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Revenue presentation

Transcript: By Savannah Borg, Taylor Uys & Zizipho Ngoqo Revenue in a Hotel Types of Revenue Types of Revenue When it comes to revenue opportunities for a hotel, there are two main categories: Sales and Savings. Sales Sales One wants to increase sales by... Attracting more guests Attracting more guests Savings Savings One wants to increase savings by... ...Decreasing expenses Decreasing expenses Such as... Utility costs Utility costs Recruiting costs Recruiting costs Food waste Food waste Labour costs Labour costs Amenity costs Amenity costs Generate Revenue by using technology Generating Revenue Handy Handy handy is a holistic IoT hospitality solution designed for hoteliers to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and enhance guest engagement. Designed for modern travelers, handy offers in-destination travel content and free connectivity. What is Handy? What is Handy? Free local & international calls Free internet access Destination-specific content Exclusive promotions for hotel offering On-the-go hotel concierge service It includes... It includes... Greater China, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latine America. Where is it available? Where is it available? $1 per device, per room, per day How much does it cost? How much does it cost? This is no new invention however it is a new way to generate extra revenue Portable Chargers Portable Chargers These days, everyone needs to be constantly connected to their cellphones/ tablets. The hotel can produce revenue by renting them out to guests for a set fee. How? How? Only theinitial purchasing of the portable chargers and the electricity used to charge them up. How much does it cost? How much does it cost? Anything up to R30 What can you charge? What can you charge? Tech Zone Tech Zone The tech zone will include: iMac Pro computers at designated seating area with plugs. Wi-Fi, which will be running through the whole hotel and will be charged a set amount per room. There will also be international plug converters. There will also be other seating areas, example: small 5 seater group tables that will have plug in points for those using laptops and so forth. The room will contain air conditioning and just outside the tech zone will be a small café for people to enjoy some coffee, food and small lounge to relax at. Entrance Entrance Entrance to the Tech Zone can be gained through swiping the room key card. This allows the hotel to see who is coming and going. Payment Payment Payment will be done through the hotel room, charged to the guest’s account. Charging by the length of time they spend in the Tech Zone and if they use the computers the same rules apply with logging in details as the guest name and room number. UFO Charger UFO Charger UFO Charger solves the low battery mobile device dilemma for hospitality business owners and customers. Business owners can now place a UFO Charging station at their establishment and have a convenient way to help their customers power up their mobile devices. What is it? What is it? The lease/rent program allows you to, in a very inexpensive way, provide your client with the best and easiest phone charging solution. For example: By renting a 10 unit kit 3 times throughout a business day and charging a client $1-$5 per charge, you can make a profit of up to $10,000 a year. Payment options Payment options • 1 base and 10 discs Sleek and modern tower containing 10 charging discs that are ergonomic and easy to use, compatible with all phones (iOS and Android). • GPS App Our application has been programmed to tell you when you must recharge your device and you will lead to the UFO near Power House. The UFO Charger app will serve as an advertising tool, as it will send prospective clients to your establishment when looking to recharge their devices in your area. Features Features Other ways to generate Revenue Other ways to generate revenue Art Gallery Art Gallery This attracts non-staying guests into your hotel. This attracts non-staying guests into your hotel. Can generate revenue by charging a hosting fee. Can generate revenue by charging a hosting fee. Cater for occasions... Cater for occasions... Charge guests for a small Christmas tree which can be put in their rooms over Christmas time. Guests could also buy ornaments to decorate their tree with, they would take these home as a momento of their stay. Christmas Christmas Offer an Easter egg hunt for children staying at the hotel. Easter Easter Provide guests with the option of celebraing a birthday/ anniversary in a special way. Special dinner Flowers Champagne Birthdays/ Anniversaries Birthdays/ Anniversaries Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to run social media give-aways where followers like, share and tag friends for the chance to win a stay at the hotel. Social media giveaway Social media giveaway Similar to the social media giveaway, do a monthly raffle for past guests to win a stay. Monthly raffle for past guests Monthly raffle

Revenue Presentation

Transcript: Exam Presentation Revenue Management Members: Camila Figueroa Yazmin Otárola Camila Rivera Sofia Saravia Teacher: Mauricio Urrutia Chapter I In the first part of this presentation we will focus on analyzing certain data on tourist arrivals to Chile and the existing hotel demand in 2019. Chapter I Demand for lodging nights required in our country. Demand for nights in Chile The average estimated demand for nights required in our country during the year 2019 is approximately 14,4 nights per tourist. Demand for hotel capacity required in our country. Hotel capacity The estimated hotel demand required in our country in 2019 was approximately 50.3% of the total number of tourists arriving in Chile, this means that of 100% of the tourists, more than half decided to stay in a hotel for your stay or part of it. Average number of nights used by an Argentinian tourist Demand for nights Argentinian tourists. The average number of nights used by an Argentinian tourist in our country in 2019 is 6,1 Nights. One possible reason for this is that Argentinian tourists have shopping as their main purpose. Accommodation proposal for Argentinian tourist Accommodation Proposal Hostal Fiorenttina, which is located at Chacabuco 2825, Valparaíso. with a friendly atmosphere and prices from $21 USD for a single room with shared bathroom to $54 USD for a room for 4 with shared bathroom both prices per night, near centric places and with very good transport connectivity. Chapter II Based on the Data Base analysis, we carry out actions to increase the profitability of the Hotel Sheraton of Viña del Mar. Chapter II Monthly demand for the number of arrivals according to the Argentinean Tourists Estimated Argentinians Arrivals Based on the data gathered from the “Turismo Receptivo 2019” by Sernatur, we can build the next tables and graphic which represent the estimate of total Annually Arrivals Estimated tourist arrivals We consider the Sheraton Miramar Hotel and Convention Center located in Viña del Mar, In the table and graphic we project an estimated occupancy for the Hotel depending on the demand throughout the year. Pricing strategy Pricing Strategy Chapter III The competition and demand variations between the Sheraton Hotel, the Pullman Hotel and the Enjoy Hotel. Chapter III Sheraton Miramar Hotel Sheraton Miramar Hotel This 5-star hotel overlooks Valparaiso Bay and features deluxe rooms with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. It also offers free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool. Rooms feature plasma TV, minibar and air conditioning. It also houses the Sheraton Fitness Spa, equipped with an indoor heated pool and sauna. Pullman Hotel Pullman Hotel The Pullman Viña del Mar is a 5-star hotel with great comfort and rooms overlooking the sea. In other words, it is the perfect place to rest after a day of sightseeing around the city. Our modern rooms are accessible for people with reduced mobility, have queen size or king size beds, free WiFi access, flat screen TV with streaming service, toiletries in the bathroom, soundproofing, air conditioning and sofa. Enjoy Viña del Mar Hotel Enjoy Viña del Mar Hotel During your stay at Enjoy Viña del Mar you can enjoy excellent services, among which we can highlight: convention center, 24-hour reception, buffet breakfast, pillow menu service, access to Natura Vitale Wellness Spa, wireless connection, free parking, room service, 24-hour telephone assistance, access to Casino Enjoy Viña del Mar and more. Chapter IV Economic and financial indicators and control policies designed to ensure business operation. Chapter IV International arrivals International arrivals data Activity of touristic Accommodation Other data to consider is the “Encuesta mensual de alojamiento turístico” by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), where it shows the activity of touristic accommodation, considering the aspects of room occupancy rate, overnight stays, revenue per available room (RevPAR) and average daily rate (ADR). The results considered are from the years 2019 till 2022, taking the month of August as point of comparison before, during and after the pandemic. Activity of touristic accommodation August 2019, 1,836,925 overnight stays were recorded in the country, increasing 2.4% over the same month of the previous year. The national room occupancy rate was 37.4%, total countrywide RevPAR reached a value of $20,834, growing 0.9% in twelve months and ADR registered a national total of $55,733, decreasing 0.1% compared to August 2018 2019 2020 August 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, 261,842 overnight stays were recorded in the country, a decrease of 85.7% with respect to the same month of the previous year, the national room occupancy rate was 21.0%, a decrease of 16.35 percentage points, the country's total RevPAR reached a value of $8,070, falling 61.3% in twelve months and ADR registered a national total of $38,363, down 31.3% compared to August 2019 2021 August 2021, 1,163,230 overnight stays were recorded in the

Potential Presentation

Transcript: Fahrenheit 451 Roan Gonzales The dystopian image of government oppression is illustrated in several books. Within today's society we can see how it is being mirrored. Dystopia: an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives. The exact opposite of Utopia. Government Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment inflicted by the government. Fahrenheit 451: a dystopian book placed in future Los Angeles, where firemen don't put out fires but create fires. Burning every book in site. Background Background Examples Examples Fahrenheit 451 - a government that makes reading books a crime, resulting in less opinionated people and an easier population to over all control. The Hunger Games - a government creating gruesome games where children and teens fight for their lives . These games are spectated for entertainment and a way to control their people. The Red Queen - a monarchy discriminating by blood, red and silver. Reds are forced to carry out hard labor and conscription. Silvers are seen as gods with powers, being the leaders of their country. Muslim concentration camps in China - the chinese military has an estimation of 3 million muslim citizens detained in concentration camps. Censorship of Media - Currently the country of Eritrea has the most censored media in the entire world, there has been a ban on independent journalism. Countries with conscription - Several different countries force their citizens at a certain age to fight in the army. Disregard of Climate Change - Many different countries, including our own, have not politically announced a climate emergency, Our society Our Society The Future The Future Just like in the books, there is sign of hope. Currently there are many people trying to fight for a society that doesn't look like those in the books. Without a certain push from our generation or the next, our society will continue to follow the footsteps of our dystopian novels. There are several dystopian books that aren't far off from our current society, giving us warning to what may come. What can you do to help our society change for the better?

Revenue stream presentation

Transcript: Producing recipes Maintaining website/app 1) People who cook regularly (5 times/week) Interviews this week 19 Total # of Interviews 86 continued Results: students do not cook often 3) segment of website "to advertise" each person admitted to throwing away groceries and leftovers to some extent Developing and maintaining the app and website "How Much Food Does One Family Waste?" The Christian Science Monitor. The Christian Science Monitor, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2014. Current BMC No usage from students Single segment can go either way Target market: families, health conscious people Social media (Facebook & Instagram) Results: Customers: Slightly less than half of the customers interviewed brought up food waste as an issue on their own Almost all customers agreed that food waste is a pain once mentioned Again, people were not interested in individually scanning items People would be eager to download and use Most value in nutritional facts Many unwilling to pay for app by itself Advertisers would be willing to pay depending on size of customer base Customers very eager about discount for recommendations Channel diagram average cook time: 30 minutes Revenue strategy for each customer segment: 2) Subscription fee- fee for continuous access to our service 3) Advertising fee- fee for bringing together cooking companies looking to advertise and people who regularly cooks Revenue tactics: Volume pricing 2) adjust the price on prepaid months 3) discounts for more frequent ads Market type: Pure competition with similar companies Users first company Existing market - people already looking for or using similar services Our research results 2) Same as #1 plus nutritional facts/kid options no advertisements discounts & coupons on ingredients, discounts on delivery options Team AOTB KEY: Tested and Valid Untested Hypothesis Tested and Failed Hypothesis Hypotheses: Team: 1) subscription fee 2)Monthly subscription fee from the premium 3)Revenue from advertisements/product placement (recommending a certain brand,etc) 1&2) Automated customer assistance for customers 3) Personal customer assistance for advertisers Marketing 3) Linking a cooking oriented customer base to related advertisers we found the pain was more of wasting fresh produce/ingredients rather than not knowing what to do with them. 2) People who cook regularly and either care about nutritional value, need kid options (parents), or are price conscious (desire discounts and coupons) For advertisers For customers Arkadiusz Gora Blair Hines Hasan Uygun Nick Newsome Zach Macaulay 1&2) Website/App Conducting research Advertising for customer acquisition singles don’t tend to only cook for themselves grocery delivery services grocery stores Hypotheses: The American family is aware that they waste significant amounts of money annually and will be willing to pay for a service to minimize money and time wasted. Customers will be willing to pay for a Premium with nutritional facts, kid options, no advertisements, and discounts. Experiments: Interviewed customers with new questions pertaining to revenue How do you deal with food waste now? What would make you pay for a service like this? What’s important to you about the food that you eat? (health, taste, kid friendly, etc…) Our Database of recipes/grocery knowledge interviewed people who cook and don't cook interviewed students and single parents Results from customers: 3) Advertisers (not restaurants- cooking equipment companies, grocery stores, brands of food) Growing our Database of recipes/ grocery knowledge 1) Reducing food waste by providing grocery lists If a single American family wastes $2,275 on average annually, then they will be willing to pay for a service to minimize money and time wasted. Partners: Recommended advertising on restaurant review sites, such as Yelp social media (Instagram, Facebook) loyalty programs to keep customers percentage discounted, free delivery after 5, etc. making the app free with a premium, with no subscription Recipes are copyrighted, so we will need our own Narrowing your waste, broadening your taste zero variety in their meals cooking tends to be extremely repetitive. Iterate: Interview more customers Interview potential partners to gauge their interest Validate/ invalidate untested hypotheses Ensure customers will be interested in the Premium Ensure we can incorporate the delivery services Results: Experiments:

Revenue Management Presentation

Transcript: CRMs aim to develop profitable customer relations while rev.managers aim to maximize profit by controlling pRicing, inventory & customer mix LIMITATIONS EMMANUEL ATHANASOULAS GERASIMOS PAPANDRIKOPOULOS DIMITRIS SARRIS THODORIS STRATOS SOPHIA TZAGARAKI EVA VLACHOPOULOU Revenue Management and its potential conflicts with customers Are our products MORE FINDINGS.. pOTENTIAL CUSTOMER CONFLICTS: HOW FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ARE RM PRACTICES? PRICE FLUCTUATION BRINGS MISTRUST INVENTORY CONTROL & RESTRICTIONS BRING DISSATISFACTION THANK YOU FOR WATCHING let's Relationship or Revenue: Potential management conflicts between customer relationship management and hotel revenue management International Journal of hospitality management xuan Lorna Wang A multiple case study approach to CRM and RevM practices in different tourism sectors The combined role of revenue and account managers in achieving financial success The applicability of current customer value determination model to the capacity-constrained hospitality organizations it's time to get started! In general, managers believe that CRM and RM should be compatible In practice, they agree that this doesn't happen RM runs on a day-to-day profit maximization while CRM is concentrated into long term relationships with customers A balance should be struck between the two A single case study approach --> not enough breadth for comparability with other organizations of tourism sector (e.g. airlines) Findings in urban settings but what about provincial setting? Researcher’s on the spot presence at the case study company’s units -> may cause bias to the interviewees --> ‘right’ attitude rather the real one DIFFERENTIATION IN MANAGEMENT INTERESTS: REVIEW VS RELATIONSHIP Tourism Industry Revenue Management is seen as the effective and efficient management of perishable inventory CRM is the practice that yields profitable returns by maintaining quality relationships with valuable key-customers Revenue Management and CRM often collide as managers seek quick returns and maximization of corporate profitability Both Revenue Management and CRM affect directly each other which is why they should be seen and dealt as complementary business practices conclusions, LIMITATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS for future research MANAGER'S OPINIONS ON THE COMPATIBILITY BETWEEN CRM AND REVENUE MANAGEMENT Revenue Managers: focus on individual property / assets prioritize revenue maximization through inventory management depend on Account Managers to pinpoint the most preferred business product customer assessment: Examining the spending power, duration of stay etc Account Managers: focus on the conglomerate of sales judge based on the overall contribution in revenue for the hotel customer assessment: Focusing on the overall potential of the relationship with the customer for the near future THERE ARE THEREFORE MANY MANAGERS WHO ARE reluctant TO ADOPT RM STRATEGIES. However the literature is poor and thus the need for this study CRM and its relational approach to customers Disparity in management attention towards revenue management & CRM In a global economic recession environment and a volatile ever changing market Revenue Management and CRM as seen as keys to maintain corporate financial success FINDINGS are you Ready for the second part of the year? OVERALL RM AFFECTS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & TRUST, ESPECIALLY IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY BECAUSE OF THE INCOMPATIBLE NATURE OF CRM & RM 5 Conflicting areas Management goals (Revenue from inventory vs Revenue from business volume & customer spending) Management Timescales (Daily vs Yearly) Business Assets (Fixed Capacity vs customers & relationships) Performance Indicators (RevPAR vs RevPAC) Management focuses (Price & Inventory vs Establishing & Development relationships) Impact of revenue management on customer relationships in tourism industry --> further investigation Managers’ dilemma -> long-term relationship value or immediate revenue return? Imbalance of development between RevM and CRM in hospitality industry over the past two decades -> short-term revenue targets promoted Vs long-term relationship benefits Potential management conflicts in hotels --> incompatibility between CRM and RevM practices -> divergence in management focus, priorities, goal-achieving approaches and decision-making strategies Crucial need for mutual understanding between account (CRM) managers and revenue managers in tourism industry --> an advanced customer-oriented RevM practice CRM and RevM --> complementary business practices --> a company’s sustainable financial return from both policies This study shows that CRM is a far less developed area of focus Instead, an across-the-board Revenue MGT approach was introduced to all departments of the hotel chain. This resulted in : - Developing training methods which would focus on preparing the staff to collect and utilize information towards the revenue maximization At the same time, CRM seems underdeveloped and thus: - staff does

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Transcript: ABOUT ABOUT US SECTORS Country Homes Education Leisure Healthcare General Works Residential Commercial Property Services Care Homes CARE HOMES CASE STUDIES SAFFRON GARDENS Value: £6,400,000 Location: Bristol Duration: 64 Weeks Client: Brunelcare Beds: 48 dementia care & 15 flats Contract: JCT Design & Build Key Points: Specialised dementia care unit Multi-use development (including Brunel Care's head office) Phased construction SAFFRON GARDENS LEADON BANK LEADON BANK Value: £7,200,000 Location: Ledbury, Herefordshire Duration: 72 Weeks Client: Shaw Healthcare Beds: 52 one & two bedroom extra care flats and 10 bed en-suite care ward Contract: JCT Design & Build Key Points: Mixed ownership (County Council & Private) 5 storey timber frame construction Phased Handover THE GRANARY THE GRANARY Value: £6,200,000 Location: Nailsea, Bristol Duration: 75 Weeks Client: Shaw Healthcare Beds: 78 en-suite bedrooms Contract: JCT Design & Build Key Points: 20 bed specialist dementia care unit (including anti-ligature requirements) Dedicated day care unit LABC award nomination Pinders Healthcare Design award nominee WAVERLEY HOUSE WAVERLEY HOUSE Value: £3,600,000 Location: Leominster, Herefordshire Duration: 40 Weeks Client: Shaw Healthcare Beds: 40 en-suite bedrooms Contract: JCT Design & Build Key Points: Part of care home was kept fully operational during construction Management of occupant transfer Working with Shaw Healthcare for over 12 years MARYWOOD HOUSE MARYWOOD HOUSE Value: £3,200,000 Location: Headington, Oxford Duration: 52 Weeks Client: Advance Housing & Doubloon developments Beds: 10 houses and 10 apartments Contract: JCT Design & Build Key Points: Hunters carried out conceptual design and planning application Sovereign (Partnering with for over 10 years) Traditional brick and block construction FUTURE PROJECTS FUTURE PROJECTS Value: £5,100,000 Project abnormalities: •Demolition and asbestos removal •Public art Planning Condition •Specialised dementia kitchens •Large amount of external works in area and specification (workshop, wondering path, herb garden, allotment) •BREEAM •External elevations (coloured render & timber cladding) •Balconies Floor area: 2400m2 Price per m2: £2125 Beds: 48 Price per bed: £106,000 Duration: 58 weeks Client: Shaw Healthcare Contract: JCT Design & Build WHO WE WORK WITH Clients WHY CHOOSE E G CARTER & CO LTD In excess of 30 care homes and homes providing assisted living delivered •Single point of contact •Consistent and experienced delivery team •Transparent open book cost plan •Risk and opportunity register to manage and mitigate project challenges •Early involvement of specialist supply chain partners •Independent Health & Safety advisor •Dedicated aftercare service Single point of contact

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