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Rice University

Transcript: 3,032 $ Athletics Statistics Total Graduate Population: 2374 students Financial Aid Tuition: "Climate-Houston-Texas." U.s. Climate Data. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. Liberal arts, economics, bio sciences, electrical engineering, computer science, psychology, and English Average freshman SAT scores: Rice University Math: 680-780 Reading: 650-750 Writing: 650-760 Must See Places 12,600 $ Room and Board: Some options are Campus Housing, Residential Dining, Graduate Apartments and Summer Conference services, all in the same complex! Climate Serrano, Shea. "Best Houston Attractions." N.p., 2012. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. 36,610 $ Bibliography Average Freshman Class Size: There are no Fraternities or Sororities at Rice University but there is a great campus life anyway. Three Fourths of Rice Students live on campus. The campus is a heavily wooded, and has about 300 acres. There are many opportunities for students, one coming up is to have dinner with the president of the school, Mr. Leebron. There is no ROTC offered at Rice University. There are many sports at Rice: There are many Graduate programs at Rice including bio molecular engineering, earth science, ecology, and psychology. Women's sports include: Basketball, Cross-country, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball. Average GPA: Jan Feb March April May June Average high in °F 62 65 72 78 84 90 Average low in °F 44 46 54 60 66 72 Av. precipitation - inch 3.7 3.23 2.4 3.43 4.45 3.82 Days with precip. 10 10 9 8 8 8 Hours of sunshine 144 141 193 212 266 298 July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average high in °F 92 93 88 81 71 63 Average low in °F 74 74 70 61 52 45 Av. precipitation - inch 5.16 3.54 3.82 3.58 4.06 4.09 Days with precip. 10 9 9 7 8 10 Hours of sunshine 294 281 238 239 181 146 Graduation Rate: Campus Life Total Undergraduate Population: 3,668 students The climate at Rice University is very nice with warm summers, moderate winters, and lots of sunshine. Total: Rice University competes in 14 NCAA Division I varsity sports. Men's Sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, track and field, football, golf, and tennis. 61% of students receive some sort of financial aid, and some philosophy classes, receive full tuition. Degrees That Rice are Known For: Housing Options: By: Seth Goolsby 92% 52,242 $ A smaller class size leads to a better school experience! Bayou Palace- Enjoy a wonderful night out at this entertainment complex, with theaters, restaurants and lounges. Johnson Space Center- come out to the home of NASA and see a virtual rocket launch, and experience zero gravity. Houston Zoo- go see over 900 species at the seventh most seen zoo in the world. Rice University- Why would you visit without taking a tour of the school? Experience what Students experience, and listen to undergraduates well versed in campus life. There are a variety of scholarships that one could apply for at Rice University. 3.9 Populations Costs Rice. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2012. <>. 12 people per class Extra Fees and Books:

Rice University

Transcript: RICE UNIVERSITY ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT Type of School It's a private school. 3,529 Enrolled, Undergraduate National Ranking of #17 Location Houston, Texas Urban Admission Reqiurements GPA- 3.2 SAT:Critical Reading-650 Math-690 Writing-660 21% Accepted $70 Application fee High School Activities- Science& English Tuition and Financial Aid Resident:$35,000 Non-Resident:37,000 Books:$800 Scholarships-Sports,Elective, Academic College Loans for: Supplies,books,no food. Campus Living $12,500 a year Types of Housing: Normal, no sororites or fraternity Academic Programs Architecture Ethnic, Cultural, & Gender Studies Asian Studies German Studies Hispanic-American Studies Latin American Studies Slavic Studies Women's Studies B Arts, Visual & PerformingArt - General B Art History/Criticism/Conservation B Fine/Studio Arts B Music - General B Music - General Performance B Music History/Literature B Music Theory/Composition B Visual and PerformingArts - General B Biological & Biomedical SciencesBiochemistry B Biology B Ecology B Evolutionary Biology B Business, Management, & MarketingBusiness Administration/Management B Computer & Information SciencesComputer Science B EngineeringBiomedical Engineering B Chemical Engineering B Civil Engineering B Computer Engineering - General B Electrical/Communications Engineering B Environmental Engineering B Materials Engineering B Mechanical Engineering B English Language & LiteratureEnglishLanguage & Literature - General B Foreign Language & LiteratureClassics B French B German B Greek,Ancient B Latin B Linguistics B Slavic B Spanish B HistoryHistory - General B MathematicsApplied Mathematics B Mathematics - General B Statistics B Multi/Interdisciplinary StudiesClassical/Ancient Mediterranean/Near Eastern Studies B Cognitive Science B Medieval/Renaissance Studies B Parks, Recreation & FitnessExercise Sciences B Sport/Fitness Administration B Philosophy & ReligionPhilosophy B Religion/Religious Studies B Physical SciencesAstronomy B Astrophysics B Chemical Physics B Chemistry B Geology B GeophysicsSeismology B PhysicalTheoretical Chemistry B Physics B PsychologyPsychology - General B Public Administration & ServicesPublic Policy Analysis B Social Sciences Anthropology B Economics B Political Science/Government B Social Sciences - General B Sociology B Air Force Science(AFSC)Americas ResearchCenter(ARCR)Anthropology(ANTH)Arabic(ARAB)Architecture(ARCH)Asian Studies(ASIA)Astronomy(ASTR)Biochemistry & CellBiology(BIOC)Bioengineering(BIOE)Business(BUSI)Chemical & Biomolecular Eng(CHBE)Chemistry(CHEM)Chinese(CHIN)Civil and Environmental Eng(CEVE)Classical Studies(CLAS)Cognitive Sciences(CSCI)College Course(COLL)Communication(COMM)Comp. & Applied Mathematics(CAAM)Computer Science(COMP)Dissertation/Thesis Submission(DSRT)Earth Science(ESCI)Ecology & Evolutionary Biology(EBIO)Economics(ECON)Education(EDUC)Electrical & Comp. Engineering(ELEC)Engineering(ENGI)English(ENGL)Environment Studies(ENST)Film(FILM)French Studies(FREN)Freshman Seminar(FSEM)German(GERM)Global Health Technologies(GLHT)Greek(GREE)Health Sciences(HEAL)Hebrew(HEBR)Hindi(HIND)History(HIST)History of Art(HART)Honors Program(HONS)Humanities(HUMA)Humanities Research Center(HURC) Italian Language and Culture(ITAL)Japanese(JAPA)Keck Center(KECK)Kinesiology(KINE)Korean(KORE)Latin(LATI)Leadership Rice(LEAD)Liberal Studies Core/Capstone(MLSC)Lifetime Phys Activity Credit(LPCR)Lifetime Phys Activity Program(LPAP)Linguistics(LING)MBA for Professionals-Evening(MGMP)MBA for Professionals-Weekend(MGMW) Managerial Studies(MANA)Materials Science(MSCI)Mechanical Engineering(MECH)Medieval Studies(MDST)Military Science(MILI)Music(MUSI)Natural Sciences(NSCI)Naval Science(NAVA)Neuroscience(NEUR)Philosophy(PHIL)Photography(FOTO)Physics(PHYS)Policy Studies(POST)Political Science(POLI)Portuguese(PORT)Religious Studies(RELI)Russian(RUSS)Social Sciences(SOSC)Sociology(SOCI)Spanish(SPAN) Sport Management(SMGT)Statistics(STAT) Theatre(THEA)Tibetan(TIBT) University Courses(UNIV)Visual Arts(ARTS) Women, Gender, & Sexuality(SWGS) Tutoring for major courses Summer internships SCHOOL HISTORY AND SPIRIT Colors-Blue and Grey Mascot-Owl,Sammy Activities-MOB Campus Life Clubs-MOB,Chemistry Graduate Assosiation, Ideas to Action Entrepual Society,Black Student Association,Muslim Student Assosiation,Outdoors Club,Rice Habitat for humanity,Chinese Student Association,Golden Key National Honors Society,HACER,Wesley Foundation, GLBT, GSA, AICE On-Campus Jobs-Not many, most off Most of computers in Library Barbera & David Gibb's Recreation and Wellness Center Buses around campus, night escorts No fraternaties or sororities One bookstore, Rice Universite's Official Bookstore Enviromental Health and Saftey department(EHS) Athletics Sports-Men: Baseball,Basketball, Cross-Country,Football,Golf,Tennis, Track and Field Women-Basketball,Swimming,Track&Field, Cross-country,Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis Rice Club Sports- Badmitton,Sailing,Baseball,Shooting,Basketball,

RICE University

Transcript: Location Setting -Students enjoy broad array of cultural activities for both education and entertainment. -Museum District is one of the largest cultural areas in the country. -Rice's Passport to Houston History -Opened in 1912 after the murder of its namesake William Marsh Rice, Rice is now a preeminent research university with a distinct undergraduate and graduate focus. -Rice has been ranked No. 1 for "best quality of life"by the Princeton Review for three year in a row. Admissions Considered Factors in making admissions decision include: your scholastic record/transcript, interests, talents, test scores, and life experiences. The admission committee seeks a diverse and engaged student body. Average SAT and ACT Scores of Admitted Students SAT Reading 700-780 SAT Writing 690-780 SAT Math 710-790 ACT 32- 35 Decision Plans Applied Admitted Enrolled Early 1,230 306 (25%) 291 (95%) Regular 13,903 2,222 (16%) 644 (29%) Total 15,133 2,528 (17%) 935* (37%) Tuition 2012-2013 Cost of Attendance Tuition $36,610 Fees $682 Room and Board $12,600 Books $800 Personal Expenses $1,550 Total: $52,242* Financial Aid Services Federal and State Grants Merit Scholarships Student Employment Supervisor Resources Need-Based Financial Aid Housing Housing Services at Rice University combines Campus Housing, Residential Dining, Graduate Apartments and Summer Conference services in one department. Undergraduate Housing at Rice is a mixture of historic and modern architecture. Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and are indeed part of the charm of the residential college system. Organizations On-Campus activities include nearly 200 clubs and organizations. These academic, social, athletic, cultural, and volunteer groups are just some of the ways to get involved at Rice. Club Requirements To operate as an official Rice University club, an organization must meet the following requirements: All undergraduate student organizations shall follow the Student Association Bylaws with regard to their establishment and organization. All graduate student organizations will likewise follow the Graduate Student Association Bylaws. No organization may discriminate in policy or action on grounds of race/ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or national origin. Members of the Rice community must comprise at least 50% of the membership. Principal officers and spokespersons must be currently registered Rice students and in good academic and disciplinary standing. The club's constitution must be approved by the Student Association (SA) or the Graduate Student Association (GSA). All clubs are required to have a faculty/staff sponsor who is on campus for the entire academic year. Clubs must register every Fall with the Office of Student Activities. Registration for established clubs must be completed by October 1. New clubs may register at anytime during the year. Other -The Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program -"Education at the Cutting Edge" -A Focus on undergraduate Research Why Interested #1 Reason: Great School, I love the combinations and variates of things we can achieve while studying at Rice. - The Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program -Great opportunities you get from attending. -Setting -Tuition Undergraduates enjoy flexible distribution requirements and may choose from more than 50 majors. Degrees School of Architecture Georges R. Brown School of Engineering School of Humanities The Shepherd School of Music Wiess School of Natural Sciences School of Social Studies Additional Minors Preprofessional Programs Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Art History Asian Studies Classical Studies English French Studies German Studies Hispanic Studies History Kinesiology Linguistics Medieval Studies Philosophy Religious Studies Secondary Education Certification Sport Management Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality Visual and Dramatic Arts Bioengineering Chemical Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Computational and Applied Mathematics* Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Materials Science Mechanical Engineering Statistics* Astronomy Astrophysics Biochemistry and Cell Biology* Biological Sciences Chemical Physics Chemistry Earth Science Ecology and Evolutionary Biology* Environmental Science Mathematics* Physics Anthropology* Cognitive Sciences Economics Mansgerial Studies Mathematical Economics Analysis Policy Studies Political Science Psychology Sociology* Composition Music History Music Theory Performance Architecture Architectural Studies *This area of study is also available as a minor. African Studies Business Energy and Water Sustainability Financial Computation and Modeling Global Health Technologies Jewish Studies Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities Prebusiness, Prelaw, Premedicine

Rice University

Transcript: Rice University Rice is a private college Davide W. Leebron is the president of Rice University It is the best collage in Texas It is located in Housten,Texas Opened in 1912 after the murder of William Marsh Rice March 14, 1816-september 23, 1900 Tuition Year Hour Semester Annual 2010 Matriculants $1,380.00 $16,560.00 $33,120.00 2009 Matriculants $1,380.00 $16,560.00 $33,120.00 2008 Matriculants $1,380.00 $16,560.00 $33,120.00 2007 Matriculants $1,380.00 $16,560.00 $33,120.00 2006 Matriculants $1,360.00 $16,295.00 $32,590.00 5th Year Architecture $1,360.00 $16,295.00 $32,590.00 Required Fees Fall Spring Annual Student Activities $55.50 $55.50 $111.00 Student Rec Center Fees $45.00 $45.00 $90.00 Health Services Fee $225.00 $225.00 $450.00 Medical Insurance Premium Student Only $566.00 $920.00 $1,486.00 Rice University has good programs and a lot of sports. Activities are... Choral groups Concert band dance drama theatre jazz band literary magazine marching band No Greek Lif Badminton Basketball Cross-country running football racquetball soccer softball swimming and diving table tenis The owl is the school's mascot The colors for Rice are blue and gray. They were chosen by the first president of Rice University. Over five-thousand students go Rice University. Wiliam Marsh Rice Fees are... You don't need to pay for a room Study Abroad Fees Fall Spring Summer 2011 Academic Year 2010 - 2011 $315.00 $315.00 $155.00 Student Activities $55.50 $55.50 This shows the past years The textbooks could cost $100 to $150 or more Types of finance help: Private Loans State Loans Scholarships Grants Employment Requirements: At least a 3.0(B) and above grade average Some departments need Graduate Record Exam and Graduate Management Admission Test.

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