source: CoStar PWC Market Position 10.8% Net Absorption (SF) Rapid, new construction has caused speculation in the market that the product type has neared its peak. Net Absorption (SF) Deliveries (Units) Source: CoStar Employment Drives Demand Slow population growth restrains job growth 2015 Average Quoted Rates ($/SF) Weaknesses Source: Reis Deliveries (SF) Strong start for the Chicago industrial market posting nearly 1.0 MSF for the 1st Quarter 2017 vacancy rate combined positive net absorption over previous 4 quarters Strengths & Weaknesses Office Market - Expansion Stage 3 Industrial Market - Recovery Stage 2 Apartments - Contraction Stage 2 Retail Market - Recovery Stage 1 7.3% 2Q 2015 average asking rate Source: CoStar Source: CoStar asking rate Source: CoStar $4.11 PSF 911k SF Quoted asking rates have maintained consistent historical growth and barely dipped in 2009 during the recession. $17.96 PSF Consistent, positive absorption. Major buildings delivered during the 1st Quarter include Corporate Center Bldg C, 752 KSF & 100% leased, and Liberty Business Center, 430 KSF & 0% leased. Quoted asking rates have recovered from recessionary lows but have yet to make any meaningful long term gains. 2Q 2015 Under Construction (SF) The St. Louis economy will progress this year with strong emplyment gains, which will lead to residential demand. Demand will come from new employees migrating into St. Louis and by the un-bundling of existing households as wages begin to rise and the unemployment continues to decline. The St. Louis apartment market lags slightly behind the national apartment market. The market is currently in the third stage of expansion and is projected to move into the second stage of contraction by 2017 and 2018. The US apartment market is currently in the second stage of contraction and is projected to move into the third stage my 2016 and remain there through 2018. Affordable housing and cost of living compared to other large cities Vacancy Rate (%) under construction Slow start for Chicago office market leasing as the market thaws from Winter. Source: CoStar Source: CoStar Source: CoStar St. Louis 2Q 2015 Snap Shot Overall, 58 bps drop year over and no change from previous quarter. Under Construction (SF) Office Market - Expansion Stage 2 Industrial Market - Recovery Stage 1 Apartments - Contraction Stage 1 Retail Market - Recession Stage 3 Source: Reis


Transcript: Back by popular demand so bring your ideas with you! This session is designed to serve as a forum for law students at every level to express their ideas and perspectives about their law school experience, law school leaders will facilitate discussions in an effort to hear the voices and understand the issues of the law students they serve with regard to programs and activities that will enhance legal education inside and out of the classroom. Introduction of Candidate Marilyn R. Forbes Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP Paul J. Foley Don Vaughan Keynote Address: "Educating Lawyers for the 21st Century" Kenneth P. Carlson Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP (Employment Law / Trade Secret Law / Mediation and Arbitration) Lt. Governor Presented by: Former North Carolina State Senator Former Greensboro Mayor Pro Tempore Former Greensboro City Councilman Lt. Gov. for Student Bar Associations Speeches from the Candidates and Election of the 2014-2015 Circuit Governor North Carolina State Board of Elections A Governor Work-A-Day Project Anti-Sex Slavery Campaign "The Lawyer-Leader in You" B Mary Markovich Law Offices of Mary Markovich, PA (Elder Law / Veterans Benefits) Fourth Circuit Leadership Structure mentioned in: Sonny S. Haynes, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP (Government Liability) Fourth Circuit Fourth Circuit Leadership Team Executive Lt. Gov. Lt. Governor Fourth Circuit Activities Lt. Gov. for Programming and Events and Diversity Emma Merritt Baggett Tuggle Duggins P.A. Circuit RoundTable #ABALSD #FourthCircuit ABA Fall Leadership Summit A Michael Horowitz Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP Winston-Salem City Councilman 2008 Candidate for Governor Lt. Governor Mathew Kerbis Law Student Division Chairman Lt. Gov. for VITA The Lawyer-Politician: Why a J.D. is Important Richard D. Dietz, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton (Appellate & Supreme Court / Complex Business Litigation / Constitutional Litigation) Lt. Governor 4th "Lunch With Experience" ABA-LSD Silver Key Awards Circuit Elizabeth Taylor The Law Office of Elizabeth C. Taylor; Attorney and Counselor at Law Marilyn R. Forbes Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP Product Liability litigation Lt. Governor Whit D. Pierce Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP (Litigation) Lt. Gov. for Circuit Relations and Communications Spring Circuit Meeting Dean Blake Morant, Wake Forest University School of Law Clara Cottrell Counsel, BASF Corporation (Intellectual Property) Circuit Governor Dan Besse Transitioning from Law School to Law Practice: How to Hit the Ground Running There is a transition period between law school and legal practice. No more exams or papers for grades. Now, the papers are submitted to courts for paying clients.Learn how to use the basic skills you learned in law school to successfully navigate through this transition period. Donald R. Vaughan Donald R. Vaughan and Associates (General Practice) Lt. Gov. for Membership & Recruitment Emma Merritt Baggett Tuggle Duggins P.A. TOPIC #4 Elizabeth Taylor The Law Office of Elizabeth C. Taylor; Attorney and Counselor at Law

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Transcript: Introduction Xi-Men Creative Market 2006 Hai-An Road, Tainan Council of Culture Affairs Love+Play Martket Market/ Stage/ Platform Business Thinking Corporation Conclusion Products Traditional Handy Craft Art Existing Product + New Ideas Creation Platform Intergrator Taipei Red House Present Stage Taipei culture foundation Products Platform Comparison Open Studio Management Tainan X Blue Print Founder/organizor Comparison Love + play market Fun Passion Believe Mission Taipei X Red House Bureau of Cultural affairs, Kaohsiung City Government Localization/ Community-based Performing art / Culture Tourism / Visual Art / Handicraft Art / Design Localization Integration Finance Definition for Creative Market Kaohsiung X Culture Center Q3: How to build up the gratitude of public and artists? q4: What's the conflict between uniqueness and mass production? Mission Exploring the Issue of Creative Market Tainan blue print Encouraging Artists Platform-driven 1/3 Rent 1/3 Exhibition Rent 1/3 Sponsorship Branding Council of cultural affairs Rent(400/day) Kaohsiung Culture Center Individual Branding Driven Data Base Description Traditional Handy Craft Art Master Expertise Existing Product + New Ideas Prestage Community 2007 Xi-Men Station Taipei City Bureau of Culture Affairs Taipei Culture Foundation Creative Market Key Issues 2006 Culture Center Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government Artist/Creator Taipei X Red House Tainan X Blue Print Kaohsiung X Culture Center Kaohsiung Art Market Finance Talent / Creation Future Development Association Taipei X Red House Relevant Creative industry Official name Q1: How to identify the product itself? q2: How to do the quality control? Bureau of Cultural affairs, Kaohsiung City Government Inventor Innovator Creator Profit Exposure

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Transcript: We help our clients to deliver technically challenging and creatively focused digital marketing solutions across a range of sectors and industries Digital Products Scott James Case Studies Project Manager Nic Gilby Internet Innovations Clients Case Studies Business Support Elliott James Case Studies David Bodley / +44 (0)203 422 9115 Online Campaigns Creative Director Our Management Team Kelvin Thursby Luke Butler For more information About Us Managing Partner With a combined industry experience of 35years, Lucid New Media and SJ Interact merged together in 2011 to form Rise Digital Media. The new agency brings together specialists in Microsoft .NET consultancy, Open Source product development and Cloud hosting. A wider client base and broader range of technical capability gives the new company the scope to compete more effectively across multiple markets on both internal and external interactive digital projects. The resulting product offer is technology-independent, which allows us to focus on our emerging concept of blended agile development, user-centric design and effective project management. Clients are from the public, private and charity sectors and the agency promotes a sector-neutral perspective, placing the focus of expertise squarely with interactive development and project management know-how over specialising in a single market. Business Support Manager Online Reports Business Applications Application Development Information Technology The Cinderella Room The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL Call David Bodley, Project Manager on +44 (0)203 422 9114 or email We are involved in a number of on line campaigns using mixed media: newsletters, video and sound production as well as flash animation. These alternative communication devices lighten the load of text heavy information

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