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Transcript: RIPPLE EFFECT His Decision Benjamin decided to drive home after drinking too much at a party. He could have taken other ways home but he didn't. The ripple effect is an effect in which, like when ripples move away from where an object is dropped into the water, the results of an action continue and spread. It is another way of displaying cause and effect. Mental Effects Since they will have to change their own houses or help change Benjamin's... they will have to input a lot of money. This (like impacting on social health) can cause stress. They may not have as much money to do things that are good for them personally such as yoga classes. Mental Health Social Effects Everyone's stress levels are increasing (because of the rising tax) and that would cause many people to get anxious about they won't be able to afford extra things. People are also very sorry and worried for Benjamin's health and his family. Since they are always doing things for Benjamin, they do not have much time to see their own friends. This makes them not be able to enjoy their free time. They also may have to change their house around for Benjamin (which will cost them more money)... this financial change can cause stress. Physical Effects Social Health Since Benjamin cannot go places by himself, his family and friends have to go and see him rather than him come and see them. They also have to be at his every call since he cannot do things for himself. They will constantly be going back and forth getting stuff for Benjamin and although they are running around they may not have time to go and be active on purpose such as going to the gym. Everyone in the community will have to pay higher tax rates because of the need to build more accessible ways for Benjamin to get around. People's stress levels may rise because they may have financial issues with this change. This financial change also may impact their ability to see people who live far away or do things with people because it will cost money. Effects on (Benjamin's) Family and Friends Physical Effects Since Benjamin is in a wheelchair the community will have to provide wheelchair access to all public utilities. That will include having lifts and ramps. This will cost extra money and could be an inconvenience on everyone because things will be blocked off during the building process of the ramps etc. Effect on (Benjamin's) Community. Mental Health Due to the fact that Benjamin's social health is affected, his mental health is affected too. Alcohol damages brain cells which makes Ben's brain not function to it's full potential. On the other hand, Benjamin is constantly regretting his decision, making him stressed and he is always doubting himself. Social Effects With Benjamin being in a wheelchair, he cannot go out as much. This means to go and see his mates or family he requires them to pick him up rather than he go to them. Due to this inconvenience, Benjamin probably doesn't see people outside his home that often. Instead he is stuck inside. Benjamin now is stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. This means he cannot be as independent and go out places to exercise. He is going to end up being unfit because he cannot exercise regularly and he will possibly become overweight. His arms will become quite strong though because he cannot use his legs. Physical Effects Effects On Individual (Benjamin)

Ripple Effect

Transcript: - Ripple Effect Personal Responsibility There were other people that had to deal the consequences of the accident, although they were not directly involved in the accident. The direct impact of the car accident in 'Tom Brennan' was experienced by the four people in the car crash itself. Those people were directly hurt by Daniel, but they were not the only ones. Direct Impact Parental Guidance - Would you blame anyone? Ripple Effect Personal responsibility is about accepting the past and learning from your mistakes. Its about not looking around for some other factor to blame when you have failed to meet a moral standard. How responsible were the other people that got in the car when they knew Daniel was under the influence of alcohol and in a frustrated state of mind? Negative Positive - Family of those directly impacted - Close friends of those directly impacted - Paramedics trying to save the lives of injured - Fire crew pulling dead or injured bodies from wreck - Teachers or mentors of those directly impacted -Class or team mates - Work colleagues - Hospital Staff Spontaneous Decisions Daniel Brennan Do you have the self discipline to say no to a ride with an intoxicated driver? Who would you blame if you were Daniels family? Personal Responsibility - Meaning and doing what you say - Accepting the past - Thinking about how your choices may impact the future - Being accountable for what you've said or done Personal responsibility is not just about making the right decisions when it comes to entering a car. Thinking about what you say before you say it can also lead to a 'ripple pool' effect. Saying things thoughtlessly can really hurt or offend someone. Being responsible is all about weighing up whether your actions will have a positive or negative outcome and how many people those actions will affect. The Story of Tom Brennan: Daniels parents must have felt somewhat responsible for the actions he had made. They would have to live with this thought for the rest of their lives. As much as Daniel could have told them it was his own fault, they would have still doubted their own personal decisions on how they had brought him up. They are responsible for themselves and maybe they should of thought twice about getting in the car with a drunk driver. Isabelle Sutton Think about how many lives you would effect if you were in the position of Daniel? Your actions can effect numerous people around you. As Daniel continued to make poor decisions, those close to him watched the young rugby stars life fall apart. A string of bad decisions led up to a fatal accident where Daniel drink drives and crashes his car, killing two close friends and severely injuring another. Daniel's life is instantly changed forever when he is sent to jail. This has a dramatic effect on numerous people. Think before you act “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” - Anne Frank Could their parents have done a better job of warning their children about getting in a car with a drunken driver? Or was it just their own bad decision? Making spontaneous decisions can have both a positive and negative outcome. Spontaneous decisions are made on the spot and can be exactly what you want at the time. But some are made without thought of what could happen in the future. Because they are made spontaneously, they can lead to something you never thought would happened, being positive or negative. Parents can only do so much when guiding their child towards making the right decisions. In The Story of Tom Brennan, could Daniels parents have done more to prevent him from constant bad decision making? Think before you act. "Accident waiting to happen" Think before you act Incidental Impact Impulsive: characterized by actions based on sudden desires, whims, or inclinations rather than careful thought. Think about changing peoples lives in a positive way! Here's an example of someone whos ripples bought joy to many others.

Ripple effect

Transcript: Ripple Effect Thea Rozsa 8E Nick at the party Nick at the party Option 1: Drive himself home Option 1: Drive himself home By making each of these decisions, Benjamin is now a paraplegic who will allways have to rely in others for his basic needs for the rest of his life. He cant walk, shower or get places by himself. He needs other people to care for him so that he can have a semi-normal life. His friends family and carers donate their time to help him. It can't be easy having to care for a fully grown adult as well as yourself. It would be mentally as well as physically and emotionally taxing Try to impress by taking a corner too fast Try to impress by taking a corner too fast Option 2: Call a taxi Option 2: Call a taxi Go home Go home Home safe and sound Home safe and sound Had Benjamin made these decisions he would have ended up safe and sound at home with not much more than a hangover. A ripple effect is when one small decision or mistake quickly escalates and impacts many people, almost like a tsunami. What is a ripple effect? What is a ripple effect? Physical health: Having good physical health is having a good balance of exercise, nutrition, and mental wellbeing that enables you to achieve anything you wish to do. Social health: Having good social health would enable you to have positive interactions with others. Social health is how you get along with other people, how other people react to you, and how you interact with society. Mental health: Good mental health allows you to be positive and happy. It means that you can cope normal every day stresses. Physical, social and mental health Physical, social and mental health

Ripple Effect

Transcript: To promote youth development, leadership empowerment and integration through adventure, healthy communities and responsible citizenship. What do we do? Ripple Effect is a newly established organization. Founded by dynamic young people. Vision to contribute to the development and empowerment of the youth in Africa. Dedicated to providing uniquely African solutions to social challenges such as unemployment, poverty, and alcohol and drug abuse. Programs in different countries in the SADC region to foster regional integration between youth Promote responsible citizenship Provide an opportunity for skills development Poster Who are we? • Non-profit organization, relies on support from donors, other organizations and community involvement • Ripple effect concept: the continuing and spreading results of a small event or action: change one individual – family – community – country – continent – the world • Hands-on education in outdoor classrooms is fundamental to the healthy development of citizens and communities • Adventure-based learning models that are fun, active and enhance self-reflection • Our experiential programs teaches youth healthy living skills that facilitate the harmonization of mind, body and spirit. Budget Introduction Simplified budget Mission Ripple Effect envisions an African community where youth and adults are engaged in their community, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, and sensitive to diversity in their social and natural environment. To empower the youth to become meaningful contributors to the economy and lead sustainable lives. To connect young people to the world around them, and to help participants share the insights and skills during programs and transfer their learning broadly to create healthy, interdependent communities. Communities that are aware of and committed to addressing local social and environmental needs will be a place that thrives. Ripple Effect Promotional video Organogram Executive summary Vision

Ripple Effect

Transcript: By: Dominick Rutolo Impact of The Truman Doctrine Truman Doctrine What is the Truman Doctrine? The Truman Doctrine was a foreign policy to counter Soviet geopolitical expansion. The plan was announced to congress on March 12, 1947. In The Truman Doctrine, the President asked Congress for $400 million in military and economic assistance for Turkey and Greece. Marshall plan The Marshall Plan, named the secretary of state was an American initiative passed in 1948 to aid Western Europe, in which the United States gave over $12 billion in economic assistance to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The Marshall Plan Food Fuel machinery money Austria Belgium Denmark France Italy Turkey United Kingdom The Marshall plan impacted European countries directly and played a huge role to the formation of the countries to this day. The economic growth in the countries that had received funds had surpassed pre-war levels, a strong indicator of the program’s positive impact. These results were not limited to the time of the plan as the effect of the Marshall Plan is seen today as this put European Industry back on its feet and influences the country today. Western European Economic Growth American Foreign Policy It is argued that The Marshall Plan was the most successful U.S. foreign policy. With that being said the Marshall plan plays a key role in our current foreign policy decisions. The U.S. disbursed $33.2 billion—$19 billion in economic assistance to 184 countries and $14.2 billion in military assistance to 142 countries in 2017. Afghanistan Israel Iraq Egypt Syria France wanted to take back territory in Vietnam which was acquired from WWII. A communist party in Vietnam was gaining popularity and received aid from the Chinese. The United States supported France economically, however when France failed and Vietnam was split America decided that invasion was necessary in order to maintain the ideals of the Truman Doctrine. Vietnam War Vietnam War The nation spent more than $120 billion on the conflict in Vietnam from 1965-73; this massive spending led to widespread inflation which was not helped by the Oil Crisis and embargo's by OPEC. Inflation after the War Inflation This theory was a result of rapid communist influence and the U.S. believed that if one country became communist it would have a domino effect on surrounding territories. Domino Effect Theory Domino Effect In the 2003 invasion of Iraq, many argued that when a democratic government is implemented, it would then help spread democracy and liberalism across the Middle East. North Korea began to separate from South Korea and conflicts began to arise North Korean troops were sent into the South U.S. was obligated by the Truman doctrine to send aid, to prevent spread of communism in South Korea. The Korean War Korean War Since the war the North Korean economy has been suffering and has not recovered. North Korean Povery Poverty In The North Forty percent of the population, about 24 million people, live below the poverty line. Most workers earn $2 to $3 per month. In 2001, the country spent more than $5 billion on military spending Food shortages have been commonand show no signs of slowing as malnutrition is the cause of death for many in Korea The Korean war further split both the North and the South, and even 70 years later the countries remain seperated The country is split at the 38th parallel South of the 38th parallel a military government was formed, supported directly by the United States. Divide of North and South North And South

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